2010-01-03: Making Waves


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Summary Lucas arrives as the school and promptly goes about socializing in a unique and engaging way.

Date: January 03, 2010

Making Waves

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Late-afternoon on a winter Sunday is probably a good bet for finding the pool area empty. Even with the hot tub and heated pool steaming in the chill air, it is still winter. Dallas wanders towards the pool, dressed in a pair of Xavier's sweats with the school logo down one leg and on the breast of the hoodie. He has a towel around his neck and a cheerful expression on his face. Apparently, he's looking forward to a quiet swim.

Lucas wanders out of the mansion towards the pool. He's wearing a pair of baggy, khaki cargo pants. He has a white T shirt tucked in, with a button up blue shirt over it, left unbuttoned. Atop that is a black vest, also left open, and a navy blue scarf hanging loose around his neck, more about fashion than warmth. Sticking out from beneath the shirt sleeves are his gloves: Thick, giant burgundy beasts that almost look comical in their industrial strength size. When he gets to the pool area, he looks around, like he's scouting, and then begins to turn to leave once more.

Mikhail jumps down off the roof of the school, dressed in basically the same outfit as Dallas, of all the clothes given to him these are the ones he finds most agreeable, he isn't wearing shoes however as he finds them pointless, also he cant do laces yet, when he looks around he sees Dallas who he remembers from the other night, "Heya Dallas", he says the heya bit in Robyn's voice and Dallas's name in his own Romanian accent. He also sees Lucas but doesn't speak to him as he doesn't know in hes a threat or not.

Dallas sees the new guy and his eyebrows go up at the gloves. He nods and gives Lucas a casual, "Hey. New?" He doesn't approach quite yet or swamp him with questions off the bat because, well, he still remembers /his/ first couple of days at Mutant High. He glances at the pool a bit wistfully and then looks back to Lucas. It can wait. When Mikhail shows up, he grins faintly and says, "What's up, cave guy? Getting settled in?"

Lucas halts his departure when he's spoken to. He sighs, and then turns around once more to look at Dallas. "Yeah. Ah'm new," he says, with a bit of a southern country accent. He looks at Mikhail, then back to Dallas. He doesn't say anything else, however, as Dallas addresses Mikhail.

Mikhail smiles a Dallas, "Yes, Mikhail very settled", as Dallas is speaking to Lucas he decides he's not a threat, "Heya, you have big gloves", again the heya is in Robyn's accent.

Dallas grins faintly at that sigh and the reticence. He remembers that too. "Yea, you're going to get a lot of that. And a lot of people asking Mutant High's favorite question: What's your power? You get used to it. The hugging and hippie crap may take a little longer." His tone is dry on that last bit. He pauses a moment and then asks the question that's most important to him with any student. "So, know which squad you're on?" He looks back to Mikhail and the grin gets wider. "Cool. And if you can do that mimic thing with teacher's voices, we could have some serious fun messing with the voice mail messages for the school."

Lucas gives Mikhail a glare, and is about to say something mean, when Dallas speaks up. Instead, he turns back to Dallas. "What time does the pool close," he asks dryly, ignoring the rest.

Mikhail has learned enough English now to understand what Dallas is talking about, "Hello, and welcome to the Xavier Institute", he says this in Scott Summers voice, when Lucas glares at him he grins showing his fangs, he's not threatening him, his animal instincts are just telling him to show he isn't defenseless.

Dallas shrugs easily and says, "By the rules, after nine or so. For real? As long as you keep it down and nobody starts throwing fireballs or making out or something, the teachers usually ignore you using the pool or gym or weight room after hours. You swim? It's an awesome pool. Heated. I was swimming a few nights ago /while/ it was snowing." He says that last bit the same way most people would describe something wondrous. "Seriously, it's like being rich or something living here. Well, rich and surrounded by people who can blow up buildings." He blinks when Mikhail imitates Cyclops and says, "Wow. Pretty cool, Mikhail." He pauses and says, "We totally need to teach you to sing Brittany songs in that voice and put them on the Internet as Mr. Summer's demo tapes." Another hesitation and he reconsiders. "Nah, I have enough detention."

Lucas furrows his brow a bit, listening. He looks at Mikhail, then at the fangs, "Do all you freaks have fangs?" He looks back at Dallas. "Ah reckon it's like being rich, if havin' money means you live at a furry convention." He rolls his eyes, and shakes his head, "Great then. Ah'll come back after nine. Maybe ya'll will be gone then." And once more, he turns to leave.

