2010-11-25: Man Of Few Words


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Summary: Theo and Shifter meet on the street on a day which neither finds much to give thanks about.

Date: Thursday, November 25, 2010. 5:32pm. Thanksgiving Day.

Log Title: Man of Few Words

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Thanksgiving day may be busy outside of Macy's, but the parade is over, and most people have gone inside for dinner with their loved ones, or are watching the football game. For this reason, most of the stores are closed for the day. Tomorrow will be the big push for them. This particular street is remarkably empty, with only a single soul to be seen.
Theo sits on a bench, a pack of crackers in his right hand, and with his left he puts one of them in his mouth. Not much of a Thanksgiving dinner. He's got a heavy coat on, and a pair of blue jeans. He stares blankly across the street, watching the progression of a neon sign advertisement in the window of a closed liquor store.

Thanksgiving has never really ment much to Shifter, even before his powers surfaced he spent his life moving from foster home to foster home, so never really did the thanksgiving thing, the only reason he knows what toay is is due to hearing to people say it to each other in the street. He's dressed in black sneakers, grey (ripped) jeans, a black and grey hoodie with the hood up (all his clothing is rather dirty and has rips here and there), he has a dark grey and black scarf covering his lower face and is wearing sunglasses, as per usual he's on a supply run, even the Morlock have to eat afterall.

As Shifter comes into view, the dark-haired skinny teenager's eyes move from the liquor store, and quietly begin to follow him. The morlock is coming his way, but he doesn't seem to be intimidated. Instead, he just continues with a rather neutral stare, watching the dirt covered morlock as he makes his way down the street. He isn't exactly discrete, either, but there isn't much else to watch on a brisk day like this.

After years of avoiding people Shifter is good at telling when he's being watched, and he got just such a feeling now, turning to look Shifter spots Theo, hmmm why's he watching him?

Theo doesn't break his gaze when Shifter begins watching him back. Then again, he may not realize that Shifter has noticed him quite yet, since the other mutant's eyes are hidden behind the sunglasses. He continues to watch him, and pulls another saltine out from the sleeve of crackers in his hand, and puts the entire thing in his mouth, chewing slowly.

Hmmm, people really pay him much attention, Shifter's found that in big cities people rarely pay attention to others, yet this boy is clearly watching him, hmm…, he pulls his scarf down slightly so his voice is unmuffled and afer a few seconds says, "You're watching me?"

Theo nods. "Yeah," he answers. He looks up the street, and back behind the other teenager. "Not much else out here today." He looks back at Shifter. "No Thanksgiving for you either?" he asks, and holds the sleeve of crackers out to Shifter in a non-verbal offer for him to take part in his feast. Theo doesn't look particularly poor. His clothes are decent, he's clean. If he's homeless, he definitely hides it well.(re)

Shifter shakes his head, nope no thanksgiving for him or any of the Morlocks, don't have much to be thankfull for, he waves a hand at the crackers, he's not really that hungry, he's pretty cirtain that Theo isn't homeless, none of the signs are there.

Theo retracts the crackers. "So, already ate?" he asks. He continues to watch the young man in front of him. "Not a popular day to walk around town it seems." He pulls out another cracker and puts it in his mouth.

Shifter nods, yes he has, he is however confused, why is this boy talking to him?, they don't know each other so it's pretty pointless, he shakes his head, no it isn't.

Theo picks up on the apprehension from Shifter. "What?" he asks. "You never seen anybody eat crackers before?" He takes two out at once this time, and pops them in his mouth, chewing them casually. "You seem kinda weird." No apology for the abrupt statement. Of course, it's Theo continuing the conversation.

Shifter raises an eybrow and makes the effort to speak again, "I seem weird?", he's just going on his way, and some guy on a bench starts staring at him, and he's the wierd one?, what the hell?

"Yeah," Theo answers. "Most people don't just come up and talk to strangers on the street," he says. "You gonna beg me for money or something?" he asks. He gives another once over of Shifter. Looks like a bum to him.

This guy is infuriating, this guy keeps staring at him and Shifter is weird for asking why?, he clenches his fists when he's accused of being a beggar, if he wanted Theo's money he'd just take it, he doesn't beg, instead he just turns to leave.

Either he's rather curious, or just likes to watch people squirm. "Hey," he laughs, "I'm just messing with ya." He gets to his feet. "You look like your Thanksgiving isn't any better than mine. You hungry?" Theo seems to be making an offer. "Seriously."

Weither Theo is being serious or not, Shifter has a rule about sharing food with crazy people, to be far it's a rather resent rule, but he's sticking to it none the less, shaking his head he gives a kind of thanks but no thanks gesture.

Theo arches his brow. "You don't talk much, do you?" he comments. He shoves his free hand in his pocket, and puts the sleeve of crackers in the other.

