2009-03-04: Making Steam


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Summary: Drew and Kaden have a little alone time before having breakfast with Keith.

Date: March 4, 2009

Log Title Making Steam

Rating: R (Romantic situations)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

The barriers been lifted and there's a certain sense of relief that comes with it. Kaden's gotten up a bit early and currently stands at the window in just a pair of pajama pants as he drinks from the carton of orange juice in his hands. It's was almost empty so he figured why dirty a glass. He still has a case of bed head as he's only gotten up about fifteen minutes ago.

As he peeks outside, noting the barrier gone from his own window, Drew's in an amazingly happy mood. Seeing Kaden by the window, he creeps over, as silently as he can, and wraps his arms around the Fire Spirit from behind, nuzzling his face into the other boy's neck. "I feel better now. The fighting doesn't bother me. It was the containing." He whispers.

Kaden is completely oblivious to the sneaking Drew and he jump slightly as there's suddenly someone behind him. He smiles though once Drew nuzzles him. "Morning, I know. I didn't like being trapped either, but probably not as much as you. We should go out for a walk later."

"It's still dangerous down there." Drew states the fact, not caring, really. After all, they can be killed. They'll just come back. He squeezes his arms gently as he just watches the city… and the burning Starbucks on the ground a few blocks away. Go figure.

"I know, I'm not afraid of a little danger." Kaden says sounding unintentionally like 'the tough guy'. "It'll just be nice to get out of here, go out, maybe go down by the water for you…maybe…I don't know I just want to get out of here sometimes. I hate being stuckin one place all the time." He says as he brings a hand up to place on one of Drew's arms.

The casual gesture makes Drew that much happier. "I know. So do I. Water needs to flow or it stagnates. Stagnant water isn't pretty." He wrinkles his nose as he watches. "We could go to the water. I'm fine with that." His free hand moves down to the lower stomach of his erstwhile partner.

Kaden turns and looks at Drew and smiles at him and makes a bit of a content noise ad Drew moves his hand as he leans back against the water spirit lightly. "You're pretty no matter what." He says as he moves a hand back to give Drew a kind of backwards hug. "And when we go out, if there's any danger out there, I'll protect you." He says teasing Drew knowing that Drew could do well on his own.

Drew impishly reaches further down and gives Kaden a squeeze. "So are you." He says with a wink before moving his hand back up. "My hero?" He asks with a laugh as he happily enjoys the attention. "I'm glad you're feeling better, too."

Kaden turns to face Drew and smiles at his playful behaviour, as he moves both arms around Drew's waist. "I am, it just feels like with this barrier down we've made progress and we're not stuck here anymore. We're not trapped and at the mercy of..whatever's doing this." He says pressing up against Drew and his hand moving down to give his backside a squeeze. "You're hero, or whatever else you want me to be." He teases back.

"You do realize, if you start that, we may not get out of the house for a while." Drew snickers, leaning forward to pop a kiss on Kaden's nose. "But yeah… well, there's lots of things I'd want you to be. But as long as part of this…" He puts his hand on Kaden's chest. "is mine, then I'm fine with whatever."

Kaden smiles and nods. "You know it's yours Drew, and I still have to take a shower before I go out. Also it's still morning so we have some time to kill." Kaden says reaching up to run a hadn through the back of Drew's hair. "Or we can just cuddle and watch morning cartoons for a bit or just go now. Upto you."

"I hope you're sharing it with the others." Drew says with a soft sigh of pleasure at the attention. "I'd… love to shower with you. But I'm afraid I might not be able to hold certain things back." He snickers, glancing down at himself.

Kaden smiles and nods. "Keith, when he kissed me, it surprised me but…I liked it." He says as when you learn how to love from someone who believes in free love, it starts to rub off. "And Xane's growning on me. And I'd love for you to shower with me too." He says as he continues to play with the hair on the back of Drew's head. "I found one of your weak spots." He teases.

"Actually, I've never understood why they call them weak spots. Shouldn't it be a hard spot?" Drew asks, being blatantly obvious for a moment as he snickers, winking. "And yeah, it… that spot gets me. Every time."

