Looking Forward Looking Back

Players: Vinny and Texas Twister

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Summary: Talk of the past, and the possible future.

Date: May 21, 2011

Log Title: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Rating: R (Language)

=NYC- Thompson Square Park

//Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.//

Early evening in the Park and that finds Vinny seated on his usual bench. But this time the droning of his diggeridoo isn't echoing through the park, it's a different sound. The mutant sitting back on the bench with a Concertina in his hands. The sounds of his voice flowing with the instrument.

Lookin' Forward, Lookin' Back.
I've come a looong way down the track,
I've got a looong way left to go.
Singin' songs, 'bout what I know.
Makin' sense, of what I seen.

Having returned to New York City after months away on a secret SHIELD mission, Drew Daniels aka the Texas Tornado is out jogging in this evening, a breeze follows him cooling him as he jogs along. He is wearing dark blue sweats. As he turns the corner into Thompson Square Park, he stops a moment as he hears the voice and concertina. Not something he is used to hearing he jogs his way towards the mutant platypus and a smile crosses his face when he spots his friend. He remains quiet watching the mutant perform and when given a chance he will clap.

Vinny sensed the approach like he usually does but for the moment continues on. The song has a ballad quality to it, perhaps a bit of country. The notes drifting on the wind as he goes on.

There are straaaaange days,
full of Change on the way.
But we'll be fine, unlike some.
I'll be leeeeanin' forward… to see what's comin'
Lookin' Forward, Lookin' Back.
I've come a looong way down the track,
Got a looong way left to go.
Singin' songs, 'bout what I know.

Vinny leaves it there and takes a breath before setting the instrument aside and looking towards his audience "Well G'day Tex, been a while since I seen you in these parts. Guess ya not bein' in uniform means I ain't in trouble yet." he grins a bit.

Leaning against a tree, the Texan SHIELD agent claps and applauds when Vinny is done with the song. "Well now, pardner. I think for tonight. You're as good as a fish on the Rio Grande." Tex steps off the tree and walks towards the mutant and takes a seat next to him, "Good to see ya, Vinny. Nice to see a familiar face after so long." He looks over the concertina and is not familiar with the instrument, "So, what's that? And how've you been?"

Vinny motions to the squeeze-box "A Concertina, not really the proper instrament fer that song but I could never play a guitar for crap. Webbed hands an' all kinda made it tough. Folks felt I needed a bit more'an the Digg and a wobble board in my musical education and the squeezer there is a good bush instrument, packs up easy." He hestiates a moment at what to say about how he's been, guessing his exploits of late weren't enough to reach the SHIELD agent. "Ah well mate that's a whole lot of Yarn ta spin really."

Studying the concertina a moment, "Sure wish I could play some instrument." He smiles a bit but notices the hesitation from Vinny, but then chooses not to press the matter. Vinny's activities are his own and Tex knows the mutant enough to know him to be a genuinely good man. "Well, I've been away for a few months. Had to take care of some business. But it looks like I got back just in time. No more of that damned snow."

Vinny chuckles and nods "Ah never minded the cold much, course havin' fur helps. Dingo's locked up, hopefully fer a long time. The Kick and MGH problem is done.. the NMO are disbanded more or less. So all in all things are gettin' back ta some type of normal, well as normal as this place gets."

While busy with other SHIELD matters, Tex had heard what was going on in New York regarding the issues that Vinny just mentioned. "I'm genuinely sorry I wasn't around to help, Vinny. It seems when one thing dies down something comes back up. Mutant Town has had a lot to struggle with." He smiles at the mention of Dingo going to jail, "Yes, I am particularly sorry that I didn't help take him down. If you remember, he and I weren't fans of each other. But I am glad the problems seem to be dealt withfor now."

Vinny nods "I wasn't involved in that on either.. was having some issues back when that went down and not really on the best'a terms with Iron man right now. Plus as boosted as Dingo was I doubt I coulda done all that much, kick just made a real monster outta that bloke."

