2010-04-10: Lovely Morning At Xaviers


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Summary: While eating breakfast weekend decisions are made.

Date: April 10, 2010

Lovely Morning At Xaviers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's morning and two things are on Kenta's mind, chocolate milk and a cigarette. Most people go for coffee, he's just in the mood for chocolate milk. He stands at the back door of the kitchen so that way he can smoke, /just/ outside. He watches the table as there's a six year old boy sitting there eating some corn flakes. Kenta's not really that great at cooking so cereal is what he son gets for breakfast at the moment. "So what do you want to do today Armande?" He asks and his son replies excitedly, "Go to the zoo!"

Lucas wanders into the kitchen. His hair is insane crazy, his eyes still sleepy, as he drags his feet into the room. He's wearing only a pair or sweat pants and a wife beater, and his white glove, his feet bare and slapping on the tile floor. He moves straight to the pantry, opening it up and pulling out a large box of cinnamon Pop Tarts, clearly labled in marker with the words, 'Lucas - Touch and I kill you!' He pulls out a package of two, and pulls out the toaster, dropping them in. He wipes his eyes, and yawns.

It's been long enough since Mike saw anyone outside of class that he's decided his social skills have gotten rusty, and in need of a *thump* on the interaction gearbox and a good spritz of WD-40 in the "social lubricant" bearing. A few minuts of sullen, grouchy contemplation of this fact brings to mind two things: just hanging at the sanctuary isn't going to bring him into contact with anyone but Theo, who needs the quiet there, and that he doesn't see people much because, teenagers, socialization involves food.
So the robot boy has gotten up early, washed and polished, pulled on a pair of shorts so people won't be horrified at the naked car chassis, and come over to the kitchen. He enters and gets out a small glass, fills it with water, and adds an ounce of something pink from a flask in his pocket.
"Morning Kenta, hi there kidling, what's your favorite animal?"
He watches Lucas with his severe case of morning hair and decides again that hair is overrated.

«Didn't you go last weekend?» Asked of Armande as Jonothon meanders in. «Wondering if anything was on today.» To Kenta. The man is wearing his X-man uniform, long coat, slacks, and dark shirt, having not bothered to change since the workout earlier. If the kids think Scott is hard on them during dangeroom sessions, oy. «Morning.» Offered to Kenta and anyone else who happens to be close. «Mike..» That is said in surprise. «How have you been?»

"My name's Armande!" Armande replies to Mike as he walks in. Kenta tosses the last of his cigarette to the ground as he walks into the kitchen. "Yeah he went last week but it's a nice day so we can go again if he wants." After all there is more than one zoo in New York. "G'morning Lucas….touch or I'll kill you. Quite a threat for a poptart." He says with a yawn. Armande replies to Mike with a big six-year old grin. "I like the tigers! And I wanna go again, I got popcorn and hotdogs and ice cream last time." Yes, Kenta does dote on his son a bit. "So Jono, according to Lucas over there, you and I inherited 'Team Handi'."

Lucas shrugs at Kenta, "Somebody keeps eatin' them… Ah can't afford to keep feedin' someone else," he answers about the threat. He sighs, glancing at Jonothon, and then back at Kenta, before just rolling his eyes, and looking back at the toaster.

"The tigers are my favorites too," Mike says to Armande, "but I also really like the otters."
He walks over next to Jono, very close without touching, and thinks «May I touch you?» because he hasn't heard whether or not the curse is still in effect. He grins internally about the pop-tarts — fortunately nobody likes Mike's food so he doesn't have to fight over it. And nothing said about the "team Handi" stuff, because if Rashmi and the Glare of Vaporizing Guilt cannot affect James and Lucas, then they deserve the escalation that is surely coming. Though that pondering is in his surface thoughts.

There's a bit of a grin for the calling of Paragons Team Handi. «Lucas fits right in with the rest of us, yeah.» Jonothon heard about it, for he was told. While a surprise, he liked that fact. Not like Jono himself isn't handicapped in a way too. Most of the team could count as such, excepting for Rashmi. Mike gets blinked at in puzzlement, then understanding hits. Privately to Mike, «Oh, sure. Addison took care of that. Thanks for asking.» The man certainly isn't getting anything to eat though. For obvious reasons.

Kenta sits down at the table next to his son and ruffles his hair. "I'm a fan of the otters." Kenta says with nod. "They're just neat creatures." Armande then looks at Kenta with a confused look. "Dad, have I ever seen an otter at the zoo before?" Of course Kenta can't help but chuckle. "Yes, at the zoo in the Bronx, but you were four." He looks back up at Jono and nods. "Yup, I have to agree. So, I guess for your birthday Lucas, if we just get you a few boxes of pop tarts, you'll be content?"

