2010-04-12: Masala Madness


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Summary: Something good is cooking in the kitchen!

Date: April 12, 2010

Masala Madness!!

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Rashmi chuckles. "Well, mine too. I'm mostly good at what Mami taught me, not much else. I can bake okay, but usually I go ahead with whatever they're making. This is sort of more like comfort food, you know?" Poking at her bowl for a moment, she marks her place in the book and closes it, nodding toward the pots. "And I always make way too much, just in case. So like I said, feel free. And how's Mike doing, anyway? I haven't seen him in awhile."

Connor puts a finger up then, "Be right back then…" And goes back, having to take a moment to find the dishes, then another moment of scrambling to find the flatware… before finally he has a spoon and a decent-sized bowl. The rice is attacked, and then the tikka masala, until a rather large bowl has been achieved. Settling it down, he adds just a touch of pepper for kick, and then takes a bite of it. Gulping down, he finally responds, "Given that I don't have a baseline to compare… pretty good. He and I hit it off pretty well, all things considered… but the image inducer thing freaked me out." Shrugging and grinning before another large scoope is devoured.

One of the downsides of being blind is that your other four senses are a bit more acute than the normal human. Now, normally, this isn't much of a disadvantage, but when you smell chicken Masala from halfway down the hall, and you go from not very hungry to ravenous in the span of a few seconds, it could be considered a disadvantage. The door bursts open letting Tara in and she demands, "I must have whatever this is that I smell."

"Well, if he's okay enough to be making friends, then he's probably doing good. And which part of the image inducer thingy freaked you out, out of curiosity, the turning on, or of—" Trailing off as Tara makes her dramatic, nay, Cookie Monsteresque entrance, Rashmi chuckles. "It's chicken masala, Tara, and it's open for anyone. Back of the stove, rice is the one on the left."

Connor stops mid-bite as Tara's most declarative entrance stops the pair for a moment… a piece of chicken sliding off and dropping back in with it's brethren in his bowl. Putting it down, he looks at Rashmi, and then points with his thumb, "That girl knows how to make an entrance…" Blinking a few times, then the ignored food is no longer ignored, and he replies Rashmi politely, "His hands were weird… then he turned off his inducer. I thought his voice was strange, but I was distracted for the most part by trying to place where I'd seen him before. Then *POP*…" Emphasizing it by putting his finger in his mouth and making the effect, "Meck."

"Mike?" asks Tara in a more normal tone of voice, wandering over to the stove, as a plate pulls itself out of the cabinets and into her hands. "Yeah, he's cool. Hard to read, though." She, then, starts to pile some rice onto her plate, after carefully finding the serving spoon. "Masala, hunh. I've never had this before."

Rashmi chuckles. "I hope you like butter," is all she says to prepare Tara for the New Food, and scoots a chair next to her for the blind girl to sit at. "Yeah, I can understand how that'd be a little weird… But I've never really noticed. I guess that's mostly because back when I met him, he didn't have it. Or his voice box," she amends, pausing to take a bite from her food. "…He could only talk by sampling stuff he'd heard on the radio. It used to be that Jono had to sort of interperet for him, broadcasting whatever Mike was trying to think at us."

Connor looks towards Tara, and then back at Rashmi, "Should I do the checklist again? I mean… it just seems appropriate since we'll have to hit it all again anyways?" Laughing a bit before taking another bite, and then comments, "So he used to talk sorta like how they had one of the robots in the Transformers movie. I can see where that would be frustrating…" Facing Tara then, the newcomer says, "This should clear a few things up… Connor Blake, Excelsiors, Arrived last week, weird energy stuff that includes teleportation, and I've already been warned about James' hazing the new guy. Hi Tara. Can I get you something to drink while you're serving up?"

Tara transfers the plate from one hand to the other and sticks out her hand to shake Connor's. "Hi! I'm Tara Kincaid, Paragon, blind and telekinetic." At the mention of James, Tara gets a rather sour look, but uncharacteristically stays diplomatically silent on the subject. Instead she nods and replies, "I could use some water, thank you." She, then turns back to dish herself some masala goodness.

Rashmi coughs quietly, moving the conversation steadily onward, well away from the topic of the seven-foot hellraiser. "So, Connor. How're you liking the school, so far?"

Connor mumbles to himself, "I see I need to work on my introductions a little more…" And as he stands up to get the water for Tara, he replies to the Hindi girl, "Well… school primers are just plain weird… but I'm getting adapted to it all. The school uniform makes me think I'm going to be stuck in a sentai show any moment… and well… everything seems to be just like well… I think it got coined best by saying Harry Potter with a lot less owl poop."

