2009-10-10: Losing Yourself


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Summary: Robyn looses his powers while doing some cooking, bringing some….attention to the kitchen.

Date: October 10, 2009

Log Title Losing Yourself

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

There's the loud noise of the fire alarm going off in the kitchen as there seems to be some smoke coming out of the stove along with a nice burning smell. On the island is a cookbook and signs that someone was cooking something recently. A bowl still filled with some cookie dough and all the containers of ingredient still sit on the counter. At first glance there seems to be noone in the kitchen but by the table Robyn is lying on the floor apparently unconscious.

Atfirst, it looks like just a pair of jeans and boots comes into the kitchen…coughing. Then when some smoke passes, the outline of a man can be seen. Robery Weyrin, teacher, heads over to the oven and quickly turns it off. Looking around for a fire extinguisher, he spots Robyn and curses softly. "Robyn," he calls, crouching down and beginning the standard first-air checks on the kid.

The fire alarm definitely gets teachers attentions, as another one shows up immediately after Rob. Erik blinks at Robyn on the floor. "You got Robyn?" He asks Rob (damn names). Upon a confirmation he will move for the source of the burning, opening the stove with his power to see what is inside.

Fire alarm blaring. For a logical person, that means they should leave the building. But for teenagers, that translates to 'come see the fire!'. And here is July! She came running to look and find out WHAT triggered the fire alarm, only to find Robyn unconscious, and Rob and Erik already at the scene. "What happened?" she asks, blinking, "Is Robyn ok?"

Robin doesn't really like the smell of burning, but she definitely wanted to track its source, and she, like July, is curious at all of this commotion. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaims, covering her mouth in surprise, the blue puppet that follows behind her miming the motion. She steps sideways from the doorway and echoes, "Is he okay?"

Annalisa slowly peeks around the edge of the doorway, looking into the room, she lets out a loud gasp. "Is there a fire!?" She exclaims in the most fearful voice anyone has probably heard from her.

There's no fire, just a lot of smoke from some blackend burnt cookies. Though it doen't smell pleasant and fills the room a bit causing that annoying fire alarm just to blare on. The unconscious teen behind the burnt cookies just happened to lose control of his powers and decided to take an astral stroll while he was cooking. The voice of people draws his Astral Form back to his body and Robyn opens his eyes, blinking. "Mr. Weyrin? I lost control." He says sounding worried since he saw what was going on but couldn't get back into his body until now.

Finding no serious injury and Robyn still blinking, Rob frowns. "He's fine. Just a powers issue," he calls to everyone, not really looking up at them all. "You got that, Leif?" he asks Erik, glancing over. "Someone deal with the alarm," the invisible man adds. When Robyn wakes up, Rob nods…even if it's unseen. "Don't worry about it, Robyn. Ya alright?" he asks, starting to stand and offering Robyn a hand up.

Erik nods. "I've got the cookies." He nods. The tin floats out of the oven, still smooking and popping, over to the isnk as if from its' own volition, settling in before the water turns on. All of this with Erik/Leif flicking his fingers slightly. "It's ok, it happens to all of us." He says off handedly to Robyn.

July breathes a sigh of relief when Robyn is confirmed to be ok, and then she looks at the cookies, "Nooo…. suck delicious cookies…" she pouts, watching as Erik pours water onto the burnt cookies.

Robin calms a little bit when Robyn speaks, and then nods at Rob. She glances around for something that could work as a fan, settling on a light cutting board, and begins trying to fan the smoke away from the alarm.

Annalisa walks in through the doorway slowly, wiping a few tears from her eyes, as she glances around at the scene. "So…no fire, nobody's hurt?"

Robyn sits up and rubs his head a bit. "Yeah, I think I'm okay, I just still need to get better control of my Astral Projection." Robyn says sounding a bit embarassed. "Sorry I scared everyone." He says noticing Mr. Anderson, July, Robin and another girl he doesn't know, in the room as well. "I don't know how delicious they were July, I made them. But we were out of Oatmeal Raisin cookies and…well, we still are." He stands up and notices the smoke and burnt cookies. "Oh man I made a real mess of things. And no, I don't think there's any fire, just black cookies."

