Logan "Wolverine"
James Howlet aka Logan
Portrayed By Hugh Jackman
Gender Male
Date of Birth unknown; sometimes in the 1880's
Age Over 100
Zodiac Sign unknown
Aliases Wolverine; Weapon X; Patch; Canucklehead
Place of Birth Alberta, Canada
Current Location Xavier’s School for the Gifted
Occupation X-Man
Known Relatives Master Howlett (Grandfather; Deceased); Thomas Logan (Father; Deceased); John Howlett Sr (Step-Father; Deceased); Elizabeth Howlett (Mother; Deceased); Dog (Half-Brother); Itsu Akihrio (Wife; Deceased); Ophelia Sarkissian aka Viper (Ex-Wife); Lady Mariko Yashia (Ex-Fiance;Deceased) James Hudson (Cousin); Laura Kinney aka X-23 (Clone/Daugther)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Healing Factor, Claws, Enhanced Senses, Adamantium Skeleton, Animal Empathy
First Appearance Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)

I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.


In the late 1880’s in Alberta, Canada, Elizabeth Howlett had an affair with the grounds keeper, Thomas Logan and ended up pregnant with her second son. She never told her husband, John, the boy, named James, was not his. James wasn’t the strongest or healthiest of boys, he was quite scrawny and prone to illness. Elizabeth Howlett was quite neglectful of James, even spending time in a mental institution after the death of John Jr, her eldest son and James’ older brother, leaving John Howlett to raise James. John was quite strict, believing in a ‘firm but fair’ motto to justify his harsher actions.

Over the years, James became friends with Thomas Logan’s son, Dog and another who lived on the Howlett Estate, Rose. As the got older, Dog suffered more and more abuse from his drunkard father, which effect Dog’s mentally. He made unwanted advances towards Rose, which James reported to his father, John and, Dog killed James’ puppy as revenge. John expelled Thomas and Dog Logan from his estate for Dog’s actions.

Thomas returned to the estate in a drunken rage, shotgun in hand, with the intention of taking his lover, Elizabeth, with him. James entered the room just in time to see John try to stop Thomas and ended up witnessing his father get shot in the head by Thomas. The anger at seeing his father murdered triggered James’ mutation, and out of the back of each hand three bone claws emerged. A rage seemed to come over him and he murdered Thomas then attacking Dog, scarred up his face with his claws. Elizabeth witnessed the whole thing, and with being mentally unstable and distressed, she drove James from the house before killing herself with the same shotgun that killed her husband.

After Dog falsely reported the murders of Tomas Logan, James Howlett and Elizabeth Howlett as being murdered by Rose; James and Rose went to James’ grandfather’s house where his grandfather helped them flee by train and only because of blood ties, helped the two cover their tracks. They found themselves in British Columbia and James’ memory of what had happened became cloudly. His healing factor combined with the trauma lead to a partial amnesia.

They took refuge in a Stone Quarry in the Yukon Territory of British Columbia, James now going by the name of Logan. For months he worked at the quarry, doing a good job and his body quickly getting into shape from his mutant powers, which he kept hidden. He told everyone Rose was his cousin and despite growing strong feelings for the red-headed girl, she ended up getting engaged to someone else. It took a bit, but he swallowed his pain and accepted it for the sake of Rose. Things seemed like they were going to be okay until Dog showed back up.

James’ dying grandfather had sent Dog looking for Logan and Rose so he could make amends before he died. Dog agreed to the job not to just find Logan but kill him as well. After a fierce fight in the middle of the street, Logan’s rage kicked in again and he beat Dog into unconsciousness. Unsheathing his claws, he was about to kill Dog when Rose came between them to stop Logan. She managed to stop him from killing Dog but Logan saw that his claws were deep inside Rose. The pain hit him like nothing he’d ever felt; his first love was dead by his hands. Before he could see what the town would do to him, Logan fled into the woods where he lived with wolves in the Yukon for many years.

It was sometime during this that he ran into Romulus, who had a history of manipulating his family on his mother’s side, the Hudson line. For many years Romulus altered and erased Logan’s memories to suit him so he could manipulate Logan into doing what he wanted. He became a mercenary in Madripoor, worked with a woman named Seraph, who also worked for Romulus. Logan also ran into Sabretooth (another Romulus operative) and fought him for the first time starting a rivalry and hatred between the two that still exists to this day. After a while he returned back to Canada where her fell in love with a Native American woman, Silver Fox.

For a while the two lived happily together and Logan found a place he could live a normal life. Everything seemed like it was going well until he man he thought he killed in Madripoor, Sabretooth, showed up on his birthday. This would become the first of many birthday visits by Sabertooth. When Logan saw that Sabretooth brutally beat and raped Silver Fox, he went into a feral rage, attacking Sabretooth. Sabretooth managed to convince Logan that the town ordered Silver Fox’s death and that the town was afraid of him. With her dead, the town believed, Logan wouldn’t have anything keeping him there. Believing Sabretooth’s lies, it caused Logan to go into a deeper rage and slaughter everyone in the town.