Tara chuckles as she piles on the masala, and heads towards the table to sit in the seat next to Rashmi. "Purple Power Paragaon, ready to GO!" she nearly shouts in a over exuberant parody of the Power Rangers. "It wouldn't work, though. We'd need one person from each squad so that we can have different colors. I mean, you can't have the same color as anybody else. That's, like, the worst kind of Sentai faux pas there is."

Rashmi looks back and forth between the others, ducking back toward her food. "…So I guess this is the part where I say I never actually watched that stuff, but know Return of the King by heart…"

Connor laughs as he retrieves the bottle of water, "Unless it's red… in which case you can always have multiple reds in the same episode… but not as permanent cast."

Enter Hank McCoy, the Bouncing Beast. "Plus, who would do the speed lines?" He asks with a smile. The man is presently dressed in his own uniform, fresh from the Danger room. A grin to Rashmi. "Good evening, Miss Franklin." He then straightens to his full height, and in a basso profundo intones. "BACK…Flame of Udun, you SHALL NOT PASS!" Okay, so…yeah, he's a little fuzzy to be Gandalf, beard excluded of course, but still, he has a very deep voice, and a rather solid delivery. He then smiles to all assembled, and then hits the fridge, taking out a ham, and the fixin's for a Dagwood Bumstead-esque sandwich of epic proportions.

Tara tilts her head as Hank makes a nearly as impressive entrance as she did. Not recognizing the voice she asks, "So who's Gandalf?" pointing a thumb at the fuzzy blue man.

Rashmi very nearly chokes on her food again, startled by Hank's impromptu recital. Thumping the middle of her chest once, she swallows, shoulders shaking as she looks up at the loquacious physicist's back. "…Hi, Dr. McCoy," she says weakly, then looks to Tara. "He's the science teacher, remember? Also one of the Really Smart People who live here… He does all the science stuff I can't pronounce right."

Connor laughs a bit as he comes to settle across from Tara, and cracks the bottle for her, leaving it within reach with a thump enough to be heard by the blund girl quite easily, "Evening Doctor! Nice to see you again… I was just introducing myself around and getting a feel for this place. So… you can do Gandalf… but can you do Tom Bombadil?" Winking at Rashmi before he returns to his food, and then adds, "OH… I got my uniform done. I hope you don't mind but… I tried to make is slightly LESS garish than it already was… but there's not much you can do with creamsicle orange, and white."

"Ah, Miss Kincaid, a pleasure to meet you face to voice. Henry McCoy, at your service." One can almost feel the bow he offers the lass. And then he grins at Rashmi. "I am exceedingly fond of Professor Tolkien's work, Miss Franklin. And yes.." This back to Tara. "…Sciences are rather my forte, along with geniality, omnidexterity, and technology." A thoughtful pause. "Mmmm…and few other 'ities' into the mix." The man makes a sandwich that is just shy of disgustingly huge. A chuckle to Connor, and then he states in a rather sing-song tone. "Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow. None have ever caught him yet, for Tom, he is the master: His songs are stronger songs, and his feet are faster." A wink. "And good evening to you, Mister Blake. Good to see you again, I hope you're settling in well?"

"No, it's pretty much expected that the students will make their training clothes as not-hideous as they can,"

"No, it's pretty much expected that the students will make their training clothes as not-hideous as they can," Rashmi says, beaming Hank's way as he proclaims his adoration of Tolkien, "….varying degrees of success, though, to be honest. Oh! You forgot to mention your fifty-dollar vocabulary, Dr. McCoy. It *does* bear mentioning, after all," she says with a grin.

Tara does, in fact, feel the bow that Hank performs with that strange sixth (or alternate fifth) sense of hers. "I… think his vocabulary spoke for itself, actually," she says with a blush. "I think I understood all of three things you said when you weren't quoting Tolkein." Then, without further ado, Marsalla. "Mmm!"

Connor licks his lips as he looks over at the Doctor, and then one eye brow arches, "While the Professor's nature might seem more garralous than promiscuous, and his tendency to proselytize one to the works of greater bards and authors than the common road, his verbage is often as elegant as it is relevant, and his depth of knowledge runs deep." Taking a breath before laughing a bit, "That was a horrible, HORRIBLE run-on… but I couldn't help myself! When a writer and a scholar are stuck in traffic trying to escape New York… it's either talk or sit there and pretend you're not in the car with you, Sir."

"Well, twenty dollar at least, Miss Franklin." Hank says with a warm smile. His mega sandwich complete he puts the ingredients for said back in the fridge, and pours himself a nice tall glass of lemonade before he moves to the table. Having quartered his sandwich he makes short work of the first section and then smiles to Tara. "As Mister Blake has so eloquently expounded upon, my propensity for excessive verbossity is exceeded only by my great good will. I confess to a certain love affair with words, and do indeed tend to be rather the chipper fellow most of the time, but do not worry, Miss Kincaid, I'm really quite safe since my promiscuity is focused on rather safe pursuits such as reading, attending plays, and nattering on like a nimble nincompoop." A grin to Connor. "Kudos, young sir, your repartee is scintillant this eve."