Mikhail has no idea who Brittany is but doesn't mind using his talent to help so he makes a mental note to find out who Brittany is, when Lucas calls him a freak, he growls in warning, "That not nice", he really doesn't like that word, whether in English or Romanian.

Dallas blinks at the tone to Lucas and then the word 'freaks'. His expression goes grim and his shadow flows over him as Lucas goes to leave, eyes blazing white around black like tiny eclipsed suns. He jumps up and /over/ Lucas, an effortless twenty foot leap, turning in mid-air to land facing the new kid. He holds out a black-sheathed hand, not quite straight-arming Lucas in the chest. "Ok. You're here and it sucks. I get that. But we all live here too. And if you call anybody else a freak, we're going to find out if your powers included flying. Because I /will/ punt your ass to Jersey if you screw with my friends. If that's cool, then go ahead with being a jerk. If not, that's cool too. We'll all get along."

Lucas just stands there, staring at Dallas. Slowly his head tilts to the side, "What're you? The hero?" He rolls his eyes, and then laughs. "Everyone needs a hero, right. Okay, fine. Ah'll play along." His right hand slowly moves over to grasp the glove on his left, but he doesn't pull it off. "But don't touch me. Ah wouldn't want y'all gettin' hurt."

Mikhail jumps behind Lucas in attempt to help Dallas, adopting a preditory stance he bares his fangs and gives him a warning snarl.

Dallas's face doesn't really have any features to see with the shadow covering it, other than his eyes. Those widen a bit and then narrow and he says, "I can take it. And if I don't, um, melt or explode or turn into goo or whatever it is you do, does that mean you'll relax a little?" Apparently the 'let's all get along' ethos of his squad is infecting him, though being himself, it comes out in the most confrontational way possible. Looking back to Mikhail he says, "No biting, Mik. I'm not sure which one of you they'd have to give the tetanus shot to." Yes, there is a hint of humor in his voice at that. Turning back to Lucas, Dallas holds out a hand and says, "Shake. Let's see what you've got."

Lucas glances over Dallas' shoulder at Mikhail, and says, "Easy, boy." Then he looks back at Dallas, "Ah'm relaxed already. So… Whatever." He then shakes Dallas' hand with his thick glove still on. The glove is warm, and the material is rough like insulation or burlap. It's also clear the glove is almost an inch thick, as it envelopes Dallas' own hand as they shake. "But Ah AM a freak, Hero."

Mikhail steps back when Dallas tells him not to attack, he hears him call him Mik and decides he likes it, when Lucas talks to him like a dog, he growls again.

Dallas powers down as Lucas doesn't offer to match powers and he shakes hands as his shadow flows down and away, going back to whatever it does when he's not calling it. He looks up at Lucas, given their height difference and shrugs. "Relaxed but grouchy. And it's a whole school of people who can do stuff. Or are stuff. Or both. I don't know how 'freak' even works here." He pauses and says, "I know you don't know me and don't give a crap what I think. That's cool. And fair. I just …." He frowns and says, "I swear to god, Eddie would have you eating pizza and laughing by now. I suck at being cool. Just, you know, give the place a shot. It grows on you." And by 'place' he obviously means 'people'. He grins past Lucas to Mikhail and adds, "It takes all kinds, right?"

Lucas looks at Mikhail when he growls, and he smirks, pleased with the rouse. Back at Dallas, he shakes his head, "Freak works the same as everywhere else, Ah reckon." He then looks at Mikhail as he references, "You can be Baba Yaga here, but at the end of the day, y'all are just hidin' in your fuckin' Chicken Hut. And it's a freak place, too." He looks back at Dallas, "My roommate's a hyena. All my stuff already smells like wet dog, and Ah imagine Ah got fleas. So how about you quit tryin' to be this Eddie guy, an' just chill, HeroBear."

When Lucas mentions Baba Yaga if reference to him he loses his temper completly, he runs at Lucas and pins him to the wall, he growls, "Do not speak of it, Nemernic", he has his hand around Lucas' throat.

