2009-04-23: Lunch Time


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Summary: Antonio, July and Robyn chat a bit at lunch

Date: April 23, 2009

Log Title Lunch Time

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

It's a little after lunch time and Robyn is one of the few kids left in the cafeteria still eating. His German class ran late and he's just lucky that he has the next period free so he can eat. Currently he's munching on a turkey sandwich and chips with a stack of oatmeal craisin cookies just waiting to be inhaled. He's dressed in a black t-shirt sporting Cthulhu on it over a pair of black jeans and is wearing a black and white stripped arm bands today. He has only one earbud in as he seems to be in his own world.

July decides to come in to get a snack herself, and is not surprised to find the place mostly empty, with just one person there. Robyn. "Hey." the brunette says, smiling and waving toward Robyn while walking toward him, after getting her food. Just a cup of coffee and a few chocolate cookies. "How are you doing, Robyn? Mind if I join you?" she asks, standing next to the table.

Looking up as he hears his name, Robyn smiles. "Not at all." He takes off his one headphone and shuts his mp3 player off. "I was just eating lunch." Obviously. "How are you doing today?" He asks as he takes a bite out of his sammich. He's not much of a coffee person but he can appricate the cookies she has for lunch.

July sits down at the table in front of you and smiles, "Oh, just doing fine." she says, nodding, "Classes are normal, and I'm glad to be back to having classes, in a room full of students." she giggles softly. Maybe it's because she spend a few years locked within her own home. "How about you, Robyn? How are you doing?"

"I'm doing okay, being good and not living off of cookies." Robyn says and the fact that they're so easily available makes it hard for him. Espeically with Mr. Parker-Mayfair cooking them all the time. "I have a sweet tooth especially for cookies." He grins with a smile. "I guess classes are going okay, they're just stranger than the ones I used to talk."

July chuckles softly at that, "REally? I love sweets, too." She says, before she looks behind her at the place she got the cookies from, and stretches one arm all the way over there to pick up two of them, and then bring them to you. "Here." she says, grinning.

Robyn points to his cookie pile and grins. "Yeah, without my Mom and Dad here making sure I eat right it's tempting to just have cookies for lunch and dinner." He looks down for a and sighs for a second before the smile returns to his face. "So I finally asked one of the older people here for help with my powers."

July oh's as you reject her cookie, and she just takes a bite off it, "Mmm… Come to think of it, I don't think I have to worry about fat." she says, shrugging softly, "I mean… I'm pretty sure everything becomes energy to help me stretch." she giggles softly, munching on her cookies, bringing them to their fateful doom, until you speak again. She pauses and blinks. Then she sips some of her coffee to wash her mouth before speaking, "REally? Who did you ask for help?" She asks while smiling.

Robyn looks down at his skinny self and shrugs. "I don't know if I can. I've always been skinny no matter what I've eaten and I'm not really that active." Who knows how well that will last when he's older but Robyn's just one of those teens. "I talked to Addison, the guy in X-Force, he's a telekinetic and telepath. We found out that I really do need phsyic energy to survive but if I abosorb his he doesn't get a headache and it works well for me."

July blinks softly, and tilts her head softly, "Really?" she asks, surprised, and she smiles a bit, "He doesn't get a headache? I wonder why." she hmms softly, rubbing her chin as she seems to ponder about it.

"REally to what?" Robyn asks sounding confused. "And no, I think it's because he's such a powerful telepath. And he was telling me about the different levels of mutants and such." Robyn's learned a lot about mutants since coming here. "I dunno, this stuff is all new to me and I'd rather be locked away in the art or music room than a class room.

Antonio makes his way into the cafeteria, it's after morning classes and he is as hungry as the come. He is currently wearing a school T-shirt with a black encircled X emblazened across his chest, a pair of blue jeans that have a few red pin stripes running down them and a pair of well maintained black sambas. He is currently without his headband, though his hair does a good bit to hide his ears. Sliding through the lunch line, he makes his way over to Robyn and July having seen his roommate from afar when he came in.

