2010-03-16: Looking For Mr Cat


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Summary: Danny runs into Caleb while looking for his cat.

Date: March 16, 2010

Log Title Looking For Mr. Cat

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Boys' Foyer

A large workstation/desk is in the center of this room. The man behind it is usually larger. Dressed in a full S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform and carrying a blaster pistol, these dour-faced resident guards and hall monitors change from day to day but none look thrilled to be here. Rumor has it that Dorm duty is a punishment for the agents. Several passages lead to various housing units and the ports show only the dim green light of the illuminated water outside.

"Mr. Cat?" Calls a voice, thick with a Southern Accent, in the Foyer of the boys rooms. Danny's orange tabby has seemed to escaped his room and now he's trying to find where the cat wandered off to. "Where are ya Mr. Cat?" looking both ways down the hall. "Dammnit." It's a lot of space to look for him. Danny pushes his hair back and picks a direction,, further down the hallway, in hopes that his cat might be down there.

Caleb has been spending most of the morning getting unpack and settled in his room, now he's heading out to explore the academy, his first thought when he arrived: 'Wow, this place is fecking huge', he grew up in a small village with no buildings this big in them, so this might take a while, hes dressed in blue cargos, a red t-shirt, is wearing black Airwalk trainers and his white hair is still damp from having a shower, apparently he doesn't have to wear his uniform till tomorrow. When he steps out of his room he spots Danny looking for something, "Er, hello, are you looking for something?", he says in a strong Irish accent.

Danny is dressed in a tight Navy blue shirt with a pair of blue military looking pants. "Yeah, mah cat escaped this mornin' which is a bit of a surprise since he's used tah bein' an apartment cat. You ain't seein' an orange tabby wanderin' by, have ya?" He says not wanting his cat to get him in any trouble. "Ya new here?" He can tell since Caleb isn't wearing the matching suit that everyone here wears.

Caleb shakes his head, "No sorry, i haven't, has he been missing long?", he leans against the wall, "Yeah, I am, is it that obvious?"

Danny smiles a fairly friendly smile, maybe a hint of charm or is that the Southern Accent? "Only about five minutes but if ya ever had a cat, they can get in all sorts of trouble in thirty seconds." He says with a chuckle as he goes to look down the hall a bit more. "Mr. Cat." He calls as he makes a bit of a 'clicking' noise as if to call him. "Ah don't wanna reward 'im by gettin' the treats but it might be the only thing that'll work." Danny says looking back at Caleb. "Yeah, Ah'd say it is. Mostly cause ya ain' wearin' the uniform yet."

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "You named your cat, Mr. Cat?", he walks over and starts helping to look for the cat, "I heard that cats pretty much look after themselves, won't he just come back when he's hungry?", "Oh yeah, the unform, i was told i wouldn't have to wear it until i start classes tomorow, what's it like here?"

"That's his name, and it's not that he ain't comin' back, it's that he ain't supposed tah be wanderin' round here. This place has some stuff that a cat is best not gittin' intah." Danny shrugs as he looks around. "It ain't bad here. It's Ah'm takin' classes right now tah get my certs so Ah can be a teacher here. And they let me keep mah other job so it ain' bad. It's just like school, but less…schooly and more military."

Caleb nods and continues looking, "So you're going to be a teacher?, cool, what are you going to teach?", he laughs a little, "Yeah, i heard this place is really into the rules, when i was a kind my dad threatened to send me to militery school, it's pretty ironic that i went to one by choice".

"History." Danny says as English was definately not considered for him. Someone who considers 'ain't' regular vocalbuarly isn't one to teach proper English. "Ah was a bit rebelious mahself after I graduated High School, mah parents were never happy that Ah skipped college and went tah Bar Tendin' school. Not like it matters anymore." He says with a grin.

Caleb grins, "You're a bar tender?, that is so much cooler than a teacher", he bites his lip not sure if he should ask this next question, "Errm, They told me this place is for people with powers, what kinds of things can people here do?"

