2009-06-18: Marvelous Encounter


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Summary: Julian and Eddie land in the last stop on the grand time adventure before the big finale. Hellion has a wardrobe disagreement while fighting one of Dr. Sting's minions while Eddie fanboys.

Date: June 18, 2009

Log Title: Marvelous Encounter

Rating: R

The Bronx, New York City - 2008

The feeling of time travel is likely familiar by now. Rushing air, bright and moving light combined with a feeling of weightlessness. And the sudden stop at the end is always the same too. Hopefully everyone has remembered that Skeets likes to drop them a little off the ground so that they may fall. After this jump, Julian Keller, dressed in the garb of a Latverian Countryman, ends up on a rooftop. It seems to be a nice, normal New York City rooftop too. The sky is clear and a nearby bank clock says its the afternoon. Julian's not alone either. Sitting nearby and rubbing his head is Eddie who happens to be dressed as a cowboy.

"Well. I believe the saying is 'close but no cigar'," Skeets chimes from both theri wrists.

Julian falls down and looks to his friend. "Eddie? Hey!" He offers, standing up and rubbing his head. The telekinetic is used to the time travel, and doesn't have to take the fall that Skeets gives, catching himself before he makes contact with the ground.

Eddie jumps and looks up, smiling when he sees Julian. "Julian!" he exclaims, moving for a hug. "Hey…are we home? Where are the others?" he asks, looking around the area.

"I dunno. Hey, what time are we in?" He asks the talking bling on his wrist. "And where are the rest of us?" The telekinetic looks around the cityscape, trying to figure out which borough they are in.

Judging by the cityscape, they're in the Bronx. Skeets confirms this a moment later. "This appears to be the Bronx. New York City during the year 2008. As for the others…" a pause. "It seems a recall signal has been activated. I am unable to determin the exact destination of the recall signal but I have a lock on it and will be able to bring you both. I imagne my other units are going then as well," Skeets chimes helpfully.

Eddie blinks a few times and then smiles. Before he can say much, a glowing, golden streak of light shoots overhead. Eddie's jaw drops and he points off to the sky behind Julian. A pair of big, alien ships are parked over the city along with an Avengers Quinjet. And not too man rooftops away seems to be a gathering of Avengers along with groups of aliens. Kree and Skrull specifically. "Avengers Assemble!" rings out before all hell breaks loose over there. Eddie just stares, awestruck.

He doesn't notice the female-figure on another rooftop dressed in gold-colored armor that just might remind people of Dr. Sting. And he sure doesn't notice her sniper rifle being put together.

"Wait, 2008? Last year? Well that helps." The telekinetic stops as he looks where Eddie points. "What the hell?" He asks, before noticing the golden female. "Hey, there was never a female Iron Man, right?" He asks, before getting a better look.

Eddie is snapped out of the 'OMGSUPERHEROES' mode by Julian's question. He looks over and shakes his head. "Nope. Just guys. Why?" he asks curiously.

"That female has a temporal jump signature on her as well as a jump anchor," the AI provides helpfully. "Standby, I shall provide some situation-appropriate clothing," the talking bling adds. And with a flash of light, Eddie and Julian are dressed much differently. Eddie lets out a squeak when its revealed he's wearing an Eddie-sized version of Wonder Man's costume complete with the red jacket.

Julian's…well…he might not like his costume. Tight, black with the lightning bolt down the front, and the red sash around the waist. Julian's been put in a Julian-sized version of Ms. Marvel's swim-suit-like costume.

"OH WHAT THE FUCK?!" Julian says, not happy with his outfit at the moment. "Really… this is RETARDED." Julian is officially displeased with it. "I'm a guy, you dumb bucket of bolts." Either way, there is a time jumper in here other than the rest.

Eddie takes one look at Julian and turns about as red as the jacket. Skeets beeps a few times then lets out a little 'huh'. "That does not match the database entry for Captain Marvel…" the AI trails off.

The loud voicing of displeasure has drawn attention towards Julian. The woman in the armor is looking at the telekinetic mutant, checking with a device on her armor. After a moment, she takes aim at Julian with the rifle. The big brawl of skrulls and kree is heading their way too.

"Yeah, cause this is MISS MARVEL's costume. MISS, woman." He's just angry out of shock at this point. Julian looks back to the golden armored woman, seeing her peer down the barrel of a rifle. "Eddie, get down!" He says, getting down to the ground to cover behind the crown of the rooftop.

A bullet strikes where Julian had been seconds later almost as soon as he takes cover. Eddie squeaks and does as ordered. "She's gotta be working for Sting like that freaky tentacle guy me, Jared, and Dai just fought," he takes a guess. Meanwhile, the woman in armor takes another shot, destroying part of the crown.