Kaden chuckles at Drew and shakes his head. It's hard to hide that he's in a similar state when wearing pajama pants. "I'll try not to abuse it too often then." Kaden says leaning in for a kiss, as his arms are still around Drew. He finds he feels comfortable and relaxed when around the water spirit.

"Good." He says. "Though, I don't mind you abusing it… later." Drew grins, as he holds a hand to Kaden's happily. "So… regular shower or your weird gel shower?" He asks, wrinkling his nose slightly, but happy.

Kaden takes a deep breath and ponders it. "We can jump in a regular shower if you don't mind it getting steamed up really fast." He can take regular showers, he might usually take them very fast and evaporate a lot of water but his mind might be easily occupied to not worry about disliking it. "Unless you wanted to try that gel shower, it works but it is weird."

"Steam is fine. As long as we get clean first, steam can be… fun." Drew giggles lightly. "So much steam you can't see me." Hmm. Drew's never bothered to tell Kaden that even though he can't MAKE steam, his powers work with it as well.

"You're all about having fun, aren't you?" Kaden says smiling down at Drew, giving him a light kiss on the forhead. "And can't see you, why would I not want to see you? I don't care if you're naked infront of me anymore." Kaden says with a michevious sort of grin.

"Maybe you don't, but I think it'd be kinda fun. To reach randomly and see where my hand goes." Drew winks at Kaden as he pulls his own shirt off. "I mean, ya know. Teasing. Being playful."

Kaden smiles as Drew says teasing and being playful as he tightens his hold on Drew so he's pressed against him as he leans in for a not so innocent kiss. His hands slip down and and lightly squeeze Drew's lower half. When he pulls away he smiles. "Teasing and being playful, you know I trust you Drew."

"I know. But I want to be sure you're ready for things when the time comes." Drew says, honestly. After all, he wants to help Kaden learn slowly. Of course, he'll probably be teaching a little bit in the shower. Poor Kaden.

Kaden nods and smiles at Drew. "I really do love you Drew and like I said, I trust you." Sure he'll probably be nervous the first time certain things come around but he cares a great deal for Drew. "I think I can finally say I'm happy. You and Keith and the others, do make me happy."

"Yay!" Drew says, as he tugs off his shorts to begin walking towards his own shower. After all, that's the one he knows. He tries to stay a few steps ahead, just to give Kaden a good view.

Kaden slips off of pants shortly after Drew and smiles as he watches him shaking his head with a smile before following after. "I kind of like not being pissed off all the time, I tend to enjoy nice views I never noticed before."

"Being not pissed off is a good thing. It means you can not take offense to other people's likes. You can see the joy of them. You can understand why I think you're attractive." Drew winks as he leads the way to his shower. Boy, Keith's going to get a good view of this on the cameras.

Kaden still doesn't really understand why Drew thinks he's attractive but he accepts it. "Well sometimes I feel like a blind folds been lifted off of me cause now I can't help but look at you with out wanting to wrap my arms around you and kiss you." He says bitting his lower lip.

"Really?" Drew says, with a happy smile. "Well, that's always an option. I don't mind it at all. And I'm sure the other's won't mind." He says, laughing. His roots are about an inch long now. Another inch and he'll cut off the blond. He turns the water on in the shower as he leans out again.

The swearing has even calmed down with Kaden through out the last few weeks. "Really. It also felt nice last week, you, me and Keith all cuddling." He's still a bit surprised that he's feeling affectionate towards Keith as well. "I doubt they will either. If you told me that this is what my life was gonna be a few months ago, I would have told you to fuck off."

"And if I told you that you'd love me, you'd have said fuck off. And if I said we're going for a ride, you'd have said fuck off. If I'd have asked what you had for breakfast, you'd have said fuck off." Drew teases with a wink as the water heats up, already starting to steam up the bathroom a little.

Kaden laughs as Drew teases him and he can't help but kiss him at the teasing. "I know, but now, I'll happily admit I love you, and not only tell you what I had for breakfast but I'd want to have it with you." He says not being able to resist run a hand playfully through Drew's hair.


