2009-04-30 Man Law


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Summary: Tv viewing late on a Wednesday night. New friends join in, and then leave the two younger ones alone to talk. Wherein Man Law is broken.

Date: 04-30-2009

Log Title Man Law

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's a lovely night around the Mansion, there isn't much to do around here. Well, at least that's what Kael thinks as he lounges about on one of the bigger sofas in the Rec Room; the TV currently playing the Discovery channel. Seems that the show Time Warp is on, and the wind controller is just sitting there. Watching TV. Like any other teenager would be doing this late at night. Dressed in his normal garb, sans the sandals; the boy sits cross legged on the cushion with a small bag of chips nestled there.

Max is in there as well, never hearing of the show before but as soon as his new friend had it on the TV, he has become entranced. "So all of it is slow mo?" He says, his eyes glued to the TV. The normally hyper kid is still working off his meds, so he can actually focus right now.

July steps into the rec room bearing sandwiches! She's carrying a plate with many sandwiches of mayo with cheese and ham, "Any of you guys hungry?" She asks, smiling as she heads toward where the guys are seated, holding the plate and offering it to Max and Kael.

Vladimir coming in after July seemly coming out of no where and grabs a peace of the sandwich, "thanks July" Never be surprise a teenage boy showing up when there free food. He stops and kisses July check, "looks good" He then moves to the couch, "what are you two watching?"

Kael looks over at Max with a smile. "Yup! They show it to ya at normal speed. And then slow it down." He gestures at the TV as they show a slow motion replay of a gummy bear frozen in liquid nitrogen shattering against the table. "I love this show." His attention is then caught by July and he smiles a bit wider, "Thanks, July!" He reaches over, snatching two up before he offers one of them to Max as he takes the bite out of one. Then Vlad comes in and Kael blinks a bit; taking a moment to chew and swallow before he answers. "Time Warp."

In Max's hands is a cold bottle of strawberry YooHoo, what nearly equates to gold for him. He decided to dip into his stash before he came down to watch. The frosty teen looks to the not yet opened bottle and offers one to Kael. He's got one in his lap that's been chilling for the same amount of time. The boy does take the offered sandwich, taking a bite before the extremely frozen gummi bear meets a shattering demise. "DUDE! I bet I could do that!" He says, watching the slow motion video.

July blinks softly, "Do what?" She asks, as Max seems excited at what's showing on TV, "Oh, hey, Vlad." she says, smiling, before moving to find a seat for herself to sit near the group.

Vladimir blinks, "Time warp never seen it before." He leans back in the couch but then make room for July, "Dude that's awesome. Look at the explode." He takes a bit of the sandwich and mmms, "this is good"

Kael takes the YooHoo with a smile before he looks over at Vlad. "It's an awesome show. Used to be something my family used to sit down and watch together." He opens up the drink, downing a good bit of it before he looks over at Max. "These are good!" Apparently, he's never had 'em before. His eyes flit back to the TV where a clip shows of a guy cracking a whip soaked in kerosene and lit on fire. A fireball explodes off of the end of it. "I bet somewhere here at the school could do that."

Max rephrases his earlier statement. "Freeze something that cold. Make a gummi bear wish it was never moulded!" He says as he continues to watch. The cryokinetic looks to his newest friend. "Yeah, I love them, even if they're pink."
You page-pose, "Kael needs to figure out if Kael knows he's gay. Or if he needs to discover. I need a quarter! … There's one!" to Max.

July picks up one of her sandwiches to munch on it, "So you guys are watching things explode?" she asks, an amused smile on her lips, "Typical of the men…" she giggles softly.

Vladimir looks at July and smiles, "yep but this is cooler because it's in slow mo so it longer and much cooler." He takes another bit of the sandwich and mmms again.

Kael laughs brightly. "Pink things can taste good as well, ya know." He looks back at the TV, watching the whip crack once more. This time cutting the top of a rose off… as it's being held in the host's mouth. "I wonder if I can do that with wind," mumbles the aerokinetic before he looks at July and grins. "There's also an episode where an old west shooter splits a playing card in two. So it's not /all/ explosions… Just mainly."

Max takes a swig of the YooHoo. "Oh, I know. I just…well, it's pink, and delicious. I'm pretty sure they make it with awesome." Max takes another bite before going and pointing. "You can see the sonic boom!"

