2009-06-17: Long Island AIM Adventure


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Summary: Freedom Force, the Avengers and two stragglers raid a second AIM base.

Date: June 17, 2009

Log Title Long Island AIM Adventure

Rating: PG-13

Lighthouse on Long Island - AIM Base

Freedom Force and the Avengers were contacted to let them know that another AIM base was found as it seems someone raided the first one the Avengers found. Lucky for both teams it seems that it's right in Long Island, just a train ride away for the average New Yorker. The location that was given to the two teams brings them to a lighthouse of all places, right on the shore of the Atlantic. There seems to be a fence around the lighthouse with warning signs of 'Do Not Trespass' attached to the chain links.

Coming with Freedom Force is Danny, aka Sandstone, but right now, his powers don't fit his code name. He's just dressed in a pair of black workout pants with a sleeveless shirt designed to fit his wings along with a domino mask, just incase. He's lucky he's not in one of his sick phases so he can actually raid the place. "Ah reckon this is definately more than it seems." He says to his teammate.

The leader of the Freedom Force has been busy dealing with some personal issues lately, so let the other team members handle it.

Coming with the Avengers is Green Man… though it doesn't currently fit him either. "Is this the place?" He asks, softly, breathing softly. Every puff of air puts out a cloud of cool mist. Running his hands through his hair, he sends a quick text message to his other phone line at home. 'Be home soon. Don't wait up if I'm late.'

He overheard things he wasn't supposed to hear. But, this concerns him, so Cid has chosen to make his way to the lighthouse on his own. Slowly, he's walking towards the fence. He doesn't know anyone else that may be around, or what's going to happen, but he knows it's his duty to be here. He has to do something to get his own abilities back and give these back to their rightful owner.

Coming with Freedom Force is Defense. And he's sticking pretty close to Sandstone right now. Dressed in the blue and silver costume he got from that very nice costume maker in Hells Kitchen, the young mutant adjusts his goggles and comm unit before nodding to Sandstone. "If we go in there and there's some creepy old guy and a wall of monitors…" he tries to make a little geek-joke.

Being sent as a representative of the Avengers, Living Lightning is in costume right now. He glances over at Green Man and nods. "Yeah. This is it," he replies. Brows furrowing, he starts looking for any guards or security cameras. "I'm just going to guess the actual facility is under the lighthouse," he remarks.

Meanwhile, there's a quick reply on Aaron's phone. 'K. Wil still make diner. Leave in frige if 2 late'. Someone needs either spelling lessons or just isn't good at text messaging.

The light of the Lighthouse shines of the water, circling around and heading towards the group of Adventurers. Right now everything seems calm, it's just a normal lighthouse. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Danny looks around a bit and looks at Cole, Aaron and Living Lightning. "Ah guess we should scout this place out and see if there's a way to get in. Ah can fly now so the fence won't be trouble tah me…wait.." He says spoting Cid walking towards the face. "Whose that?"

Green Man nods gently to Living Lightning. "Probably the best bet." He looks around. "If anyone doesn't mind a slippery ride, I can get us all over the fence pretty quickly." He says with a quick nod. Following the call of the Freedom Forcer, he turns. "No idea. And I'm not sure if my jurisdiction covers out here." he says, with a bit of a shrug.

Meanwhile, Cid reaches out for the fence. He's planning to climb over it. That's when the electricity begins to run through his body. It doesn't do as much damage as it could, though. Instinctively, as he has little control over his own powers beyond the very basics, his body shifts, turning to a sandstone-like substance, as he just rips into the metal, instead. "That… that hurt." He says, slightly perturbed. For those that know it… he looks like Danny used to look.

Defense starts to say something to Sandstone when Cid is pointed out. The hooded hero looks over and has to do a double-take, Cid looking a lot like Cole's college roommate. When the guy gets shocked and turns rocky, Defense frowns. "H-hey! You okay?" he asks, approaching Cid. "What are you doing here?" he asks. Of course, he's never seen Danny's stone form so he can't comment.

Living Lightning frowns. There's a slight flicker of light as he switches to his enery form long enough to arc over the fense and reform on the other side. He looks over as Cid makes his entrance and waits to see what comes of it.

Danny runs over with Defense and looks at Cid. "Ya got mah powers." He says more out of shock than anything else. "Ya alright?" He asks knowing what his powers can do. "Uh…okay, we should really get going on this place." He says.

The electrical fense going off alerted some of the gurads and running out of the door way in the lighthouse, about ten AIM agents in beehive yellow outfits come pouring out, energy weapons firing at the group.