Depending on when Keith woke up, he could have seen a lot of things. The boys both stripping down and walking into Drew's room, and then into the shower. The bathroom steamed up VERY quickly, past the point that most cameras would have seen, but there were noises. Lots of nice, friendly noises. Mostly consisting of those last minute sounds before certain other things happen. However, that's been a few minutes. Drew is stepping out of his bedroom, steam roiling with him, clad in nothing but a towel with an extremely happy look… and/or glow to his face.

Keith's been awake pretty much all night, making calls and gathering information. But he was distracted by what he saw on those monitors in his 'office'. The sounds and sights were enough to get him relaxed for a bit. Thought currently, he's sitting on the couch in the living room. Dressed in nothing but his boxers, he flashes a grin to Drew when the water-spirit enters the room. "Enjoy your shower?" he asks.

Shortly after Drew walks out of his room, Kaden follows with an equally happy/glowy look to his face, with just a towel around his waist as well. He seems a bit stunned from talking and just smiles. Keith gets a smile as he hears him and there's a nod from Kaden. "Mmmhmm."

"Of course." Drew says with a laugh and goes to sit in Keith's lap, spreading the towel out in front of his body. He motions for Kaden to come along as well. "I think… that Kaden… will eventually be very comfortable with a lot of things." He snickers, nuzzling into Keith's neck.

Keith welcomes Drew over, wrapping an arm around him and grinning. "That's good to hear," he chuckles, making sure there's room for Kaden on his lap too. "This is certainly a sight I'd enjoy seeing every morning."

Kaden turns a bit red but smiles at Drew's comment and goes to sit with Keith and Drew. "I wouldn't mind waking up like that every morning." He says as Keith gets a warm smile as Kaden slips an arm around his waist. "Drew and I were going to go out, you should come with us."

"Yeah, you should come with us." Drew says, smiling. "We can go see how my island is doing or something." He reaches a hand up to twirl in Keith's hair as he puts his other hand in Kaden's. He looks down at Kaden with an impish grin. "Doesn't it feel better to let someone care for you?"

Keith laughs, leaning down to give Drew a kiss. "Check on your island?" he asks, slipping an arm around Kaden and pulling him in for a kiss too. "Alright. After breakfast?" he suggests.

Kaden returns the kiss from Keith and smiles, resting his head on the Air spirits chest afterwards. "Mmmhmm, and it feels a lot better." Kaden says with a bit of a chuckle and he means that in more than one way. "Breakfast, okay." He's still in a bit of a happy daze.

"If you're like this from THAT, Kaden, wait until I use something other than hands." Drew snickers softly, moving to slide off of Keith and let him do the breakfast thing. He stands up, fluffing the towel out before re-wrapping it.

Keith lets out a little mmmm at the hand on his fuzzy chest. He'll be doing a bit of trimming later tonight but for now it'll do. He laughs at Drew's comment and then gives Kaden a wolfish grin. "Definitely wanna see what happens from those," he says, waggling eyebrows. "Alright, I'll make us some pancaks then we can head out."

At the mention of pancakes, Kaden slides off of Keith's lap as well and nods. "Okay, I should get dressed anyway. Not that I'm not enjoying just this." Kaden says as he's learned how comfortable the less clothes you're wearing can bed. He gives Drew a quick kiss before he heads into his room to put on clothes.

"Me, too." Drew says with a quick nod as he darts into his own room to let Keith do the breakfast readying. He throws on jeans a nd a T-shirt in less than two minutes, and comes barelling back out to give Keith a hand. He's feeling SO much better.

Keith lets out an 'awww' as the younger spirits go to get dressed. "No need to cover up on my account," he chuckles. Of course he's not bothering for now. He's setting about preparing pancake batter by the time Drew reappears. Pancakes are just about the only thing he knows how to cook without burning anyway.

Kaden returns a few moments after Drew and when he sees Keith he sticks his tounge out. "I'm not covering up for your account, I don't care if you see me naked, you or Drew." They already have so what's the big deal now. "I'm just anxious to go out."

"Yeah, and it's not like you haven't seen it before." Drew laughs. "Or won't see it again." He grins, teasing the older spirit, happily. Of course, he's making plans for something, but not telling the others yet. Though, his actual thinking is apparent on his face.

