2009-05-18: Marshmallow Man


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Summary: SugarBurn attacks!

Date: May 18, 2009

Log Title: Marshmallow Man

Rating: R

NYC - South Sea Port

Located at the mouth of the East River is South Street Seaport. What was once a fishing port is now a mall. Outside, the docks are lined with people and street performers, from contortionists to singers, mimes, and living statues. Large boats are on display for tourists on the side of the docks. If you're lucky and are here at night, a live band might sometimes be performing.

When a warehouse wall explodes, people expect a super villain to come storming out most of the time or some disaster. But today…we have what looks like a man in some strage janitor's uniform with a gas mask and what looks like a mad scientist's vaccuume cleaner on his back. "All fear the SugarBurn!" he yells, lifting a hose to the air and blowing a stream of flames to the sky. People scream, calls go out, and the day is in danger.

Hulkling, big and green, was in the area already so it's a short flight over. He yelps, rolling in the air to avoid the fire and heads in for a landing. "SugarBurn?" he asks no one in particular.

The Blob yawns, gaping indifference moments prior to the explosive entrance of the scraggly villain. Fred, not a stranger to antics of such magnitude, starts at the noise but does not seem to take as much alarm. An asian man bounces against his belly in his wild flight, dropping a string of young stripers to Fred's feet; freshly caught and purchased, no doubt. The Blob turns towards the warehouse with a set of sausage fingers scratching quizzically at his messy scalp. "Huh? Py — no? Burnin' sugar?"

SugarBurn…as odd as he is…is on the move. "Everyone down! You'll surrender your money and valuables promptly or face my wrath!" he rants on, stepping out of the warehouse. "Observe my power and despair!" he calls out, pointing one of the hoses at Fred because he's the biggest target. There's a slight hissing noise before serveral flaming projectiles are launched. They're white and trailing blue flames and go squish against whatever they hit. Flaming Marshmallows. The Jumbo Kind!

Hulkling lands near the warehouse and just stares at what gets shot. "You have gotta be kidding."

The creases in the fat deposited around Fred's eyes twitch just so, his brows raising like one might expect a surprised caveman's to. He doesn't try to move out of the way, useless as it would be; but he flails his massive hands comically and wails. "GORDEMMIT, WHAT THE — " Plop, plop, plop. The flaming marshmallows splatter across his belly and chest. He slaps at them, and teeters backwards for a precarious moment. He shakes his hand of extinguished goo, still hot on his hand. "… Marshmallows?" His lips pucker. He takes a lick. "OH, OH — HOT!"

"HAHAHAHAHA! See you all know what's coming if you don't start listening!" SugarBurn gloats, flexing a few times. "What's the matter, Big Guy? Can't handle the heat!? Gimme your wallet and you won't get toasted!" he calls to Fred, starting to walk towards the big mutant.

"You might wanna get out of here, sir!" Hulkling calls to Fred, jogging towards Sugar Burn. "And it's time you're gonna stop making a mess and go to jail," he tells the villain, drawing back a fist. Unfortunately, SugarBurn is faster than he looks. The man ducks and trips the shapeshifter, sending him rolling. "HA! No hero can stop SugarBurn!"

Fred does not seem amused. He wipes the melted marshmallow across the front of his purple wife beater (he was feeling colorful today), and snorts. Hulkling is ignored, both his suggestion and overall existence by what follows. As the self-proclaimed Sugar Burn ducks down, the Blob takes a hulking step forward and brings his fist downward behind the man, with Hulkling rolling just out of the way as Fred's fist hits asphalt and cracks a parting in the street. It buckles like a small, personal crater before his chubby knuckles, and the intended force at its lip makes use of physics to attempt and send this Sugar Burn in a forward flight.

"Woah!" Hulkling exclaims, getting up in time to see Fred's attack. "Alright…this could be bad," he mutters, checking to make sure he's got his comm-unit. Just in case. Never know when he might need to call in the team.

SuganBurn gets launched but proves more agile than usual once more. Rolling, he comes to a stop and rubs his head. "So ya can make a quake? Take this!" he challenges Fred, lifting one of the hoses. The nozzle at the end spins a moment before launching a flaming stream of melted marshmallow at the man.

Fred can be quick when he really wants to be. Or, rather, needs to be. Usually, he doesn't. But in the case of flaming marshmallow goo, it's probably better he duck and start rolling. Heat like that is his least favorite thing! As his massive form hits the ground and begins wheeling, he about bowls over a group of lingering observers. "Gert owtta'da demn way!" He rumbles in a muffled slur, more out of concern for speeding himself along than actually worrying about smooshing anyone. He smashes through a set of doors and into a shop hiding squealing pedestrians as the flaming goo splatters across the windows.

"Crap," Hulkling growls when he sees Fred's destructive escape. Quickly running to check on the bystanders and get them out of harm's way, the shapeshifting alien scowls towards Fred. "Why's that guy so familiar?" he asks himself, ducking quickly as a few flaming marshmallows shoot past his head.

SugarBurn stalks after Fred, smashing the store window with a well-placed kick. "Hahaha! Thanks, wrecking-ball! Just made it a lot easier to rob this place blind! Maybe I won't make you into a jumbo-sized smore now."