Logan turned to employment from The Hudson’s Bay Company as a fur trader for a while and ended up battling the demonic snake-worm known as Uncegila. The Blackfoot Indians he traded with gave him the name of Skunk-Bear or Wolverine after he defeated the demon. Shortly after, unaware of the manipulations by Romulus, he molded Logan to become the perfect killer, robbing him of his free will and conscience. Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth, was never far behind from Logan as per orders from Romulus.

World War I came around and Logan joined the Canadian Army, serving as part of the Devil’s Brigade, a unit under Romulus’ control. The manipulations continued and his commanding officer, Burr, pushed him to fall in love with another operative Janet. After serving in Europe, where he fought and defeated Lazaer, the Angel of Death, he was restationed in Canada. Under orders from Romulus, Burr, killed Janet in front of him, as a lesson to show that whenever Logan would come to care for someone, they would die. The loss drove Logan into a rage and he attacked Burr, leaving him barely alive and missing his left eye. Again his healing factor helped hide the traumatic memories and Logan fled to Shanghai, China.

After traveling the world for a bit, Logan found himself in Mexico. He was accused of stealing a horse and was blindfolded and tied to a post to be executed, along side another woman, who was going to be killed because she was a witch with blue skin. The woman managed to escape before getting shot, and Logan was able to survive due to his healing factor to the shock of the blue woman. She introduced herself as Mystique and invited him to join her group of friends in Kansas City. He didn’t want to join up at first, finding it hard to trust anyone. After she kissed him, and with having a weak spot for women with red hair, he agreed to help them with a bank robbery. The crime didn’t sit right with him but he still went through with it because he found a place to belong with others. Logan didn't know it, but Mystique reported their soon to be crime to the police. Mystique’s entire crew was killed while she managed to escape, even though Logan tried to convince her to stay with him she chose to leave. He trusted her and the betrayal of that trust caused him to despise her.

Logan knew he was better off alone and for a few years in the mid 1920’s he worked as a smuggler for bootlegged alcohol until he returned to Madripoor. He started using the alias ‘Patch’ and trained with someone he met there on a previous journey, a fellow Romulus operative named Seraph, on how to be a better assassin. After receiving several years of training from her, Logan traveled to Japan to follow up on an offer from a man named Ogun to better learn self-discipline. He spent a few years in Japan training and during this time Ogun became a surrogate father to him

In 1937, Logan traveled to Spain under the order of Romulus so he could train under Taras Romanov in the ways of espionage and in return Logan gave lessons in hand to hand combat to Romanov’s ward, a young woman named Natasha Romanoff. When Natasha was ordered to kill Logan by Taras, Logan killed Taras instead so that Natasha could escape then left Spain shortly afterwards.

Two years later, Logan found himself back with the Devil’s Brigade in the Canadian Army during World War II. Burr was his commander again, but by this time, with his muddled memories, Logan couldn’t remembered the man. Along with Seraph, Logan teamed up with an American Supersoilder, Captain America, and a few others to destroy the alliance between The Hand and Baron Strucker. They lured the Hand’s leader, the Jonin, out of hiding. None other than Natasha Romanoff, now working for Romulus, was ordered to killed the Jonin. Logan felt guilty that he helped turn her into an assassin and instead of having the death be on her conscience he killed the Jonin himself. A couple months later Romulus ordered Logan to either recruit or kill Captain America, but after working with him and Bucky and after meeting Sgt. Nick Fury, Logan refused to do it, he couldn’t do it. He’d gotten to close to Captain America and Logan knew it wasn’t right. His refusal wasn’t met with approval by Seraph but lucky for him she didn’t say anything.

Through out World War II Logan fought on D-Day during the Normandy landings and fought for the liberation of the Netherlands as well. He worked as a spy for the Allied Forces as a prisoner, known as Prisoner Zero, at the Sobibor Death Camp in Poland. He found himself becoming more hardened and cruel, psychologically torturing three of the Nazi guards at the Death Camp. Logan never spoke during his time as a prisoner and returned after every time he was executed. By 1944 he was out of Europe and in California, where he was especially cruel as an overseer to Japanese prisoners of war, who were subject to horrific experimentation. During this time Romulus was further altering Logan’s personality.

Logan only spent a few months in California before he was sent to Japan in 1945 where he was captured by Japanese solders and sent to a prison camp. He escaped along with an American Solider named Ethan Warren. They ran into a Japanese woman named Atsuko, whom Warren wanted to kill. Logan stopped him from killing her and after staying with her and getting to know her, he ended up developing feelings for Atsuko. They didn’t get to spend much time together, Warren ended up returning to kill her, shooting Logan first. While Logan lay there unconscious and healing, Atsuko tried to defender herself but was unsuccessful. Logan regained consciousness just in time to watch another woman he loved die.

The rage built up inside him and he attacked Warren. During the fight Logan was surprised to learn that he was a mutant like himself. The fight went for a long time and only ended when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Most of the city was destroyed and many lives were lost, but Logan was able to survive. With the loss of Atsuko still fresh, he remained in Japan, traveling to Jasmine Falls. He met a man named Bando Suboro who taught him how to leave his warrior nature behind and finally find peace with himself. It was the most peace and calm he’d found and years.