Dallas shrugs and shakes his head, missing the references all together. "So ask for a non-hyena roomie. And, um, yea. Ok, that's probably fair too. Not trying to be somebody I'm not." He sighs and says, "Yea, do what you're going to do, man. I tried to be the welcome wagon. If you don't like it, you can kiss my …. Mik! No!" He is momentarily shocked as the actual violence breaks out, his shadow flickering there and gone in a second. And of course, just as he needs it to restrain the bestial mutant, it won't stay in place. He grabs at Mikhail's shoulder and says, "Mik! Dude. Don't do that. You don't want to clean out the stables for a month."

Lucas lets Mikhail slam him against the wall, and once held there, he smirks, a shitty grin like he is proud of having evoked the emotion from Mikhail. "Nemernic? Ah don't reckon Ah much know what that means, Mik." He stresses Mik's name when he says it, a bit arrogantly. "Your master doesn't want you to hurt me, Mik. Ah think you'd like to, though, wouldn't you?" He smiles, "Hit me."

Mikhail ignores Dallas' hands grabbing his shoulder, hes current mental state is a mixture of an angry beast and a scared child, "Dallas my friend calls me Mik, you not my friend!", when Lucas uses the word master the scared child leaves, giving the beast full control, "I HAVE NO MASTER!!!", he snarls, he punches Lucas in the stomach, with enough strength to leave a very large bruise, hes holding back, and then throws him halfway down the pool.

Dallas stops as Lucas starts mouthing off and then shrugs. "Screw it. Just don't kill him and get thrown out. Anything else you can probably get away with." His tone is as cool as ice as he says that, with the new guy having apparently exhausted his patience, at least for the moment. He does wince at that gut shot and then looks worried as Mikhail tosses the new guy. He reaches for his shadow again and starts trying to call it around him even as he says, "Woah! Ok, Mikhail. Dude. Ok. That's good. Um, not good. Enough. That's enough. Seriously." He gets between the foreign student and Lucas, admittedly not presenting very much of a barrier when he's not in shadow form.

Lucas winces, and then tumbles end over end for a moment when he hits the ground. He pushes himself up onto his knees, and looks over at the other two. Again, he smiles. "Save me, Hero Bear," he says to Dallas as he slowly makes his way to his feet. He lays his gloved hand over his stomach, clearly in pain but trying to not act like it. He steps back center on the walkway, as if he is waiting for Mikhail to come at him once more, but he does not take an offensive stance.

Mikhail starts walking over to Lucas, not wanting to hurt Dallas, when he gets in the way he simply jumps over him, as he approaches Lucas he says, "I freak, you prey", he lifts Lucas up by the throat, and grins showing his fangs, "say sorry".

Dallas turns back to look at Lucas. "Shut up, moron. I don't give a crap about you, I just don't want him in trouble." Not exactly true but he's not in the mood to be friendly to Lucas at this point. He blinks as Mikhail jumps over him and then mutters, "Wow. Ok, that's how that feels." He literally stops breathing as Mikhail grabs Lucas again and reaches for his shadow again. This time it flows up around him and he takes a few steps forward, reaching for Mikhail's wrist on the hand wrapped around Lucas's throat. "Mik. Please."

Lucas chokes, hanging there by Mikhail's hand. His eyes widen a bit, but he's not fighting back. He looks from Mikhail to Dallas, and then back again, before muttering between gasps, raspy and choked, "…bite… me…" Probably meant as an insult, and not instruction.

Mikhail nods when Lucas tells him to bite him, "Fine", hes then distracted when Dallas' shadowed hand grabs his wrist, he looks round at Dallas and realizes his friend sees him as a threat, he nods at Dallas, "Ok", and drops Lucas into the pool, turning back to Dallas, "sorry".

Dallas sighs in relief as Mikhail drops Lucas and his shadow flees as the immediate danger passes. He realizes that he's still holding onto Mikhail's wrist and lets go, quickly, expression somewhat surprised. He turns and looks down at Lucas in the water and says, "Well, that will cool you down, I guess." Yes, he's smirking as he says it.

Lucas hits the water, and immediately the air is filled with hissing and steam. The water around him boils and pops, and Lucas thrashes in it for a few seconds. Finally, he settles, floating up on his stomach, seemingly dead in the steaming water.

Mikhail stares in confusion at the boiling water, but doesn't react as Lucas floats to the top, he doesn't know what dead looks like.

Dallas looks back towards the water at the boiling and popping. He is standing beside the pool in sweats next to Mikhail, who is similarly attired. Lucas is in the water, face down and in street wear. Other than them, the pool area is empty. Seeing the new kid looking, well, dead, he dives in the water, his clothes instantly turning to dead weight and kicks off his shoes as he swims towards Lucas, seeking to flip him over and haul him towards the side of the pool. Assuming Dallas doesn't get boiled first.