"Silly boys, your guns don't work well when they're frozen." Aaron calls out, rising on an arc of ice, sending freezing waves at the individual shooters, to try to cut them off, or jam them up. He moves to form a protective barrier from the others for the moment, until everyone's ready.

Cid simply blinks. "I'm fine. A wee bit dazed is all. Wait… your powers?" He heaves a sigh of relief. "I wondered. I know who has mine." He nods gently as he cracks his neck. "What… what can I do with this? I overheard your discussion and knew I had to do SOMEthing."

Defense looks over at Sandstone in surprise. "Your powers? That's…" he just trails off, not tempting fate. "Yeah. Hold on, I'll carry us over," he says. Before he can make the shield, the AIM-keepers are rushing out and atacking. Reflexively, Defense brings a shield up around himself, Danny, and Cid. He pauses when Green Man goes on the defensive and then tries to charge right through the fense while using his shield to defense against the electricity and energy blasts.

When the AIM men attack, Livin Lightning goes electric. "I know I'm the only one here right now but…Avengers Assemble!" he calls, flying at the men. He's not concerned by the blasts, his energy form unaffected by most energy attacks. Flying fast, he goes in for tazer-punches to follow up Green Man's icy assault.

Danny is stuck behind Defense's force field at the moment so he really can't do anything but he can tell Cid some things. "Alright, right now ya got super strength and ya can take quite a beating without feelin' it. When you're in that form at least."

Meanwhile Green Man's arc of ice across the area proves a good barrier and a few guns are frozen in the process. The guns that aren't frozen, the energy bolts fire into the force field and ice wall. Living Lighting on the other hand is able to tazer a few of them. All in all there are about five guys left who are up with working guns.

"Stay behind the field." Aaron calls out as he bites his lip. "I'll try not to let it get behind me." He says as he lets himself fall to the ground. He holds his hands to his sides and releases a coldsnap around his body. Not enough to freeze solid, but enough to make bodies stop working properly and could lead to frostbite if unchecked in a timely manner. Nothing killing though. He'd do anything to prevent that.

Cid ohs softly. "Alright. If that's the case, then I'll get out there in the forefront." He says with a nod as he begins to try to run around the defensive field and charge up there.

Defense lowers his field when the numbers are reduced. He creates a frisbee-sized disc and sends it flying towards one of the aim guys before Aaron speaks up. Eyebrows going up, the shield-maker looks to Sandstone and gets ready to put a shield up around them if they need to.

Enjoying being back in action despite his serious expression, Living Lightning is being careful not to kill anyone either. When Aaron calls, he nods. The energy Avenger speeds back behind the cold cop and stands ready to pick off any escaping AIM guys with lightning.

The AIM agents left standing aren't doing so hot with the cold and are now easy targets. Defense is able to knock one out eaisly with his force field disc, Liviing Lighting is also easily able to hit any of the straglers with lighting. It's just a matter of time till the group ends up taking them all out.

Once all the AIM agents are out Sandstone takes to the sky. "Ah reckon they know where here now, no use for bein' quite." He says as he flys up and heads to other side of the fence. Without his super strenght it's hard to carry anyone else.

Aaron nods softly as he sees their work done. "If I had my plants… I could feel for anything below us." he says softly, body still coated in ice… or rather turned to ice. He just doesn't know it yet. Running his hand over his forehead, he looks to the others. "Shall we?" He asks, waving a hand at the door.

Cid moves up towards the door, as well, waiting for others. He may be scared, but knowing he can take damage and walk away, he's more than willing to put himself in the front. He's just… unsure of what to do or where to go.

Defense nods, heading right for the door. "Lets go then," he calls to Cid and Danny, running for the door. When he gets close, Defense forming a shield around himself incase there's defenses on the door when he tries to open it and head inside.

Living Lightning stays in his electricl form for now. Levitating off the ground, he flies behind the others, ready to get inside and take on more of AIM.

Once the group is inside the fence and with a little searching of the AIM agents, they find a key card that will let them into the Lighthouse, which has a spiral staircase leading up to the light and a spiral stair case leading down into the darkness. It's hard to tell how far down it goes.

Danny touches down to the ground and follows behind the others. Not having his normal powers he's opting to stay in the back. "After one of y'all."

Remaining iced, Aaron stays back a little. "I'll take rear guard." He says quickly, making sure everyone is ahead of him before stepping forward. He trusts his ability to get the ice up quickly to protect anyone that may need it.

Cid nods. "I… I could go first or second. He says I can handle it. I… I t-t-trust his judgment on his powers." He says, stammering slightly as he mumbles something in German.

"I'll take point," Defense offers, trusting his shields. "Rocky guy, stay behind me," he says, peering down into the darkness. Frowning, he takes a small flashlight out of his supply pouch and heads down carefully.