While in Jasmine Falls, Logan met a local woman named Itsu Akihiro and his heart took over again and he couldn’t help but fall in love with the woman, even getting married to her and getting her pregnant. Unfortunately good things never seem to last for Logan. An explosion created by the demon swords smith, Muramasa, resulted in Logan accidentally stabbing one of the villages and killing him. Logan was banned from the village but given permission to say good-bye to Itsu. Romulus again stepped in to manipulate Logan’s life, ordering Winter Solder to kill Itsu. Logan believed that it was Muramasa who killed his wife and unborn child, not knowing that Romulus saved his child.

With the peace and happiness he had found ripped from him Logan roamed the world for some time, to try to clear his head. Eventually Logan decided to take work as a Mercenary again, doing jobs in Ottawa and Calgary, occasionally taking jobs in South America and Madripoor. The CIA’s eye fell on Logan, with him being such a deadly freelance agent, and offered him employment which he took under the influence of Romulus. For the next several years he worked for both America and Canada’s secret services doing espionage work, but after a few years he returned to travel to Japan to try to regain his lost tranquility.

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to find the tranquility he sought and ended up coming face to face with an old enemy named Kimora. A few years passed before he returned to Canada but this time he declined working with the Special Forces again.

In 1961, Logan, going by mostly by Wolverine, decided to join the Weapon X Project, a group designed to deal with the mutant menace. Wolverine was reunited with Sabretooh and Silver Fox, but he didn’t remember her as the dead woman he once loved as those memories were buried deep, locked away in his head. The three worked on a team together with three more and were known as Team X. During this time his memories were manipulated, altered and replaced by a telepath with Weapon X so they could better control him. The team was together for about two years before Silver Fox betrayed Logan and Victor to the enemy and escaped Weapon X.

During his time with Weapon X, they learned that by shooting Wolverine with carbonadium bullets, it would slow the healing process so that Weapon X or Romulus could kill him if need be. While they were removing the bullets, Wolverine woke up and for the first time he regained his memories. He tried to keep it quite while working with Team X but it didn’t last for long. While in Berlin, East Germany, Sabertooth figured out that Wolverine had regained his memories and killed the woman they were trying to escort out of the country to show him what happens when Wolverine defied Romulus.

Shortly after, Wolverine quit Team X and returned back under Romulus’ influence, manipulated to become sadistic in his ways. He went to Vietnam under the guise of a Russian Advisor and ended up torturing and brainwashing a man named Frank Simpson, who later became the super villain Nuke because of the experiments preformed on him. Once the war in Vietnam was over, Wolverine went back to Canada to join their secret Canadian Defense Ministry Branch, known as Department K, a branch, unbeknownst to Wolverine with ties to Weapon X.

There he worked with Nick Fury, Richard and Mary Parker and his partner, Neil Langram. After a few years though, a mercenary killed Neil and Wolverine teamed up with a young US spy named Carol Danvers to investigate his murder. This lead them to the Hellfire Club’s Canadian location and his old advocacy Sabretooth. There Sabretooth revealed that the Hellfire Club was trying to orchestrate a war between mutants and humans before blowing up the Hellfire Club’s Canadian Headquarters. Both Carol and Wolverine were caught in the blast but able to survive. With the loss of his partner and learning that Sabretooth was behind the murder of another person he was close to, he turned to heavily to drugs and alcohol.

Wolverine planned to head up to the Yukon to lose himself, figuring that it’d be easier to live in the wild then have to deal with the lives he’d taken and the losses he’d suffered. Unfortunately Romulus had other plans and had Weapon X kidnap Wolverine before he could leave Canada. It was there that Dr. Abraham Cornelius, Dr. Carol Hines and a man only known as Professor preformed their experiments on him. His entire skeleton was coated in Adamantium and he was brainwashed again to the point where his personality was almost destroyed. He was made to believe he wasn’t a man or an individual, just an obedient animal whose only purpose was to cause suffering and death.

When The Project finished their work on Wolverine, they wanted to see if there work was a success. As a sort of ‘field test’ they forced him to kill everyone in the small town of Roanoke, Virginia. It was a success, initially but as the years passed, Wolverine’s brainwashing was wearing off and he became more and more difficult to control. Eventually he broke free of the control and rage of what was done to him took over. He killed almost everyone involved in The Program and only four were able to survive, Professor, Dr. Cornelius, Dr. Hines and one other named Malcolm Colcord.

When the rage subsided, he wasn’t the same. Wolverine escaped to the forests of the Canadian Rockies where he lived in a feral state for several months. During this time his healing factor significantly slowed, due to the Adamantium bonding. The experiments also muddled his memories and combined with his healing factor suppressing the trauma he couldn’t what had happened.

Wolverine’s mind was lost to his feral nature and there was barely any humanity left inside him. When he saw a young couple honeymooning in the wilderness he didn’t even think about what he was doing when he attacked the pair. In self defense the man, named James “Mac” Hudson, shot Logan. Unbeknownst to them, they were cousins on Logan’s mother’s side.

