Marshall "Parallel" Danvers
Marshall Danvers
Portrayed By Chris Colfer
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 12, 94
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Parallel, Mar
Place of Birth Jackson, TN
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Brother, Sister, Parents
Significant Other Mikhail
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Adoptive Muscle Memory
First Appearance The Will to Create



Marshall was born with a hereditary hearing defect, leaving him functionally deaf (he can hear very low-pitched resonant sounds. For example, in dance music, he can hear the rhythm booming under it, and does enjoy that). This really didn't surprise his family, considering that both parents were, and one of his cousins. Both parents worked, letting the kids stay with their grandmother until they were old enough for school. Marshall had two older siblings, but they're not the focus of the story.

Marshall was always friendly with others, even if he couldn't understand them half the time. While his first language is ASL, he also learned early to start reading lips to connect things together. He didn't go to a separate school, instead just blending in with the others his own age. He did have to have his own translator for class, however, which was covered by the state. While there were a lot of things he couldn't do, because he needed hearing, he still had an overall good experience.

His grades were high, despite having to learn through multiple sources that other students didn't. Or… perhaps because of. He remained a straight A student for the duration of his normal school years. However, a few months ago, things started getting strange. Every so often, Marshall would get severe headaches when he concentrated on anything for more than a few minutes. Within ten minutes, it would go from nothing to sharp. Within twenty, it would reach excruciating. Within thirty, well… he'd normally pass out.

Specialists could not figure out what was wrong. One geneticist, however, happened to note the existence of the X-Gene in his patterns and called colleagues of his. As it turned out, Marshall was a mutant. But what his power was? Nobody could figure out. Nobody knew exactly what it was that was different.

The headaches persisted, and one of the doctors reached out to a special school designed to help mutants, just to see if they could do something for him. As of the start of play, his power remains a mystery.


Adoptive Muscle Memory - Marshall's power is to mimic skills and physical actions that he sees in others. Depending on the complexity of the skill determines how much of a skill he can master simply by watching someone use it. For example, Speech is a very simple, very easy skill. By watching someone speak properly, he can gain the ability to speak like a normal person, rather than by his deaf-speak. However, he will use the same speech patterns (not words, just breath patterns, intonations, and whatnot) of whoever he learns it from. He can only learn skills that are basically motor-type. He does not learn the knowledge associated with a skill. For example, while he may watch a surgeon do surgery, he wouldn't know one part from another, and wouldn't be able to perform without someone telling him exactly what to cut and what not to touch. He can only learn skills that use body parts that he has, as his body mimics their movements. He cannot, for example, learn Nightcrawler's climbing abilities, as he's got longer toes and fingers, and has a tail. However, he could learn to scale a wall in the manner of the Punisher, using tools to help. Any learning requires thirty total minutes of observance and concentration. It does not have to be consecutive, there simply has to be thirty minutes of observance of the same person using those skills. Watching a different person will have him learning their style instead, giving another thirty minutes. (For example. Wolverine's sword-play style would be different from Shatterstar's. He could learn each person's individual style, but… he cannot learn a single style that combines the two. He could, instead, learn Two different styles and keep them separate). One of the biggest drawbacks to his power, however, is that for every skill he learns, there is a percentage chance of losing an old skill. (When he has one skill in memory, he has a one percent chance when learning a skill of losing the other one. When he has two skills, he has a two percent chance of losing an old skill when he learns a new one) The skill he loses will be random, and could be something worthless, or something he needs. The highest chance he has of losing a skill is 50%. Once he's lost a skill, he can re-learn by watching the same person use it for ten minutes. (Some skills, like speech, however, do not have to be person specific. It's such a general ability that's not too different from person to person) He can learn skills from TV and video as well. They just have to be visible.


June 22 Marshall meets Alvin. He Talks a Lot for a Deaf Boy


  • "But people think Deaf mean stupid. Not stupid. Just different."


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