Lucas floats there. The boiling seems to settle, though the water is still warm. Most of the steam seems now to be emanating from the giant gloves on his hands. He doesn't move, even as Dallas grabs him.

Mikhail continues to watch what is happening, wondering what Dallas is doing, "What you doing?", he can hear Lucas' heartbeat so he doesn't see a problem.

Dallas sputters as he flips Lucas over so he can breathe and drags him to the side of the pool. "I don't know if he can breathe water. And I definitely know underwater and knocked out is bad." He looks up in annoyance. "A little help, please?"

Coming out to the pool area is Robyn, he's not actually here to go swimming so he's dressed in his normal clothes of a pair of black jeans an a hoodie with a gray skeleton on the side. He looks like your typical emo kid. "Hey has anyone seen…" but before he can finish his sentence he spots Dallas trying to drag some kid to the edge of the pool. "What's going on here?" He asks sounding surprised as heads over to help Dallas immediately, even though he's not that strong.

Lucas remains unmoving, and even as he is lifted from the water, the gloves continue to hiss and steam.
When Dallas asks for help, Mikhail reaches into the pool and lifts Lucas out by his shirt, and tosses him onto the side of the pool.

Dallas climbs out, going from warm in the heated water to chilly in wet clothes almost immediately. Deadly cold will be in a few minutes. He avoids those steaming gauntlets, obviously at a loss for what to do next when Robyn shows up. He looks up and says, "He's out. And I think he might have had some kind of power attack or something. The water boiled and steamed when he went in." He glances at Mikhail, not wanting to get his friend in trouble and says, "Um, maybe we better get help?"

Robyn takes off his hoodie and hands it to Dallas. "Get out of that wet t-shirt and do either of you know first aid?" He asks as he leans over and goes to check a pulse at Lucas's wrist and notices the gloves so he goes for the neck instead. "There might be someone down in the medbay, and I just know how to do mouth to mouth in theory." He's never actually had to preform it before. He doesn't bother asking who Lucas is, this isn't really the time for it. "Is he breathing?" He says leaning over to listen to see if he is.

As the two boys clamor around Lucas, he starts to make a bit of noise. It's a snicker, being stifled no longer successfully. Very quickly, it erupts into laughter, and he sits up. Between guffaws, he says to Dallas, "Oh, man… Y'all were… HAHA… Y'all were so scared!" He laughs some more, "Ah right knew you'd save me, Hero Bear!" he adds, clearly rife with sarcasm.

Mikhail walks over to the laughing Lucas and kicks him back into the water, "That rude".

Dallas's eyes get wider as Lucas starts making noise and then his expression goes entirely angry. His shadow is suddenly around him and his eyes blaze as he brings down one fist in a punch towards Lucas's chest. Just as Mikhail kicks him back into the water and out of the way. Concrete cracks and chips fly like shrapnel from the impact where Lucas was a moment ago. Dallas jumps to his feet, "You jackass!" His shadow flees almost as suddenly and he says, "Why the /hell/ did you do that?!"

Robyn isn't one to get mad easily but right now, he's not too happy and he shows. "What the fuck you asshole? I fucking come out here and you look like you've fucking drowned and you're joking? That's not funny at all!" He yells and the New Yorker in him is coming out with the f-bombs flying. Robyn usually curbs his swearing but life or death isn't funny to him. "Seriously, I should posses you, walk you out somewhere far from here and leave you to fend for yourself, that's not fucking cool at all."

Lucas' gloves his and steam more when he hits the water again. He stands up, and is still laughing. "Oh come on," he says with his soft southern drawl. "Y'all are so fuckin' stuffy. Ah rolled up here an you were totally all serious McHero Bear. Lighten up, Christ…" He begins to make his way back to the steps to get out of the pool.

Before Lucas has taken more than a couple of steps towards the steps, Mikhail is standing at the top ready to push him back in when he tries to get back out, "You stay in", he grins showing his fangs again as a warning.