Lucas scowls at Jono, "Ah DON'T fit on the team," he snaps, and then looks at Kenta, "And Ah don't need you to go tellin' everyone about my birthday." His Pop Tarts hop up from the toaster, and he snatches them. "It's too early, just… shush." He shakes his head a little, and huffs.

Mike puts the water — well, actually, windshield washer fluid — down on the counter, and gives Jono a not-so-spontaneous one-armed hug. Best not to try to break the guy even if he CAN recover from it. «Doing better, thanks. Glad you're back, and I like your face showing.»
He picks up the glass of washer fluid and a metal straw from his pocket and starts sipping at the water. Strangely enough it tastes like water with a slightly sweet, slightly alcohol flavor, maybe a bit soapy. So, "Mike's Hard Lemonade" in effect.
"When's your birthday, Roocus?" Mike asks innocently while still drinking.

As Lucas protests, Jonothon merely lifts his hands and wiggles his fingers. Oh yes you do, Lucas. A perfect fit for the handicapped team. The hug from Mike has him holding those hands up in surprise, but then he grins and hugs back. «Good.» That Mike is doing better. «I kind of like it to.» His lips do move as he speaks, for all no sound emits. «Haven't seen you in a while. If mostly because of mind control and bollocks, but where have you been keeping yourself?» Is everything okay, Mike? Doesn't say anything about Mike's drink. Mutants are just weird sometimes and you get used to it.

Armande stands up and in six year old fashion announces: "I'm gonna go use the bathroom." Kenta chuckles and shakes his head. "YOu know where it is Armande." He says as he watches his son scamper off. "You know, one thing we didn't think of when we named him Armande is that there are no good nicknames for it to call him for short. Like Lucas and Luke, I'm assuming Mike is a nickname for Mike, you can call me Ken for Kenta or Jono for Jonothon, what am I supposed to call him? Arm?" Yeah he doesn't like that one so much and random musing is over. "Ah relax Lucas. It's not like I'm gonna put banners over the whole school annoucing when our birthday is, but for Jono, I might just do that." He says grin.

Lucas just rolls his eyes, "Whatever." He takes a bite of the Pop Tart, and looks at Mike. "November," he answers him flatly. He chews the pastry, glancing back at Mike, "It's Lucas. With an L." He turns back to Kenta then, "And Ah don't go by Luke. It's Lucas."

"All of November. Gotcha, Lucas." Mike says blandly. So, this is the guy who has charmed Rashmi. Someone needs to explain to her the difference between a reclamation project and a boyfriend. Again, verbalized in his thoughts but not spoken out loud.
"I dunno, Kenta. Maybe a name that isn't a diminutive. Mike is short for Michael, I don't use my first name." The auto-mutant teen finishes recharging his washer fluid, and rinses out the glass. Don't want other people accidentally drinking that stuff, it's nasty to organics.

«Does he need a nickname?» Jonothon isn't sure that's necessary. «Odds are he'll get one from the other kids eventually anyway.» A roll of eyes, «August 25. They better be impressive banners.» No, he doesn't much care. Or so he claims anyway. Does get out of Mike's way, since he's kind of standing near the sink. Loitering to be social, not because he needs anything else here. «Kenta, mind if I catch a ride with you? If you're going to the zoo? There's a few things I want to pick up. I can take the train back.» He eyes Lucas as the teen stalks out. Like Mike, Jono has NO idea what so ever what Rashmi sees. Lucas must be night and day with her.

"No problem, I mean I'm taking the train into the city anyway. If you want to join us, feel free." Kenta doesn't drive, he grew up in New York City, the land of 'why the f*** do I need a drivers license?' "Oh they will be impressive banners, trust me." Kenta says with a grin as he looks over at Mike. "Oh I know, it was just some random thoughts of mine. Sometimes's it's hard for me to keep my thoughts to myself. Like about Lucas there, sometimes he's an okay kid and other times you wanna take that box of pop tarts and shove it where the sun don't shine with his negative attitude." He says grinning all the time.

This time the pondering is spoken out loud, since Armande isn't back in the room: "Wonder if Rashmi turned him down for sex again. Poor boy must be getting the worst case of blue balls ever."
Yeah, that came out of Mike, and it was slightly sympathetic amongst the irony. He perks up a bit when driving is hinted at, but then relaxes with a slightly disappointed demeanor. Can't drive legally yet. Don't want to fake it with teachers. They might not like knowing about the "drivers licence image inducer" trick … or maybe they do already but don't know that Mike figured it out. Came along with "change the car's color".

A nod about going with them. Sounds cool. «Thanks.» Considering he's stayed over at Kenta's apartment n the city, Jonothon was pretty sure a trip with them down to New York wouldn't be a problem. He, himself, got the license because there have been way too many times he's had to drive in emergencies. Had he remained in London he wouldn't have one. (If only because it's damn hard to get a license there.) «Better be.» The banners.