But as Sugar Burn enters behind his Destructive wake, Fred rises out from some smashed and knocked over snack cases like a tower of rippling, furious fat rolls. "I'mma jam that thing down yer throat and string it out yer cheeks," he rumbles as he brings both his fists down from over his own head like a pair of mallets. "YOU CAN'T HURT DA BLOB!"

SugarBurn kicks some cardboard out of his way…which for some reason makes sparks when it hits the walls. Who knows…and continues towards Fred. When the man gets up, SugarBurn steps back. "What the?" he's not expecting Fred to be up. The nozzles spin once more, the man pointing a hose to the ground. As those fists destroy on hose, the other fires a stream of hot, melted marshmallow against the floor and propells him outside.

He doesn't get too far, knocked into a big green shoulder and sent sprawling right back into the store. Now that SugarBurn's facedown, a glowing blue gem can be seen stuck inside that strange pack on his back. Hulkling meanwhile climbs into the store, not looking happy. "He can't but I can so calm down!" the shapeshifter speaks to Fred, glancing down at SugarBurn than back up at the Blob. "Unless you want to head to jail with Staypuff here."

Retracting his fists, Fred rises from the destroyed floor; shards of tile and concrete clattering about him. He steps back from the oozing puddle of bubbling concoction. The Blob doesn't seem worried or concerned by Hulkling's display, and even chortles a deep laugh at the exchanged idea. The expression doesn't last. He puffs his chest and cracks his neck beneath the rolls of fat that all but conceal its connection to his head. His cheeks sag noticeably around his frown. "Yeah, okay bud, I can do anudder round; seein' as ya were useless 'gainst candyman here, leavin' /me/ t'do all the work, what with…" He glances around, shrugging off the damage; no one dead. Maybe not unharmed, but not dead! "All my savin' crap 'n what not."

Hulkling just glares at Blob. "You keep thinking that," the hybrid mutters, turning to face SugarBurn as he stands. "DIE!" the man in the gasmask yells, firing multiple flaming marshmallows at the mutant and the alien. Hulkling raises his arms, winces slightly at the first few impacts before shifting his arms to withstand them. "Hey, Blob! Be unmovable for a moment, will ya?" Hulkling calls as an idea comes to him. The shapeshifter charges, backhanding SugarBurn and sending him flying for Blob. Apparently Hulkling wants him to bounce off the big man.

The Blob looks a little smug, apparently content in doing that. A foul little smirk wiggles across his face. He stands statuesque as the Sugar Burn man starts firing those flaming marshmallows again, the flaming confections splattering across his front in firey bursts. His large hands slap at them with disgruntled measures. "What kinda lameness— I mean, mebbe you'd be fun atta camping thing, but—" He slaps at his thigh, and looks up with a quizzically towards Hulkling just in time to see SugarBurn come flying towards him. For a moment, his belly caves in around the man, and looks like it could swallow him, then like a slow motion trampoline goes taut. The Blob chortles.

Hulkling shrugs. "I don't know. There's some kind of upswing in weird villains lately," he comments as SugarBurn goes flying away from Blob. The man crashes into the wall and slumps to the ground. The pack on his back rumbles and shakes a few times. "Oh no," Hulkling gets out right before BOOM! Cool, marshmallow goo explodes all around and covers the people in the shop…and everything else…in the goo. A small flash of blue light rockets up into the sky and out of sight as Hulkling wipes his face. "Ew…"

Meanwhile, somewhere off is space, there is a room. In this room, a single blue candle with a matching flame suddenly goes out.

One might mistake the Blob for a massive snow man without a face, if they looked at him from the front. His eyes blink behind the mess as he wipes the goo from them. He licks it from his hand, and grumbles pleasantly. "Huh, not too bad. 'Ad better, but; 'least it ain't boilin' hot'n burnin' my toungue off, yeahp!" He doesn't seem to mind the mess. Some whine complaints, others are just glad to be alive. The Blob hulks towards where the Sugar Burn had landed, and continues both swiping at his belly and chest with one hand, while licking the other shamelessly. "Ah, so; what d'ya mean? There's more'a them food-slingin' losers about? Hmmmmmm…" Fred seems to drift off into his own mind, considering something. )

SugarBurn is surprisingly gone. All that remains is a lot of marshmallow goo. It bubbles a few times but if poked through, nothing there. Hulkling walks over, wiping his face clean. "Such a mess," he mutters. "Dunno about food but there was some weirdo in the park the other day with a Butterfly theme and I heard someone mention a giant lemon man walking around earlier. I'll call the cops and handle all this mess…" he sighs, digging his IdentiPhone out of the ooze.

"Oh, cops." That's about the only thing that snaps Fred out of his reverie. He crinkles his nose, and looks around. They're alone, for the most part; most of the pedestrians and shoppers have fled, leaving only a few lingering and dazed. "Yeah, uh. Prolly already on there way; allays late, y'know, the coppers. Me," he sucks some goo from a finger with a sickening smack of his lips. "Think I'mma deny 'em my company, if ya get my meaning, hawhawhaw."

Hulkling nods. "Don't worry about it. You…weren't the cause of all this. Thanks for the help…" he trails off. He's not sure if Blob's wanted at the moment but really doesn't have it in him for a fight with the guy at the moment.

Wanted or not, Blob's not sticking around. As he wobbles out without a response, he takes the appearance of a giant, walking marshmallow, what with his coating and all. However, surely a walking marshmallow wouldn't be eating itself. Or would it?

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