July chuckles softly, "Destruction then?" She shakes her head, amused and smiling, "You guys only think about that?"
Vladimir shakes his head, "no we think of other things like sex, car, sex in cars." He smiles at July and wink. He loves teasing her. He then takes a bit of his sandwich.

Kael smiles a bit looking over at Max before he looks back at the TV. "I think next week's is a rerun of that Old Western shooter guy. That was a cool episode." He takes another drink of his YooHoo before he takes another bite of his sandwich. He blinks a bit as he looks over at Vlad and blinks some more. "… What?" He swallows the food in his mouth before he looks back at the TV.

Max follows suite with Kael's weird look. "Huh?" Before taking another swig of the oh so delicious strawberry drink. "I'm so watching that episode." He says looking back yo the TV.

July shakes her head softly at Vladimir's words, "Man, you're weird." she says, before taking another bite off her sandwich, "Isn't there anything less 'destructible' you guys can watch? Just curious." She asks, smiling.

Vladimir smiles at the two and winks, "Relax boys." He watches the TV more and nods, "yah I got to see the one." He takes another bit of his sandwich. laughs some, "yah I am. Um I wouldn't mind watch something else."

Kael quirks a brow and then shrugs as he goes back to watching TV. He looks down at the remote at July's question and blinks. "I dunno really." He presses the channel for TV guide and starts to scroll through the channels as he takes another bite out of his sandwich. "I think that Iron Chef America is on though."

Max watches the watermelon explode just before the button is pressed. "YEAawwwww." He says, looking at July. "Technically it's not an explosion. it's just bursting." He was really liking this show, and Vlad went along with July. Traitor! He's sure there was a man law broken somewhere in there.

July chuckles softly, smiling, "Hey, don't mind me, boys." She says, munching on her sandwich, "I just merely asked. You two were here first, so you get to pick the programs." she shrugs a bit.

Vladimir nods, "sounds good. Um wait the Japan one or the USA because the USA one sucks." He finishes his sandwich and looks at the other two guy. Yah he broke the man law but he really like July even if it pointless.

Kael looks over at Max and grins. "Don't worry. I've got tapes of the episodes. My parents let me bring those along." He looks at the TV guide and says, "Looks like it was an hour ago. Now it's Good Eats." He shrugs a bit, clicking on it before he looks over at July and offers her the remote. Not that people're here. Kael doesn't really want the remote anymore.

Good thing Max wasn't offered the remote, he'd put it on the first cartoon he'd find. "My mom watches that show. I want that mixer he's got with the hot rod flames. I dunno what I'd do with it, but it's cool!" Now that the show has changed, the boy with ADHD sitting right next to Kael starts to shake his legs, the YooHoo is setting in.

July smiles as she's offered the remote, "No thanks, Kael, thank you. I'm currently holding the plate of sandwiches." she says, before picking one more. "Anyone who wants is free to get one more.

Vladimir thinks for a moment, "what's on the sci-fi channlel?" He a big fan of sci-fi fan and loves B movies so he loves sci-fi movies. He reaches over and takes another sandwich.

Kael retracts the remote and then reaches over to take another sandwich; looking back at Max as he pulls his back. "Want another one, Max?" He looks past the cryokinetic and says, "I'm not much of a fan of Sci-fi. I like some of it, but I think mostly that's on now is the really boring movies."

Max looks to the aerokinetic. "Sure." When asked about the sandwich. His legs still shaking from lack of movement. He looks down to his YooHoo, halfway gone. Dang.

July looks at Vladimir as she mentions the sci-fi channel, "Well, there are some good sci-fi series." she says, smiling, "Though I loved the vampire series 'Angel'. Heh."

Vladimir laughs, "it was good for a while. I miss the shows from the 90's like buffy and xena." He takes a bit of his sandwich, "well your the one with the remote you can put on what you want."

Kael reaches over, after putting his sandwich in his mouth to hold it there, and grabs Max another one. He hands it over to his friend as he takes the sandwich out of his mouth with the other. After his hand is free, he picks up the remote and hms softly before he shrugs. "I got nothin' really." He glances over at Vlad and says, "Though, I do know that I don't know you. Who're you?" His head tilts to the side a bit as he asks the question.

Max grabs the sandwich with a nod and starts taking a bite. His leg actually stop shaking as he's eating. His medication seems is still working somewhat. As long as he's moving something, he can focus.