Dallas is shivering with anger, relief and plain old cold. It's freakin' freezing and his clothes are wet. Robyn's shouting gets arched eyebrows and a kind of 'wow, who knew?' expression. He turns back to Lucas, "You k…k…k…know, any /other/ week you'd be the b…b…b…biggest asshole I've ever met." He looks down at the bottom of the pool and decides going after his shoes just isn't worth it right this second. "Welcome to Xavier's. I hope you get s…s…squashed by a sentinel." With that he starts heading for his dorm room, this time not even thinking of asking Mikhail to back off.

Robyn wonders if he should stop Mikhail or not or just follow Dallas's lead inside as he's not happy with the situation right now. "You know, this place isn't a joking and faking being seriously hurt isn't funny either. Maybe when you've actually seen some of the stuff that happens with people who have powers, you'd realize that." He looks at Mikhail again and decides to walk over. "Mikhail, just leave him, he's not worth the attention since that's all he's looking for."

Lucas furrows his brow a bit, not getting out of the pool per Mikhail's order. "Oh, come on, Hero Bear! Eddie wouldn't leave now! Here," he shouts at Dallas, and then pulls off his left glove. His wet hand sputters, and he shakes it, tossing off some of the water. There's hissing, some sparks, and then an eerie hum sound as his hand begins to glow with an eerie, brilliant and bright nuclear reaction. The heat is strong, and everyone can feel it. "Ah'll even warm ya up." He looks at Robyn, "It aint about attention. Whatever."

Mikhail growls at Lucas when he starts bothering Dallas again, and when he starts making the heat he jumps back in fear with a yelp, he doesn't like fire at all, Lucas just became very frightening to him.

Dallas turns back around, eyes narrowing with anger. He's still shivering and shaking and the chances of calling his shadow, even accidentally, are about zero at the moment. He stomps back towards Lucas, not at the offer of getting warmed up but out an urge to dive back in and punch the new guy in the nose. He puts a hand on Mik's shoulder in passing, as though to reassure him but his attention is still focused on Lucas. "What the hell is your problem? Seriously? I didn't do anything to you." That sounds defensive.

Even though he's just met Lucas, something about him talking just irritates him, like a cat getting his fur rubbed the wrong way. "Than what is it about jerk? Faking drowning isn't cool, ever." He doesn't know the whole story as he came in just to see Dallas dragging Lucas out of the pool. He clenches his jaw a bit as he feels the heat and sees Mikhail jump back. "You okay Mikhail?" He asks his teammate walking over to him protectively, keeping a weary eye on Lucas.

Lucas begins to respond to Dallas, but then he sees Mikhail cower, and the smile drains from his face. His eyes widen just slightly more, and his head tilts a hair to the side, brow raising. He takes a one inch step back, and then follows Mikhail's eyes to his own hand. He slowly turns the glowing reaction surrounding his hand, staring at it, and then swallows, a heavy, loud swallow. He kneels into the water, and with a loud hiss, extinguishes it beneath the surface. Keeping his hand in the water, he begins to swim a few feet over to get his glove. Almost inaudibly, he mumbles, "…sorry…"

Mikhail is cowering in fear, fire instills such fear in him that he finds it hard to function beyond the fear.

Dallas wraps his arms around his chest and his angry expression becomes somewhat moderates as Lucas at least some remorse for scaring Mikhail. He looks over to Robyn and says, "I honestly don't know what his deal is. Maybe you better get Mik someplace he feels safer." He looks back to the new guy in the pool and says, "This is not over. But it's over for /now/. Jackass." And then, /very/ reluctantly, he tilts his head towards the school, "The dorms are on the left path. Maybe you can find them without screwing with anybody else."

Robyn is glad that Lucas seems to back down but with Mikhail cowering in fear behind him, he ignores the jokester. He turns around and puts a hand on Mikhail's shoulder. "You okay Mikhail? It's okay, you're okay." He says before looking at Dallas. "Yeah, that might be a good idea. That guy can go fuck himself for all I care." He says pretty much ignoring Lucas now. "You wanna go back inside Mik?"

Lucas slips the giant glove onto his hand, and pulls himself out of the pool on the far side. He's slouched a bit once he stands on the concrete, dripping, his gloves steaming with a hiss. He glances over his shoulder at the others, almost like a broken puppy, and opens his mouth to speak. Nothing comes, so he closes it, and just begins walking towards the mansion.

Mikhail nods not taking his eyes off Lucas, when Robyn asks if he wants to go inside, "y…y…yes".