Keith smirks as he starts to pour the batter onto a skillet. And yes, he's immature enough to be making suggestively shaped pancakes. "That's good to hear. Now if only I could get Xane to walk around naked too. Things'd be even better…"

"If I can get comfortable with it, Xane can." Kaden states kind of stubbornly. He doesn't really know Xane that well but at least he actually likes the guy now. He walks over and leans against the counter and runs a hand through his wet hair. "When's the last time you were at your Island Drew?"

"About a week before the barrier went up." Drew says with a quick nod as he looks at the pan and giggles at the pancakes. He can be childish occasionally. Xane would probably smack Keith for them.

Keith chuckles a bit. "What's there to be uncomfortable with. Not like he's got anything you, me, and Drew don't," he shakes his head. Sure, he guesses he'd get smacked too but he's just trying for funny right now. As the first batch of pancakes is finished, Keith brings them over to Kaden. "Syrup and stuff's in the fridge. Forks in the drawer."

Kaden raises an eyebrow at the pancakes and shakes his head with amusement. "Xane's a chef I'm sure he can do some interesting things with food, maybe he'll say something about your creativity?" He jokes as he grabs the syrup, butter and an unopened container of orange juice from the fridge. "Man, it feels like the island is where everything started…." He says trailing off.

"The first start was in town. The second was at the reservoir. The third at the cove." Drew says, grinning softly as he reaches out to squeeze at Kaden's shoulder. He watches the cakes with another snicker. "I'm not going to say anything crude."

Keith brings a second batch over to Drew then sets the syrup, butter, and a bowl of fruit as well as some utensils down. "Aww, why not?" he asks Drew. "I'm sure Xane'd like the pancakes even after smacking me," he says, amused.

Kaden looks at Drew and smiles at him. "What are you keeping a diary of 'My Adventures with a grumpy Firey Kaden' or something?" He says teasing as he starts to eat. "You know you want to Drew." He says to him at the crude comment.

"Yes, I want to. But… I'm going to RISE above the urge." Drew snickers. "And let's hope these pancakes aren't too HARD." He can't resist another giggle as he goes for his own batch, slathering them with butter. Especially at one end. At that same end, he pours the syrup and lets it pool around.

Keith laughs and then again when he sees what Drew's up to. He preps a batch for himself then wraps up the leftover batter and puts it away for anyone else that wants to use it. "That's it, Drew?" he teases as he takes a seat.
Kaden smiles and chuckles. "I thought you were going to make some comment about putting the pancakes in your mouth." He says turning a bit red, but he can't help but laugh at what Drew's doing as he starts to eat.

"Oh, I was, but I figured I'd be the…" Drew looks from plate to plate to compare. "Bigger man." He snickers again before he begins to eat his own pancakes, casually.

Keith smirks. "Hey, I'm the biggest man in this group. Even if you bring Xane and Dmitri in," he says, waggling his eyebrows. "

"I dunno, I haven't seen Xane or Dmitri so I don't know if you're lying or not." Kaden teases Keith as continues to eat. "But Drew would probably know…" He says as he grins at Drew. "And that was the frist time that I enjoyed showering so much, normal I try to make it quick but this time, I didn't care." He says blushing a bit.

"Well, I don't know about Xane, but yeah. You are. but there's more to it." Drew giggles softly. Hey, he HAS seen them all. He looks at his hands and grins. "Well, hands are good, too, sometimes." He wrinkles his nose at Kaden as he continues to eat.

Keith arches an eyebrow. "Oh, trust me. I'm the biggest. I've seen 'em all too," he says, reaching down to adjust himself. He laughs and goes back to eating with a smile. "Hands, mouths, and ofcourse…" he trails off, reaching over to goose Kaden and then Drew.

Kaden jumps as he's goosed and smiles as Drew as he laughs. "I don't mind hands…" He says trailing off with a grin and shoving some pancake in his mouth. He hasn't explored other areas quite yet, eventually but baby steps.

"Just wait until other things." Drew laughs, winking at Keith. "C'mon. Let's get out of here and go explore and see something." He grins.

Keith laughs as he finishes eating. "Right. You two put this stuff in the dishwasher and I'll go get dressed," he says. Not giving them a chance to argue, the air-spirit gets up and flies out of the room.

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