"Yeah, Ah'm a bar tender at night. That's why Ah like it…there ya are ya little pain in mah ass." Danny says as he pushes past Caleb to scoop up the cat that wandered around the corner. "What have ya been up tah?" He asks knowing he won't get an answer. "Any way, but yeah, Ah like it here cause Ah can keep mah other job and they don't care. And yeah, we all got powers here. Ah can turn tah stone."

Caleb watches in amuzment when Danny picks up his cat then proceeds to talk to it, "Sounds like a cool job, when i turn eighteen i'll come check the bar you work at out, see how good you are", "You can turn to stone?, how does that work?, can you move while stone?"

Danny opens the door to his room, gives Mr. Cat a quick kiss on the head, before putting him inside. There's a faint meow as he closes the door. "Yeah, Ah can turn tah stone." He then lets himself shift as his entire body turns to a red, sandstone like texture. "Ah turn tah rock and it don't hinder mah movement at all. Just make me really strong and really durable."

Caleb eyes widen, the only powers that he's seen other than his own are his brother and dads, "Wow, thats really cool, how hard a hit can you take?", he leans against the wall again, "What about some of the other people here?"

"They've done tesin' uptah 30 tons." Danny says with a shrug as he powers down. The rock form adds a little bit of bulk but really not that much. "It varies, Ah don't know much 'bout mah roommate, Troy's a bit of a mystrey but he's a cool guy. And Angelo, Ah think he's some sorta healer or something. He's the doc 'round here. Ah know there some kid who can blend and a girl who is good with weapons. Ah'm fairly new here mah self."

Caleb's jaw drops Cartoon style, "You can take 30 tons?!, that is fecking amazing", he listens to Danny list off the powers of the other guys in the school, "Weapons?, i know we're supposed to be taught how to use our powers, but are we gonna be fighting?"

"That is her power, she has this innate ability with firearms." Danny says with a shrug as he's not sure. "There might be some combat trainin' Ah mean, if those who wanna learn Tae Kwon Do, Ah'm gonna be teachin' them. But sometimes combat trainin' or martal arts trainin' is just that, trainin'. Tah have a dicipline."

Caleb nods, "I guess that would be helpfull i suppose, learning how to defend yourself might be good in case of a fight", he straightens up, "I'm Caleb by the way", he holds out a hand.

Danny puts out a hand and smiles. "Ah'm Danny, Danny Oda. Sory Ah'm usually better bout introducin' mah self but with the cat, Ah think Ah got distracted. So where ya from Caleb? Which corner of the earth did they recruit ya from?"
Caleb shakes Danny's hand and smiles, "Nice to meet you Danny", he lets go, "I'm from Waterford in Ireland, where are you from?"

"Ah was born in Virgina, but then moved tah New Jersey but for the last five years Ah've been livin' in New York. Ah ain't ever been able tah get rid of the accent, it's too much ingrained in me. Ah mighta left the south when Ah was thirteen but the South never left me." Danny says with a smile. It's an interesting combination, the Asian features with the Southern accent. "Ah've always wanted tah go to Europe but Ah've always worked to much tah take a vacation."

"So you moved round a bit, i've never really gone much further than my village before, so her is a big change", he grins, "You should take a holiday, you only live once".

"So you moved round a bit, i've never really gone much further than my village before, so her is a big change", Caleb grins, "You should take a holiday, you only live once".

"Believe me, Ah know I do." Danny says with a wink, but what it implies is uncertain. "It ain't bad, Ah'm doin' what Ah want with mah life. It ain't like Ah feel over worked or unhappy. Ah mean Ah work at a bar, for me it's like gettin' tah party for free." He's young, in his twenties, he's living the life of a young guy in New York City.

Caleb nods, "I guess i can see your point, working in a bar does sound like fun", being in his teens, he does have boundries, so most of the stuff Danny does will probably sound fun to him, "So whats it like in the City?"

Danny shrugs and smiles. "Ah like it. And the city, well, it's grand. It's the city that never sleeps. Ah'm sure you'll seen soon enough. Ah gotta jet though, Ah gotta take a shower and then get tah mah first class. Was nice meetin' ya Caleb." Danny says as get goes to back to his room. "Ya ain't escapin' this time Mr. Cat." He says as he pushes his cat in with his foot as he goes into his room.

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