It took a while for Logan to recover, with his stunted healing factor. Upon waking up he also discovered he regained enough of his personality back. His claws horrified him and without being able to remember his past, he believed they were artificial implants. With the help of the man who shot him, James Hudson, Logan was able to regain more of his humanity and became a member of Department H, a superhuman government agency in Canada that Hudson had founded. Unfortunately it seemed that Sabretooth had found his trail again and had targeted him, along with Hydra. Even though he didn’t remember them, Nick Fury, Carol Danvers and Natasha Romanoff helped him fight off Sabretooth and Hydra.

It seemed that Department H was finally a place that didn’t manipulate or use him and Logan even started to regain a few memories; specifically of Burr, Seraph and Captain America but that was about it. Most of his past was still lost to him due to his healing factor and Weapon X’s prior brainwashing. He even started therapy to control his berserker rages, it didn’t stop the rages but it did help them occur less. Over time Logan rose to the rank of Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces and he was known for taking deadly assignments that no other agent would. It wasn’t long before Romulus intervened to manipulate Logan’s life again and gave him orders to undertake tasks for them even while working with Department H.

Department H chose to change directions and became a super-team call The Flight, sponsored by the Canadian government. Wolverine offered the role of leader, but he wasn’t sure if that was the right move so he went back to Madripoor to get away for a bit and contemplate if he should accept or not. While there he reunited with Seraph, one of the few people he could remember and spent some time with her. Fate seemed to have other things in mind for Wolverine and his old nemesis, Sabretooth went after him and Seraph. Wolverine helped Seraph and her student, Viper, fend him off, but the fight didn’t seem like it was going to well and Sabretooth had the upper hand on Wolverine. Seraph sacrificed her life for Logan and as she lay there dying she made him promise to help Viper in the future, which he did. If possible, his hatred for Sabretooth grew for killing yet another person he was close with. In the end, it was Seraph’s sacrifice that helped Logan make up his mind. He returned to Canada and accepted Hudson’s proposal to be the leader of Flight.

Over the next few years, Wolverine played the role of super-hero, fighting against Hydra, aiding Cable and CIA defeat a criminal named Egghead. Even though they were able to defeat Egghead, they suffered the loss of one of the trainees. This caused some members to resign and it revealed some of the trainees were not skilled enough for such missions. Thus Flight was divided into Alpha Flight, Beta Flight and Gamma Flight, leading to a temporary hiatus while the teams were figured out.

Logan took this time to work with Nick Fury in Russia once again during this time and afterwards traveled back to Japan to seek the advice of an old friend, Ogun. With Ogun being one of the few people from his past he could remember and remembering him as a father figure and helping him many years ago, he figured he could help him to try to find peace with himself again. Sadly Ogun was not the man he remembered. He had since given himself over to dark magic, becoming an assassin, twisted and evil. Ogun tried to enslave Wolverine but he was able to escape and fled Japan disheartened, vowing never to return again.

Now back in Canada, Alpha Flight was prepared to debut and Wolverine was planning to go public as a superhero. Before this could happen though, The Leader kidnapped him, along with Hercules and Karkas, so that they could be used against the Hulk. They were able to escape before any confrontations occurred but The Hulk still made his way up to Canada and the military was ready to fight the green monster. Logan received orders from Romulus to fight The Hulk so he started up a fight between himself, The Hulk and Wendigo. Even with his speed and agility, Logan realized he couldn’t win the fight and sided with the Hulk to take out Wendigo before going toe to toe with The Hulk. The Hulk beat Wolverine unconscious and left him there, believing him to be dead.

Eventually the unconscious Logan healed up and defeated, he returned back to Department H to lead Alpha Flight. He led the team for a short while, becoming unsettled with the direction Department H was headed. Things just didn’t seem right and Logan wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue with the super group much longer when Charles Xavier approached him, drawn to the area by his fight with the Hulk. Xavier asked Wolverine to assist him in recovering his students who were captured on an island-being called Krakoa. Figuring this was the perfect opportunity; he resigned from Department H and agreed to accompany the man. Having joined with Xavier, Romulus used this as chance to order Logan to assassinate Xavier.

Wolverine was about to go through with the task when Professor X broke Romulus’ hold on Wolverine, using his own mental powers to block Romulus’ control. Teamed up with Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird and Banshee, Wolverine was able to help in freeing the original X-Men. There was something about the man, Charles Xavier, which Logan was drawn to, it was hard but he wanted to trust the man so he agreed to stay with the X-Men. He also felt like he owed the man a debt for breaking Romulus’ hold over him.

At first Logan didn’t really buy into the whole ‘mutant and human’s coexisting’ but something about Xavier and his passion for his dream earned him respect and admiration from him. Logan couldn’t help but follow him. He found a place to belong with the X-Men, a place where he developed strong friendships with his fellow X-Men Nightcrawler and Storm and became a bit of a big brother to Colossus, taking him out to bars even though the Russian was underage. He also fell in love with the redheaded Jean Grey though she didn’t feel the same. This created a bit of a rivalry between himself and Jean Grey’s boyfriend Cyclops.