"Drugs are bad in general and kick will literally kick the crap outta yeah. No matter how powerful ya are. Even someone like Dingo…will fall. Which is good in his case… Maybe prison will clean hi and his act up." When the mention of Iron Man comes up, Tex shows that he is curious, "What went down with you and Iron Man, if ya don't mind my asking."

Vinny smiles weakly "Back when tha kick thing was pickin' up I got a lead on the location of one'a tha labs. Me'n another Mutant tore the place up, rescued a buncha captive mutants and swiped a computer hard drive. So when my partner got the drive cracked and dumped I figured I needed some outside help in findin' some of tha names on the drive, so I went ta Stark."

"Oh well that's not bad. I bet Stark appreciated it and I hope you realize he need your assistance. It seemed you played a big part in the take down of what happened. No need for issues with you and Iron Man." Tex offers, "But why do I think there is more to the story?"

Vinny nods "Yah got that right.. some more info came up. The MGH and kick was comin' from the same source. They were usin' Kick-boosted Mutants to make new forms of tha drug, I also found the names of the wankers runnin' the whole operation. I went ta Stark with that info and told him when I was ready ta take them down I'd send word. Apparently he didn't like that idea.. started goin' on about Vigilantes and "Proper Procedure.." I wasn't gonna get muscled out of this by him when I was the reason he knew what he did in tha first place.. so I witheld the locations of tha remaining labs and basically told him ta piss off."

"This was a mutant matter.. I felt it needed ta be handled in-house so to speak. He could either help me or he could get the hell outta my way, but he wasn't takin' over."

Tex hmmmmns as that sounds a bit odd, "Well I can understand both sides. You provided a lot of the real work. You did the ground work, but as a SHIELD agent I understand about procedures as well. There is a protocol. Stark mighta felt it was too dangerous for ya. The Avengers and SHIELD. We are trained for this stuff." He then exhales, "However that doesn't mean that you can't handle yourself, either. When we first met we discussed different schools for your training. I have a feeling the few months I've been gone that you've gotten much better control. But maybe being dismissed like that won't happen if ya get some professional training. Either with the X-Men or at SHIELD. Have you thought about it?"

Vinny smirks a bit "I look horrible in Spandex.." He takes a breath "Anyway Stark found one of the labs on his own, myself and two others dropped the hammer on the last one. Course things didn't go well. The boss was inside, a mutant named Chemicalo. While we were dealin' with the gaurds and goons outside he an some woman shot all tha mutants bein' held in tha place and tried to make a run for it. They made tha mistake of putting that last lab in a warehouse on the waterfront." He lets the importance of that sink in.

"Big mistake considering your powers. So you saved the day?" Tex takes the moment as he had heard some of the information, but not everything since he only recently returned, "Heard Chemicalo was pretty roughed up. Overly so, some might say." Tex quirks his eyebrow at Vinny , "At the same time it's horrible how you have mutant on mutant violence like that." He sighs as he says that and looks up into the night sky. "And we don't all wear spandex. But I'm serious about schooling. You can do more than you can as a civilian and at the same time, you learn restraint." He quirks his other eyebrow at Vinny.

Vinny sighs "Saved tha day? Naw mate.. I went inta that place and saw those bodies and I about lost my damn mind. All that mattered was makin' that bastard pay.. I smashed a hole in the roof where he was waitin' for a chopper and dragged him screaming back into that building with a tendril 'a water. Then I made him watch as I dumped out five or six bottles of MGH and gathered all the pills up with some water.. told him how I was gonna feed them ta him. If the other two hadn't stopped me I'da killed that Sonuva bitch.. and what scares me if that I still can't think of that as tha wrong thing ta do. But I got my licks in, bashed him good and shut that flapping trap of his. SHIELD's got him now and I hope that bastard never sees the light of day again." His fists are clenched as he speaks, wether he realizes it or not he's extended his bone spurs.