Rashmi chuckles, shaking her head and leaning over to Tara. "What he means," she says in a deliberately poor stage-whisper, "is that he loves to talk, but likes to be a nice guy even more. Also he's impressed that Connor could manage a speech to match." Patting the blind girl's shoulder, she raises an eyebrow at Hank's sandwich. "Um, Dr. McCoy, there's still a whole lot of masala there, if you're still hungry?" An astounding amount of food already on Hank's plate, but at Mutant High one can never be sure.

A forkfull of chicken is raised halfway to Tara's mouth as she tries to puzzle out what the Teacher said. "Oh." she says sullenly, as Rashmi translates. "Don't mind me. I'm just the dumb jock." Having said that, the fork continues it's journey to the girl's mouth.

Connor continues to smile, saying towards Tara, "Technically you're not a dumb jock… that would mean you can't speak… but I won't correct you any further, I promise. And don't sell me short either… I played tennis through most of junior high and high school… speaking of which… my racket's getting dusty in the closet. I should see about finding someone here who plays that as well." Leaning back, his bowl in his hands, he eats silently for a few moments, and then exhales a bit, "It's good to see you again, Sir… When is our scheduled time in the Danger Room? I've been everything from nervous to anxious to see what it's like."

"Thank you for the translation, Miss Franklin." Hank states, and with a grin he takes some of the masala. "Well, very nice, and it will compliment the sandwich rather nicely." Hank is a VERY large fellow, and he burns a lot of calories in any given day, as such he tends to eat a fairly astonishing amount — when he remembers to eat of course. Another quarter of the sandwich vanishes, and then he tries the Masala. "Excellent, your work?" He asks of Rashmi before he looks to Tara and tsks. "Hardly dumb, your grades are quite solid, Miss Kincaid. I apoologize, I could hardly let Mister Blake get away with besting me at word play." And then he looks to the young man in question. "Well, we have frequent sessions, Mister Blake, and I am quite sure you'll enjoy the experience. In fact we should probably take some time before we practice so you're familiar with the controls and constraints."

Rashmi bobs her head. "It's Mami's recipe," she says of the masala, "something I learned before I'd even gone to high school. And don't worry, Tara… For me it's just I spend just about every moment I have free, reading something or other… That doesn't mean you're dumb, just that you have other priorities than learning every word you possibly can, you know?"

There's a moment, as Connor speaks, where he comes dangerously close to wearing Tara's masala as he one-ups the girl one too many times. The menace coming from the girl is nearly palpable. In the end, the masala stays on the plate, if only for the fact that it's too go to be used as a fashion statement. Shoving another forkful of delicious chicken in her mouth she mumbles, "Yeah, whatever. I just kept my grades up so I could be on the gymnastics team."

Connor exhales once as the antagonism becomes a bit more apparent, and then he tilts his head a bit, looking to the Doctor, then to Rashmi, before he takes a breath and finally says, "Gymnastics? That's impressive… really impressive… gymnastics is a hard sport… hard on the body and requires more discipline than most dancers or martial artists can achieve. I mean… seriously… There's probably things you can do that even the Doctor here would offer his applause to." Looking back at Hank a moment with a 'help me here' expression on his face.

"Well, my compliments, Miss Franklin…you do your Mami proud." Hank finishes off the rest of his sandwich a good amount of the left over masala. Yet somehow despite the prodigious amount of his intake, his manners remain laudable. "Motivation is definitely a factor, but the fact is that you couldn't sustain your grades if you were a 'dumb jock', Miss Kincaid." Hank nods to Connor's unspoken plea. "There is no doubt that gymnastics is a very demanding sport that requires a great deal of discipline to excel at." A smile. "And in fact I've seen recordings of Miss Kincaid in action. She's quite good, quite good indeed." Rising, Hank gathers up any dirty plates on the table then takes them to the sink, rinsing them off so nothing sticks. "Forgive me ladies, gentleman, I have an errand I must run…thank you for the company, all..and the delicious masala, Miss Franklin." And with that, unless stopped, he will make his way from the kitchen.

Tara doesn't look entirely mollified by Connor hasty backpedal. "Now you're just trying to humor me," she accuses him, taking another angry bite of her dish, nearly finishing it off. Sometimes, there's just no pleasing girls.

Connor finishes his own bowl in rapid order, "Allright… I lose… What can I do to make it up to you?" Attempting to add a smile into his tone as he covers his mouth with the back of his hand as he gives a soft burp.

