2009-06-24: Lunchtime Meetings


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Summary: Shelly meets a couple of her new classmates and gets a rundown on the school.

Date: June 24, 2009

Log Title Lunchtime Meetings

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

It's a bit after lunch time and where Daisuke was planning on eating, there's a tray with a burger, fries and a large glass of coke on it next to him, it remains untouched. Instead he seems like he's engrossed in drawing. A drawing pad is open on the table and Daisuke's hand moves quickly and lightly over the paper as the Japanese teen seems lost in his art. It's one of those moments where something is stuck in his head that he wants to draw and he's trying to get it on paper before he loses it.

Shelly is the new kid. She hasn't been here long; she hasn't even met her roommate yet by quirk of schedule, though her stuff has been dumped off at her room. The tall girl is getting her food, a couple chicken sandwiches and a bottle of water, and is trying to find a spot to sit, which makes her pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. New people do tend to stick out though. Like most new people, she's looking for a spot that's somewhat isolated, but that doesn't seem to exist around here. So, she's instead decided to start looking around for somewhere that's just plain free.

Wanting to avoid an overly large crowd and having been seduced by the way the skies seem to be calling to him, Jay is just now flying over to the Cafeteria flying in through one of the windows. Whistling a tune he's been working on for the past few weeks Jay makes his way to the selection of foods available. The whistling is rather eerie as it sounds like multiple angels whistling at once, with strange polyphonic harmonizing. Jay seems to be fairly normal, well… Excluding the fact that Jay's got a massive pair of red wings sticking out of his back. God bless all you can eat cafeteria food because Jay's got an appetite and metabolism that are pretty high. Whistling his song and loading up a tray, he looks around for a spot and notices the new girl. Being fairly new himself he decides to walk over and introduce himself to her. "Hey." He calls out as he closes the gap. "You're new right?"

Daisuke's table is fairly empty as it's just him sitting there. He's definately not a new kid as he's about to be going into his third year here. He looks up for a second to take a deep breath and notices Jay fly in. He gives him a slight smile and wave since the two have chatted a few times. The new girl does get a bit of a curious look as he mutters to himself "Wow, there seem to be a few new faces in the wee-month I was gone."

The poor cafeteria. Jay's metabolism. Shelly doesn't sleep, ever. The cooks must get paid some serious cash to manage the food prep around here. Shelly turns at the voice addressing her, startling a bit as she turns. Whether it's the wings or just being addressed, or some combination of them, the reaction is still a bit of shock. "Oh, sorry. Yes, I'm new. Shelly Walker. Haven't even met the roommate yet, though my stuff is stored on my bed there," she says to the boy. Daisuke is noticed when he looks up, and he gets a polite smile from the girl. She isn't thinking to shout over at him though, since that doesn't seem like a good way to start one's career here, shouting in the cafeteria.

Jay grin. "Pleasure to meet yah Miss." Jay nods his head, his voice still carrying that charming Kentucky drawl. "Ah'm Joshua Guthrie, but everyone just calls me Jay." He offers her a smile as he spots Daisuke and calls out, "Hey Buddy how's it going?" He turns to Shelly and says, "Hey, if yah haven't found a seat yet why not join me and my friend Daisuke over there? He's a great guy. Come on." He grins as he leads the way over.

Daisuke blushes a bit at being called a great guy and shrugs. "Hey." He says to Shelly as he closes his drawing pad and pushes it aside for the other two to join. "I guess I've been okay, just got back from another crazy thing." He says as he seems to attract craziness all too well. "I'm Daisuke, or just Dai." He says introducing himself to Shelly.

Shelly nods to Jay. "Good to meet you," the girl says, following the guy over. "Hi, I'm Shelly," she says to Daisuke, sliding into one of the seats. She takes a bite of her sandwich. "Sorry if I seem a little bit out of it or jumpy. It's been a busy couple of days, coming here and finding out about this place and all that sort of thing. Just a lot to take in". She is being rather careful with the bottled water, an observant person might notice.

