2010-04-29: Making A Splash


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Summary: Theo and Kael get into an argument about homosexuality (big surprise!) Theo gets knocked into the lake, and then returns the favor. It helps them both cool off.

Date: April 29, 2010.

Log Title Making a Splash

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

Theo is known for being much like the weather is today, but he's currently cloudy with a chance of hail. He doesn't seem to be appreciating the weather, as he talks on his school phone. His personal one is not with him, but whoever is on the other end of this conversation is getting an earful.
"No, I don't care." He says, not noticing Kael at the dock. He walks toward the boathouse, but doesn't go inside, he just stands by the door. "Yeah? Why?…No Kyle, that's you, maybe that's why it happened to you, too." His tone isn't furious, but definitely annoyed.
After his last comment, the phone seems to erupt on the other side, now Theo is getting the earful, and it can be almost understood from where Kael is. Theo leans against the boathouse, and tilts his head back to the sky. Suddenly the voice is cut off, as Theo hangs up the phone, decidedly finished talking to his other party. He lets out a large sigh, and shoves his phone back in his pocket. It rings again. He pulls it out again, and turns it off.

Kael lifts his head up, a brow quirked at the loud earful that someone is getting from Theo. He looks back down at his phone as it vibrates in his hand, and he quickly texts back a reply before he looks back over at the technopath. He waves over towards him, "Hey, Theo!" A bright smile as he just stays where e's sitting. He's comfy right there.

Kael's comment takes Theo by surprise, and he jumps, looking to Kael whom he had not noticed before. He looks like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Um, Hey, how's it goin'?" he says, trying to pretend he didn't have a rather unpleasant phone conversation, which he's sure that Kael overheard part of. He's not frowning, but he hardly smiles more than politeness dictates.

Kael shrugs a bit, his legs kicking below the line of the dock. The sandles he's wearing barely licking at the top of the water, causing tiny splashes. "It's goin' well. Just textin' back and forth with Max. I gotta keep my eye on him." A smile before he asks, "How're you doin' though?"

Theo shrugs, and his shoulders reach back to shove him off of the boat house. He leans forward, and begins wandering down the dock. "I guess you probably already heard how I'm doin'," he says. "Just talking to a friend from back home." Home, that place he never talks about. "Just not seein' eye to eye. He'd probably have just thrown me in the lake if he was here though, so maybe it's better." Half of his mouth curls into a smile briefly. "Max is a pretty cool guy, probably the friendliest guy here," he comments. He doesn't have any complaints about Max.

Kael lets out a laugh, a hand coming up to scratch at his cheek. "Yeah, I've heard rumors." He shifts to stand up on the edge of the dock, stretching his arms over his head with a soft grunt before the phone vibrates once more. He brings his arms back down and does a quick reply before he looks over at Theo. "Yeah, he is. I've only seen him different than that a handful of times."

"He's way too hooked on video games, though," Theo says. "He knows how many hairs are on Mario's mustache. I can't even imagine him mad about something, he's so easy going."

Kael lets out a laugh. "Really? He didn't tell me that. But I do know that he has replicas of all the Green Lantern rings in his room. I find that to be kinda neat actually." He moves to meet Theo in the middle of the dock. "Eh… I've seen him mad before. Though, it was more angry as he was confused about something than actual mad mad."

Theo smiles some more, leaving his old conversation out of mind for the moment. "I dunno if he does, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did know that." He shoves his hands on his pockets. "What was he mad about?" he asks.

Kael lets out a laugh. "Eh, old teammate saying something that he forgot that happened." He shrugs a bit. "He had holes in his memory, but Addison helped fix it." A bright smile as he looks up at the sky for a moment before he looks back at Theo.

Theo nods, "That Addison guy, I never met him," he admits, "But people seem to be pretty creeped out by him. Is he really all that weird?" he asks. He idly slips his feet out of his sandals, and back into them again. "I mean, I know he can read minds and stuff, I know that's kinda creepy in itself, but is it just that, or does he got a weirdness to him?"

Kael shrugs a bit as he looks back out at the lake. "He's alright. I haven't gotten to see him since after all the Sinister bullcrap." He glances back at Theo, "But he has my thanks for helping my boyfriend get his memory back." He smiles warmly before he says, "I guess he's just eccentric. Everyone has their own way of looking at him."

Theo follows the gaze over the lake, "I guess," he says. "Everybody's got their own— Wait, boyfriend?" He says it as if somebody just jumped out of a bush and scared him. His position changes, and he pulls his hands out of his pockets. "You serioues?"

Kael quirks a brow as he tilts his head. "Uh, yeah. I am. I may have grown up in the deep south, but I have different views than my father." His hands stay in his own pockets as he looks at Theo.