Robyn puts an arm around Mikhail and nods. "Let's go, come on, maybe we'll see about finding some cookies or something." Robyn does have quite the sweet tooth. "What exactly happened out here, and what scared you so much?" He asks trying to figure out what happened before he got to the pool area. He's forgotten that he was looking for someone in the first place as he leads Mikhail inside.

Xavier Mansion - Dallas and Trey's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

There is a muffled knock on the door, like someone knocking through a towel.

Dallas gets off the bed where he laying, listening to an iPod and dressed in dry shorts and a t-shirt after a very hot shower. He crosses over to the door, already speaking loud enough to be heard on the other side. "Trey, it's your room too. You don't have to keep knoc…." He opens the door and his voice trails off as he sees who is there.

Lucas is standing in the corridor wearing a pair of baggy running shorts and a Nashville Predators jersey. The jersey looks to be authentic, and through the little holes Dallas could see he has a wife beater on beneath it. His hands are still covered in the thick gloves, which almost look like cartoon gloves they are so large. He is holding them out, towards the door, and in the palm, is Dallas' shoes from the pool. They are warm and dry. Lucas looks at Dallas, and in an instant, breaks his eye contact away, to look down at the shoes in his hands. "Y'all, um… Y'all left these… in the… um… pool…"

Dallas's brow furrows as he tries to work through the apparent peace offering for a moment. He hesitates, but when you get right down to it, being teased and fooled isn't exactly a horrible crime against you. He takes them and says, "Thanks." A pause and then, again, "Thanks." After another pause he says, "Look, I'm sorry I got in your face. But thanks for the shoes." He obviously thinks the conversation is over, as he starts to turn away.

Lucas nods, but doesn't move. He lets his arms drop to his side, and he watches Dallas for a moment. He furrows his brow, and once Dallas has fully turned away, he says, "Um… Did… Is, uh… Is Mikhail okay?" He swallows heavily, and sort of looks away quickly, before nervously looking back.

Dallas looks back to Lucas and his upbringing wins against holding a grudge. "Why don't you come in? I've got some cans of coke and stuff in the mini-fridge." He backs away from the door. "And Mik's new. I think he was, um, feral or something before. He reacts like an animal to a lot of things. No way you could have known that."

Lucas lingers in the doorway another moment too long. "No… Ah just… Ah… He was afraid of me…" He furrows his brow, and shakes his head, "Ah never…" He sighs, and then follows Dallas inside. "It's Coke, right? Like, Coca-Cola? Not Pepsi? Ah don't much drink Pepsi none."

Dallas nods, "Coke." He heads over to the fridge and retrieves a couple then tosses one to Lucas, gesturing towards the desk chair as he settles back on his bed and pops the tab. "He was afraid of what you could do. I don't think it was personal. To be honest, I think he wants to kick your butt."

Lucas catches the soda can, and sits on the bed. He looks at the can, and at the pop top, and furrows his brow a bit. No way that glove is operating that pop top. He doesn't say anything, however, and instead, just holds the soda and acts like nothing is wrong. "Um… Yeah." He sighs, "So… Ah guess maybe you aren't so far off from bein' your idol Eddie there, Hero Bear." He smirks, "We're havin' that Coke."

Dallas blinks after a moment and then sets his aside. He reaches out to take the coke from Lucas and pops the top then sits it on the desk near him. His teeth grit as he says, "Don't say that, ok? That hero thing. You don't know about the crazy stuff around here yet and I don't want any rumors to get started. /Especially/ about Eddie. And stop calling me that."

Lucas rolls his eyes a little, "Look, we ARE all freaks. Ah was just tryin' to show you two that. What happened out there? That ain't how normal people argue." He sighs, and picks up the can of soda. There's a momentary struggle, but finally, he uses both gloves to lift it to his mouth and takes a drink. "Anyway, Ah just… Yeah. Fine."

Dallas sighs and says, "Everybody is dealing with stuff. You are fresh off the plane. So is Mikhail. And they probably found him living in a cave somewhere. And you know, your first few days at the school? Maybe you shouldn't be trying to teach everybody /else/ lessons." He shrugs. "just a thought."

Lucas nods, "Yeah, well… Sooner ya'll get used to the fact that we ain't normal, sooner you can move on." He takes another drink of Coke. Then he mumbles, and giggles, "Heheh… Hero Bear… haha…"
Trey has connected.

Dallas rolls his eyes. "There's levels of 'normal'." He sounds a tad defensive about that. "And really? You're going to go with that? You've met …what… four people here? How many of them want to hit you now?"