July noticed the quirky leg for a while now, but decided to not ask anything about it for now. She looks to Vladimir, and introduces her friend. "This is Vladimir. One of the first guys I've met here, and…" but then Vlad has to excuse himself, as his phone rings, leaving July blinking.

Kael looks over at July as she explains and then he watches Vlad… leave. He blinks a bit before he says, "… Why would someone have their cell phone on them in the middle of the night…" He shrugs a bit before he takes another bite of his sandwich."

Max looks to Kael. "July's on my squad. And I don't know much about Vlad." He says between bites. He can do without the TV right now, since he doesn't watch anyways.

July chuckles softly at that, and nods, "Yeah, Max and I are squad teammates." she says, smiling to the cryogenic guy, before looking at KAel, "Eh, who knows? Parents? Friends?"

Kael chuckles. "Oh neat. I'm on the squad Corsairs. I met Scott last night in the kitchen. Storm was there too…" He chuckles a bit before he downs the rest of his YooHoo; getting a full body shudder from the chill of it. "Whoa, that was a rush."

The cryokinetic smiles at his teammate. Max may be a spaz, but he's pretty reliable in the Danger Room. "I told you he wasn't bad." He says, talking about Scott.

July blinks softly, smiling at Kael, "Corsairs, huh?" she asks, giggling softly, "Well, then you and Vlad will be good friends. He's in the Corsairs team as well." she nods.

Kael lets out a laugh. "Yeah, though he's really intimidating. I think it's the glasses." He taps the side of his head, where glasses would be and he looks over at July. "Aw, man… This is going to be an interesting time then." He sighs softly and leans back against the couch; taking the last bite of his sandwich.

Max looks to Kael. "He's intimidating, yeah. I want to take his glasses one day, see if he sees red all day. I wonder how long it's been since he's seen the color green." Random questions from the young teen.

July chuckles softly, "You mean Mr. Summers?" She asks, smiling, "I heard bad, bad things happen if you remove Mr. Summer's glasses. That is, you manage to do so, really."

Kael looks over at Max with a laugh and he says, "Well… he told me that he has the glasses so he doesn't blast stuff. Something about optic lasers." He looks back over at July and nods. "Yup, I think that's him. Oh! And Storm said that she's gonna help me with my powers!"

"Yeah, Cyclops! The leader of the X-Men! Fighting to make humans thinks mutants are just alright!"Max says, blushing before mentioning. "I asked Iceman if he was going to help me and he just said: 'Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of our lives.'" Seems this kid never saw Casablanca.

July blinks softly at what Max says, and then she giggles, then laughs, "He said that?" seh asks, grinning, shaking her head softly, "Seems like the teacher is coming on to you." She grins, just adding some playful remark, to see if the cryo-guy gets the hint.

Kael snickers softly at July's remark and he looks over at Max, to see if he gets it as well. The wind controller leans back against the couch once more, a soft smile on his lips as he just watches Max for the moment.

Max looks to July. He looks as if he doesn't get the playful remark, but in a split-second his eyebrows jump up, he may get it. He gives a laugh, knowing Bobby wouldn't hit on Max. He gets the joke.

July smiles as Max laugh at that, "Heh. Just be careful." she offers a wink to him, and giggles as well, softly.

Kael chuckles softly at the joke before he turns the TV off, tossing the remote into an empty chair across the room before he looks over at July, then looking over at Max. "Have you guys been in the Danger Room?"

"Careful with what?" He asks, looking to July. Then the question of the Danger Room comes up. "Yes, Every Tuesday and Thursday." His costume is actually ready for tomorrow. He had to clean it last time, but he does like pinching the material back together.

July nods, smiling, "Yeah. I do have to still wash mine." she sighs softly, "Thankfully our session is after lunch, so there's time in th morning." she says, shaking her ehad a bit.

Kael looks between the two and smiles a bit. "What's it like in there? What exactly happens? I've heard only a bit about it from Storm and Mr. Summers."

"Oh! It's like a video game. But you are in it! Holograms and it's real! It's so cool." Well, that didn't help out much, Max.

July chuckles and nods, smiling, "Alright. And I will get going now, then." she says as she picks up one last sandwich before leaving the plate next to Max. "I still need to get my outfit washed for tomorrow. See you two tomorrow?"

Kael waves to July. "Totally!" He smiles wide at her before he stretches his arms up over his head, letting a small grunt escape him.

