2010-03-12: Magneto's Revenge


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Summary: Magneto finds Jono and vents his anger.

Date: 03-12-2010

Magneto's Revenge

Rating: R For Violence

Westchester - The Road Less Traveled

Far along Mills Road, a small, overgrown dirt path breaks off from the road, leading through the woods toward an old, abandoned cemetery.

The world is wide and wondrous, more wondrous than any one man's set of senses can hold, let alone do justice to not that that stops Erik Magnus Lensherr from trying. And, given who and what he is, it is fair to say that he can hold more than most.
Which is why he is standing in an out-of-the-way spot just *reaching*, right now. Letting that extra part of his mind, his self… his soul… spread outward, into the magnetic lines of force that thread in and around and through the world. They all hum with power - some harmonically, many much less so—and they speak to him in a language very few others can sense, let alone speak themselves. He is seeking through them, looking for that one sentence, that one phrase…
"You." His ice-blue eyes snap open and focus on an empty spot in the road directly in front of him. "You!" And with two clenched fists and a wordless roar of rage and effort, he tears the air itself apart.

In that space appears a man. One who screams in pain as Magneto manipulates that incredible power. If Jonothon had the means to, he'd throw up his lunch. Fortunately he doesn't have to eat, and so all he can do is double over, and then collapse to the ground. Teleports aren't suppose to be this way. Or so he assumed anyway. The Brit is once more in that blue and red costume, and the mark over his eye, which had been missing for days, has returned.
And in spite of dropping to the ground, he attempts to defend himself. Psy-fire bursts into being around him, eyes turn to flame, and Jono blasts at Magneto. Drops to his knees, lifts his head and lets go. *PHOOM!* «ME!» How else could he possible respond. And yes, he has two items on his person. The teleporter and a cell phone. Nothing more.

It's just luck, or is it unluck, that Christopher just happened to be passing by the area. He sees the psyfire from a short distance away and parks his car, running over. After all the salon owner also is a mutant whose well trained with his powers. He takes flight and rushes over to the area in time to see Magneto and Jono. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have his costume but instead he's wrapped in a glowing light. He doesn't charge in or anything, but waits a bit, to see what happens, where to jump in if he can.

Mikhail needs sometime outside school but couldn't find anyone to go with him, so he figured that he'd be find without a buddy for a few hours, hes dressed in blue jeans, a light grey t-shirt, a dark grey jacket with two purple strips around the shoulders, a wood bead necklace (like the ones surfers wear) and black and purple sneakers. He catches some familier scents so walks down an unfimier street to see who it is, he stops dead when he spots the begining of the battle between Magneto and Jono.

The psyfire takes Magneto full in the chest and knocks him a dozen feet straight back, into the tangle of brambles just off the path on that side. Rainbow ripples in the air, however, foretell that Magneto yet has something to say in this 'conversation'.
"Pawn!" He shouts and the ground erupts under Jonothon all along the path, as small metallic bits like pop can tabs and bottle caps are ripped out of the ground. They pelt the skinny Brit like trash-flavored rain. "Tool! You are an object, an instrument, in the hand of a monster, and you are done!" He's dragging himself to his feet as he speaks. The helmet is off, knocked away in Jono's first attack; he calls it back with one crooked finger.

Sadly, having been reprogrammed today, Jonothon is very much a pawn. Dazed, the blast having been far more successful than he'd expected, "And you always talk too bloody much." His voice is strained though. This isn't easy for him. The only action he takes this time is to reach out for that same helmet. Psy-fire tendrils snap out and wrestle Magneto for the thing. The Brit isn't trying to take it per se however, but to destroy it. Disperse the molecules of it. Warp it, break the electronics inside. Jono knows why Magneto wears it after all.

Who thought the day would come where Christopher would be trying to help Magneto get an edge? But with working at Xavier's he's heard all that's been going on. Still in the air, Christopher sends a blast of light a Jono's back, hoping to throw him off. "I'm sorry Jono, I can't let you hurt any more people." He odesn't know all the details though but he knows the New Marauders have been quite the thorn in the side.