As time passed, Wolverine was captured by Magneto, along with the rest of the X-Men, but they were able to escape to the Savage Land. After time had passed and a few adventures with the X-Men, Logan eventually traveled back to Japan where he fell in love again with a woman named Lady Mariko Yashida. She fell in love with him in return but before they could develop much of a relationship the X-Men had to leave for Alberta where they battled his old team, Alpha Flight, who wanted to arrest him for leaving them. To avoid too much of a fight, he surrendered to Alpha Flight but managed to escape and return to Xavier’s Mansion with the rest of the X-Men.

Logan was finally finding a place, free of manipulations and the control of Romulus, to finally live his own life. Even though fighting was still a big part of it, he wasn’t being manipulated or controlled. There were a few rough patches between himself and the team, being much more brutal and willing to kill than the rest of them. Even so, Logan had a place he felt like he could belong to. After some time, Jean became the Phoenix and fell under the influence of the Hellfire Club via Mastermind’s control. After Nightcrawler and he were sneaking into the Hellfire Club, the Phoenix transformed into Dark Phoenix while batting the X-Men and flew off into space. When the Dark Phoenix returned, Xavier was able to calm Jean into controlling it’s power once again. Not to long after, the X-Men were teleported away by the Shi’ar to battle the Imperial Guard over Jean’s/Phoenix’s fate. The battle caused Jean to become Dark Phoenix once more and she ended up sacrificing herself on the moon because she knew she couldn’t control her hunger.

Jean’s death hit Logan fairly hard but it wasn’t the first death of a loved one he mourned. Luckily this time was a bit different, he realized he had people to mourn with him and it made it easier to accept. He found himself growing closer to his friends and Nightcrawler went with Logan up to Canada to reconcile things with Alpha Flight and Department H. He found himself aiding Spider-Man against Mentallo, fighting the Brood to save the X-Men and Professor X, stopping Stryker from using Professor Xavier to destroy all the mutants and even fighting Dracula.

Logan eventually returned back to Japan, after finding his letters to Mariko returned to him, to only find out that she had been wed to an abusive man. Still being in love with her, Logan tried to fight for her, against her father, Lord Shingen. Someone poisoned Logan before the fight so that he’d lose. The poisoning made it difficult for him to fight and Shingen hit various pressure points making it even harder for him to fight. Afraid of being beaten Logan tossed away his sword and unsheated his claws, causing himself to be humiliated, beaten further and dishonoured in front of Mariko for using deadly force in a non-lethal duel. He was cast into the streets of Japan and revered as an animal cast in a semblance of human form.

While out in the streets he met Yukio and The Hand attacked the two. After they defeated The Hand she became his close friend and lover, or so Logan thought as it turned out she was just using him to help her so she could kill, Mariko’s husband. Logan was further embarrassed in front of Mariko by Yukio’s deception, even though the two remained friends. He knew he had to do something. Logan challenged Mariko’s father to a duel and he was forced to kill him.

After defeating Lord Shingen, Mariko deemed Logan worthy and his honour regained. She gave him the Masamune sword, a scared blade that represented everything that was best and noble in her family and of the samurai. He was honoured to receive such a gift and once Mariko was named head of Clan Yashida they announced their engagement. The X-Men were invited to the wedding but before the ceremony could start, Viper and the Silver Samurai poisoned the X-Men so they could fight Logan for control of Clan Yashida. For years after this there would be a tense rivalry between Silver Samurai and Logan. This was also the first time that Logan saw that Rogue, a former brotherhood member, had joined the X-Men and was furious at that fact until Rogue stopped Viper from killing Mariko. This started a friendship and bond between Logan and Rogue.

Sadly the wedding never occurred as Mariko and Logan grew apart due to the customs of her family and Mastermind’s influence. He returned the Masamune sword to her and, with the X-Men, ended up battling Mastermind and then the Impossible Man. Afterwards Mariko returned the sword to Logan, stating she couldn’t marry him until removed the criminal influence from her family. He understood, even if saddened, and returned back to New York with the X-Men. Mariko would forever hold a spot in Logan’s heart.

Shortly after leaving Japan, he found himself, along with the X-Men, teleported back to Japan while battling a giant dragon. While there he was unable to save a woman who was dying due to the dragon’s rampage through the area and vowed to protect her daughter, Amiko Kobayashi and left her in the care of Mariko while him and the X-Men fought Selene back in the United States.

It seemed that not much could keep Wolverine from returning to Japan. Shortly after returning back to New York he received a call for help from his teammate Kitty Pryde asking for his help. He arrived in Japan to find that Kitty was already under the influence of Ogun. Ogun had sent Kitty Pryde to kill Wolverine and she injured Wolverine greatly before Yukio was able to assist and restore Kitty to her former self. Logan then took it upon himself to train Kitty’s body in martial arts so she could stand up to Ogun. Ogun knew what he had to do to get to Wolverine and attempted to kill Mariko and Amiko when Kitty went to face him by herself. Kitty was defeated but Wolverine came to her rescue and killed Ogun. From then on he became quite protective and close with Kitty, and she became a sort of surrogate daughter to him.

