March 2011 Logs
Date Title Participants Rating For Tez's Use
March 1, 2011 What Are You Going To Do? Hosea and Travis PG
March 2, 2011 Power Trip Chloe and Theo G
March 3, 2011 Getting Education Angelo and Travis G
March 4, 2011 Preparations are Made Corrin Kaji and Tony PG
March 5, 2011 Saturday Morning Cartoons Theo and Heather G
March 5, 2011 Weekend Mall Rats July Sophie and Robin PG
March 5, 2011 Movie Time Cloud, Lucas, Magneto, Robyn and Sophie PG
March 5, 2011 The Good of Suffering Rashmi and Hosea PG
March 6, 2011 A Night in the Park Dashenka, Giea, Jeremy, Mason and Vinny PG
March 7, 2011 Scars Hosea and Sophie PG
March 8, 2011 Laughter and Exercise Chloe, Heather, Patrick and Quill PG
March 8, 2011 Holy Crap A Raccoon! Jeremy and Rocket PG
March 8, 2011 Good to Blow Stuff Up Daisuke, Shane and Sophie PG
March 9, 2011 Happiness and Tea Rashmi and Robyn PG
March 9, 2011 Welcome the New Mutant Order Robin, Shane and Theo PG-13
March 10, 2011 Learn All The Instruments Daisuke and Mason PG
March 10, 2011 Dark Secrets Jeremy and Robin R
March 10, 2011 Trip to Mutant Town Robyn, Sophie and Vinny PG
March 11, 2011 Mission Impossible Patches Quicksilver & IronMan PG-13
March 11, 2011 Late Night at Xavier's Robyn and Sophie PG
March 11, 2011 Drink Away Your Worries Maxwell and Quetzal PG-13
March 12, 2011 Welcome to the Roaring Twenties Cloud, Connor, Corrin, Erik, Heather, Hosea, Jeremy, Mason, Megan, Mike, Pietro, Rashmi, Robin, Sophie, Tony, Travis, Vance & Xorn PG
March 12, 2011 Lovely Night Rashmi and Travis PG
March 14, 2011 Meeting the Morlocks Brain & Shifter PG
March 14, 2011 Making a Driving Deal Kisha and Sam PG
March 14, 2011 Mind Games Ahdi and Shen PG
March 14, 2011 I Know How You Feel Rashmi and Sophie PG
March 15, 2011 Getting to Know All about You Caleb and Justice PG
March 15, 2011 Graduation is too Soon Connor, Heather and Robyn PG
March 15, 2011 Ruckus at the Reservoir Bruce, Shifter, Ahdi, Jordan Mayfair, & Jasmine R
March 16, 2011 I Come in Peace Hosea, Ahdi, Sophie, & Xorn PG
March 16, 2011 Dealing a Kick Jeremy and Shane PG-13
March 16, 2011 Cemetery Showdown Ahdi and Vance PG-13
March 16, 2011 A Learning Experience Sophie and Magneto PG-13
March 16, 2011 International House of Paranoia Ahdi Patches Theo and Tony PG
March 17, 2011 An Alien Affair Ahdi, Quetzal and Vance PG
March 17, 2011 Turned up to Eleven Emma, Robin, and Vinny PG-13
March 17, 2011 Tell Me About Romance Hosea, Sophie, and Heather PG
March 17, 2011 Just To See You Smile Mason, and Shane PG
March 18, 2011 Happy Together Jordan and Robyn PG
March 18, 2011 Offer to Help Jeremy and Vinny PG-13
March 19, 2011 Second Chances Tabitha and Tony PG-13
March 19, 2011 Waiting To Go Home Sophie and Fiona G
March 19, 2011 Traditions of a Medicine Man Jeremy and Vinny PG-13
March 19, 2011 Musings on Demons and a Vomiting Model Jordan Mayfair and Fiona PG
March 19, 2011 We're All Funny Looking Here Tabitha, Fiona and Rashmi PG
March 19, 2011 Musings on Meditation and Telepathy Shen Shifter and Fiona PG
March 20, 2011 Shopping, Music, and Salvation Sophie and Fiona G
March 20, 2011 Throwing Like a Girl Dashenka, Index and Travis G
March 20, 2011 A Stroll and a Drive Tabitha and Giea PG
March 21, 2011 The Consultant Emma and Vinny PG
March 21, 2011 Revelations and Rebirth Maxwell R
March 21, 2011 Speed Date Heather and Chloe PG
March 22, 2011 Who Wants a Glass of Stubborn Ahdi, Fiona and Quetzal PG
March 22, 2011 MGH Dealers vs Toadies Fiona, Maxwell, Tabitha and Travis R
March 23, 2011 Fear No Evil Sophie and Hosea G
March 23, 2011 Are You Sorry? Shane and Theo PG-13
March 24, 2011 Kicked Open Emma and Shane PG-13
March 25, 2011 With Great Power Comes Great Learning Opportunities Sophie and Jericho PG
March 25, 2011 The Human Condition Hosea and Ahdi PG
March 25, 2011 Heated Debate Kalindi Fiona Daisuke and Ahdi PG
March 26, 2011 Prospect Park Ahdi Anita Jordan Mayfair Tabitha Rocket Pietro and Tony PG-13
March 26, 2011 All Out War Ahdi, Bruce, Emma, Jeremy, Kisha, Shane, Sophie & Vinny R
March 27, 2011 Prayers Answered Rashmi and Sophie PG
March 27, 2011 Lending an Ear Connor, Lucas, Robin and Robyn PG-13
March 27, 2011 Sharing Information Jeremy and Vinny PG-13
March 27, 2011 Unearthly Ways Kalindi and Ahdi PG
March 28, 2011 Kickbacks Bruce, Fiona & Vinny R
March 28, 2011 Making a Pick Up Tabitha and Tony PG-13
March 28, 2011 Everyone Needs A Friend Jeremy and Rashmi PG-13
March 29, 2011 Would You Like Some Candy? Theo PG-13
March 29, 2011 A Warning is Given Vinny and Tony PG
March 29, 2011 Bad Advice, Good Advice Eris, Fiona & Tabitha R
March 30, 2011 Aint Nothin but a Good Time Anita and Tony PG-13
March 30, 2011 In for a sugar rush Tabitha Anita and Tony PG-13
March 30, 2011 A Difficult Choice Jeremy, Robin and Vinny PG-13
March 30, 2011 Kick and Villains Giea Fiona and Hilde G
March 31, 2011 Spades and Darts Kaji Pietro Tony PG-13
March 31, 2011 George Washington the Drag Queen Anita, Connor, Fiona, Robin & Travis PG-13
March 31, 2011 Assault on China Town Dingo, Fiona, Kael, Lil & Tabitha R
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