There is a moment where Theo holds his breath, listening to Kael. "What does the south have to do with it?" he asks. He shakes his head. "Sorry, my gaydar is off I guess. I thought you were…normal." He gestures toward Kael. "Took me kind of by surprise." He's really trying to keep his tongue in check, but at the same time, it's clear that the discovery has him on edge.

Kael loses that smile as another brow is quirked. "Gaydar, eh? And in case you didn't know, it's not real kosher to be gay in Texas." His hands are kept in his pockets, even if the vibrating of his phone of texts sounds out.

Theo sets his jaw forward a little. "Yeah, I mean…usually when a guy is kinda queer, there's something that kinda sets off little alarms in the head, but I didn't even think you were…" he offers his hands out to indicate Kael, but doesn't say the word. "I mean. What's wrong with everybody here, there's so many good lookin' girls, and you want another guy's weiner in your butt?"

Kael shakes his head a bit. "I do agree. There're some good looking girls here. But." He bring his arms closer towards his body as he looks at Theo. "There's something that I learned from my mother. Love doesn't care for gender." Thankfully, there was already a slight breeze today, so a slight speed up shouldn't trigger much alarm.

Theo gives a studied look at Kael. "I'm not talking about love," he says. "I loved my family, didn't mean I wanted to hump them." There's a certain past tense flag there, but he continues. "I mean, there's a pretty big jump from being good friends to being gay lovers."

Kael lets out a short laugh. "Do you honestly think that Max and I doing /that/? And not talking about love? That's what it means to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. To love them." The winds pick up just a bit more as Kael's expression starts to shift towards more anger.

Theo smirks, and gives a dismissive wave of his hand. He doesn't seem concerned about the wind, obviously he doesn't think Kael will do anything. "Yeah, I do. That's what being gay means. You like penis." His words are each accented, a little accusatory, and then he finishes with a beat like Trix cereal. "Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks."

Kael lets out a breath before he glares at Theo as he finishes off his joke. There's a definite rush of wind as it comes from behind the technopath before Kael growls out, "You should think before you speak." He takes one step closer. "I suggest you think your words over the next time you speak to me." There's a blast of wind, about the size of Kael; and going fast enough to know Theo back a good bit. It's angled upwards to give the technopath some air first.

Theo is suddenly shot up into the air. He doesn't scream, but he flails wildly as he spins head over heels, and then lands with a huge splash a few feet away in the water. He bursts back upward, water flinging everywhere. His arms are held out to his side, and he looks like a cat that just got wet, his red t-shirt now sticking to him, water running down his long hair in front of his face.
For a moment, he looks pretty angry, and he breathes violently. Then he suddenly seems to change tone. He purses his lips, and then suddenly bursts out laughing.
He pulls his hair out of his face, and looks up at Kael, any view of annoyance gone from his face. He looks rather impressed. Most people have settled for snyde remarks and provoking insights to change his view. Most of them have gone either ignored or only mildly heeded. Kael's response, however, may be what he needed, or even hoped for. "That was great!" he says through his laughter.

Kael only breaths slowly as he walks to the edge of the dock, looking down at the dock as the water beneath him swirls slightly with the winds wrapping around the aerokinetic. "I agree. It did feel nice to do that." His voice rather level and calm. "But." The gaze he has looks like he wants to put another windblast right against Theo's face. The winds rush past him like he's going to do it, but then they just swirl back around him. He doesn't finish his sentence.

Theo's smile doesn't drop, though he does flinch as he anticipates another blast, still reveling in the event, and truly seems much happier than he usually is. "You know how long I've been waiting for somebody to have the balls to do something?" he asks. He slaps the water once, and wades toward the dock. he puts his hands on the edge of the wood, and hoists himself up out of the water, which pours over the wood as he gets to his knees, and then to his feet, a broad smile still across his face.

Kael puts a hand to his forehead as he looks over at Theo. "Then don't mind if I do this." He shoots a look at Theo, and a large softball sized windblast rockets at the technopath's gut. Aiming to knock him back off into the lake. "That was for the Trix comment." But he doesn't walk away, he walks to the edge of the dock and crouches down to help Theo out with an outstretched hand.

Theo is quickly whisked back into the lake, one of his sandals flying off and landing on the shore, and he lands back first in the water. He gets back to his feet again, shaking his head
"Okay, fair enough, but you gotta admit, it was pretty clever." He takes the steps back to the side of the dock, and grabs the wrist. He acts like he's going to pull himself back up, but then his left hand grabs the bottom of the dock, and he heaves backward to try and make sure that Kael joins him for the swim. "Then this is for the first one."

Kael lets out a yell as he's pulled into the lake, the aerokinetic sinking a bit before he floats back up. He pulls himself back up onto the dock with a murr as he looks over at Theo. "And I probably deserved that."