Zack choses this time to enter! Well he is kinda happy today, in sweats and a t-shirt. Barefoot, looking as if he just came out of the shower with a towel around his neck, and his hair slick, he sings some sort of spanish lullaby as he's here for a snack! Seeing Tara and Connor?

Tara is sitting at one of the tables opposite Connor. Right now he's busy putting his foot in his mouth, and Tara looks like she's about to shove it in further. "Well, you could say 'I'm sorry for being a know-it-all jerk,' for starters." she answers.

Connor looks up at the ceiling a moment and then sighs as he runs his hands through his hair, turning his eyes a moment to catch another newcomer into the kitchen. Another breath is taken, "Allright… I apologize for being a know it all jerk. But… that's insincere… because I'm only just parroting what you said. So how about… I'm sorry I was came off as a jerk, and ticked you off… and want a chance to make it up to you. Also… Your entrance was better than mine. I was stunned. You should be an actress."

Zack hmmms a moment, "Hello guys." says the large teen, waving his hand ever so lightly, "Am I interuppting somthing? I was just looking for a snack, just somthing before bed…what's going on here?"

Tara snorts at Connor, though the malice seems to have abated from the girl. She picks up her empty plate and walks over to the sink to rinse it off. "Good enough," she says "Hi Zack," she says to the big teen. "No, you weren't interrupting anything. Rashmi cooked up some awesome masala. I don't really know what it is other than it has chicken in it and is very, very yummy. Help yourself. There's rice on the stove."

Connor moves after Tara and cleans his own bowl in the sink as well, finishing up the spoon as well, before nodding over his shoulder, "I've got a whole spiel ready, but for the sake of Tara… Name's Connor… I'm in the Excelsiors… and I can't really explain my powers yet so well." Smiling and giving a nod once more before he says after Tara, "I get the feeling you're not gonna like me for a long time… but will some ice cream make it up to you? You look like a mocha chocolate chip kinda girl to me?"

Zack oooohs, "Home cooked meal? I will take that! Mmm mmm!" he grabs himself a plate and he looks over at the good pot of it. "indeed" taking a spoon and he takes about half of what's left. Grinning, "Rashmi was cooking? Cool cool" he looks over to Tara, "Sure it's delicious." he nods to Connor, "Oh hey, I'm Zack, doing quite well, and rather happy for a change, things are finally calm and pretty cool at the school" he settles down with his plate of food.

"Oh, and now you're trying to fatten me up," Tara accuses Connor. There isn't any malice behind the words, but there is a hint of playfulness as she teases. She turns and finds the dishwasher and stuffs the plate into it. "Hey. At least you know when you've done wrong," she says in a more serious note. "That's more than what half of the other boys in this place seem capable of."

Connor chuckles softly, nodding once more to Zack before he replies to him, "Nice to meet you… good to hear too…" But then back to Tara, "I have two little sisters… it teaches you a lot about the art of losing gracefully… and being polite when you've put your foot in it. So… you don't have a cane, or anything… how does it work. Does your ability let you see without sight? I mean… unless I'm pushing badly. I'm just curious…"

Zack picks up a knife and fork, hmmm, ya this conversation might not be one he wants to break into. Simply enjoying the food he's got now, good home cooked meal. He'll listen to the conversation, but since Connor has this under control he's not going to interuppt.

"No, it's okay," assures Tara, not minding talking about her powers. "I don't really get to 'see' in the classic sense of the word. I put out a kind of, I dunno, telekinetic field around me where I can feel everything around me all at once. It's good for knowing where things are, but I don't get to pick out all the fine details. Like your hair is just a hazy blur on top of your head." She scoots out of the way of the dishwasher as she talks to let Connor in to deposit his plate. "And, yeah, I have three older brothers."

Connor slips his bowl and his spoon in with the other things, "So it's almost like a sonar… you send out, and it then interpret back the information. Coolness… so even in perfect darkness… heck… you might even be able to 'see' someone who's invisible. Sounds like I really want you on my good side then." Finally done, he starts for the door, "Well… pardon me, both of you… but I have some study time, and then hit the sack for tomorrow."

Zack nods his head a small bit as he lfits a hand to connor, chewing politely, "all right man, see ya, hope you got a good night." he says as he looks again over at Tara. TK field? Thats interesting.

Tara is about to argue the semantics on how her power is nothing like sonar, but she really has no better way to put it so leaves it be. "Have a good night," she says to him instead. To Zack she nods. "Yup. How do you think I do those things during our training sessions?"

Zack nods, "Well I didn't know the specifics about it ya know. I just knew it worked. I always feel really uncomfortable asking about people about their powers. I'm kidna akward about mine"

Zack stands up, finished with his meal and he goes to put the dishes away, "hm. Well if you need anything let me know, I don't mind helping…have a good evenining"

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