Maximillian "Max" Maximus Farlane
Maximillian "Max" Maximus Farlane
Portrayed By Alexander Ludwig
Gender Male
Date of Birth 8/4/93
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Maxie, AC
Place of Birth Boston, Mass
Current Location Westchester, New York
Occupation Student, Comic book fan
Known Relatives Matt Farlane (father), Annie Farlane (mother)
Significant Other Kael Langford
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Cryokinesis
First Appearance

The school's resident hyperactive, spazzy, ADHD kid. The Chilly Nuisance! Max!


After witnessing a Friends of Humanity rally, Max found out he was a mutant, and ran away from home to protect his family. After manifesting his powers in front of some Xavier's faculty, they invited him to stay after contacting his parents and making sure it was alright.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I can't have espresso, or coffee or caffeine. Last time I had it, Emma said it gave her a migraine."


  • Max is a member of the school's New Mutants squad, and is excited about the new system.
  • Max almost never stays in one place for longer than five minutes, without having to move.
  • Suffering from ADHD, Max usually takes some Adderal to calm him down. Only on schooldays though.
  • He is never without something wheeled below his feet.
  • Strawberry YooHoo is Max's gold. He treasures it and enjoys it when he can get it.


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