Theo simultaneously arrives on the dock, and sits on his rear, then flops onto his back with his arms open. He knits his brow. "Huh," he observes. "Our phones are apparently waterproof." He sits back up, and pulls his shirt over his head. "Jeez, that water is cold." He wrings it out over the water. He looks like he's put on a little muscle since when he first got to the school, but he's still pretty thin, though right now those muscles are covered in goosebumps.

Kael shakes his head to have water flying everywhere, and he looks behind him. Causing the wind over the warm ground of the shore to rush past them. Swirling around them as he's even lifted up a bit with the gust. THough Theo would just be caught in it. Good effects will include dryish clothes. Bad Effects will include windswept hair. "That's good to know. I'd hate to put all the numbers back into mine." With his shirt being tossed around by the wind, Kael's toned musculature is shown by glimpses. Scott's training is good.

The technopath grips his shirt to keep it from being swept away in the wind, and then puts it back on. His hair is standing straight up, but he looks at Kael, who has a similar look, and snerks. "You look like you just got attacked by a hair dryer," Theo says.

Kael chuckles a bit, landing back on the desk as he says, "Well, I'm used to the look." He shakes his head a bit, and his hair falls back down to being rather messy rather than windswept. "See? It's better."

Theo ruffles his own hair to put it back in place, and then looks at his feet. "I think I lost a sandal," he comments as he wiggles the toes on his bare foot. He glances around the water, not expecting that it landed on the shore.
Kael looks down at the lake, and hms a bit as he points over near along the shore. "That it?" Could be a lily pad. He shrugs a bit, glancing down at Theo for a moment before he asks. "What did you mean when you were waiting for someone to do that." He heard the rumor that Jordan socked him in the face.

Theo looks at the shore, and spots the sandal. "Yeah, I think so," he says. He doesn't get up yet to retrieve it. He leans back on his hands, bracing himself as he looks back to Kael. "Well," he says. "Where I come from, you got a problem, you deal with it. You don't this silly little dance around the daisies like people do here," he explains. "I don't want people talkin' me through feelings like I'm at some boring therapy. It's none of their business. If somebody's got enough of a beef with what I say, then they should do something about it, none of this passive-aggressive bull." And it's true, Jordan did give him a broken nose, but it wasn't over being gay. Theo respects Jordan for it, too, though he hasn't formally told him such.

Kael lets out a laugh, looking out at the lake before he says, "That's a very Texan way of thinking really. That's what my father told me to do with my issues. I guess I never really understood him. I always bottled things up until I just blurted things out." He glances back at Theo. "But still. No one's raised the same way."

"Yeah, you won't find me doing much bottling," he says. "I'll let you know if you piss me off. It might come with five knuckles, but you'll know. But I think some of it's just bein' a guy. I don't think I've ever had a problem with someone that a good fist fight didn't solve. I usually haven't won them, but it doesn't really matter anymore when it's over and done with. The problem's done."
He laughs a little, getting up to his feet, and wandering down the dock back to the shore to where his sandal is. "You see how girls do stuff, they just sit and brew on something somebody did forever, hold a grudge til the second coming. I can't stand that garbage."

Kael shrugs a bit. "I'm more about avoiding fights than anything. I'd rather not lash out at people." That's what the wind does. Curve around things, avoiding them. He follows Theo down the shore before he says, "I've seen mostly everyone here do that. Even the headmaster."

"Well, you didn't just now," he says with a laugh. His foot flips the sandal right side up, and he slips his foot through the thong. "I don't mean you gotta duke it out every time, you know?" he says, "I just mean, if something is a big enough beef that you're gonna carry it around, deal with it. I'm not usually the type to start a fist fight. I'm more likely to yell and carry on. You gotta really piss me off to get me to hit you." Says something about what he thought of his encounter with Robyn a few weeks ago.

Kael hehs a bit. "Yeah… I would really like it if you didn't let Scott know about that. I'd rather not have to face his punishment next squad practice…" Course, Theo knows about those. The aerokinetic puts a hand on his stomach as it growls softly. "Dunno about you, but… I'm getting kinda hungry."

Theo laughs, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna go whining at Scott over this. I didn't go whining to him over Jordan, and he broke my nose. None of Scott's business if you ask me." he puts his hands in his pockets, and turns them inside out, squeezing some water out of the lining. "Yeah, I could go for somethin'," he admits. "Let's go raid the kitchen and see if Cam made anything and left it in the fridge."

Kael shrugs a bit with a grin. "You have a point there." He turns back towards the school and looks back at Theo. "Race ya there. Loser cleans up the kitchen." He doesn't even wait for the answer as he takes off at a sprint. He only makes a few steps before he's up in the air flying towards the school. No one said no powers.

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