2009-04-24: Lunch Time Chats


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Summary: Antoino, Daisuke and July chat while enjoying their lunch.

Date: April 24, 2009

Log Title Lunch Time Chats

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

July is currently in the cafeteria, enjoying a big lunch. A glass of orange juice, strawberry and chocolate cookies on a plate, and a sandwich on another plate. Right now the elastic girl is munching on the cookies while reading a magazine, seated alone near one of the windows.

Daisuke hasn't been back to see Pallaton after the little 'inncident' and he hasn't been in the best of moods because of it. It's just something that really bothers the Japanese Teen. Heading to the cafe to grab some lunch of a hamburger and coke, Daisuke looks around for a spot to sit. Spotting July he walks over and sits down at her table and offers a small smile. "Hey."

July looks up from her magazine, just a comic book of a guy named 'Green Lantern'. Go figure, weird names… "Hey, maker of female wall ornaments." She says with a grin, "How are you doing, Dai? Want to have a seat?"

Daisuke smiles and shakes his head. "I guess I'm doing okay. Still bugged out about Pallaton though. I can't believe how much of an idiot he's being." Daisuke says as it's been on his mind and he's been worried and angry at the same time.

July chuckles softly at that as she closes her comic and looks at you, "You shouldn't be too hard on the guy." she says, smiling as she picks up a cookie to munch on it. "Yes, he was cutting himself, and all that, but he wasn't trying suicide. It's a weird form of atonement he came up with, but now he understood why it's not a good way to atone." she nods softly, "He promised to not to that anymore."

Daisuke shakes his head and sighs. "Good cause if I find him doing it a second time…" Daisuke says trailing off. "I don't know I know he wasn't trying to kill himself but it's close enough." Daisuke just shakes his head and it seems like there's more than that is bugging him. "No, it's a horrible way for him to atone."

July chuckles softly, and nods, not pursuing the issue, "Very well." she then looks at her plate then back to Daisuke, "Want a cookie?" she offers from her plate.

Daisuke chuckles and nods. "Sure, I'll take a cookie. I don't have a huge sweet tooth but sure." He says as has as he takes the cookie. "Well unless it's Coke. I drink this stuff like it's water. It's one of the many benefits of having a super powered metabolism, you don't have to worry about what you eat."

Antonio comes in as is ritual, book bag slung over his shoulder. He looks around the room for familiar faces and spotting July, slides through the lunch line, picking up a tray and making his way over to the table with a small hurry in his step. "Hey, July. Is friday. We can go to the Coney Islands, yes?" He says with a grin, eyes darting over to Daisuke, taking him in quickly. "Hello."

July smiles, "Well, I'm a girl, so sweet teeth are an innate ability of ours." she giggles softly as she picks up one more cookie, and then notices Antonio approaching her, "Hey, Antonio." but her greeting is short-lived as he speaks about going to Coney Islands. "Wait, what?" she blinks softly, confused, and she tilts her head a bit.

Daisuke chuckles and shakes his head. "I guess that's one thing that makes me a sterotypical guy, I prefer meat, or fish." He says taking a big bite from his burger. "Coney Island? I don't think I've been there in years. Last time I was there was with Shu…" Daisuke says shaking his head. "Hey, I'm Daisuke, or just Dai." He says offering a hand to Antonio.

Antonio gives a grunt and moves to sit down. "You know the place with the rides…." He says making a small indication of a rollercoaster with his burger in hand before he goes to take a bite out of it. He chews quickly and swallows putting the burger down and reaching for a handshake. "Antonio."

July ah's softly and nods as Antonio mentions rollercoasters. "Ah, yes. But, shouldn't we wait until tomorrow? There are some that might want to go that are still having classes right now." she asks.

Antonio pages, "Very neat and organized. Everything in it's place. It's alot like what you might expect scott's room to look like. It's completely well organized, clean and has very few posters. A poster of the blue and black Inter-Milan soccer team, and maybe a small red and green flag that looks europian…yellow borders. Fencing equipment in the corner." to you.

"Yes, I know that place. I haven't been there in about five years, the rides are okay. I think they're scarier because they're so old." Daisuke says as he smiles at Antonio. "I guess it's a cool place for your first time. So who do you two plan on going to Coney Island with?"

Antonio gives a shrug of his shoulders as he moves to sit. "Si, ma domani per certamente!" He says with a light poke at July's shoulder. It's friendly in nature. He's not wearing his headband again, but it lays around his neck unused, but there if he needs it. He turns and looks to Daisuke. "I do not know many peoples…Pal if he is feeling the better. Owen, maybe if he wants to come, Vlad forse?"

July blinks as Antonio pokes her shoulder and speaks in italian something she just can't understand. "what?" she asks, blinking again, confused.

Daisuke isn't sure what Antonio says but he does understand speaking in another language. "Sorry I don't speak Italian. I only speak English and Japanese." He says with a smile. "Pallaton..I hope he's feeling better too, I'll try not to smack him if I see him." Daisuke mutters.

Antonio shakes his head as if he didn't mean to speak in Italian. "Er. I say, but tomorrow…we go certainly." He overs looking over at Daisuke and he nods hard, just once. "Si. He make me so mad with feeling bad for himself…is crap."

July chuckles, "We'll see, Antonio. Let's see who'll want to go too." she says, shrugging softly, before looking back at Daisuke, "Pallaton's fine. He's ok now."

Daisuke thinks Pallaton's still an idiot but he doesn't say anything. "I hope so." He sighs and then runs a ahdn through his hair. "Coney Island can be fun, there's more than just the rides and I remember the deep fried oreos being really good. Ya know, for those of you with a sweet tooth."

Antonio makes a small face at the idea of dropping something like an oreo in grease. He actively puts his burger down, turned off by the very idea. He chuckles and shakes his head. "Scurzo…" He then nods his head. "Good, I hope he can come then." he offers, and leave it at that.

July chuckles softly at the face Antonio makes, "Well, let's see what tomorrow brings. I'll speak to some of my friedns here, see if they want to come, as well." She shrugs softly.

"I think Jared and I are doing something tomorrow, I'll have to double check. And I'm runing low on bristol board so I really want to go get some art supplies." Daisuke loves going art supply shopping. "I heard it's also supposed to be really nice tomorrow. If you need any advice about getting around the city let me know. I was born in Queens."

Antonio nods his head as he opens a bottle of water and starts to drink, having little else to ad to the conversation. He just nods as if he was responding to something unheard.

July is done with her cookies. All of them, and she sits at her orange juice, "Well, if it makes as a fine day, we might end up going to the coasters, yes." she nods softly, smiling.

Daisuke finshes his burger and and yawns. "Well I have to get going, I have to go tutoir someone on the library for a bit." Since Dai's already graduated he's staying around to help tutor the younger kids that need help since he graduated with top grades. "You guys have fun at Coney Island tomorrow." He says with a smile as he heads out of the cafe, cleaning up his garbage behind him.

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