2011-03-14: Making A Driving Deal


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Summary: Kisha asks Sam to learn more about the Blackbird, before he says yes, there is a test to take.

Date: March 14, 2011

Log Title: Making a Driving Deal

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Classroom One

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.

It's taken a little while since the whole Africa mishap for Kisha to get her plans in gear, but now that she's marshalled all the evidence and picked an appropriate time (just after a rare non-disaster school event) the time to make her move has arrived. "Classroom one, check. Schedule time matching RL time, check. Plans are go," she mutters to herself as she skim reads information off her touchpad computer, before slinging it low on a carry stray. "Hello? Mr Guthrie are you there?" She knocks three times on the door and then waits for a response.

Sam isn't usually in the class room but today his Blackbird piloting class was more of a lesson plan in safty. He's getting them ready for the test he has planed for Friday. He's in the middle of erasing the white board, which has a lot of number and crude drawings of the Blackbird. He looks up as there is a knock and nods to Kisha. "Hello Kisha, how can I help you?"

"I saw you had the room booked and wanted to ask a favor…" Kisha asks, far more politely than her norm. "Coincidentally concerned with well this." She gestures at the drawings on the whiteboad and smiles. "I was wondering if you would consider letting me sit in on your Blackbird related classes. I don't have any direct interest in flying it and don't expect to take an active role in the classes… but… after the whole Africa thing I got to know her quite well. I can't help but feel if I'd known more up front I could have been more useful."

Sam looks over at Kisha and nods. "Ah heard that you were helping tah repair the Blackbird over in Africa. Ah understand wanting to learn her better but mah classes are about flyin' her. Ah don't know much 'bout what's under the hood so to speek." He says not really sure how much Kisha would learn from just watching. "It's a lot of Danger Room simulations and learning what everythin' is for when your flyin'. If your going to sit in on mah class, Ah'd almost rather it be with you learnin' tah fly her. After all ya don't learn about a truck by just lookin' at her. Ya gotta drive her a few times to know what her ticks are."

"Actually in the short term I sort of /do/ learn about a truck just by touching it, but I understand the point you're making. The reason I wasn't proposing to actually learn to fly is that if memory serves I don't cover the requirements for the class. I can't legally drive and I'm not a senior," Kisha points out with a shrug. "So I thought it would be better not to ask for special treatment in that regard. There was one other thing I was wondering, and I know I should probably just run the idea past my squad leader, but does anyone at the school know alien languages well enough to teach me? I have a lot of notes I made which I need to translate…"

"Well maybe you should start learnin' how tah drive as well." Sam says as he thinks it's a very good skill to have. "It's something Ah'll have tah talk to Ms. Frost and your Squad Leader to see about either lettin' ya sit in on a class or start learnin' about flyin' the Blackbird. In regards tah powers sometimes special cases are made but that's why Ah gotta discuss this with Ms. Frost and…Xorn is your Squadleader right?" Sam double checks. "And no, Ah don't know anyone who can speak alien languages, not anymore at least."

Kisha scowls. "I /do/ know how to drive. I've been on plenty of j… erm… driving lessons. I just don't have the time to sit through boring classes telling me how to do what I already know," she informs, crossing her arms. "Xorn is indeed, but he seems away with the clouds. Which is why I thought I would ask you directly." She frowns and then sighs. "Do you think the school computer records might have anything I could learn from? Even a dictionary would be a start. Failing that if I could borrow a Shi'ar device for a while I could try write one…"

Sam looks at Kisha and folds his arms over her test and sighs, shaking his head. "Ya don't learn from takin' short cuts. We all think we know stuff but we all gotta take the tests. Just cause yer a mutant with an amazin' gift, don't mean ya gotta take short cuts and blow it off cause ya already learn it. And ya do know that Driver's Ed ain't mandatory. You can always schedule a test." Sam tells her. "Honestly, Ah'm not to sure what kina alien langages we got on record. Ah ain't too much of a linquist."

"My power doesn't teach me how to drive. I already knew before I came to school," Kisha explains, glancing from side to side. "And the less said about the lessons the better. They were a bad idea but I didn't really have many better options at the time." She glances up at Sam, reading herself to stare down whatever lecture that admission might prompt. "Do you know anyone who might know? I understand that Dr McCoy and Forge are no longer on active staff, but I hoped at least one staff member might have a passing clue. If not then I suppose I'll have to try the harder method. Don't get me wrong though, it'll probably be a lot more fun that way, but language is one area where it helps to learn from a reliable source."

"Noone's askin' 'bout yer lessons but if ya like Ah can help ya get an appointment to take the drivers test so that way it'd be easier for Ms. Frost and Xorn tah agree tah what you want." Sam says having dealt with many siblings so Kisha trying to stare him down won't phase him. "And as fer languages, ya mentioned Shi'ar. Ah know Professor X knows a bit about and the only other person Ah knew who could help ya was Doug Ramsey."

Kisha stares anyone. On principle. "Well I guess I'll try and code up some translation software. I might try ask Theo for help," she muses. "No doubt it'll appeal to his vanity and he's probably the only other student who might care enough to help." She ponders the offer and then nods. "I can give it a shot. Although I may have to actually read the guides on proper road safety first." Joyriding lessons with her brother having not generally concerned themselves with little things like what street signs mean or staying on the road…

Sam shakes his head a Kisha and surpresses a sigh. He's not falling for her 'only one who cares enough' line. "That might help Kisha. Ah can help ya get yer licence if ya like. Ah am willin' tah help you with that." He says. "We do offer Drivers Ed here and it's in the Danger Room so it's pretty safe. Once ya get your licence though, then we'll talk Blackbird."

Kisha chews at her lip, weighing her options up. "I'll give it a go then. Although it'll disrupt my busy project schedule it'll give me a piece of paper that says I can actually drive, so it's not entirely useless." Unless she gets thrown off the course for crashing too many times that is. "And if there is even a moderate chance of getting into the Blackbird classes that would be a big bonus." She nods. "Thank you for your offer. It is much appreciated." And somewhere a sign of the apocolypse is ticked off, Kisha being grateful to someone. "Hopefully my unproductively eccentric squad leader will be okay with the idea. No doubt he'll assume the best way to learn to fly is by learning to not fly."

"Ah wouldn't be tryin' tah get ya to do it if it was usless Kisha." Sam says. "Ah can fly, Ah can blast anywhere Ah want, but Ah still got mah drivers licence and Ah know how to pilot the Blackbird. Both are useful things tah know. Also yer Drivers Licence helps with bein' yer ID and such." He says before giving a smile. "And don't worry 'bout Xorn. Ah'll talk tah him and Ms. Frost and let them know that as long as you get yer licence, Ah'll let ya intah my class early."

Kisha smiles. "ID has never been a problem," she assures cheerfully. "You can obtain very respectable documentation if you know where to look online. But of course I don't have anything of the sort." Now anyway. "I guess I had better head to the library and get some digital copies of the drivers ed course books. Thank you once again for your time."

Sam smiles and nods at Kisha. "Well don't be tellin' me these things, Ah am a teacher here after all." He says even though he's in his mid-twenties. "Ah look forward tah seein' ya in mah Blackbird classes in the near future Kisha." He says giving her a nod and smile.

"I look forward to it," Kisha informs, waving briefly and then slipping back out of the classroom. Already hard at work trying to figure out the bits of her driving style while she'll need to 'fix' to pass any form of official testing. "I just have to hope it doesn't get stolen before I finish my driving lessons…." At least not again anyway.

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