2010-04-11: Making A Deal


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Summary: Kenta goes to visit Lucas in the medbay and find out the story behind the fight.

Date: April 11, 2010

Log Title Making a Deal

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Lucas is laying in the hospital bed. He is shirtless, his torso wrapped in thick bandages. His left arm is in a cast, and he has an oxygen tube running under his nose. His breathing is short, and a little labored, and he is on a saline drip and a bag of some kind of medicine. He's not been awake for the Doc to use his superhealing on yet.

After hearing about the fight, but not the specifics, Kenta decided to visit Lucas in the medbay. He's not here to yell or get anyone in trouble but to see what happened and to make sure Lucas is alright. He's only been given the squad for a few days now but Kenta can't help but feel a sense of responsibility in doing more than just teaching the kids but be a possible mentor for them. Someone they can trust. "Hey Lucas, how ya feeling? I would have brought you flowers but I figured you were too manly for that."

Lucas sighs, opening his right eye, since his left is swollen shut still. "…hey," he offers, in a raspy, dry and strained voice. "…sorry…They finally took the tube out… Ah can't hardly talk none now…" He shrugs just a little, "Ah'll live."

Kenta looks over Lucas and nods. "Good, I don't want you dying on me." He says as he can't help but look at his chart to see exactly what's wrong. "You want some water or anything? I just remember how thirsty you can get with that thing down your throat and the damn saline doesn't solve thirst." He says going over to get Lucas a cup of water if he says yes or no. He doesn't have to drink it. "I guess you guys trashed my class room pretty good."

Lucas sighs, "…water's good…" He smirks a bit at the last, "You did say Ah could go in there and play… it's your own fault." He sniffs a little, tries to clear his throat. "Jono needs to get replaced, Kenta."

Kenta sits down next to Lucas and hands him the glass of water. He's not going to be joking anymore, and he gets serious. "What's wrong with Jono? Is that what this fight was about?" Kenta is trying to figure out why two guys on his team decided to get into quite the fight and why James is now in a holding cell.

Lucas takes a sip off the water glass. His swallowing is a bit labored, but he forces it. He looks at Kenta again, and he nods. "More or less. Jimmy was quitin' the team over it." Lucas shoots Kenta a little serious glance with his eye, "That can't happen."

"Okay, I don't know the whole story but..you and James, got into a fight where you ended up beaten almost to a pulp over Jono?" Kenta's just trying to get what happened straight in his head. "Alright, well, I don't want anyone quitting the team and I'll talk to James and see what's up with him. Right now, I'm not punishing anyone for what happened until I know all the facts but, what's really going on? What's the problem with Jono?"

Lucas furrows his brow, "The problem is he's an arrogant prick an' no one likes him." He sighs, "…He's also forcin' Jimmy to do some things for reasons what ain't mine to share. Right or wrong, they create a strain that won't work if'n he's our team leader."

"Okay, well I can't make that decision but I'll definitely talk to Scott and see what happens. And I'll talk to James and all of the team members separately as well. I will take your concerns seriously." Kenta says looking over at Lucas. Man he doesn't look so good. "Well part of the thing with team training is to help you develop powers, if there's strain….it might be tough."

Lucas sighs, and he nods a little. "Jimmy's fucked up, K. And… And Jono's tryin' to help fix him, but since Jimmy doesn't believe he's broken, he's just gettin' pissed at Jono. It ain't good for us as a team." He takes another careful sip of the water. "…Sorry about your room…"

Kenta looks at Lucas and smiles at him. "Don't worry about the room, it can be fixed. Though if either of you hurt my guitar…" Kenta teases as his guitar is safely back in his room. "Okay, I'll talk to James and I'll talk to Jono. I can't promise anything but what I can promise as the worse case scenario, is trying to get Jono to lighten up on James and not pry. And James is fucked up?"

Lucas nods, but notes, "Yeah, but again, that ain't my baggage to share. Jono'll prolly tell you, though. Like Ah said, Jono's prolly right here, but Jimmy can't stay on a team with him because of it." He takes another drink of the water. He closes his eye for a moment, sighs, and then opens it. "Is Jimmy okay? Where is he?"

"I just heard that he's checked himself in the holding cells, I don't know if he's okay. I saw you first." Kenta says with a shrug. "I figured the injured needed company first since I know how much it sucks down here but after what happened to you, I figured after what you've been through, they'd have you down here for a few days. You need anything while you're down here, just let me know, okay?"

Lucas nods, "Ah will…" He sighs again. "Ah reckon Ahll be okay. Ah hope at some point Doc'll fix me up…" He chews his lip for a moment, and tilts his head a little. "Ah'd like to see Jim."

"The Doc will fix you up just don't go visiting James until after you're all healed up? I know you want to see him now and I'm going to ask that you please wait till after I get a chance to talk to him." Kenta doesn't say why but he doesn't have his reasons. He needs to talk to James as soon as possible to figure out how to smooth things over. "Well I'm glad that your friendship and his isn't ruined over this."

Lucas shakes his head, "It ain't. Ah totally picked the fight. It's my fault, so… It'n there's demerits an' shit… They're mine…"

"Alright, well right now there's only one demerit…or punishment I can think of." Kenta says with a slight smile that's almost kind of mischievous. "Once a week, you and I meet in the music room and talk about music or play. I can tell you like it, and you once went to a magnet school for music as you told me, so you can't tell me you don't like it. That's what I'm offering as punishment for you wrecking my music room."

Lucas sighs, looking away. He doesn't answer for almost a minute, before he finally just mumbles, "Fine… But then you don't punish Jimmy." He turns his head to look back at Kenta. "Deal?"

Kenta grins at Lucas and nods. "Deal." He says as for some reason he believes that Lucas has a love for music like him and is trying to hide that. He thinks that getting Lucas to do things he enjoys, might help him. "I won't punish James for this incident, and I'll try to make sure no one else does."

Lucas nods, a little serious once more. "Good." He licks his dry lips, takes another drink of water. "…Why are you doing this for me?"

"Honestly, cause I can tell you like music but at the same time, you seem like you're dealing with a lot. The first time I met you at the boat you were quite standoffish and guarded, then the other night at the gardens, you seemed to open up a bit. There's a lot going on with you, I can tell that but I'm not about to ask what." Kenta says as he's always been a fairly honestly person, not use pussy footing around.

Lucas exhales, "Ah'm fine. No baggage. So… you know… ya'll can relax." He smirks, "Worry about the blind chick. She's got enough issues to be a subscription."

Kenta looks at Lucas and nods but doesn't say anything, though he doesn't look convinced. "Well you made me a deal so don't forget it." Kenta says looking at Lucas. "And no baggage my ass. You're a teenage mutant."

Lucas sighs, nodding a little. "Yeah.. well… Ah like my bags. Don't think Ah'm gonna unpack just because you're fuckin' imaginin' ya'll are bondin' with me, okay?" He leans his head back into the pillow. "Now go 'fore Ah change my mind on the deal…"

Kenta laughs at Lucas and stands up. "I'm not asking you to unpack, I'm just asking ya to play some music with me. Entertain an old man for a bit." He jokes before putting a hand lightly on Lucas' shoulder. "Rest well and get better. Cause I expect you at practice as soon as possible." He says to him as he goes to leave the medbay.

Lucas turns his head a bit, watching Kenta depart. When Kenta reaches the door, he says, "Kenta…" When Kenta looks back, he says, "Thanks. You know…" He gives a little shrug, "For actually givin' a shit."

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