2009-12-29: Loud Musics And Arguements


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Summary: Topher and Trey get into a minor argument, Aleksey is a bit uncomfortable.

Date: December 29, 2009

Log Title Loud Musics and Arguements

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

It's tuesday morning and Topher is enjoying time to himself, with no one elses thoughts in his head but his own, he is wearing black skinny jeans, black sneakers, a white shirt with a large black musical note across the front, he has his earphones in playing loudly enough, you can just make out the words if your in the room with him. He is siting back on the couch with his eyes closed, singing along to his music, "Please won't you go back out, I'm fast asleep, Can't deal with this no more, On your way out please do, Turn off the light, And close the door too".

Aleksey is still having trouble adjusting to the time zone and he's been up for the last several hours. To him it should be closer to night than mid day. He's just spent a while in the weight room going through a small exercise routine and now has come up to relax in the living room. Wearing a pair of Xavier's sweatpants and an Xavier's t-shirt, Aleksey walks into the room and he appears to be made up of nothing but a blueish water. His clothes are the only thing that don't look watery. "You be listening to music loudly." He says in his thick Russian accent.

Trey has been avoiding a certain pyrokinetic since the incident with Topher. The images in his head that someone peered in to by mistake kind of bothered the blonde mutant. He's been a bit off because of it. Not as peppy or cheery as he was after he became friends with John. He's wearing a pair of black jeans, a white ribbed wife beater and a leather jacket. He doesn't have much in the way of clothes. Just what Christopher got him, a few extra bits he got himself and the Xavier institute stuff they gave him as well. Mr. Fuzzles is tucked safely in the jacket pocket and his bunny head and floppy ears are sticking out of the large pocket. When he comes in to spot Topher with his purple gaze, a look of contemplation to leave crosses his face.

Topher doesn't hear Aleksey talk to him but he does feel him enter the room, "Pardon?", he then feels Trey enter the room, his mind easily recognisable due to his lack of memories, "Oh joy" he mutters to himself, remembering his childish attitude the other day.

"Music." Aleksey says again. "You be listening to it loudly." He says as he was never one to really listen to his that loud but then he never had an mp3 player or anything. "I be Aleksey, I just be arriving here yesterday." He says with a fairly friendly smile on his watery face. He holds out a hand in greeting and if Topher chooses to take it, it would feel similar a waterbed. He doesn't notice Trey yet as he doesn't have any extra senses that lets him know someone is behind him.

Trey heard the mutter but he decides to be a good boy. He pulls his purple gaze towards Aleksey as he is not really sure where the accent comes from. It intrigues him a great deal, never remembering hearing anyone like him, ontop of that no one he has met has talked like him since he got here. "It was really loud." He may have startled Aleksey but he didn't mean to, at least he doesn't look that intimidating. He's short and angellic looking with his blonde hair and that smile. Deciding to walk into the living room he takes a seat not very close to Topher. Deciding to put thoughts in his head that will allow him to know if the Telepath is prying into his brain again. Trey glances towards Topher subtly and then leans back in his seat to relax.

Topher smiles and shakes Aleksey's odd feeling hand, "Im Topher, im new too, the music's loud cos it helps keep people out. As Trey sits down he tries to be nice, "Hello again Trey".

The teen made entirely of water jumps slightly as Trey speaks behind home. "Oh, you are scaring me. I didn't know anyone was being behind me." He says turning to look at Trey. "I be Aleksey." He says introducing himself to Trey. "Why do you be keeping people out with the very loud musics? I think having people around is good. Music that loud is hurting the ears."

Trey says softly, "Yeah, i'm sneaky like that I guess. Hope you weren't too scared." He looks towards Aleksey and he answers for Topher. "He is a telepath struggling with control. He hears what people are thinking without really trying. It could essentially drive him insane. The loud music is supposedly a distraction from that. I just find it offensive." But then again Trey has sensitive ears from the government enhancement. Not that he knows that. "I am Trey, You talk kind of funny. Where are you from?"

Topher nods with what Trey's saying, "Yeah he's right, the music keeps thoughts out of my head, it makes it easier for me to consentrate", at Trey's question the Aleksey he says, "Im guessing he's from Russia, am i right?"

"Dah, I be from Russia, like Colossus. My English..not so well." Aleksey says with a big smile. "Oh I be knowing, read minds…Jean Grey, Phoenix. You have special power like her. She one of orginal five X-Men." He does find it sad that she's no longer alive though as she was an awesome hero from what he understood. "What is this…Offensive? It is like being close in something?" After all the word Fence is in it.

Trey ahh's at Aleksey's explanation of where he is from. "I don't know Colossus. But anyway, offensive is… well it means it causes displeasure, something that's like annoying or irritating." He shrugs his shoulders and glances towards Topher. Since he hasn't shown any reaction to the thoughts he put in his head he relaxes just a little bit. "English is a crazy language Aleksey, there are words that mean completely different things then what they should mean."

