2009-03-09:Many Hands


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Summary: Jeri and Chris have a discussion about their son.

Date: March 9, 2009

Many Hands

Rating: PG

// Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Living Room//

While it's not an excessively decorated living room, it does have all the necessities. There is a large comfy-looking blue sofa with a matching loveseat and chair next to it. The three are all angled around a nice large-screen TV with all the accoutrements. The excess decorating has not been done… for a reason. The owner apparently knows someone else will want to do that.

With work done, Jericho's at home. He's doing a little housework that Ricky can't do. Rather, he's doing a lot of housework. One of him is lifting and holding up the couch for another to vacuum under. One is assembling a new entertainment center. And a fourth is checking the walls for studs for mounting things properly.

Coming home from work at the Salon, Christophe walks through the door and stops, blinking at the four Jeri's. "I really am going to have to get used to seeing four of you love." He says as he starts to take of his jacket. "I went by the school earlier today to see if anything of mine was retriveable, unfortunately I'm out of luck there." He says, he's not mad about it just more inconvenienced.

All four look up and begin pausing their chores to come and greet Christopher. A large group-hug. "We were wondering about that. Fortunately, we moved everything out except for some clothing earlier." The say simultaneously. One glances at the others and holds up a finger. The others nod.

Christopher shakes his head and chuckles. "This really is going to get used to getting to know. My work laptop was in my room so I'm going to have to get a new one and start from scratch, it's pain in the ass but at least I kept backups." You have to when it's your business database is on one machine. He doesn't notice the finger being held up but he does notice the nod and gives Jeri a 'what are you up too?' look.

"Oh, nothing. I was telling them to hush so we didn't all speak at once." Jeri says with a chuckle. "Nothing more than that, love." The other Jeri's go back to working on the quieter works.

Christopher shakes his head and sighs. "This is just so strange, I know they're all you but I feel like I have to guess which is the real you." He says wrapping his arms around Jeri and smiling up at him. "And finally getting some work around here done, I should be not so lazy and actually decorate, and we should try to find out what Eddie needs replaced."

"We should." Jeri nods simply. "It's weird, love. They're ALL me. Each one is just as me as the other ones. Though, only one of us can share someone's powers right now. It doesn't matter which, just only one. And… then there's the whole memory thing afterward. Talk about overload." He chuckles.

Christopher glows and floats up a bit so he can get high enough to kiss Jeri on the forehead. "Eddie's been under a lot of stress lately, but anywho, I'm hoping this is all over soon and things can get back to normal. Though I do think there could be some interesting aspects of being more than one of you." He says chuckling before going back to the ground.

"I know. I want Eddie to have a normal life again. Like what he had before this invasion. We'll get it." Jeri says with a grin as he looks at the other himselves and pulls them back into his body, with a brief, "Whoah." He chuckles. "I have a feeling Eddie's going to learn more about himself during all of this, though. Stress brings out the best in people sometimes. Or the worst."

"I know he will I've been doing what I can to try to keep his spirits up. I should have taken a picture when I was lightening his hair and turned it rainbow coloured." Christopher says with a grin. "He did fall out of the chair. I've already noticed he's becoming more confident because of all this, even if a bit….stuborningly independant."

"It's going to happen. He's 16, close to 17. He needs to learn though, that he NEEDS people. Especially with his powers, he can't just run into things full throttle. His powers are complimentary." Jeri rubs the bridge of his nose slightly.

"He wants to go to Tennessee when they check out the dome their, it's where…they're keeping the other-Eddie." Christopher says not sure if it's a good idea to want so despertly to meet your other half. "I'm going with him even if he thinks I'll be better staying home and watching the kids. I'll admit it's a mix to make sure he's okay and a mix that I don't like always being told I'm the one to stay back and watch the kids."

"I'm coming to. I have a sneaking feeling that there's something with this Eddie… something not right. And I think we should both be there for his sake. In case things are too much for him." Jeri nods, quickly as he thinks about things. "He's not understanding what it's going to be like to see another him."

"Especially if it's not what he thinks. They may look like us but they're not us." Christopher says hearing some of the reports from Scott and being there for the attack on the school. "I think he's just worried we're going to tell him to stay back and do nothing but he's proven himself and I do have faith in him. I just think he has that kid mentality of 'I'm Sixteen, I'm Invincible'.

"That's the thing. He seems to think of US the way he THINKS we think of him. He doesn't realize it's parental worry. Standard worry." Jeri says with a soft nod as he moves to sit on the couch and drag Christopher with him.

Christopher is dragged with him and kicks off his shoes, curling up next to Jeri. "I think I've told him a hundred times that I'm being a parent, I worry and to let me be a parent and worry. I think it's that he's not used to having someone look out for him so much. We should definately abuse the hot tub later, help relax a bit.

"I think the whole family needs it. Even Ricky's been making regular trips into the City. I don't know what he's doing, but… I'm not his parent. And that'd probably be weird for Eddie." Jeri laughs softly. as he nods, nuzzling against the other.

"I think that means a family vacation is in order. I don't care where, anywhere where I can get some nice relaxation is fine with me." Christopher says as gives Jeri's leg a squeeze and keeps his hair there. "We're not his parents but I've still learned to care for him and hope he isn't getting into too much trouble. We also need another trip to the Melting Pot." Christopher says with a grin.

"Oh definately. I meant to take us out of the country for Christmas, but…" Jeri shrugs. "We do at least have all of our passports now. Maybe for the summer." He says, giving a squeeze. "We'll be fine."

"I knew you were up to something with the passports and almost completely forgot." Christopher looks up at Jeri and smiles, leaning up for a quick kiss. "I know we'll be fine, we're a strong family. I'm thinking a bottle of that Cranberry wine that you like and a trip to the hot tub is definately an idea for later." Christopher says with a chuckle.

"It might get crowded in there with me, now." Jeri grins impishly. "Or is that what you have in mind? What dirty thoughts, Mr. Parker-Mayfair." He laughs. "Not that I haven't had them myself."

Christopher gives Jeri, or tries to give Jeri, an innocent face but it's not so convincing. "Why Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I have no idea what you are talking about. Me have dirty thought, why I'm as pure as white snow." He says with a laugh of his own.

"I know better than that." Jeri says, lifting Christopher as he stands up, and duplicating himself with a punch to the chest. Multiple Jerichos grin, "C'mon. Let's go relax."

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