Mikhail checks his pockets for his phone to press the panic button, before remebering he broke it last week, sighing he takes off his jacket and drops it on the floor, he goes to run forwards but sees the psy-fire, so he shuts his eyes and runs to tackle Jono, relying on his sence of smell as a guide.

Jonothon wants Magneto's helmet? All right—he can have it. Right in the face. Magneto hauls on it, and then shoves, and if he doesn't hit Jono where he wants to hit him, well… Jono isn't likely to hit anyone else where he wants to hit him, either.
The strike from above is a surprise, though, and Magneto turns on Christopher with, for him, a typical snarl of territorial rage. "He's mine!" And with that, the Master of Magnetism takes to the air himself, fully intending on dragging Jono up into the air with him. This may mean taking Mikhail up with him…

The only reason that Jonothon doesn't get hit in the face by the helmet is that he gets hit from behind. That blast drops him right to the dirt, and the helmet clips some of his already short hair in the process. You know, he never wanted to taste dirt. Nor did he want to be tackled by Mikhail. It bowls him over, but even as he's being hauled up into the air by Magneto, the Brit tries to toss Mikhail off. Psy-fire tendrils, and telekinesis, are the means. He pushes away from himself with enough force to send a tank flying, but that's all he can do at the moment. More gut reaction than anything else.

Christopher stays airborne and responds to Magneto. "Sorry but this is more than just you, it's everyone at Xavier's." He says as he reaches out a hand as he's about to do something but then notices Jono is trying to throw Mikhail off of him. "Shit! Mikhail!" Why he is just noticing the teen now, and what he is doing off school grounds…alone? He flies over with the only concern of catching Mikhail as Jono sents that psy-push forward to push Mikhail off.

As Mikhail grabs hold of Jono he attempts to scratch him in an attempt to try and poison him, before hes sent flying by the psy-push.

Magneto actually agrees with Jonothon on this: Mikhail should not be right there, right next to him - especially when Mags does what he wants to do next. So he'll add some magnetic manipulation to that psy-push to get the teenager off Jono. And sure, he'll shove Mikhail at Christopher; he's not sure who the glowing man is, but he'll do as babysitter.
And once that's done… a flick, and anything electronic on Jono's body - specifically, the teleporter device and that cell phone he's carrying—are both crushed. Another flick and Jono is rushing earthward. Jono, meet terra firma. At high speed.

Blood flies as Mikhail is pushed off, but Jonothon ignores the wounds. He's far more pressing issues. Like Terra Firma. His teleporter crushed, the phone destroyed, the Brit directs everything he can at defying Magneto his being slammed into the ground. Psy-fire tendrils hastily fly out to meet the ground before the man does. He grunts with the impact, having to focus so much that he doesn't bother saying anything. It's not easy fighting against Magneto. Especially not as that venom begins working. For no obvious reason, what had been holding begins to weaken. Jono begin inching towards the ground.

Christopher grabs Mikhail and looks at Jono and Magneto, he'll leave the two together. "I should get you home Mikhail. You shouldn't be out here, I shouldn't be either." Then maybe he can inform the school what's going on as well. He looks towards the two fighting and attempts to take Mikhail back to Xavier's. He has to protect the students, that's what his goal is.

Mikhail grunts as hes pushed away by the psy-push, when Christopher catches him and tries to take him back to school he starts struggling, "Let me go!", his not gonna be sent back to school like a child, hes gonna help.

Magneto, free of having to deal with both Christopher and Mikhail, turns all of his attention to rubbing Jono's face in the dirt. Sometimes simple is best.

As the ground nears, Jonothon decides to change tactics. Not fighting Magneto anymore, he impacts the ground. Painfully. It frees his abilities though, for he can't multitask like the older man he's fighting. Strong in power and almost no training in it. Not a good combination. Without the helmet, Magneto's mind is open. Jono doesn't attack it, but he does use it as a locator. Magneto is there.. and with that he attacks Magneto's costume. Metal shifts to spikes that immediately drive inwards. Sure he's eating dirt, but it's worth the loss of what little dignity he had. Then again Jono's known for non dignified fights.

Christopher tries to keep a hold on Mikhail. "No! I'm not going to let you sit here and fight and get hurt or killed. I don't care if you can regenerate, even I'm out of my league here." Most people are out of Magneto's league.