"Vinny, calm down. It's over. It's in the past." Tex tenses a moment, clearly from a reaction to what he has been told, "Look. I'm not sure how you feel about what you did. But you put a stop to what he was doing. That is the most important thing. First and foremost. But, Vinny, I have to ask. How did you feel when you are unleashing your powers on Chemicalo? Did you enjoy it?" He asks as in such a manner as the answer would reveal something important about Vinny.

Vinny retracts the spurs.. taking a breath. "It felt good, I've had ta push my powers to their limits over and over during this whole mess. Always outnumbered.. guns pointed in my face.. men pretending ta be mutants. Those that I thought were allies turning on me. I'd done things with my powers I'd never even considered a month before. For once I was on even terms.. hell for once I was the stronger one and damn me it felt good."

Shaking his head, Tex offers, "Vinny, you have to remember you control your powers. Not the other way around. That feeling you are describing is how people like Dingo or Magneto during the heights of his villainy felt. I understand the need to defend oneself or one's belief. But that thrill you felt, can be very dangerous and very addictive. I'm not saying you should fear your powers, but with training imagine how you feel to finally master those abilities. When one lets loose with their powers, the sense of having the power to command and control something being able to destroy with it. It is incredibly intoxicating, but also overwhelming. Imagine how you would have felt had you killed Chemicalo? You didn't, but what if you had?"

Vinny shakes his head a moment, tipping his hat over his eyes. "I woke up every morning and left my apartment having to look over my shoulder for the MGH goons and their tranquilizer rifles. I'd go to the store and hear people talkin' about who vanished the night before.. or see parents putting up fliers becasue their child didn't come home from the library that night. He used the NMO to addict mutants to Kick so he could harvest their blood for his damn Growth Hormone. He killed 5 people personally when we caught up to him, destroyed god knows how many others to make his product and ruined even more with Kick Addiction. What is one more corpse on the pile? He embodied everything people fear about mutants.. and everything mutants hate about humanity. I might have felt like crap about doin' it, but I sure as hell wouldn't have regretted it."

Genuinely feeling for his friend, Tex just shakes his head, "Do you think it would have been ok to kill Chemicalo? Do you think it is alright to kill?" He sighs, "I've heard many people talk like that. People like Dr. Doom, people like Green Goblin, people like Dingo." He says, "That momentary feeling of triumph is followed by guilt and remorse. Or at least should be." Tex shakes his head, "There will always be mutants and people like Chemicalo. Beat or kill someone like him, than what stops you from doing to the next person. Eventually you become like them."

Vinny sighs "Would it have been ok? No.. Do I think it's alright? No.. I grew up bein' taught ta protect life, to preserve it. But I'm not stupid enough to think for a second that that bastard isn't promising SHIELD everything under the sun to try and save his own ass, and I'd bet all the gold in Australia that some weasely little pencil pusher is considering it. What's the life of a few mutants if he can make you another Captain America? Or give the human agents a pill that makes them as strong as the Hulk or make them heal like Wolverine? Killin' him might not be right, but it would make damn sure that turd never rose to the surface of the bowl again."

"As someone on SHIELD, I can tell you. Chemicalo will never see the light of day again. No one in SHIELD is even listening to any offers this man may have to offer. There are always a lot of conspiracy theories out there. But I can guarantee you that, if found guilty he will never ever be let loose again." Tex hmmmns, "Well, I think you should get some kind of training. So when placed in a situation on like that again You can learn some restraint."

Vinny smiles a little, though it's a rather grim look. "I have plenty of restraint, I could have killed him long before the others got there ta stop me. I could have just enveloped his head in water and watched his drown, I could have simply jabbed him a few times with a bone spur and let an overdose of my venom do it's job. He could have been dead a dozen different ways, but I dragged it out.. mabye I really can't do it, mabye I wanted them to stop me or I wanted their blessing to continue on. I'm not really sure anymore. I suppose we'll find out if he ever escapes. But thanks for listenin' Tex.. needed ta get that outta my system.