Jay notices the caution with the water and raises an eyebrow. "It's not gonna hurt yah." Jay chuckles wondering why she's being so cautious with the bottle. "Don't worry about it everyone gets nervous when they're new. It can be pretty intimidating especially when you're around people with powers like all of us. But that's why we're here right? To learn to handle our powers and stuff?" Jay takes a longing bite out of his burger. "As you can tell I can fly." His wings twitch as he mentions his flight, I've got a special power with my voice and my body can adapt to me flying, sorta like a bird and I can heal… You wanna tell her about your powers Dai?"

Daisuke smiles and shrugs. He's a bit shy around people he doesn't know and it shows. "I have sonics, kind of like Banshee." He's not sure how much Shelly knows about superheroes and the X-Men. "Sound based powers, and I can detect weaknesses in people and things and I have a super powered metabolism." He explains as some of his powers he feels are weird to explain. "I've been here for two years so if you have any questions I can try to answer." He offers.

"Yeah, I noticed the wings," Shelly admits to Jay as she takes a bite of her sandwich again. "Always wanted to fly. My father's a mechanic and shop teacher, so I learned all about working on vehicles, though I never got a chance to learn how to mess with a plane. Seemed like flying would be fun. What sort of special voice power, if I can ask? Is it like Daisukie and the sound powers he has?" She then turns to Daisuke. "So a sort of sonic yell?" she asks. She doesn't know Banshee persay, but she can figure out enough about mythology to know what that likely means, when combined with the sound powers comments. She then looks finally back at the water bottle. "Oh! It's actually part of my powers," she explains. "I've got…oh, geez, how did they put it? Internal Energy Generation. Long and short of it means I never get tired or fatigued. I've actually never slept in my life. It also affects my strength and speed a good bit. I haven't figured out how to control it when it sort of breaks out though. It's like sometimes it all builds up and I accidentally crush something. Which is why I'm being careful with the bottle. Imagine a car running over the center of the bottle and the resulting explosion," she explains.

Jay grins. "Sure yah can ask. Well… I'm a musician and I used to sing all the time. When my powers started maturing my voice started changing." He chuckles to himself. "Sorta like a second puberty. When I sing, my voice starts layering over itself as if it's harmonizing itself… It's kinda hard to explain here I'll show you." Jay starts singing the lyrics from one of his songs and the result is evident almost immediately. It sounds like Jay is singing with multiple voices, all of which sound like his but harmonizing on its own as if he were his own angelic choir. "See?" His eyebrows rise at the mention of never needing to sleep. "Wow. That's kinda cool actually. The things you could get done."

At Shelly's explaination Daisuke nods. "Yes, I have a sonic yell that I can also do other things with like fly. And you've never slept?" Daisuke can't really imagine the concept. "Wow, I know my boyfriend doesn't need much sleep but to never sleep, that's odd." He stops and gets quiet at the second puberty joke and raises an eyebrow at Jay. "Well typically when the x-gene manifests it manifests our powers at puberty, mine did, so I'm just surprised they didn't both come together." He looks back at Shelly. "Well at least if something happens to the bottle it's only water? It could be worse. I understand though, I have to control the volume of my voice because I could accidentally blast something."

"Wow," Shelly says, listening to the singing. She's quiet for a minute. "That's…that's impressive," she tells Jay. She's never heard someone sing with multiple voices before! She then turns to Daisuke. "Got me. I don't get the science of it all quite yet. Might have been the strength boosts weren't noticable until I got older. I still have to go through the testing and figure all that out. Always been stronger than average though, so I'm leaning towards that. I don't even know how to trigger it yet though," Shelly explains. "So, caution it is until we figure that out". She then laughs. "Yeah, it came in quite handy for dealing with schoolwork. I always did well on assignments and stuff because I couuld get it done whenever. I was actually using most of the time to build or repair things and to practice my tennis".

Jay grins at the mention of strength. "Do me a favor? When you get the chance, challenge Logan to an arm wrestle. Well here's the thing Dai, my voice changed and then right after it settled I got the polyphonic thing going on. It was kinda strange." He shrugs at the idea. Noticing Dai's notebook he asks. "What are you drawing there Dai? Mind if we take a peek or is it private?" He turns to Shelly, "Dai's good at pretty much everything. Sharp as a knife and talented at lots of stuff too."