If Jono were drinking, he'd snerk it through his nose at Mike's comment. Mainly because he's laughing. The physical reaction is there though, and after a jerk he grins. «Mate, I've no idea how those two are a couple. Either he's amazing in bed, or there's something else going on.» Eyeing Mike a moment, he asks, «Want to come down to the city with me? I just want to hit the music shops.»

Kenta is drinking and he snorts at that comment, putting a hand over his face, "Shit Mike, ow…you just made chocolate milk come out my nose." He says laughing as he grabs a paper towel. Just then Armande comes in to the room and looks around "What's so funny?" Kenta just shakes his head and smiles. "Mike just told a funny joke. I don't know if I've met Rashmi, but yeah, things sounds interesting there." He says after the conversation he had with Lucas last night. "Oooo, music store, like for instruments or for cds and stuff?"

At the chocolate-milk snort, Mike makes a giggling sound, which is apparently a well-chosen sample from someone his own age and approximate voice. "Rashmi is an unassailably virtuous woman," Mike says cryptically so as not to pre-confuse Armande. And at the offer to go into town, Mike nods emphatically. "I haven't gotten new music since they fixed my sampler, I don't like buying off the online services. They put DRM in all the files, and it itches."

For Kenta, «Both actually. I need a new guitar string.» And he loves music. Can't get enough of it. Jonothon grins at both here for their comments of Rashmi. And yes, he believes the best of Rashmi. She's an amazing girl. «Then come along, Mike. You don't even have to wear the image inducer if you don't want. I don't care what other people think. Doesn't have to be all music either. I've nothing going on today.» Meaning that if Mike wants, there's a chaperone to be had if the teen wants to explore.

"Mind if I go to the music store with you guys before we go to the zoo?" Kenta asks as he can't resist going to the music store. Music is his life and a little over ten years ago, he was /convinced/ he was going to be a rock star. "Daddy says that Jimi Hendrix was the best guitar player ever." Armande says with a nod and Kenta can't help but chuckle. "You learn well young padawan." He says stroking his son's hair.

"I don't mind at all having more people," Mike answers. "You can point out stuff I haven't heard yet."
He doesn't say anything about Jimi - the man was good, but there have been others in the decades since he died who were arguably as good. The man got there first though.
"I'll probably use the inducer anyway," Mike says. "I don't want to deal with the questions today."

«I'm with Mike.» About more people. The more, the merrier. And again, Jonothon is with Mike about Jimi. It's not a conversation he wants to get into. Not that he disagrees, but yeah. Some topics are better off left undone, for they never end well. «Whatever you want, mate.» To Mike as he smiles. «Can you ride in a taxi?» That thought suddenly occurs. «Sorry, don't mean to be rude. I just never know quite what can and can't be done with the kids around here anymore.» Too many. Really, Jono doesn't mean to be rude. Mike is made of machinery. He may weigh too much for a cab.

Actually, to Kenta, that's a perfectly good question. "Well if need be we can take a subway." He knows his way around the New York subway system pretty well. "So what kind of guitar do you play Jono?" Meaning acoustic or electric. "Also how come I didn't know this earlier and how come we never have jammed before?"

"Yeah, I'm only 300 pounds, not really THAT heavy," Mike says and grins. Actually grins because he's activated his image inducer, and instead of the shiny white paint is a teenage boy wearing a shiny white collar and a pair of green cargo shorts, and no shirt, and a pair of fancy rubber thongs on his feet, the kind that have straps.

If Mike allows, Jonothon grips his shoulder and returns that grin. «Brilliant. Let me go change, and we can figure out when.» He pauses and adds, «You might want some pants though.» Teasing a little. The shorts downtown aren't going to cut it. For Kenta, the Brit shrugs and spreads his hands in a helpless manner, «It's not something I do much these days. Should change that though. I play both, but prefer acoustic. Played in a few bands as a kid, but the whole mutant bollocks stopped that.» A wry smile there, as he knows everyone here understands that one. «Meet outside when people are ready?»

"I was in a band too, Screaming Ninja Flips." Kenta says nodding with a chuckle. "It was the whole abducted by aliens from another dimension thing that ruined it for me, not the mutant thing." Kenta says with a shrug. "And that sounds good so I'll get Armande cleaned up…" "I am clean Daaaaad." Armande chimes in and Kenta, just looks at him. "Get Armande and myself cleaned up and I'll meet ya outside in about an hour." He says as he bends down so Armande can get on his back, yay Piggy Back!

"Right! Clothes! For public places! See you in an hour!" Mike waves at Kenta and Armande, and winks at Jonothon, and moves briskly out (Internal Momvoice: there is to be no running at car speeds indoors, Cleanthes Michael Drakos!) until he reaches the exit and can peel out to get to his dorm room for clothes.

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