July smirks softly to Robyn, "I think /every/ teenager of our age would rather be ANYWHERE else than in a class room, Robyn." she says, and then giggles softly, shaking her head ruefully as Antonio arrives. "Hmmm.. but, yea, you might be right on the telepathy thing. Maybe telepaths don't get headaches from it?" she shrugs, having not yet noticed Antonio's presence.

"I actually like German class?" Robyn offers with a raised eyebrow smile. "I really don't know, since I don't know how much of this stuff works at all." He admits with a shrug. Spotting Antonio, his roomate gets a small wave before he turns his attention back to July. He might actually be finding another friend here. He looks down and rubs one of the tattoos on his wrist before looking back up. "Man, I need to head into the city."

Antonio stretches a little before pulling out his apple and starting in on it before looking between the two. "You go into the city? You want to go to Mutant Town? Is cool….many mutants. Is very neat." he offers brightly to the pair. Apparently he's in a good mood today.

July munches on another cookie as she looks at Robyn's wrist, "The city? Why?" She asks, picking up another chocolate cookie from her place as Antonio makes his presence known, and July turns her head to look at him, "Hey, Antonio. What's up? Want a chocolate cookie?"

Robyn just shrugs. "I miss is all. And I want to see my father again. I've only seen him once since I moved here and my parents live only two hours away." Robyn say brushing his bangs to the side. "Mutant Town? I don't know, I kind of want to go to places I'm used to. I'm from Brooklyn…also..I wouldn't mind Jordan going with me."

Antonio looks at the cookie and then holds up his apple. "No, thank you. I do not like dolce this early…" He offers as he stretches a bit more, putting down his apple to grab his slice of pizza. "What is Brooklyn?" he asks, not really familiar with the burrough.

July chuckles softly, "One of the zones around here." she says, shrugging softly as she munches on another cookie, while looking at Antonio. "Well, I don't know what should I do right now. I mean, my schedule's free today." she sys, smiling

"Zones?" Robyn can't help but laugh. "Brooklyn, it's one of the burroughs of New York. It's part of New York City but it's not Manhattan which is the main area of New York City and were most the thigns people recognize are. It's where Coney Island is." Robyn says trying to explain. "I grew up with my parents in Brooklyn. I don't know if I was born in New York or not but it's where I was raised I guess." Robyn says with a shrug again.

"Zones?" Robyn can't help but laugh. "Brooklyn, it's one of the burroughs of New York. It's part of New York City but it's not Manhattan which is the main area of New York City and were most the thigns people recognize are. It's where Coney Island is." Robyn says trying to explain. "I grew up with my parents in Brooklyn. I don't know if I was born in New York or not but it's where I was raised I guess." Robyn says with a shrug again. (re)

Antonio has heard of Coney Island. He perks up at it. "The place with the rides?" he asks looking like he is growing more excited the more he thinks about it. "We go and ride the roller coasters? Yes? Si? We go? After school, si?"

July blinks softly as Antonio seems to lighten up a bit at the mention of roller coaster, "I don't know." she says, shrugging, "I mean, we can go, but do we have the money for it? And will other people want to join us?"

Robyn jumps at Antonio's excitibility. "Woah. I don't know, I have homework tonight, and maybe you should wait until the weekend when there is more to do. It's also still early out. If you want to go you're welcome too but.." Robyn says as he brushes his bangs to the side. "Maybe we can play this weekend and if Jordan's not having growing problems see if I can drag him along."

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "I have tutti soldi…I can pay for all of us…I get a driver to take us, we go and have fun, si?" He says before finishing up his pizza.

July chuckles softly at the two, "Well, I don't mind going this weekend." she shrugs, "But, today, in the middle of the week, well, it's a bit tricky. Since we all got homework to do, and classes tomorrow." she says, smiling to Antonio. "Think you can hold on until Saturday?" She giggles softly.

Robyn doesn't understand anything Antonio says that's not in English. "This weekend sounds better, and I should probalby get going to my next class anyway. It starts in a bit." Robyn stands up and stretches a bit. "I'll see you two later?" He says with a smile before grabing his backpack and heading to class.

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