Daisuke blushes again and shakes his head. "I'm not good at everything. I suck at sports." Though he did get top grades in high school. "I just know how to draw and play the drums, and in the case of school work I was just a study nerd." He opens the art book and shows them what he's sketching. It's very light on the paper but it looks to be a Japanese woman sitting at a traditional table holding a small saki glass. There's a smile on her face like she's enjoying herself.

"Who is Logan?" Shelly asks. Geez, showing up the combat teacher might not be the most brilliant idea in the world, but it could be funny, too. "You are a good artist though," she agrees, taking in the drawing of the woman. "I can't draw terribly well myself. Never had the patience for it," Shelly admits, taking a drink of her water.

Jay shrugs at Dai's modesty, taking advantage of the focus on Dai to scarf down two burgers and a bottle of water before starting on the chicken burgers. "Don't worry Dai, I don't do sports either."

"Logan, he's the combat teacher here. Also known as Wolverine." Daisuke explains. "I didn't know that when I came here either Shelly, but having a best friend and boyfriend who are obsessed with Superheroes I'm starting to learn them all. I just learned who Wonderman is." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he takes a drink from his bottle of coke. "You'll learn all that stuff in the mutant ethics and the villians and heroes classes."

"There's a villains and heroes class?" Shelly asks, raising her eyebrow at that. "I suppose that makes sense, all things considered. Things are generally pretty quiet in Utah where I'm from, so I've really only heard of a few, and never actually met one. Oh, I don't suppose you know my roommate, do you? Uriko? I found the name, but I've yet to meet her".

Daisuke nods. "Yeah, just to learn the basics and learn about key X-Men history stuff." Daisuke says as he waves good-bye to Jay as he takes off. "Oh Uriko, yeah I know her. Not really well but she seems nice. She tends to disappear a lot though." He says as he starts to munch on his fries. "Utah? I'm pretty local, I was orginally from Queens but now I'm here since Xavier's is pretty much the only family I have."

Shelly waves to Jay as he heads off, too. "Ahh, okay. Seems we have different schedules so far, but again, only been here a day or so. I'm sure I'll run into her eventually". She takes another swig of water. "Yeah, nothing much to see in Utah though. People come for the lake, but after a couple days it's just a lake to them. All the salt is hell on cars though. So, what're classes like here? There's a combat class with that Logan person?" There is a little bit of nervousness in her voice at that.

"Classes aren't too bad. It's like regular school but more. Instead of gym class we have Danger room sessions." Daisuke begins to explain. "Danger room is where we go to train with our powers. And if you ever need help in classes I graduated last year and am kind of a tutor type. If anyone needs help in classes I volunteered for that." It's a way he can stay at the school and keep training. "Yeah there are Logan, Wolverine, don't let his height fool you. He's…rough. Look up Wolverine sometime."

"Wolverine. I'll look him up sometime," Shelly says. Probably tonight, in fact. Isn't like she lacks the time. "That'll…that will be interesting, since I don't know how to even activate the increase yet. I suppose I'll have to figure that out first," she says. Because otherwise, she might get squished in the Danger Room very quickly. "Only combat I know is some basic self defense classes I took. Nothing like what it seems people are talking about here". A nod is given about the classes. "I'll keep that in mind, about the tutoring".

"I never knew any combat skills before coming here. They are really good at teaching how to use your powers." Daisuke says brushing his hair back out of his face. "After a while you'll come to love the Danger Room like a lot of us. It's all simulated battles and you can't really get hurt in there. It's a weird mix of alien and beyond modern tech. Oh, which squad are you in?"

"Squad? Oh, yeah, that," Shelly says, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a little scrap of paper. "Hellions," she says after scanning it over. "Sounds like it'll be challenging. Just not sure how well I'm going to do there for awhile. At least not until I learn the tricks to using this power. The not sleeping probably isn't going to be as useful there," she admits. "But, if you can't get hurt, that's good".

"I'm in the Hellions too." Daisuke says with a smile. "It's run by Dr. Parker-Mayfair, he's really cool." Daisuke says and doesn't mention much more about him at the moment. "Unfortunately though I have to get going. I'm helping someone study for the final in five minutes so I have to run. It was nice meeting you Shelly." Daisuke says as he gathers his stuff and heads off.

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