Lorna "Polaris" Dane
Lorna Dane
Portrayed By Doutzen Kroes
Gender Female
Date of Birth 07/08/1981
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Polaris, Pestilence
Place of Birth Manhattan
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Geophysicist; Professor
Known Relatives Magneto (Father), Wanda Maximoff (Half-Sister), Pietro Maximoff (Half-Brother), Wiccan (half-nephew), Speed (half-nephew), Luna Maximoff (half-niece), Mr. & Mrs. Dane (adopted parents, deceased)
Significant Other Single, again.
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Magnetic, Electromagnetic, and Gravimetric manipulation
First Appearance X-men #49

All that mind control and telepathy bit? Yeah, getting old. This is my mind, so stay out of it.


Lorna Dane was born in Manhattan to New York native, Nora Springer, who married Ryan Dane prior to Lorna's birth. The pair were killed in a mysterious plane crash while she was young, however, and she was raised by her maternal Aunt and Uncle, who did not reveal the truth about her parents until she was older. From the time of her early childhood, Lorna's hair has always been a mesmerizing shade of green— something her aunt and uncle hid by dying it, and continued to encourage Lorna to do as she aged. Mutancy was in her genes— Erik Lehnsherr, more widely known as Magneto, was her true father, though this yet remains unknown to her. When she first began to manifest, her powers came in fits and bursts; metal objects were repelled or attracted without much control, electricity reacted to her, gravitical fields were disrupted or formed. It wasn't long before she was discovered, and it was Bobby Drake who first made that discovery. Lorna soon found herself among the X-Men at the Xavier's, where she underwent training to develop her magnetic abilities. Bobby and Lorna flirted with potential for a relationship, but it was Scott Summer's younger brother, Alex, that she wound up falling for.

It was during a battle with the mutant-island called Krakoa that Lorna first shone with her hidden potential. As her fellow X-Men battled the creature, she tapped into her hidden power with the aid of Storm— and from her surged a force that disrupted the Earth's magnetic field and was thus able to fling the creature into space, to the expense of her energy. Nevertheless, recovery aside, it was clear from this point on that Lorna Dane had an untapped potential within her. Shortly after this, Lorna and Alex left together in pursuit of their mutual interest in geophysics. They moved to the Diablo mountain range in California, where they eventually joined Moira MacTaggert at her facility for genetic research on Muir Island. The two came under attack by the Shi'ar intelligence agent, Devan Shakari, or Erik the Red, who dominated her mind and took control of it. It was he that gave her the name Polaris, and even after her mind was freed, she kept it. But her freedom was short lived; after a year of recuperation and civilian life with Alex, her mind was once again taken by the evil being known as Malice, and once more she was used against her will, this time to lead the Marauders. Again, this was a short lived experience, and after being used to battle her lover and the other X-Men, she was able to strip herself free of Malice's grip on her mind. However, these experiences left her with a deep dislike for telepathy and other psychic powers.

After Alex recovered from a comatose state thanks to a dimsensional warp of his body and mind, he proposed. Despite their up and down, rocky relationship, the couple had overcome unimaginable odds throughout their heroic careers, and Lorna couldn't have possibly been more excited. She happily planned it all, extatic to begin their new life together in marriage. Then he left her at the altar.

Alex had fallen in love with his nurse, Annie Gazhikastanian. He kept it from Lorna, until that night when his brother Scott had intervened with the wrongness of their impending marriage when such feelings for another woman existed. Lorna went short of explosive over being left standing alone at the altar before friends and family. But upon regaining herself and composure, she booked immediate flight to Hawaii, where she remained with colleagues studying the volcanic activity for close to a year and a half.

After a nice long break to recollect her individuality, and to allow time to do its work on those emotional wounds, she returned to the mansion as a teacher. Shortly after she took up a spot in the X-Men again. Still, trouble was never far behind the green haired woman; Sinister attacked the mansion, and along with a few of her students she was abducted and subjected to horrible experiments, both physical and mental. Through much atrocity, she was warped into the Horseman Pestilence. After being defeated and partially freed from the mental blocks, it took her much time to recover, thusly reinforcing her phobia of mind control and all forms of telepathy.

She has kept herself romantically distant since her return from Hawaii, but a flirtatious relationship has nevertheless renewed itself between herself and Robert Drake. However, Alex is back in town, and the Summers brother has professed a desire to patch things up, and a lingering persistence tugs at Lorna despite her expressed desire for otherwise.


Lorna possesses innate powers of magnetism nearly identical to those of her father, Erik
Lehnsherr. This covers the manipulation of magnetic, electrical, and gravitic fields, and while
having the potential to, she has not exercised control over these abilities to the extent that her
infamous parent has. The capability to control and perceive the magnetic and electrical energy
around her allows Lorna to attract and repel metal objects of various alloys, and manipulate
electrical currents through them. Her powers have gifted her with the ability to fly, as well as
creating shields of electromagnetic energy, and electromagnetic pulses of raw power. She can 'see'
and 'sense' fields that fall under these categories, and therefore can detect the disturbances of
these fields in the environment around her. While she shows a fair amount of control and power,
Lorna still lacks the heavy experience that her predecessor does, which is perhaps her biggest
roadblock when it comes to her powers. She can overexert herself without caution. Some mutants
have complimentary powers than can mix with her's, such as Storm's or Alex's, with varying
effects, though whether for good or bad is up for experimentation.


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