2010-04-15: Magneto's Anger


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Summary: Magneto pays a little visit to Kage over the shooting of his son.

Date: April 15, 2010

Magneto's Anger

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Plaza - Kage's Penthouse

When you first walk into Kage's Penthouse there is a short hallway that leads into a bigger living area. Versailles style furniture decorates the room and an elegant carpet sits on the floor. Everything seems to be polished and well maintained. There is a fireplace with a well-crafted mantle that various sculptures and pieces or art are displayed with an antique looking chaise couch to the side. All around the room tables and shelves display rare books, interesting pieces of art, and decorative lamps. The main focus of the main room is the large painting above the mantle, an authentic Monet painting of Water Lilies. Large glass windows leading to a balcony, give a beautiful display of Central Park. There is a small kitchen separated from the main room by a small bar. A curved staircase is on the side of the room that leads up to two door ways.

It's late at night and Kage is relaxing in his penthouse. He's not dressed to the nines like he usually is but he's dressed like…well..normal. He's got on a pair of slacks with a black t-shirt but even dressed normal he still looks kind of femine. It's the frame of his body. He's got classical music playing over his penthouse and he's enjoying a glass of white wine, the open bottle chilling in a metal bucket of ice. He's at working, fiddling with some small device in his hand as he's trying to enhance something for his work as a thief to make things easier.

Relaxing… that's what the evening is all about? That's going to change.
First, the device in Kage's hand goes haywire — the readout vanishes, it starts to squeal, and it is heating up, FAST. The ice bucket flips and upends over the young man. And then the doors to the patio burst inward, the panes shattering from the force. "KAGE."

The device is dropped as it starts to go haywire and there's a loud curse in Japanese as the bucket flips on him spilling water and wine all over Kage and his couch. He's not happy about his couch getting ruined. He stands up, and is pissed off, anger flashes in his eyes. "Who the hell! thinks they can get away with breaking into…." His voice cuts off and gets caught in his throat, probably for the first time as clicks whose voice it is.

Magneto floats to the surface of the balcony and strides through the broken door, cape billowing in his wake. He's not wearing his helmet tonight, so his expression is clearly seen: the man is very, very angry. "Kage. My son has a bullet in him… in his BACK… and you are responsible." A flick of one hand and the television set explodes. "You will explain yourself!"

Kage isn't exactly thrilled with the situation, but he's not about to back down and cower either. Is he afraid, a bit, Kage knows damn well Magneto could kill him and he does know it was his son he shot. "Your son was trying to stop one of our kind from getting something he wanted, from them." Them being normal humans. "I was trying to assist the man with sand, it wasn't my intent to kill a fellow mutant but slow him down."

"I have spoken to Mr. Jumbuck; he supports you. He has asked for quarter for you, because you are who you are, because he is who he is, and because you both follow me." But then Magneto is in Kage's face, laying hands on him and shoving him against the nearest wall — or trying his best to do so. The boy is nimble, after all. "You have overstepped yourself, Kage! My son is a fool, but he is one of us, and I have plans for him! I will not have you meddling with those plans for something as simple and as ephemeral as a bank heist!"

Kage allows himself to be pushed against the wall, he's not fighting back and it's obvious. He figures right now, it might e the most diplomatic way of smoothing things over, if possible. He bites his tongue and doesn't say what's on his mind. He hasn't lived to be thirty by being stupid. "I apologize for any offense, I was not trying to kill him. I do not wish to kill mutants." Nothing about humans. "I will not do something so foolish again." There, admitting he was wrong, that hopefully helps.

Magneto's hands flex on Kage's shirt, as if they want to close around his throat. The man himself is snarling, all teeth and glare. "You consider yourself a clever man, Kage. If you should find yourself in such a position in the future, I highly recommend that you employ that cleverness." He pronounces 'highly recommend' the way another man might say 'demand'.
He pushes away and turns his back on Kage, strides to the center of the room. "You promised me something. Report." There is a breeze from the smashed balcony doors; Magneto's cape is not moving in sync with it. This is probably not a good sign.

Again, Kage keeps his mouth shut for the most part and then there's a change of subject, something with less than desirable results, for both of them. "I've been scouting, trying to figure out the current roster, who is there when and what is the best method of distraction to get in, and out, with the information you desire. I will not fail you on this matter." Indicating that maybe he failed on something else. "I'm trying to wait for the right time, if I get caught, you don't get your information." From Kage anyway.

The cape flares as Magneto turns to face the thief again. "I recall something of our first conversation. You were confident, brash, flattering, and over-dressed. You made promises. I gave you a challenge and you welcomed it… or so you implied. It has been how long since that conversation, Kage? I am not interested in excuses for how you have spent your time; they do nothing for mutantkind. Nothing at all." The glare he gives Kage is freezing. "Are you of any use whatsoever to me?"

Kage takes the over dressed as a compliment. "I still welcome the challenge, it's just not easy for one man to go up against the Avengers and that butler of theirs." And yes he said man and not woman. "And do you see me backing down from it? No. I'm still biding my time, you can't go into something rushed. Do you think I got where I am today by rushing into things." By that he means his wealth, almost all of it stolen. "I am of use to you Magneto." No, he doesn't explain why, his word that he is.

Magneto glares, his mouth taut, for a very long moment. "I require that information sooner rather than later. Consider this fair warning, Kage. The clock is ticking. This matter stretches further than the distance between you and I… and if you did not already guess, I do have other people working on the matter. I refuse to wait for you if you fail to keep up." A flick of his fingers and the ice bucket rights itself and sets itself back on the table. Poonk! A dent disappears from its side. Without another word, the Master of Magnetism swings around and strides back out to the balcony.

Kage is ruffled but he's not showing it. Whatever he's feeling on the inside, he's not showing on the outside. "Don't worry, the others won't succeed with this information." He'll make sure of it if he has to. He just stays where he is watching Magneto walk out. Once he's sure Magneto is out of general area though, he's definitely going to be throwing a hissy fit, complete with swearing the destruction of some of his own property.

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