Before Kitty and Logan left Japan to return to the X-Men he left Amiko in the safe hands of Yukio and Mariko. Over the next few years Wolverine helped the X-Men fight Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers and help attempt to rescue the Morlocks, without much success. He also faced Sabretooth again during this time. More adventures occurred and the X-Men were abducted by Horde. They had to defeat him so that they could ensure the human race could evolve. He also assisted Captain America in defeating Overrider, and Captain America was none to thrilled with Logan’s rough personality and methods.

After a string of KGB deaths all over Manhattan, an old friend of his, Charlemagne, contacted him and asked for help. He agreed to help her and assisted Charlie take down many KGB agents sent to take them down after the Soviet operatives they fought earlier failed. Wolverine’s rage kicked in and went berserk, killing them all. Even though the X-Men needed him at this time he chose to help Charlemagne instead. He knew he had to help Charlie and accompanied her back to West Berlin. While in Germany Wolverine picked up the familiar scent of Spider-Man and discovered that he was Peter Parker. He warned Peter to leave but Spider-Man stuck around and even tried to warn the two that someone was going to kill them at the restaurant Logan and Charlie were heading to.

Logan already was aware of this fact and shortly after Spider-Man’s warning, a gun fight broke out. Charlie ended up getting separated from Wolverine and Spider-Man. They tried to tracker her but with little success they decided to split up. Once he was on his own, that’s when Charlie contacted Logan. They met up at a cemetery and she asked Logan to end her life so that she couldn’t be tortured by the Soviets. They both knew that they couldn’t hold off forever and her capture was imminent. He didn’t want to kill his friend but he knew that’s what she wanted and he was the man to do it. He hesitated, it wasn’t a quick and clean kill and Charlemagne was bleeding to death. Spider-Man found him just in time and tried to stop Logan from killing her and the two ended up fighting. During the fight a Soviet helicopter arrived and Charlemagne decided to sneak up on Spider-Man, knowing he was tense, so that he would accidentally kill her. It worked and she died in Logan’s arms, with their target dead the agents left and Peter and Logan returned home.

Logan returned to the X-Men and ended up leading them after Storm left for a short period of time to regain her powers. Eventually the X-Men fought the Adversary and sacrificed their lives to imprison him only to be returned to life by the Omniversal Guardian named Roma. The fight was broadcast on live television and the world believed the X-Men to be dead, which they used to their advantage to go underground for a bit. The X-Men eventually resurfaced in Australia to battle the anti-mutant group, The Reavers.

For the first time in many years, Logan decided to return to Madripoor and after a few fights he decided to start wearing an eyepatch and go by the alias ‘Patch’ to keep his ‘rebirth’ a secret. While there he became close to a woman he had run into with the X-Men earlier named Tyger Tiger. While there he helped rescue a woman named Lindsay McCabe and ran into Silver Samurai again who was trying to steal the Muramasa Blade, which had corrupted Jessica Drew. He was about to kill Jessica when Lindsay stopped him and he fought the Silver Samurai and his men. Shortly after he returned to the X-Men.

Again Logan, along with the X-Men, were faced with the Brood and had to kill Temptress to stop the Brood invasion. Afterwards they went to the Savage Land after tracking Storm where they fought Garokk and were transported to another dimension before defeating him. Once back on Earth, Logan was kidnapped, along with Rogue, to Genosha and they were stripped of their powers. It was then that Rogue and Logan began to bond even more as she was the one who was able to escape and rescue Logan. They were attacked and the X-Men arrived just in time to rescue the two.

By this time the X-Men and Xavier’s were becoming more and more of a family to Wolverine, though he was still quite the gruff loner. He didn’t want to admit to himself, almost afraid of the attachments he’d formed, that he liked his time with the X-Men. Logan also found out Jean was still alive around this time and he still harbored a great love for her. After forcibly kissing her, he knew she didn’t return the feelings. Even though he’d taken many lovers over the years, there was always a special place in his heart for Jean Grey.

There were a lot of ups and downs over the next several years between fighting Mr. Sinister, being betrayed by Madelyn Pryor, fighting Sabretooth again and stopping an alien invasion in Australia. Things were just getting to be too much for Logan and he needed to clear his head so he left the X-Men without explaining himself and returned to Madripoor, going by Patch once again.

He reunited with Jessica, Lindsay and Tyger again and ran into Karma from the New Mutants. Karma, working for her corrupt uncle, was trying to take down Tyger and it seemed like they were beaten when rescued by Karma. To keep her safe, he left Karma with Jessica, Lindsay and Tyger while he took down Karma’s uncle’s drug and slave operations. Once taken down, Logan was able to help Karma escape her Uncle’s control. While in Madripoor, Sabretooth again plagued Wolverine, leaving him his annual ‘Birthday Surprise’ by killing a few thugs who attempted to take his life and leaving a note that read “Nobody kills you but me – especially today”.