Not answering for a moment, Tex exhales and simply stares at Vinny, "Well something kept you from killing him. We all have abilities to kill our enemies." Tex's eyes had widened when Vinny listed the ways he could have killed Chemicalo. "But I'm glad you didn't. It would have sucked, if you had." Tex then smiles as he pulls out a card. "Most of us don't this but it's my personal cell. Look. I've been where you are before. It's good it you got it off your chest, but you'll be in that situation again. It'll help to have someone there with ya. So, whenever, no matter the time. Call me. Even if it's just to talk."

Vinny smiles "Already got yer number, ya gave it ta me the first time we met. Tried ta get in touch with ya when this whole mess first started cause I knew I needed help but I guess ya were out of town by then."

"It's another number. If I don't pick up, SHIELD will patch you through to me." Tex then sighs "Sorry, one of the negative aspects about SHIELD, they will send you anywhere. Again, sorry, I wasn't there for you, Vinny." Tex ponders, "Will you promise me to at least consider training with the X-Men, or SHIELD, or hey even just with me?"

Vinny nods "I've had a few talks with tha Headmistress of Xaviers.. not sure SHIELD would be a good fit. At tha end of tha day I'm still more an activist than some kinda aquatic secret agent."

"I've not had the pleasure of meeting her, but I heard she is quite the woman. The headmistress at Xavier's. I've met the headmaster. Cyclops and Xavier himself. Good men. So that might be a good place for you to go. But training with a non-mutant, could be interesting too." Tex grins, "Plus I could always use some training myself. We both control essential elements to life, after all."

Vinny nods and takes the card. "I'm always up for a bit of practice, and I'm not all that hard to find if ya want ta work out a bit."

"You know, part of learning about controlling your powers is being able to do things quick and unexpectedly." Tex smiles, "Like now." A quick strong blast of wind attempts to lift Vinny into the air only a few feet above the bench he is sitting on.

Vinny yelps and is sent off the bench. His eyes blaze into a glowing blue with a rush the storm grating is blown off a nearby drain and the water surges underneath Vinny, he literally stands up on it and looks down at Tex crossing his arms. "Hmph.." He has certainly gotten a great deal more control in recent history.

Smiling at his friend, Tex nods his head, "Very good." As the air underneath him gently focuses upward allowing him to hover at eye level with Vinny, "Very nice. You responded quickly without automatically lashing out knowing I am your friend." He smiles, "You'd make a great agent."

Vinny chuckles "I've been savin' a fortune on cab costs usin' a Surfboard and drain water ta get around tha city. Course it's kinda freakin' some folks out too."

"Well seeing a platypus surfing on a board could freak some people out, I suppose." Tex smirks, "Then again, there was Rocket Raccoon. You guys should meet. Maybe we can start an animal theme super group." He chuckles.

Vinny winces visibly "Ugh.. probably not a good idea getting too many Hybrids together. Too much competition for the dominant position. It's an instinct thing.."

Nodding, "It'd be the same way if you got a bunch of Texans together." He shrugs, "Though o' course. This cowboy would be in charge." Tex then lowers himself back to the ground, "So what didcha and the Xavier's headmistress discuss?"

Vinny lowers himself and dismisses the water back down the drain. "Mostly I had some info that a few ah her students were usin' kick. She wasn't overly pleased ta hear that but I think it's all been sorted out by now."

"Goodness. I hope Barnes didn't have any students using Kick." Tex ponders a moment and may have to set up individual sessions with the students since he missed most of this semester. "Damn. I really shouldn't have been gone for so long."

Vinny nods "Well tha supply is cut off and tha street dealers have dried up, so no worries on it poppin' up again. City managed to keep itself together depaite all the chaos."

"Good, I guess. " Tex sighs, "Overall, this was a horrible time to be gone on a solo mission. But it needed to be done. And it seems like it has all been dealt with."

Vinny nods again "I'm sure ya can be here fer tha next crisis, doubt it'll take long to show up. Well I best be gettin' back, got alot ta do tomorrow and some sleep would do me good. Ya take care out there alright?"

"I will. You too. And seriously. Call me, if something comes up. Anything." Tex nods his head and waves good night as he resumes his jogging.

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