Maxwell "Max/Quill" Jordan
Maxwell Jordan
Portrayed By Dallas Gonzales
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 2, 1994
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Quill
Place of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey
Current Location Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Vernon Jordan (Father), Sedona Jordan (Mother), Kenneth – oldest brother (19), Marcela – oldest sister (18), Carlo - younger brother (15), Chantelle (12) and Ana (10).
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Porcupine Man!
First Appearance New X-Men: Academy X #1

Gambit taught me the best way to shield myself mentally!


Maxwell Jordan was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Vernon and Senona Jordan. He was one of six kids and being the third oldest, he always was trying to be noticed. He found out the best way to be noticed was by playing pranks and telling jokes. It didn’t matter if it was good attention or bad attention, it was attention and that was all Maxwell wanted. As he gained more siblings he found more ways to gain attention.Like with most families, especially with six siblings ranging 9 years apart, there were sibling squabbles but over all it was a very loving family.

Maxwell’s upbringing was nothing unusual, going to church on Sunday’s followed by a big family meal with grandparents, aunts and uncles over and school on weekdays. The Jordan’s didn’t always have a lot of money but they made it through and where they were lacking in money, they weren’t lacking in love. Though at school Maxwell was quite the troublemaker. He was always playing pranks on the other students and on the teachers. They were always harmless though but he liked people laughing at his pranks. The trouble was always worth it. His parents tried to find an outlet for his energy, signing him up for various after school activities, soccer, baseball, basketball and other things designed to get him active but none of them were his thing.

As 8th Grade came around, Maxwell had another reason to strive for attention, his height. He was short, even shorter than most the girls, but he didn’t let that stop him from gaining confidence. When the school dance was announced, Max had no issues asking, who he thought, was the prettiest girl to go with him. When denied, he just asked the next girl, who did say yes. He did get into quite a bit of trouble in school for the pranks he pulled, by this time though it was more than just chalk in the erasers and whoopee cushions, he learned to be creative. Nothing he did was harmful though, everything in good-natured fun.

That summer, before he was to go into High School, his parents announced a family vacation. They were going to go to Brazil to meet his mother’s family. It was the first time out of the country for Maxwell and his siblings and he loved it. When he got back though, Maxwell found his skin was very dry, itchy and flakey. At first they thought it was dry skin but then all his hair started to fall out. Within a week he was bald, eyebrows, arm hair, anywhere he had hair, it was gone. Then painful bumps started appearing all over his skin. He was taken to the doctor but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong as they thought he caught something strange in Brazil but after a few blood work tests nothing was determined immediately and more tests were made.

The pain was unbearable as it felt like Max was being stabbed from the inside. Waiting for the tests results made it feel like forever, and there was nothing that would help. After a week of unrelenting pain, quills started to poke up through his skin and everywhere he had hair, quills were now growing. He was becoming a giant porcupine…and it didn’t help that once the quills started to come in so did thick brown fur everywhere where there weren’t quills. There was a lot of praying and worry from his family until the results of the blood tests came back. The answer wasn’t a surprise to anyone, more a relief that Max was okay; he was a mutant. Sure it was life changing but it didn’t mean he was sick or dying and to deal with the news…his family celebrated with a huge dinner and family.

The next day, almost like clockwork, a representative from Xaiver’s Institute came to the Jordan home with a proposition. Figuring it was for the best, he left his family and packed up and moved to Upstate New York to his new school. Like with his old school he wasn’t the best of students at Xaiver’s and his old habits didn’t die. Being a mutant didn’t stop him, nor did being in a school full of mutants. His grades were suffering though and he knew his mother wouldn’t like that so to make sure that he passed the next test, Max set off to steal the answers to the test. None other than Kitty Pryde caught Max and his buddies to Gambit as a punishment, which was more of a punishment for the school than Max.

Gambit became something of an idol to Max; he was cool, suave and charming. Also ladies loved him (according to Gambit) and that was enough for any teenager to find Gambit to be made of awesome. Instead of punishing Max and his friends, Gambit taught them how to steal and get away with it. Max found that he loved it and there was a thrill in it. The same thrill as pulling pranks, there was the change that you could get caught or the change that you could get away with it. He loved it at Xavier’s but a few months back he got a phone call from his family requesting that he come home for a bit as his grandmother was ill.

For the last three months he stayed at his parents home until his grandmother passed away. The death hit Maxwell hard as he never dealt with hit before but through his family and God he realized that she was in a better place. Still with armed with his optimism and mischief, Maxwell is back on his way to Xavier’s to spend his sophomore year there.


Human Porcupine – Maxwell Jordan is covered in brown fur and quills. Wherever he can grow hair, he can grow quills. His head, arms, legs, ect are covered in quills. He can fire them like projectiles at bullet like speeds, 1,080 ft/s (.22 caliber speed) and can travel up to 50 feet. His quills have the material strength of steel. He can’t pierce anything stronger than steel. If using his quills right, he can offer himself some form of protection from incoming projectiles if he can use his quills to stop what’s incoming. This is only useful in physical attacks. Any quills Max fires or loses will take one day to regrow but he does have thousands of quills on his body. He can aim the quills where he wants them to fire and can fire up to ten quills at a time. He can fire his quills (upto ten at a time) every five seconds and it doesn’t hurt him to fire his quills though it would hurt if someone pulled them out. His body has been altered a bit to compensate for the quills and the ability to fire them in that they are fired due to small muscles around where the quills grow that release and fire the quills, putting momentum behind them. The muscles are also what keep his quills from randomly falling out, much like with hair follicles. (Though he can shed).


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • (To Cyclops) "So what's that dorky looking headgear do?"


  • Quill was voted class clown in the Xavier's Yearbook
  • Likes: Romantic Poetry, Long Walks on the beach, Sunsets
  • Dislikes: Cliches (See above), People who rub me the wrong way (Get it?)
  • Gambit is full of awesome!
  • Max is 1/2 Brazilian.
  • He speaks basic Portuguese and Spanish.


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