Rob offers an unseen nod, looking around. One invisible hand pats Robyn's shoulder lightly before Rob glances about. "Don't worry about it. We all mess up cooking one way or another. No body's hurt, nothing got burnt to a crisp, no crazed villains are busting down the doors…all is fine," he declares. Robin and July he knows, Annalisa, not so much. It may look odd to new students that there's an aparently talking pair of jeans next to Robyn but hey, Xavier's is weird.

Erik shakes his head at July. "They were popping and smoking." He says dryly as he turns off the water, and moves over to inspect the tin now that it is cool enough to touch. "We've done this a lot, for a lot of different students." He smiles wanly. "I used to do this all the time." He reassures.

July sighs softly, "Cookies sound good right now… I'm getting hungry." she says, rubbing her hand on her belly, looking at the bowl of uncooked cookie dough, and then at Robyn. "Sooo… what ahppened here, Robyn?"

Robin looks at the alarm for a few moments, hands still on the cutting board, waiting to see if it turns back on after she's fanned the smoke away. "Gosh, such a waste," she laments about the cookies. Her eyebrows raise slightly at what Erik says.

Annalisa continues to glance around somewhat nervously, taking a few steps forward, to stand behind July, she glances over at the several people she didn't recognize, and the one person who wasn't…totally there.

Robyn looks at July and bites his lip. "Well…I wanted some cookies so I thought I'd try to make some then while waiting for them to bake my mind drifted off…literally. I lost control of my astral projection. I couldn't find the way back into my body until you guys came here." He looks at Robin and nods. "I know, I'm sorry. And also this isn't the best of ways to meet someone you've never met before." He says indicating Annalisa.

Rob looks towards the cookie dough and lets out a thoughtful noise. "Well, once things cool down and clear off, we'll try again," he says. Looking towards Annalisa, the teacher frowns. "Sorry for the odd introductiob but I'm Mr. Weyrin. One of your teachers here. And you are…"

July rubs the back of her head, then she looks behind herself to the girl hiding behind her and giggles softly, "It's ok now, Anna." she says, patting the girl's head gently before stepping away, moving to check on the bowl of unfinished cookies.

Robin says to Robyn, with a small smile, "Well, we'll try again to make them, and if you want, you can have my help?" She generally enjoys baking, so to her, this would be nothing more than a fun social activity.

Annalisa continues to glance around at the scene, and makes a semi sad face when July steps away. "Uhmm…So…Nobody's hurt then? Good…"

Robyn gives Robin and Rob a greatful smile. "I'm good for trying again, and thanks Robin, I'd love you help, and Blanks." He says indicating the Blue Puppet. "I forgot you know the whole cooking thing a lot better than me. I should stick with clay and not try cooking." He says as with a chuckle before looking to Annalisa. "I'm Robyn and I'm not one of the good cooks around here. And no, noone's hurt, thank goodness."

Rob arches an invisible eyebrow at Annalisa. "No…no one's hurt," he confirms. Walking over to the pantry, he withdraws a bag of cookies. "Here, in the meantime, cookies for all," so says the floating cookies.

July takes the cookie dough bowl and puts it in the fridge. But when Rob waves a bag of cookies in the air, her eyes widen at it and she grins, quickly stretching an arm toward it in an attempt to snatch it away. "Cookies!!"

Robin raises an eyebrow at the bag of cookies and says very seriously, "Not quite the same as fresh-baked, but they'll do for now." She then smiles and says towards Robyn, "Oh, no, you should still try cooking! There's no way to get better unless you try more. I'd probably be dreadful at sculpting."

Annalisa glances over at Robyn, and nods slowly. "I'm Annalisa…I can't really cook either…And I tend to burn things…" She says with a semi-fearful giggle, and glances over at July. "You just ate a whole plate of sandwiches!"

Robyn looks at Robin. "Well the next time I try to cook, I'm coming to you first to help me. Also just in case I have an accident while cooking again." He waves a hand as Rob offers the cookies. "No thanks, I just really wanted oatmeal raisin cookies. I kinda missed my Mom's so I tried making them myself." Robyn says with a shrug. "And July is rubber, so she probably has a rubber stomach too."

