2010-03-03: Losing Oneself



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Summary: Sinister plays with Skyler's fears.

Date: March 3, 2010

Log Title Losing Oneself

Rating: R

Sinister's Lab

It's been a long time since Mr. Sinister got his hands on Skyler but that DNA, oh he remembers it so well. Skyler feel into a deep sleep at some point in the other room and now Skyler would be waking up, strapped to a table in a hospital gown. Sinister is over him, injecting him with something, which what might be what wakes Skyler up the burning feeling of what ever is being put into his system.

Skyler's first words upon waking are, "Ow, fuck!" He goes to sit up but immediately finds that he's bound down and unable to move. He's only momentarily confused until he sees Sinister looming over him with a syringe. "Jesus, that burns," he says, looking at the madman with no small amount of hate. "What're you doing to me?"

"Testing things." Mr. Sinister says with a smile on his face. It's just something that's going to make his research easier. "I always loved your DNA, I can't believe I've waited so long to get a hold of it. It's perfect for what I want to do." He finishes what he's doing then goes to the table to start gathering what he needs.

Skyler grits his teeth through the burning sensation that's spreading through his arm. "Well, whatever it is it's not going to last," he says. "I'll either change into somebody else and just flush whatever you're doing to me away like a bad memory, or the X-Men will come and bust up the place before you're done. Just like the last time."

Sinister laughs moves back to Skyler. "Oh how you misunderstand me Skyler. I have a better idea of things now. I've had a few years to study what I got from you a while ago, this time I'm not rushed." He says taking a few blood samples from Skyler. "The mark lasted, didn't it?"

Well, that shut SKyler up real quick, now. Yes, the mark lasted, no matter who he changed into. He turns his head away from Sinister as he draws blood, to hide the fact that tears are welling up in his eyes from the dread and helplessness that's washing over him. "Whatever," he mumbles darkly. "Just get on with it."

"No fight Skyler?" Sinister says taking about four viles of blood then putting them away. "Oh, believe me, I'm anxious, the most anxious in regards to you, but I have to make sure it's perfect, after all, your DNA is perfect." He says going over to Skyler and putting a hand on his forehead as he starts to enter his mind. "Let's see what's in here Skyler."

What's in Skyler's mind is a seething mass of broiling hate for his capturer, quite a few choice words, and, now that Skyler's aware of Sinister's intrusion, a rather shocking assortment of images detailing many creative ways for the villain to meet his demise.

Sinister laughs at the images. "I'm good to see my future has such a twisted mind, so creative." As he goes deeper into Skyler's mind he's starting plant things in there, subtitle bits of himself. He can't destroy everything right away, when….remodeling..someone's mind, you have to do it like you would fine needlework. He starts to dig up memories that Skyler's pushed to the back of his mind, horrible memories that he tries not to think about.

The memories aren't too hard to find. While Skyler has always led something of a blessed life, there are a couple of glaring exceptions to the relatively normal and happy memories he has. Topping the list is, surprisingly not the last time Sinister captured and tortured him. As awful as that was, it was comparatively brief when you take into account the time he spent as a cat. There's nothing he's afraid of more than losing himself, and never knowing what he had lost.

Sinister uses what is in Skyler's mind, playing on that fear of him losing himself. Scenario after scenario play in his mind of him becoming stuck as a cat forever, as a grouchy overweight woman, a bum, and various other horrible identities one wouldn't want. There's scenarios of Skyler not being able to hold a form and more and just becoming faceless. "Soon there will be no more 'you', soon you'll just be a build up of everyone you copied and nothing more."

Skyler strains against the restraints, head turning trying to break contact from Sinister as he struggles trying to hold on to what makes him him. There's nothing of his earlier resignation when he just thought that Sinister would just play around with his body. That he can handle, after all, he's used to wearing different bodies like one wears clothes. His mind, his sense of self, that's the only thing that's left of him that's really his, and to lose that would be horrible. And, yet, under Sinister's psychic assult, it begins to be lost.

Not wanting to have Skyler lose himself yet, Sinister stops and just lets Skyler sit there. His aim is to weaken his mind, leave him with the memories, making him afraid. After all a fearful mind is easier for him, it's weaker in ways. He's aiming to give him nightmares over what was just there. "I think that's a good start, don't you Skyler…or should I just call you a Mystery?" He says going back over to the bench and finding something he has there, the first of several treatments."

Skyler tries very hard to keep from sobbing once the assault is done. He's both relieved that the initial ordeal is over, and horribly shaken at the ease in which Sinister has torn his mind asunder. "You bastard," he manages at last.

"Ah that's better, glad to see you still have some spirit left." Mr. Sinsiter says as he walks over and injects one last thing into Skyler, something designed to latch onto his DNA and tweek it…slightly. "I think it's time for you to sleep for a bit Skyler, rest up before tomorrow." He says as Skyler would start to feel a bit tired.

Skyler starts to give Sinister a biting comeback right when he's injected with something else. "Ouch, dammit. I'm so going to blow you to kingdom come when I *yawn* I get a …. " He never does finish his taunt as he passes out.

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