Topher grins as Trey stops thinking thoughts at him, he couldnt see them clearly, but he could see them better than he can on everyone else, "Trying to check im not reading your mind Trey?", he nods at Aleksey, "Yea my powers are similar to Jean Grey, just no where near as powerful".

It sucks having a mind that is pretty susceptable to psychic influence. Trey just looks at Topher and he says, "Maybe." His expression doesn't change on his face but he's thinking things to try and embarass Topher and keep him out of his head. The purple eyed mutant crosses his arms over his chest and he listens to the two. He doesn't know really too much about the xmen or the history. Just the basics he was told when he came to the school. You would think everyone in the world has heard about Jean Grey. But Trey wasn't part of this world nor does he have memories to even not remember her.

"I learn little English back home in Russia but it is hard…not my language." Aleksey's never been in a situation until know where he's really had to use it regularly. "Phoenix was very strong with mind powers. She was amazing. And Colossus, he Russian X-Men. He can turn to metal, strong. I like him." Aleksey's powers himself are fairly obvious, his water body. "Why do you want to read the mind of Trey?"

Topher shakes his head, "I dont, it just sort of happens, i accedently read his mind yesterday, so know he's keeping an eye on me", he decides that if Trey wants him look so badly he'll take a look, he consentrates on the presence of the purple haired mutants mind, he gets a flurry of images that Trey is thinking about along with a hell of a lot of pain, when the pain passes slightly he can clearly see what Trey was thinking about, "Dude! What the fuck!, Dont think about me like that!", his nose has started bleeding from the effort.

Aleksey looks around between the two and is quite for a bit. Good think Aleksey doesn't know what English swear words are yet, but the tone is clear enough. "I think maybe I should be going now." He doesn't really want his second day at a new school to end up witnessing a fight. "I am not wanting to be in the center of fight if you two are mad at the other."

Trey looks at Topher and he says, "Don't pry into my head like that and you won't have to worry about what I am thinking." He does notice that Topher is bleeding. The scent of blood in the air is more obvious and he see's the nose bleeding. He takes a deep breath and he says, "Sorry." He shouldn't play nasty like that but he doesn't seem to like psychics. "we have a lot of tension between the two of us. But we aren't going to come to blows. Again."

July comes to the living room to relax and read a book she's carrying with herself, but notice that 'Oil' and 'Fire' are again close to each other. Maybe 'Water' will keep the flames down? She hopes so. "Hey, you three." she says, smiling to the trio and waving, "How are you three doing, Trey? Topher? Alek?" she walk toward the group, her book in tow. "How are you adapting, Aleksey?"

Topher walks over to Aleksey, "Yeah nothings gonna happen, you dont have to leave", as July enters the room he cant help but smile, "Hi July!".

Aleksey looks around awkwardly and nods slowly. "I am sorry that you are to be fighting." He doesn't know what caused it but it's an odd situation to be in. "Adapting? Are you asking how I am doing, I am doing well. I not used to time yet. I have trouble sleeping last night." He's used to it being night at this time in his home country. "Come to blows? What is wind having to do with fighting?"

July oh's at Aleksey, and smiles, "Don't worry, man. Some difficulty to sleep is to be expected after you spend so many hours in a plane traveling almost around half the globe." she says, nodding gently, "And, well, we use the word 'blow' also as a generic term to a physical attack with our limbs. A punch, a kick, a headbutt, etc." she says, taking a fighting stance and throwing a couple punches in the air, smiling.

Topher tastes blood as his nose continues bleed, he put his hand to his nose to try to stem the flow, "But generally we dont fight the air".

"Are you be needing a…bandage?" Aleksey asks Topher as he doesn't know the word for tissue. "You are bleeding much." He says looking around the room to see if there are tissues around or anything. "I do not be fighting much but to be a Superhero you must be exchaning much of the blows, dah?"

July reaches for her back pocket while speaking, "Being a super hero, you will inevitably have to trade blows, yes." she nods, and picks up her handkerchief and offers it to Topher. "Here. Use this." she offers, before looking at Aleksey again. "But being a hero is mostly about knowing when NOT to trade blows." she nods.

Topher takes the hankerchief, "Thanks July", he smiles at her, "You looking to be a hero Aleksey?"

"I know much about Superheroes." Aleksey say with a big smile. "I learn lots back in Russia. I always wanted to be Superhero instead of work at Factory. I either want to be hero or dancing skater…figure skater, dah, that be the word. I no longer…compete because of looking like water. But I can still learn and keep talent fresh."

July smiles to Aleksey, "That's good to hear. I dreamed in playing professional tennis, but ever since my powers showed, I stopped trying, since using my powers would be cheating, and I am not sure I'd always be able to resist temptation to stretch that single inch I'd need to reach a hard ball." she shrugs gently, and then shakes her head softly. "Anyways, Aleksey, if you truly want to learn about superheroes, seek out Eddie. He's a hero fanboy. He's a walking encyclopedia about heroes." she nods.