After the incident, Logan decided it would be better to return to American, accompanying Jesscia Drew back to San Fransisco. Shortly after he returned back to the X-Men, with little explanation in regards to where he was and relocated with them to the Australian Outback. It was around this time that he met the young mutant, Jubilee and she became like a daughter to him, much like Kitty Pryde was. Logan became quite protective of Jubilee but at the same time trained her how to take care of herself. Something about wayward kids struck a cord in him and Logan felt like it was the least he could do to help them.

After an adventure in the Savage Land, where Logan battled a robot Apocalypse who had been tormenting a tribe, he formed a relationship with the tribe chieftain, Gahck. He left the Savage Land without ever knowing Gahck was pregnant with his son. Once he returned back to Australia and the X-Men, they returned back to America. He tried to stick around but his missing memories kept bothering him. The lack of past and identity could only be ignored for so long. Logan figured by going back to Canada and investigating the Weapon X facility it would give him answers.

Traveling alone to Canada he accidentally activated an artificial intelligence named S.H.I.V.A. in the Weapon X facility. S.H.I.V.A. had been designed to kill him and other rouge Weapon X projects gone wrong. It turned out S.H.I.V.A. had a failsafe that would trigger the return of Logan’s memories. Once she said the words, Logan realized that most of his memories prior to joining the X-Men had been implanted in him and with a scream of rage he sliced Shiva in half.

Feeling just as lost as he had before he investigated the Weapon X facility, Logan returned to Japan to hopefully find peace for a bit. This wasn’t the case as Clan Yashida, still lead by Mariko, was under siege by the Hand who was working with Silver Fox, whom he still didn’t remember was once his love, and HYDRA. Wolverine found out that Mariko had been poisoned and was facing a slow painful death. She asked him to kill her so she wouldn’t suffer. It was hard for Logan, he didn’t want to lose, let alone kill, the woman he still had a deep love for. Knowing he had to do it he eventually agreed and ended the life of Mariko.

Killing Mariko weighed heavily on Logan and he became even more distant emotionally but also led him to becoming more disciplined. Wanting revenge for the death of Mariko, a rage filled Wolverine. He went after Matsu’o, an assassin for The Hand and the man behind the assassination of Markio. Confronting Matsu’o, Wolverine sliced off his arm and vowed that every year on Mariko’s death, he would cut another piece off of Matsu’o. A promise which he kept through out the years.

Logan felt he couldn’t return to the X-Men, he still had things he had to do for himself before he could go back home. Returning to Canada and realizing that Sabertooth was a fellow survivor of Team X, Logan reluctantly decided to team up with him and Silver Fox, finally realizing she was the dead woman he once loved. He was shocked to realize she was still alive and even more surprised to learn she despised him. He never learned why Silver Fox despised him as Sabertooth killed while under the influence of Psi-Borg’s control.

Having to deal with the loss of Silver Fox for a second time and having to battle Omega Red, Logan had to figure things out. He wasn’t sure what his true identity was and which memories were real and which were false. He could remembered his romances with Silver Fox and Mariko, spending time in Japan as a samurai, working with Captain America in World War II, being a mercenary and operative for the CIA and spending time in the wilds of Canada. Logan couldn’t take it much longer, the emotional toll of losing both Mariko and Silver Fox for a second time and with all the mental tampering from Weapon X he started to suffer a mental breakdown.

Logan returned to Xavier’s feeling that his trip to Canada didn’t assist him at all in finding his lost memories, past and identity. He rejoined the X-Men and went with them to fight Magneto on his space station, Avalon. After injuring Magneto with his claws, he ripped all the adamantium from Wolverine’s body using his magnetic powers. The injuries proved too much for his healing factor to handle and it took him quite some time to heal.

While healing from his ordeal a few things were discovered, Logan learned that the claws, which he believed to be implants from Weapon X, were actually made of bone and part of his mutation. Also, after some consented experiments from Beast and Professor X, they learned just how much the adamantium stunted his ever-ongoing mutation; Logan was losing his humanity to the feral nature inside of him. With the news of him quickly losing himself and still frustrated with his lack of memories, Logan left the X-Men for a while, but he didn’t lose contact with them.

Logan helped his friends when needed, he assisted Kitty Pryde on Muir Island and helped rescue the captured X-Men during the Phalanx Invasion. They were still the only people he could trust in his life and the only people he could really depend on so he couldn’t refuse their requests for his assistance.

A few months later Logan was kidnapped by Tyler Dayspring whom attempted to turn Wolverine into one of the new Horsemen of the Apocalypse but the adamantium bonding process failed and Wolverine regressed to a feral like state for a while. With the help of Elektra, he slowly regained his humanity and identity and rejoined the X-Men.

It was a few months later when Logan was called to invoke the promise he made to the dying Seraph many years earlier. Viper needed his help in becoming the ruler of Madripoor. Knowning his reputation there she figured with Wolverine becoming her husband it would help her. Knowing he had to keep his promise, he agreed, even if he didn’t love her. In fact the two hated each other and Logan didn’t wish to spend unnecessary time with her so he left Madripoor not to long after their wedding.