"I'll check upstairs. Back in a second," Living Lightning remarks. And with that, the energy being heads upwards at super speed to check on any ambushes or interesting things waiting above.

With Defense in the lead they group makes their way down the spiral stair case, since going up would just be a light and nothing else. It's a long trek down the staircase and every now and then they spot cameras on the side, designed to see in infrared spectrum.

Sandstone points out a few of the cameras and points to Living Lighting in hopes that he can blast or short them out or something. Who knows what they'll be facing when they get down there.

"I always hate going in places blind." Aaron says, sighing softly, trying to keep his voice as quiet as possible. He keeps his eyes peeled, ready for anything that may come along.

Cid, on the other hand, can't quite help any noise his footsteps make, unless he ends up shifting back. For now, he hasn't touched that thought yet.

Defense frowns as they go. "Same here," he replies to Aaron, keeping the flashlight beem on the stairs as they go down. "Anyone got any hearing or smelling powers that detect anything?" he asks.

Living Ligning is staying overhead, levitating above them all. He nods when the cameras are pointed out and sets about blasting them to short them out ahead of the group.

After what seemed like too long of a time to get down the stairs, the group approaches a large metal door. Lights flash on and the door opens. "Intruder Alert" says a Green Humaniod standing behind the door that immedately shoots a blast of red energy, from it's eyes.

Danny blinks in surprise at the light and his eyes are still adjusting from the dark when he hears the voice. "Aw hell." He says as he just is able to dodge the optic blast by flying up in the air.

"Great. Him again." Aaron says from behind, popping his neck to the side. "Wonder how they take the cold?" He asks, sending a blast to the thing… if he can get a clean shot, through all these people. If not, he'll try to go up higher on a slide.

Cid on the other hand, blinks at the glare of red. he mutters in German before he looks to Defense. "Pardon me. I'll try to take him on physically, I suppose." My, he's quite polite.

Defensne curses softly at the lights, thankful his goggles provided even a tiny bit of protection. Covering himself in a tight shield at the sound of the voice, he gets sent sliding back by the blast, crashing into whatever wall stops him first.

Living Lightning lets out a exclamation in spanish before rising higher with Sandstone. "That's the same thing that stole your powers?" he asks, trying to come up with a plan.

It's not the same Green Being but it's definately similar. It takes the ice blast from Aaron and shunts back a bit, but it doesn't stop. It does look like it had an effect though. In response it forms some solid disks of sound and flings one at Danny, one at Cid and the last at Living Lighting.

Danny gets hit by the disk and loses his balance in the air, slaming into the floor. He lets out a hiss of pain. "Ya, that's the bastard that stole our powers, and Cid, try to hit 'em. Punch 'em for all ya got."

Getting an idea, Aaron grins lightly. Instead of trying freezing blasts everywhere, he aims for the feet, trying to coat the bottom of them in very slick ice, to keep it from getting a grip on the ground, if he can. He's used to thinking in different tactics because of his old powers.

Cid nods softly to Danny. "Aye." He says, moving forward. He tries to break into the closest thing to a run that he can manage, while releasing a pulled back fist as he does so.

With a note left for him back at the apartment, it didn't take long for Kaji to bolt out of the complex. Finding a way there. Once he was in safe sight away, the anthro form was taken and a full bore sprint was initiated as he headed for the lighthouse. Unconscious soldiers on the ground was a nice clue to that he was going the right way. The clicks of claws on the stairs behind the ground tell them of something or someone coming closer to them. His hands touch the ground as Cid breaks into the run, his feet coming up behind him to launch him up and over his rocked partner towards the green thing. No one ever said Kaji looked before he leaped.

Defense grunts, standing up out of the indent in the wall he made. Cracking his neck, just watches for a few moments. Nodding, he forms shields on his feet and 'skates' forward. The ice brings a slight smile to his face as he hopes it'll make the skating easier. Forming a shield on his arm and shoulder, Defense tries to follow Cid's punch up with a shoulder tackle.

Having never encountered solid-sonics before, Living Lightning is treating them like any other solid projectile. This turns out to be a mistake as he gets knocked for a tumble. When he rights himself, the electric Avenger scowls and tries to get around behind the being.

The ice sticking the Green Being to the ground makes him an easy target. Cid's fist punches the Green thing and he can feel something break upon contact. Combined with Cole's punching and the Death from Above with Kaji, the Green Being is proving to be overwhelmed, though he isn't giving up yet. He sends an outward explosion of black energy trying to blast the group back.