Topher has leaned back on the sofa and shut his eyes, he's trying to block out the voices again.

"You keep practice, do what you love. Even if it being something hard with you being powered." Aleksey says as he knows he can't compete but he knows he can still practice. "I do not be seeing anywhere for ice skating. I am big fan of superheroes and I learning much about them." He spent a lot of free time studying what he could about Superheroes back home in Russia. "It is not that I be wanting to learn, it is that I already be knowing." He says with a nod.

July smiles and nods, "I see. But, well, if you want to know more, just seek out Eddie." she nods, winking and giggling softly, and brings her hands behind her head to cross them, "So, were you assigned to a team already?"

"I will be finding this Eddie to be talking to him about the Superheroes. Dallas say that I might be able to do the meeting of Colossus by being student here." Aleksey says nodding. His apperance is very strange since there's no definate to what he is besides an outline. "I am not being assigned to squad yet. I thought we were speaking about my not being with team last night. I will locate which team I be on when they be telling me."

July ah's and nods softly, smiling softly. "I see. Well, there are plenty of teams here, actually. I'm sure your team will welcome you." she nods again, but then she oh's softly, "I forgot to ask last night, but… I know your weakness is cold, Alek, but, what about heat? Like… searing heat? Fire?"

"Cold is being not good to me at all." Aleksey says shaking his head. "But heat, I is not knowing, it is never very hot in Moscow, it usually cold." Aleksey actually does have a few big fur hats, gloves and other clothing upstairs. "I can be by a fire since we be having fire in house to keep warm. Fire help me melt back to me."

July ah's and nods, and then she giggles, "Well, fire would thaw and unfreeze me in case I get frozen, but with really high heat, like a building on fire, there's no amount of focus from me that would keep me solid."

"I am not being solid, I am always being liquid." Aleksey says holding up his hand. "I being able to move like liquid but I also freeze and that not being fun." He says as he's kind of like a human fish bowl. "I am not getting near hot hot place to see what happen."

July chuckles softly, and then she smiles, "Don't worry. No one here wants to boil up the new students." she nods, "I am liquid, sort of, but I just have to keep myself solid enough to pass as a normal person." she shrugs lightly, smiling.

"You are not looking like liquid. I am remembering talking this last night." Aleksey says as their powers are similar but quite different as well as he's not really rubber, things don't bounce off of him. "I not being able to pass as normal person but that not bothering me."

July smiles, "Watch." she says as she hands her hand up, and she lets go of her focus of her hand, and her hand seems to start melting like a candle, slowly dripping off, but then she reasserts her focus and her hand reforms back to normal. "I'm just not water. If anything I'm like a… syrupy-thick flesh.' she shrugs, smiling.

"I not doing that." Aleksey says as he can more just do various things with his body but not really cause his form to melt like that. "I can be puddle or be shaping myself so I not be getting way of things. I be having this for over year now. Back home in Russia where I live I stay like this until I freeze the two time."

July smiles, "I get what you're saying." she says as she flexes her hand a bit before relaxing. "I believe it's the language barrier that might be preventing us from fully understanding each other, but, aside from you being fully water, our powers are very, very similar." she nods to that.

"Dah, my English, poor." Aleksey says even though he has said that many times before. "It is alike but it is not alike at the same time. I just am being glad that I get to be at same school as X-Men. Like Colossus. Maybe I can be getting to be a Russian X-Men some day or maybe Avenger."

July smiles and nods, giggling softly, "Russian or not Russian, I'm sure you'll grow up to be an awesome hero." she says, and gives Aleksey a thumbs-up and a wink.

Topher sits back up, "If you're that dedicated you've got no problem".

"I hope to be. Are you knowing if there is place to be going Ice Skating in area?" Aleksey asks as that's his other passion, figure skating. He's been doing it since he was young. "I am happy to be Russian, it who I am and what I be." He says proud of where he's from.

July nods, smiling to Aleksey. "And that's always a good thing, to be proud of your heritage." she then shrugs lightly, "Well, we're in the winter. So anyplace with a frozen body of water, though. It's not hard to find such a place, though."

Topher shrugs, "I wouldnt know where to look, i only got here a couple of days ago myself"

Aleksey yawns and nods. "Well I think I be going. Sleep be hitting me now." He knows it's in the middle of the afternoon but it's going to take him a bit to adjust to the jet lag. "You both be having good day, I see you tomorrow." He says giving a nod to July and Topher before heading out of the Living Room.

July smiles and waves to Aleksey, "Happy dreams, Aleksey. We'll see you tomorrow!" she giggles, watching her new friend leave.

Topher waves, "See ya tomorrow dude, good luck getting over the jetlag".

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