Maxwell Von Ryan
Maxwell Von Ryan
Portrayed By Ian Somerhalder
Sex Male
Birthday March 15th
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases None
Birthplace Germany
Current Location Mid-Town Manhattan
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Henrich von Ryan, Father. Violet, Mother. Conrand, and Lavender, younger siblings.
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Mystic Artifact, Magical Medieval Knights
First Appearance ???

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The ancient Teutonic order of knights, Germanic crusaders who wore the cross upon their shields and marched to protect Germanic pilgrims on their marches to the holy land. Famous for their armor and their defense, they were the walking tanks of their era, neigh invulnerable, and unstoppable in a group.
Like the fate of most orders, they grew too powerful. The kings and monarchs of old slowly whittled them down, cast them out, and spread them to the wind. Leaving only the legends and remnants of the old orders to sit in stony silence as the centauries ticked on by. Leaving just their remains, and their hidden alcoves, what they could put away until the kings of Poland, Prussia and Russia carved them up.
The river Oder has long been a boundary in Germany; it rises from the mountains in the Czech republic, flows down through Poland and is the literal boundary of Germany. It was the last line of defense against the Russians, and has seen armies cross its waters throughout Europe’s history. It was always the farthest boundary of the Teutonic order. They once held the city of Frankfurt, on the Oder, but that would be their furthest reaches into Germany. The plains along the river being farmed and tilled from generations, with nothing ever really having been found, nothing of any value at any rate.
It was in the 2007 when 16 year old Maxwell Von Ryan decided to take a simple walk down the edges of the Oder, looking across the border to Poland, drifting between stands of trees, walking across the farm roads. He walked for a long time, until he came to a disturbingly quite glen, a confluence of lay lines, and ancient magic. A circle of stones neatly arranged like an ancient keep emerged in front of him. Staring at the ring he walked in slowly and examined it. The soil under him groaned and cracked, and down he went, down into the ancient catacombs built upon the mystic leylines by the Teutonic knights.
In there he saw the statues, the dozen knights of realm that were the holy crusaders. Their likenesses protecting a dais, upon the dais a golden amulet, marked with the white shield and black cross of the Teutonic order. It glowed, whispers filled the room, and he knew, he knew he had to pick it up. Walking up to the dais his hands gripped the amulet, and a challenge appeared in front of him. Would he be pure of heart, defend the weak, protect the innocent, would he carry on the legacy of the Prussian order…and he accepted. Placing the amulet around his neck the knowledge and skills of the 12 knights flowed into him. Combined with the thousand years of magic power stored by the nexus to flow into him to create a modern day protector.


January 4th With Great Power With Great Power
January 5th Too Friendly Too Friendly
January 15th Inferno Ignited Inferno Ignited


  • "Jawohl!"


  • He likes to dress well, in a suit
  • He's actually trying to combine some of the eastern martial arts with the medieval fighting styles
  • He actually enjoys firearms, even though he wouldn't use them now with his powers.
  • His favored weapon is a flanged mace.


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