Rob lets the cookies be taken then nods to Robyn and Robin. "Sure alright," he says. Seeing that the students seem to be safe at the moment, Rob glances down. "Huh. I'll be right back, dropped my shirt when I heard the alarms," he says, heading for the kitchen door.

Erik is just quiet for the discussion of cooking, chuckling as he manuevers around people to grab a coke from the fridge, watching everybody absently. While he is in the fridge he oohs. Raspberry jelly.

July grins as she manages to get her loot. Cookies. Mmm… cookies! Preciousssss…. Anyways, she looks at Annalisa, blinking at her as if she was just told that the sky is blue. "So?" she asks, blinking again, before grinning, "There's always room for cookies!" She giggles and then opens the bag, "Want one, anyone?" She offers, after picking up one and nibbling on it.

Robin smiles at Robyn and says, "Sure, absolutely. If I'm not busy with anything else, I'll help you cook whatever you want to!" Even though she would prefer a freshly baked cookie, something to tide her over would be wonderful, so she says to July, "Oh, what the heck, I think I'll have one for now."

Annalisa shakes her head from side to side slightly. "No thanks, I'm not really hungry." She says slowly, the fire scare had kinda killed any appetite she was going to have.

"Well if you don't like cookies or something Annalisa, there's always tons of food here or in the cafeteria of the dorms." Robyn explains to the new girl. "I'm just an oatmeal cookie addict is all. I have to make sure I actually eat other food at meals. Hey and if you ever need art help Robin, or if you happen to need help with playing a cello, I can help you there for helping me with cooking?" He admits with a chuckle. Robyn's eyes follow Rob out and he shakes his head. "It's not like we can see any of you anyway Mr. Weyrin!"

The jeans come back into the room pulling a t-shirt on. And while the t-shirt just floats there it looks like it's on someone. "Doesn't mean I don't get a little chilly," Rob notes to Robyn. "Besides, atleast one student can thanks to powers," he adds.

Erik gets the jelly out of the fridge and takes it out to the table with his coke. "How we ever manage to keep cookies in a house of teenagers longer than five minutes boggles my mind. That must be someone's mutant power, supplying the munchies." He comments as he grabs the peanut butter.

July shrugs as no one accepts her offer of cookies, and so she picks another one to nibble on as Rob makes his return, "Well, more for me." she says, grinning.

July shrugs as only Robin accepts her offer of cookies, and then she picks another one to nibble on as Rob makes his return, "Well, more for us." she says, grinning and then eating another cookie.

Robin takes one of the cookies and then says to Erik, "Actually, I'm surprised that cookies here last as long as they do, too. Back home, my parents stopped buying cookies because they got eaten too quick." She shrugs and starts nibbling on her cookie.

Annalisa scratches the back of her head slightly, and glances away. "I'm just not very hungry, is all." She says in a solumn manner, keeping her eyes on the floor slightly.

"I don't want to ask how many they buy Robin, especially since there are so many hungry kids and teachers here.." Robyn says with a shrug. He looks at Rob curiously as he comes back. "Which student can see you? I kinda wish I was able to…" Mainly because Rob is his favourite teacher. "So Annalisa, how long have you been here?"

"Grocery shopping often brings a lot of cookies and such, Leif," Rob remarks. "And we've got home ec classes that bake 'em," he adds. Rob arches both eyebrows at Robyn. "Jared. Said he could see me," he shrugs. "I'm nothing much to look at anyway, Robyn."

Erik chuckles. "Don't ruin the magic for me." He comments dryly to Rob. "Here I was thinking there was a mutant out there who's only power was chocolate chip cookies." He grins.

July blinks softly at Annalisa, then she frowns lightly before asking, "Are you alright, Anna?" she asks softly, sounding worried about her friend.

The current pose order is: {Rob Robin Annalisa Robyn Erik July}.

Robin eyes Rob (or at least his floating clothes) for a few moments and then says with a small smile, "I'd say that you're lovely on the inside, but I can't see your inside either." She then tilts her head and notes, "And I don't think chocolate chip cookie generation would go so hot in the danger room." She pauses and then looks over at Annalisa when July speaks, some concern showing in Robin's eyes when she notices Anna's expression.

