Lucas "MeltDown" Heathe
Lucas Heathe
Portrayed By Jamie Campbell Bower
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 30, 1992
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases MeltDown
Place of Birth Chattanooga, TN
Current Location UNKNOWN
Occupation UNKNOWN
Known Relatives Jessica Heathe (Mother, Deceased); Paul Heathe (Father, Deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Nuclear fusion reaction from hands
First Appearance Making Waves


Lucas is tough southern boy with insecurities that tend to manifest as quiet aggressiveness. Mostly, he’s bitter. He is bitter he has amazing powers at the cost of his mother’s life. He’s bitter that he accidentally killed his first girlfriend, Sam. He’s bitter that he’s been subjected to so much manipulation by others, and still owes Dr. Brighten for covering up his past. He’s bitter at himself for what happened between he and Rashmi. He’s bitter that he carries so many burdens and can’t seem to ever find any relief. The bitterness fuels everything he does. But more than anything else, he’s angry that it was so easy to kill Sam and Coyote, angry at how powerful he is and yet how crippling his feelings are, and angry that he now is facing his own mortality. He is incredibly passionate, making him a person of extremes who is unfortunately obsessed by a haunted past.

He is quite skilled at biology, having hoped to one day be a marine biologist. In his spare time, when not playing music or watching hockey, he is reading a book. Between his marine biology dream, his history kayaking back home in Tennessee, and his history of burning hands, he spends a great deal of time in swimming pools as well, using it as a place to calm down and center himself. He prefers his swims to be alone, however, so they are nearly always at night.



Lucas Heathe had a completely ordinary life until his freshman year of high school, when he awoke to the sound of professional soldiers murdering his father, Paul. At the time, the Heathes believed Paul was a US Post Office employee who worked at a distribution warehouse in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, so this was certainly an extraordinary event. Their house was ransacked by the soldiers, and then they simply left, leaving behind he and his mother, and taking a small metal box they found in the den closet. Lucas and his mother had never seen the box before.

They received no answers to the crime from the police, and were forced to just try to move on, confused and broken. Six months later, his mother Jessica learned she had terminal bone cancer. At that time, Dr. Stephany Brighten, took over her medical care. It was then, that the Doctor informed them Paul and actually been a CIA operative, and that his actions in the field and a package which he carried (the box) was the probable cause of her cancer. Dr. Brighten informed them the US Government would happily pay for Jessica's treatment in exchange for Jessica and Lucas silence, and with no further questions. Too desperate to turn down the free medical care they could not afford, Lucas and Jessica accepted the care, and the condition of asking no further questions. Jessica's cancer continued to get worse, and slowly, Lucas became a latch key kid. A year later, Lucas' bedridden mother insisted from her room at Erlanger Hospital that he take his first girlfriend, Samantha Hayes, to the Prom, even though Jessia was about to undergo serious bone marrow surgery. After the dance, Lucas and Sam returned to Lucas' home and proceeded to be truly intimate for the first time. During the passion, Lucas' hands erupted into a brilliant burst of radiation energy, engulfing the room and cooking his girlfriend.

When the authorities arrived, so did Dr. Brighten. She explained that the radioactive box that gave his mother cancer must have also awoken his dormant X-gene and given him powers. Dr. Brighten was able to use her governmental influence to cover up the murder of Sam, but in return, Lucas would have to owe the government a few favors. They made arrangements for him to enroll at Xavier's, and simply turned him loose, reminding him one day, they would call again.

Lucas finished his schooling at Xavier’s in 2010. He spent the next school year as an assistant to Kenta in the music department there while taking online classes from Rockefeller University in New York. In his spare time, he played his guitar and sang around New York at local dive bars and coffee shops. His mother finally succumbed to her cancer, and in June of 2011, he moved out of Xavier’s and hasn’t been back.

Sympathizing with Lucas, Dr. Brighten has finally agreed to share further information about Lucas’ father. Brighten gave Lucas the name of one of the soldiers responsible for killing his father, and he tracked the man down. Through that soldier, Lucas has assembled a list of others that were there that night, and has been hunting them one by one. His goal is to determine just who they worked for and put an end to them all.

Lucas' Singing Talent


April 5, 2010 Dallas shows back up. Lucas manages to let him piss him off. Repeat Offender
April 5, 2010 James is building a hidey-hole in their dorm room. Hiding Things
April 6, 2010 Lucas continues to be grumpy because people are around. Boathouse Grumpiness
April 8, 2010 Hoping no one is around, Lucas tries to work out after hours. He runs into the New Guy, Theo. Reasons To Workout Late
April 8, 2010 Lucas lingers around the Gardens, and then hurries off when Kenta makes with the friendliness. What Does Northstar Like?
April 8, 2010 Lucas goes to see Jono about being a jerk to James. Late Night Interrogation



  • "Whatever."
  • "Ah'm fine."


  • Is obsessed with Marine Biology
  • Knows everything about JD Salinger and his works
  • Has a ridiculously amazing singing voice
  • Huge fan of Nirvana
  • Recently started sneaking to open mic nights
  • Loves brown sugar/cinnamon Pop Tarts


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