"Yeah. Gimme a sec." Julian says, putting a telekinetic shield on front of him, hovering up and flying his way over to the woman. He's pissed, that's for sure. For one, he's stuck in Miss Marvel's outfit, and second, he's not in the right time, and he's being shot at. The woman would meet a telekinetic punch promptly as soon as he's in range to preform that feat.

A bullet bounces right off Julian's shield at about shoulder-level. The woman looks up in time to get sent stumbling backwards by the punch, dropping her gun. Growling, she shakes her head. "The master warned us you would be here to interefere. It will be the last thing you ever do!" she growls, sending a pair of energy blasts in Julian's direction. And back on the roof, Eddie seems to have gotten into a small rumble with a pair of skrulls and a kree soldier.

"Well, if your master wasn't such a dickhole, we wouldn't be here to interfere." He yells out to this new woman. Julian has had enough of this time traveling, and just wants to go home. The energy blasts are deflected to continue their course off of himself. Julian grasps the woman telekinetically, pulling her up. "Now, stop fucking with time and just let us get the FUCK HOME!!" He says, tossing her to the ground with a wave of his hands.

The woman lets out a grunt as she's lifted into the air, starting to glow as she struggles. "The Master…controls the time device," she replies. Once she hits the ground, the woman rolls and settles in a crouch. "You must stop getting in the way of the Master's mission!" she yells, tossing a few more beams of energy at the telekinetic X-force member.

Meanwhile in the surrounding area, the battle between the two alien armies and two teams of Avengers rages on. There's a lot of familiar faces such as Wiccan, Captain America, Vision, Stature, Iron Man, and even Wolverine.

"No. You must stop trying to stop us, stopping him from messing with history." Julian says plainly to the woman, one of the energy blasts does graze him before he can get out out he way completely. He holds his forearm before he looks to the woman in the armor. She is picked up again, this time though, Julian looks to check in on Eddie.

The armored woman is glowing brightly by the time she's picked up. "I serve…the Master's will!" she replies, building up power. The energy blasts are the burning type, thankfull not too severe. Skeets shimes in after a moment. "If you wish to deal with this invader, I suggest destroying her temporal anchor. Typically, they are worn on the chest or back," the AI chimes. And true enough, a glowing, red, triangular device is built into the back of the woman's armor.

Eddie seems to be doing well enough. Apparently mimicking one of the Young Avengers due to his currently green coloring, he's lifting a Kree soldier over his head and tossing the blue alien into a another. He glances around before picking up the man's discarded helmet and putting it on himself.

Julian looks to the red triangle on the woman's back. Lifting his arm, Julian attempts to grasp it and rip it off of her armor. "Like that. I'm just gonna have to find out how to get to your master and give him a taste of how we feel."

The device is hard to remove and getting rather warm the longer Julian tries to pull on it. Eventually, and with the assistance of the young mutant's astounding telekinetic powers, there's a cracking sound as the clamps break and the Temporal Anchor is removed. "NO!" the woman in armor yells, lashing out and trying to strike Julian with limbs that will be hot enough to burn should they connect. She doesn't stick around for very long, fading away in a crackling mass of blue and yellow light. THere's a faint sound of an explosion as the woman vanishes. And no sooner does she go does the Achor start to crumble and break in Julian's grasp.

Yellow lightning bolt on his chest broken as the woman was able to get Julian's chest with her limb alright. He seethes with pain as he tries to float back to Eddie's location. He corrects himself as he looks to the mimic.

"You did well," Skeets speaks up. "And my jump charge should be full within approximately forty minutes," he adds.

Eddie, no longer green, seems quite pleased with himself as he climbs up the side of the building after taking an accidental tumble over the side while fighting a skrull. He offers a smile to Julian but it quickly becomes a concerned frown. "Oh man…are you okay, Julian?" he asks, rushing over.

"I will be. It's a pretty good burn." Julian says, looking to the mimic. "We need to get out of here. Or get some aid for this… But not dressed like this, hell no." Even with all his pride, Julian is too proud to go to a hospital looking like this.

Eddie nods, glancing back at the battle that seems to be still going. He frowns a bit deeper, part of him wanting to stay around and watch. "Alright. C'mon…we can go to a free clinic or something. I think I know a few in the area. Skeets…can you please change what we're wearing?" he requests. The AI sighs and repleases another flash of light. When it clears, both mutants have been placed in private school uniforms. Julian's shirt is still burnt open though. "Very well," Skeets mutters as they head away from

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