Dallas looks at Lucas speculatively. "Helps what? And it's um, a shadow. We merge and I get better. That's about it. I guess your deal is heat or something?"

Lucas ignores him, "Not heat, specifically. My hands are stuck in a state of nuclear fusion… It's… It's like my hands are little nuclear reactors. Ah can do different things with that." He smiles, "One is fly." Then he shrugs, "Well… Hover, really. Ah can't control it right well enough yet to actually fly fly."

Dallas nods. "Kind of cool. Especially if you can ever get it under control. And flying would be useful. Even hovering." He sighs, "We don't have a real flyer on my squad. Which is going to suck at tactical stuff." He frowns a bit at that. "Unless you end up on my team, which might be bad."

Lucas shakes his head, "Ah don't think Ah am. Ah'm on the Paragons. With another furry, and then two Ah ain't met yet… Um… Aleksey and uh… Rash… Rashmeee?" He shakes his head, "Ah can't remember that other name."

Dallas points out, "You know, He's not actually furry. He just has claws and fangs. But there are a couple here. And it's not like they are to blame for their mutation." He nods at the line up. "Wow. You got hosed for squads."

Lucas furrows his brow, "Leighton, Ah think is there, too. Hosed, huh? Fuck. Why do ya'll say that?"
Dallas takes a sip of his drink and says, "Waterboy and Bowling Lass. They both seem nice and all, but their powers kind of blow, from what I've seen. Then again, I've got Rubber Maid on my team, so I'm not sure I can complain."

Lucas sighs, "Whatever. Ah ain't here to fuckin' make friends." He takes another drink of his coke, and then struggles for a moment to precariously sit it back on the table beside him. "Ah reckon if it's too bad, we'll swap, huh? Fuck it, we'll make our own damned team, right?" He smiles, "The Hero Bears?" He laughs then, clearly teasing.

Dallas rolls his eyes and says, "Do I /look/ like a bear to you?" He grins and says, "And if I were putting together my own squad, you /might/ make the cut." He gives Lucas an obviously exaggeratedly appraising look. "Kind of look like a hippie. Too much hair and not enough muscle tone. But you do have a useful power. So yea, maybe third or forth pick."

Lucas rolls his eyes again, "Thanks. Better to be picked NOT first anyway. Ya'll get picked first, suddenly there… fuckin'… expectation." He rolls his eyes, "Ah don't need people judgin' me none." He shrugs, and grins, "My hair's fine. Fuck off."

Dallas laughs and says, "I liked getting picked first. It gives everybody else something to aim for and me something to fight for." He pauses and says, "And yea, it's fine hair. If, you know, you're into 80s metal." His tone is sly and a little bit goading, apparently giving back a little of Lucas' own teasing.

Lucas shrugs, "Maybe Ah am." He works the giant gloves around the can once more, and takes another drink. "Figures, you'd like gettin' picked first. Attention whore. Hero." He sighs, "Ah'd rather just not be noticed." He shrugs, "Ah didn't ask for this, why be judged?" He looks around the room, before furrowing his brow and looking back at Dallas. "What… Ya'll some kinda fuckin' quarterback super sport star?"

Dallas shrugs, "I don't see 'hero' as a bad word. And, um, back home, yea. Not like a star or anything, but I was on track and field and um, baseball, football and basketball. Pickup hockey when I had time. And other stuff." He takes a sip of his soda and says, "When you're short, you either run from the guys on the football team or be one of them. And it turns out that I'm pretty good at most of it." He gives Lucas a look up and down and says, "I'm guessing you have an electric guitar or something?"

Lucas shakes his head, "Nope. Ah don't play anything, actually. Ah'm… Nevermind." He sits the empty can down. "Ah reckon Ah should get back to my dorm 'fore they do room checks." He begins to push himself off the bed to stand. "Anyway, sorry about the Mik thing."

Dallas arches his eyebrows at the never mind but he just nods and says, "It's ok. He'll get over it. I'd apologize to him though." And a grin, "Bring food. He can't try to kill you if he's busy eating." He stands and says, "And hey, you know, you don't suck so bad on second impression. That helps." He opens the door, still grinning at Lucas.

Lucas pauses in the doorway, giving Dallas a bit of a nod, "Yeah." He steps into the hall, "Night." He pauses, and as he turns away, he adds, "Hero." And he walks down the hall with a chuckle.

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