Shortly after returning from Madripoor he was kidnapped by Apocalypse. Wolverine and Sabretooth were forced to fight for who would be the Horseman of Death. Afraid of what would happen if Sabretooth got that power, Logan made sure he defeated him. He was also convinced that he would have a better chance at resisting the mental programming of Apocalypse. The adamantium was successfully rebounded to Wolverine’s skeleton but he wasn’t able to fight off the programming and had to fight with the X-Men. It took a while but with the help of his teammates he was able to break free of Apocalypse’s control and return to the X-Men.

Eventually Logan returned to Madripoor, having to battle Ogun one last time. Luckily while he was there, Viper divorced him so he could be free of his debt to Seraph. He was relieved to no longer be married to someone he despised and returned back to New York and the X-Men.

After some time a man named Malcolm Colcord decided to revive the Weapon X project, now going by Weapon Plus. He was survivor of Wolverine’s rampage on Roanoke, Virginia many years earlier. He was also able to control Wovlerine and used him as an assassin until Cyclops and Fantomex were able to help him break free of his control. It was then that Wolverine realized that as much as him and Cyclops fought and maybe they weren’t good friends there was a solidarity between the two. Logan learned how he’d been used to slaughter almost everyone in Roanoke, a memory that didn’t sit well with him. They were also able to uncover other Weapon X/Weapon Plus secrets.

Logan learned that there was a satellite where he was able to access detailed files of his past and with Jean he traveled into space to learn what he could. It turned out to be a trap by Xorn and even though Logan was able to learn about his time with Weapon X and what they made him do, the Satellite started to hurl itself towards the sun. As they were slowly being cooked alive, Jean couldn’t tolerate the pain the way Logan could due to his healing factor. Jean asked him to kill her. Again he was faced with the difficult request of killing a women he loved but Logan knew what he had to do. He stabbed Jean with her claws because he couldn’t refuse the dying wish of the woman he loved.

Jean’s death unleashed the Phoenix Force and the two where saved, her powers returning them back to Earth. Wovlerine was slowly healing from being cooked alive when they confronted Xorn along with their fellow X-Men but Xorn had the upper hand and killed Jean, where she died in Cyclops arms. Jean’s death hit Logan hard and when Scott began a relationship with Emma Frost, he openly showed that he disapproved with Scott’s choice, which lead to a fight between the two of them on the front lawn of Xavier’s.

Wolverine still remained with the X-Men, joining the Astonishing X-Men team with Kitty Pryde, Beast, Emma Frost and Cyclops. While investigating a mutant cure, they discovered that Colossus, Logan’s old Fastball special buddy, was still alive and with his help they were able to take down the villain Ord.

For the last few months, Wolverine has been doing what Wolverine does, serving with the X-Men and disappearing occasionally when he finds he needs to do something on his own. He’s even resigned himself to assisting teach at Xavier’s with combat lessons.


Theme Song

Three Days Grace "Animal I Have Become"


Healing Factor – Logan’s healing factor grants him several abilities. He can regenerate from most wounds in a matter of seconds. Cuts, bruises, bullet wounds take a matter of seconds, though the more small wounds he takes the longer it takes for him to heal. Severe burns, broken bones, damaged organs heal in a matter of a few minutes. Lost limbs take no more than five minutes to heal where as if he’s reduced to nothing but his adamantium skeleton it takes a good day before he’s able to be back on his feet and another day before he’s one hundred percent. That is to say that he doesn’t feel the pain of all the injuries, Wolverine does.
Because of his healing factor, traumatic memories are suppressed leading to bouts of amnesia over tragic events. This has caused ‘mental scarring’ which assists in making his mind harder to read and be tampered with.
His healing factor also makes it so Vampirism and Werewolfism can be self-cured, this might take a matter of days or even longer. Logan is also immune to diseases because of his healing factor and highly resistant to toxins. For the most part drugs don’t have an effect on him unless in mass doses. For example, he can get drunk, but it takes a lot of alcohol and the effects last for only a minute or so.
His healing factor also grants him a higher immunity to temperatures, particularly the cold where subarctic temperatures do not seem to affect him. When the cold starts to go below -50 degrees F it starts to affect him and likewise with warmer temperatures when the heat goes above 125 degrees F.
Lastly his healing factor has granted him a slow aging process, even though he’s over 100 years old, he has the appearance and vitality of a man in his late 30’s/early 40’s.
Without the adamantium his healing factor is increased but because it’s poisoning him, his healing factor is reduced to keep the poisoning at bay.


Skills and Talents

Master Tactician – From his years of working with various Government agencies along with being taught Sun Tzu’s The Art of War he’s honed himself to be alert of everything going on around him and how to react to the situation.


Did you know that logan;

  • Logan carries a medical card stating that he is a war veteran who has had metal implants to help when at metal detectors in airports.
  • Logan is a horrible swimmer.
  • Logan has a weakness for Red-Heads


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