Having his own costume suddenly go rogue on him is something Magneto doesn't deal with very often. "AARGHH!" Metal spikes bite deep—but he isn't the Master of Magnetism for nothing. "YEEEAAARGHH!" He steps up his effort by a full magnitude, driving the spikes out and filling the air around him with metal splinters.
He does not, however, keep hold of Jono Starsmore…

Unable to think well thanks to Mikhail's venom, Jonothon is finding it more and more difficult to focus. Clawing at the earth he can't lift himself from, he'd be grateful for not needing to breath if he were capable of thinking of that fact. Magneto can feel his telekinesis working over flesh, yet it's too unfocused to do much of anything. Not limited by metal, he none the less lacks the focus to be the true threat he could be. So instead of trying to focus, he stops his attempt at Magneto directly and pushes away from the ground. It's a wild, multidirectional push that probably gets him no where at all. Especially since physically his movements slow to where he can't at all.

Christopher makes sure to grab a tight hold of Mikhail as the flies off with him. "Sorry kiddo, there are times when you have to learn to just run away from a fight you can't win, this is one those. Take the lesson to heart and learn to live another day." He says as he leaves his car behind, making a bright lighted bee line for the school via his flight.

Magneto takes a couple of moments to breathe; he's dripping blood, now, thanks to those spikes Jono gave him. "Now it ends," he growls, as he sees Jono's abortive attempt to get moving.
Jono is grabbed again and thrown into the ground again, rail-gun style. Reload, repeat, as often as he's still twitching (or until he does something to distract Magneto from beating him to a pulp."

The venom makes him unable to move, and as much as he's shielding himself as best he's able, Jonothon is reaching his end. He really does have to do something, and in desperation he grabs a hold of Magneto's mind. No finesse, no subtly, no, all the Brit does is channel all of his pain right into his attacker's head. Would agony and a wordless mental scream be enough? Otherwise, Jonothon will be blacking out soon, and turned into a pulp.

"Pawn!" Magneto roars the word as he slams Jonothon into the ground. "PAWN…AAAAAGGGHHH!" as Jono slams his pain into Magnus' mind. Both men now hit the dirt, because yes, that is distraction enough.
For a moment… and then Magnus draw in his considerable will and forcibly rejects Jono's mental scream. He cannot eject it, but he can resist it, even deny it. There is a price; his nose begins to bleed. He ignores this; he's already bleeding.
Ice-blue eyes rise and fix on Jono. "Good. NOT ENOUGH."

Jonothon can't move, or he'd look Magneto's way. Laying in the dirt as he's again called a pawn, the man's mental scream dies away. The moment gives him enough time to react. Can't teleport away, and he can't defend himself, but not being slammed into the ground constantly helps. «Enough.» The Brit disagrees. Can't talk otherwise. «..Christ. Stop.» It's pleading, but not in the way it may seem. The only options he can think of are do try and kill Magneto, which even controlled he doesn't want to do. Sinister's hold just isn't that strong. Not even newly programmed.
And to warn that he's had enough, he reaches out and tries to twist Magneto's intestines. This could be Magneto's heart.

No more words. Jonothon may not be trying to kill Magneto, but Magneto doesn't know that - it sure FEELS like Jono is trying to kill him. The air ripples around him… and then it ripples around the Brit. The ground shifts and collapses half an inch, an inch, as portions of it separate and rise up, like serpents of liquid metal, hovering over the young man's body for a bare instant before stabbing down at him. In moments, the bare makings of this device will become clear—a giant version of Magneto's own helmet, but engineered to reflect psionics inward…

Jonothon's turn to scream again. The device stabs down and the twist stops immediately. Broken, bloodied, and paralyzed, all the man can do is scream. It's a purely mental one though, and doesn't travel far as it's directed right back at Jono. Nor does it last long. In mere moments the Brit blacks out.

Magneto drags himself to his knees, then his feet. He forces himself to finish the cage he's built around Jono, and then he forces himself into the air, dragging the thing up with him. His helmet… there it is… is called back and he puts it on. And as if that small action gives him a magic power boost, his aura settles and he's heading across land toward… the Xavier Institute.

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