Danny doesn't know what he can do right now, so he pushes himself off the ground and flys up again, this time his target is trying to get around the Green Being and through the door.

Unfortunately, slick ice doesn't hold a person in place very well. The black energy does fling Aaron back against a wall… hard. However, he stays iced, so he's still alive and conscious, at least… if not a little on the woozy side.

Cid on the other hand can handle most of the energy that comes at him. As he sees the frantic fur and claws, he smiles brightly, his stony face cracking. "Fenrir!" He's obviously pleased by the arrival of his boyfriend.

Kaji's ears lifts up at the blast of black energy, and his arms move in front of him in a cross as it sends him flying backwards. The wolf shifter rolls on the ground behind Cid, rolling up onto his feet after the initial impact. Unsteady on his paws as he puts a hand to his head, "Urgh…" How's that for a hello.

Defense is pretty easy to move right now thanks to the shields on his feet. They're not zero-friction like someone else's. but they reduce it enough for him to go flying as well. Hitting a wall, he slumps down, shields flicking at all the contact points. "Ow…" he groans.

Living Lightning continues to speed forward. He puts in an extra burst of speed to get by the energy blast and follow Danny hrough the door.

The Green Being seems like it has the edge and lets another optic blast at Kaji, since he's the one with claws. Though it is starting to spark from a few places right now.

Sandstone and Living LIghting end up being able to get behind the Green Being and are in a lab of some sort with several computers and other eletronic devices. The room is empty though, it seems anyone in here escaped some how. Danny starts digging through any information he can find to try to find out how to get their powers reveresed.

Aaron isn't quite awake yet, but is starting to stand up, woozy still. Poor guy is gonna be a little loopy tonight. Actually… poor Tim.

As Cid sees the creature's wave knock Kaji down, he's overcome by something he's never really felt. He's been upset before, but this… the pacifist is enraged. Slowly, he pulls his hands together, clasping them as if her were going to pray. He turns away. Then, in a move faster than he thought he could, he flings his entire body in a circle, aiming the clasped fists, as best he can, at the creature's head. "Don't you HURT HIM!"

Kaji shakes his head, cracking open an eye to see the optic blast and he lets out a very canine like yelp as he dives to the side. His pads sliding on the ground before he looks back over at Cid. If you could see the blush, he would be. BUt he's only breathing a bit hard right now before he watches how the green creature takes the hit from Cid.

Living Lightning returns to his solid form and lands. A quick nod to Sandstone and he starts digging through information as well. Computer or paper, he seaches everywhere he can for information on the beast.

Slowly getting to his feet, Defense shakes his head to clear it. "I so need to come up with better ways to attack," he mutters, concentrating on forming two disc shields. He presses them together to make an edged disc and sends it flying for one of the green being's knees.

In the back room Sandstone and Living Lighting find all the information they need, on paper and digitally. For Danny though, his adrenilne is still pumping so he doesn't realize he hurt himself when he fell from his flight earlier.

As for the Green Being, all he needed was that final hit to the head from Cid and things spark. The Green thing twitches quite a bit. "Error…error…errrrrooooooorrrrrrr…" It states as it shuts off, defeated.

From the back room Danny's voice can be heard. "There's a compartment in the back, has what we need!"

As Aaron rises in time to see the thing go down, he moves to join Miguel and Danny in the other room.

Cid on the other hand, finishes his swing, gives a nod to the terminating creature and moves towards Kaji. "Are you alright? Did he hurt you?" He asks, being all overprotective. Poor Kaji. "This is like the thing that took my powers and messed them up." He explains, knowing he'll tell the rest later.

Kaji just blinks a bit, laughing softly as he nods a bit later. "Yeah… I'm fine. Just… remind me never to piss you off." He looks back at the being on the ground, and then around at everyone else in teh general room.

Kaji just blinks a bit, laughing softly as he nods a bit later. "Yeah… I'm fine. Just… remind me never to piss you off." He looks back at the being on the ground, and then around at everyone else in the general room. "I'm guessing you all aren't using your own powers then…" He looks back down at Cid and laughs a bit once more. "Damn straight you are. I want to know this."

Defense blinks when he hears Danny's voice. Nodding, he pulls his hood back up and moves for the green being. "Are you alright in there?" he calls back, looking for the compartment and then trying to pry it open.

Living Lightning gathers what info he can to bring back to Spider-Woman. He then turns to Danny. "All ready over there?" he asks. "Green Man, you okay?"

With the information they need found, the device from the Green Being retrived and the AIM facitly raided and it's agents either defeated or gone, the group is ready to count their injuries and see what needs to be done to fix this problem produced by AIM. There's only one way out that's visible, the way they came in.

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