Shifter shakes his head, no he doesn't, speaking, writing, reading, anything to do with words is hard for him, he's not sure why, no ones ever managed to figure it out, it's irritating but he's learnt to deal with it, but it still bothers others, "Does it matter?"

The teenage technopath purses his lips, considering. "I guess not," he answers. "Well, have a good one," he offers. "I won't keep you from…doing whatever you were doing."

Shifter has limited skills when it comes to sign language, schools tried to teach him but he had no interest in learning, but he'll try what he knows, he tries to sign 'why are you out here?' but probably says something more like 'what are you in there?'

Unfortunately, Theo doesn't know sign language. He instead just makes a face and wrinkles his nose. "I'm not deaf," he answers. He looks back toward the the bus stop. "And I know you can speak, so…" he's not sure what to make of the situation.

"Speaking is hard for me", ok the was practicly a sentance, that took Shifter a lot of effort, Theo should feel privalidged, he's used pretty much all he'd say in a week in one conforsation.

A look of better understanding sweeps across the technopath. "Ahh, ok." He gives a bouncing nod. "I guess that explains a lot. You should carry a pad of paper or something," he suggests. "It'd make things easier for you. I don't understand sign language."

Shifter shakes his head, the pad idea won't work, he can't write, hmmm now how to communicate that, he mimes writing, points to himself and shakes his head.

"Dang, you can't read either," he figures aloud. "Well then you should… I dunno. Take some classes or something. No wonder you don't have anything." He shakes his head.

Shifter rolls his eyes, of course why didn't he think of that?, learn to read and write, thats a consept he's never come across, sad thing is, he can't even express this sarcasm.

"Yeah, I know, you've heard it before," Theo answers. "You're just gonna have to man up and do it. Unless you want to be a bum forever." Apparently Theo isn't very knowledgable about dyslexia. Nor is he familiar with learning difficulty, it's most definitely not a struggle of his.

Shifter clenches his fist his fingers accedentaly shifting to become more like blades, he lives on the streets not because he doesn't try, it's because he is a fucking mutant, which is not his fault!

Theo's eyes go wide, and he takes a few steps backward. "Okay, okay." He holds both hands out in front of him defensively. "Look, I was just tryin' to help." He looks nervously at the other mutant. It's true that Theo is also a mutant, but he doesn't have such offensive capabilities, or defensive ones, for that matter.

Shifter rises an eyebrow, ok why's this jerk freaking out?, putting his hands out is front of him in a 'calm down' gesture he notices his fingers, crap!, he shifts his fingers back to normal, cursing himself for the mistake.

Theo takes the gesture into account, and his defensive demeanor calms. "Sorry, I thought you were gonna go postal on me. Don't worry, I understand. Sometimes accidents happen." The boy smirks. "Guess I should expect that by now. This is mutant town, after all."

Shifter sighs in releif, glad that Theo isn't freaking out, he rarely goes postal, well there was that one time but the less said about that the better, still he's gotta give Theo credit for remaining calm.

Theo puts his hands back to his pockets. "You know, there's people you can learn about that stuff from, too," he tells the silent one. "They don't much like being named, but if you got a number…" he stops. "Well, if you got some way to find you, maybe I could convince them to help you." Theo remembers the time before he found Xavier's, it wasn't pleasant.

Shifter is getting help, Mr. Mayfair is gonna help him contact a school Westchester to help him and the Morlocks, "I'm getting help in Westchester", wow he's using a lot of words today.

The city name seems to stun Theo. "Westchester?" he echoes. "Are you talking about Jericho or Christopher?" he asks, those are the two Mayfairs he knows. He doesn't know that there's a third.

Jericho?, that was Mr. Mayfair's brother's name, that who he was gonna talk to about contacting that place, Shifter nods, "Jericho's brother Jordan", yikes even more words, he's on a roll today.

"Small world. I go to the school where Jericho is," he says. He's uncertain whether it wise to give out the name, even to a potential student, so he declines. "I'm Theodore," he says. "Most folks call me Theo." Of course, in admitting he went to this school, it tips his hand that he's also a mutant. He also offers that hand in a handshake.

Shifter shakes the offered hand, "Shifter", his name is the one word that he can say easily, which is why one of his fellow Morlocks Insence often accuses him of being a pokemon, so this boy goes to the school, he's right, small world.

"Well, I'll tell Jericho I met you, they're pretty good folks, even if they are a bit lame sometimes." He'd never admit that to the staff. The bus pulls up to the stop. "Hey, I gotta go," Theo says, "But is there a way I can tell the school to talk to you?" he asks. "You have an address, or PO box or something?" He knows it requires more talking, but…well, he doesn't know how else to get the information along.

Shifter shakes his head, nope no address, no PO box or anything else, he's supposed to be going to Mr. Mayfair's home to find out whats going on, but as Theo's going he gives him a wave before turning and walking away.

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