Annalisa blinks for a moment, and looks over at July. "Oh…oh, I'm..fine…I was just…err…scared I guess…" She seems to trail off at the end of her sentence.

"Well, I dunno Robin, it might go up well if you're up against that Blob guy I learned about in class." Robyn says nodding along with what she says to Rob. "I dunno Mr. Weyrin, you're nothing to look a right now, so not much is better than nothing, right?" Then Annalisa mentions being scared and Robyn give her a confused look. "Scared of what?"

"Magic is a pain in the neck," Rob states simpy. Robin and Robyn get an invisible smirk as Rob heads for the fridge. "I dunno. Might stop Hulk too," he jokes a bit. Pulling a soda from the fridge, he looks towards Anna. "Hey, you okay?" he asks, glancing over at Erik.

Erik looks over to Anna after a moment, and puts down his sandwich. He moves over to a comfortable distance, not intruding on Anna, and leans against the counter. "Scared of?" He asks softly.

July looks at Annalisa, not saying anything. It's up to the girl to say what bothers her or not, so the rubber girl remains silent, with her cookies. And she offers some to Robin too.

Robin shakes her head at July and says quietly, "Oh, one's enough for now, thanks." She adjusts her glasses slightly, pushing them up her nose a little bit, but says nothing else, allowing Anna to respond or not respond as she chooses.

Annalisa blinks several times, glancing around at the room of on-lookers. "Uhmm…fire…I thought there was a fire…thats all…" She mutters slowly, once again trailing off at the end.

Robyn looks at Anna and chews on his lowerlip. "Oh I'm sorry Annalisa, I really am. I didn't mean to scare you or burn the cookies." Now Robyn feels a bit bad about it. He brushes some of his hair out of his face and looks down. "Sorry to make such a crappy first impression."

"Why were you scared of the fire?" Rob asks simply. He pops the cap off hos soda and takes a swig, liquid just vanishing a few moments after pouring out of the bottle.

Erik seems to recall something from the profile, and winces a little bit. He lets Rob talk for a moment, keeping quiet as he toys with his can.

July shifts her eyes toward Rob as he asks about the fear of fire, and then to Erik, the other teacher in the room, and then finally to Anna. Still in silence, she reaches for the fridge, to pick up a coke to drink.

Robin blinks a few times at the question and, remembering some of the things Annalisa had said when they first met, can't muster up the ability to say much either. Blank tilts her head, though, betraying Robin's curiosity for the answer to that question.

Annalisa lets out a sigh, and tilts her head over towards the not-so-there person. "I…I don't know why? Not really…Its just…scary…"

Robyn nods slowly and keeps fairly quiet. He's got a few fears but nothing he'd really talk about. He's not really sure what to say or do as he's not exactly the best person in these types of situaions. He looks around at everyone awkwardly just trying to figure out what to do or say next. "Umm….well, we all have our fears."

Rob takes another sip of his drink. "Pyrophobia?" he guesses. The teacher frowns slightly. "That is troubling," he murmurs.

Erik gives a nod. "It is a little bit difficult when that is your specialty." Erik agrees, turning the can over. "I take it there was a bad experience?" He asks the girl softly.

Robin rubs under the painted lens of her glasses for a moment and then walks towards the counter, so that the crumbs from her cookie fall onto it instead of the floor as she nibbles at it.

Annalisa scratches her head a bit, and stares towards the groun. "Bad experience is probably a good way to put it, I guess…"

Robyn walks over next to Robin, since he does feel comfortable around her and the whole conversation is making him feel uneasy. He looks to Blank quickly before looking to Robin. "How about we talk about something else?" He just feels bad about the new girl being in the spotlight about her fears.

Rob nods slowly. He remains quiet, thinking of what to do. "Alright," he finally says. It's nothing much else to be said right now.

Erik nods. "I'm not the best one to talk about it, but we will have to talk about it at somepoint. We have a counselor, Miss Roland, Dr. Mayfair Parker." He suggests before he drops the subject.