"Sure thing, July!" Max bids his teammate. "Cannonball said that tomorrow's Danger Room was gonna be a good one!" He calls out as she leaves. Now the two younger teens are left in the Rec Room. "So, that's one of your teammates, Vlad…"

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Yeah… It's going to be fun." He rubs his forehead a bit before he looks over at Max with a smile. "Owen told me that you should visit him sometime. He looked rather lonely down in the medbay."

"Oh you met Owen?" Max asks, looking to Kael. "Yeah, I meant to go down there today, but I ended up getting a lot of homework. It really sucked." The cryokinetic's eyes are wide open. He's happy to have met someone as into video games as he is.

Kael nods a bit. "Yup. I got lost wandering around the school and I ended up in the basement." He lets out a laugh, "Then Jared showed me to the medbay. And did you know there was a wolfman here? I tried to reach up and scratch behind his ears, but he's too tall." He grumps slightly before shrugging his shoulders. "I think his name was Pallaton."

"No! I didn't know! I just thought it was Owen who as all fuzzy." He's met Pallaton before, but he isn't quite remembering that at the moment. "But I gotta see him. At least once." Well, you'd think a seven foot tall wolf man is easy to see…

Kael grins a bit. "I have to try and think of a way to get up there. Hm…" He looks back over at MAx, smiling brightly as he shifts spots on the couch. Turning to face his friend as he asks, "Wanna go swimmin' tomorrow? After our Danger Room sessions that is. Might be fun. And I haven't been swimming in so long."

"Swimming? Okay." If the weather is gonna be hot like today though, he may have to watch out. "I went a lot of times in the winter. No one else wanted too though. Something about it being crazy to swim while it was snowing." Even now the cryokinetic is wearing cargo shorts, just like during the winter, seems the kid never gets cold.

Kael archs a brow. "Swimming in the winter? I've done that." Granted, winter in Texas is way different than winter in New York. Granted, even in winter. Kael wears the same thing. Barring the difference in weather. He grins a bit and hms softly. "What does your squad do in the Danger Room?" He's just curious about the room till he sees for himself.

The cryokinetic gives a big nod. "Yeah. I like it. Oh, the Danger Room. We do stuff like exercises, a lot of team work stuff, and every now and again, we run full simulations, where we have to face some bad guys."

Kael's eyes go wide at the last part. "That is awesome…" He laughs softly once more before he asks, "Who's all on your team? Must be a blast to be in there with a bunch of friends."

"Eddie, Me, Leo, my roommate; Nate, July, and our leader; Cannonball." He lists off. Leo and Nate are a couple, Eddie and Max are friends, and July is the newcomer, but she's accepted into the fold. "It is real cool, I'm sure your group is fun too. If Owen is on it."

Kael blinks a bit. "Leo's my roommate. That's interesting." He shrugs a bit before he grins a bit. "I haven't actually met the rest of my squad. Though, I might have to try and see if I can find out who're the rest are."

"You're teammates are Vlad, and Cammie, Owen, Uriko, and Sophie." He informs. "When they were made, they listed the squads in the dorms." Max gives a yawn and leans toward Kael. "Man, I'm starting to get tired."

Kael blinks a bit. He must've missed that as he was exploring. In an instinct, he wraps his arms around Max in a hug when he's leaned towards and he flushes red softly. "Heh, I think that YooHoo gave me enough energy for a good bit."

Max exhales as he is hugged. His friends were often that close. "Yeah. I think I'm gonna get showered and throw on some PJ's." He is getting tired, now that he's had time to calm down, he's got half-closed eyes.

Sometimes kids just crash, Max does a lot. Normally ends up in his bed when he wakes up. Since who wouldn't want to pick him up."

Kael smiles softly as he just lays there with Max at the moment. "That's if you don't pass out on the way to your dorm." He feels strangely calm right here, and it shows as the blush has faded away and he's relaxed.

Max is calmed too, partially due to his sleepyness, but he doesn't even move his foot up and down in Kael's arms. "I think I can make it." He says.

Kael lets out a soft giggle as he moves to get up. "Well then. Shall we see how far you can make it?" Though his arms are still resting on the cryokinetic.

"Okay." Max says, looking up to Kael. Though he'll wait for Kael to release him before starting to make his way out.

Kael moves his arms, moving to let Max get up first before gets up and follow the cryokinetic to his dorm. Just to make sure that he gets there safely.

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