Portrayed By Itself
Gender Yes
Date of Birth ??
Age ??
Aliases Belial
Place of Birth Heaven
Current Location Hell
Occupation Seventh Sin of Pride
Known Abilities Flight, can play a mean violin, other other wordly powes

How about a song for an acquaintance? There are no tricks or gimmicks. I hope this was to your liking. My violin cries out beautifully. It's truly disappointing that you can't listen to it quietly. I apologize for the late introduction, From the lowest layer of hell, Sheol, I have arrived by orders of our King, Lucifer. I am just a jester, call me "Mad Hatter." - Mad Hatter "Angel Sanctuary"

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A beautiful, yet corrupt Butterfly…the dark fallen angel Belial goes beyond all the boundries of gender and twists them until one does not know if they are looking at a male or female. She cursed the fate god gave to her and defied him. Angels are born without a gender and only gain one later on. When Belial started to change into a female she took drugs to stop the process. She never considered herself male or female, for she didn't want to limit herself. Belial is the one responsible for the corruption of Sodom and Gamorrah. This was her project to prove to god the uselessness of gender.
Belial has only one true love that she lives for….the King of Hell, lord Lucifer. He is the only one that can call her by her true name "Belial", all others must call her simply "Mad Hatter". Even in heaven, Belial wasted away in corruption. She seduced countless people, but she was empty inside. There was no one who wouldn't succumb to her charms and she felt there was no real reason to go on….everything was useless. Nothing could hold her interest. But, then she met Lucifer…everything changed forever. For here was a being who did not look at her with lust, who was unaffected by her charms, one who thought her disgusting. He saw her for who she was and she fell in love with him for that. Belial now lives to serve Lucifer, and waits for the perfect moment of bliss when Lucifer will finally give in to her and her love will turn to hate…only then can she die happy.


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