July nods softly at the mention of Mayfair Parker, and smiles, "He's really cool." she says softly, before taking a sip of her coke, and then another cookie finds its demise, "Anyways. We need a new oven now." She says, glancing at the burnt oven.

Robin mumbles, "That reminds me, I'm supposed to talk to him sometime." Presumably, she speaks to Dr. Mayfair Parker plenty, since he's her squad leader, but that's not quite what she means. She scratches the back of her head lightly and shrugs. Procrastinating is something she tends to do when it comes to dealing with her own problems. She smiles at Robyn and says, "Do you want to try again with those cookies now?"

Annalisa nods a bit shyly. "I guess you could introduce me..but I could always just…you know…avoid fire…" She says with a light sigh.

"I didn't burn the whole oven, just the cookies I thought." Robyn says sounding confused at July's statement. He grins and nods as his 'name twin' offers to try again with the cookies. "Sure, I'll follow your lead this time. Annalisa, July, if either of you want to help, feel free."

"No, the oven just needs cleaning," Rob speaks up. "Hey, July, could you take care of that?" he requests of the girl, sounding rather offhand about it. "It was good seein' ya," he says, heading for the door. He pats Robyn's shoulder as he passes, drinking more of his soda. "Keep safe now."

"Ovens have seen more terrible things than that, trust me. A little bit of cleaning and that will be fine, absolutely fine." Erik reassures the student who burned them. He smiles to Annalisa. "Well yes, but trust me. As someone who is supposed to avoid fire every sabbath, that really sucks."

July arches one eyebrow at being asked to clean the mess, "Uhh… I guess. Sure." she says, rubbing the back of her head with her free hand, her other hand holding a cookie, while she glances at the oven.

Robin tilts her head as well at July being asked to clean the oven out, but shrugs, offering to July, "I can be Blank and help if you want. We need it clean to do anything with the cookies, anyhow."

Annalisa tilts her head at Erik, not understanding his statement one bit. "Uhm…what?" She questions in confusion.

Robyn waves to Rob. "See you in class and a practice Mr. Weyrin!" He looks over at July and goes over to open the stove. "I made the mess, I'll help clean it…..how do I clean a stove?" Robyn just looks at Annalisa and shrugs. "I dunno either."

Erik chuckles. "Jews are not supposed to light any fires on the sabbath, or do any work. That is why we aren't supposed to cook on saturdays, because even lighting an electric stove is still lighting a fire. And the reason I don't keep kosher is because totally avoiding fire /sucks/."

Robin shrugs at Robyn and says, "Well, I dunno. That depends on if it's self-cleaning or not. I guess, though…" She sighs and pushes her glasses up her nose, and Blank scratches the back of her head, "Either way, we're unlikely to be making cookies for awhile."

Annalisa sighs a bit, and glances over at the stove. "Can't we just throw it out and get a new one?" She asks, as if expecting a real answer to such a ridiculous question.

"That's more a decision for the headmaster, not us." Robyn says as he looks at the stove expecting there to be a bright shiny 'self cleaning' button. The feature is there but Robyn just can't find it. "Well I guess since we're not gonna be doing it for a while Robin, I'm gonna head upstairs for a bit, maybe find Jordan. Though we will do a cooking thingy together." He says smiling as his friend. "See you later July, Mr. Anderson. It was nice meeting you Annalisa. See ya later Robin and Blank." He says with a smile and wave as he leaves the kitchen.

"Sure. You get out your Sears Card and let us ring up seven or eight hundred dollars on it and we can get a new stove every time it gets dirty." Erik responds. "No, when we get something dirty we clean it."

Robin waves her hand at Robyn as he heads off and says, "We'll seeya later, and there will be cookies!" She tilts her head at Annalisa and says, "Gosh, even if we /could/ afford a new one everything it got dirty, I wouldn't like it if we threw this one out. It strikes me as wasteful."

Annalisa lets out another slow sigh, giving a light wave to Robyn. "But I hate cleaning…" She mutters slowly, looking at the stove almost sadly.

July returns with the needed materials to clean the oven, "Well.." she says, looking at the oven with an arched eyebrow, "Better I get started on it." She says, placing the stuff in front of the oven.

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