May 2010 Logs

Total Number of Logs for May 2010 - 77

Date Title Participants Rating
May 1 The First 24 James and Jinx PG
May 1 Planning for the Future Theo and Chloe and Kael G
May 2 Unwinding Connor and Kael PG-13
May 2 Connors Conundrum Connor, James, and Jinx PG
May 2 Why Are We Out Here Connor, Theo, and Max PG-13
May 3 Dealing With It Theo and Mike G
May 3 Bad Roommates and Good Coffee Connor, Quenton and Robyn PG-13
May 3 Time To Move Forward James, Jono and Kenta PG-13
May 4 Back Alley Brawl Corrin, Eris & July PG (V)
May 4 Cerberus, Drawn As A Puppy Elizabeth, Mike, Robyn, Connor and Rashmi G
May 4 Food for Body, Food for Thought (note: contains religious discussion) Mike, Tara, Connor and Rashmi G
May 5 An offer to Help James, Jinx, and Robyn PG
May 5 The magic of caffeine Connor and Jono PG
May 5 And so it goes Jinx, Jono and Rashmi PG
May 6 This Just in from Africa! Hosea and Heather G
May 6 Self Defining Powers Chloe, Connor, Mike and Robyn PG
May 6 New Roommates Hosea and Six G
May 7 Wild Horses James P and Dunstin PG
May 7 New Roommates Hosea and Six G
May 7 Why Is Everyone Picking On Jono? Jono, Rashmi and Robyn PG
May 9 Just Checking In Jinx and James PG
May 9 Admission In The Attic Connor and James PG
May 10 Never a Dull Moment Robyn, James, Jamesp, and Connor PG-13
May 10 Billiards Lessons Theo, Zack, and Tara PG
May 10 After Punch Pie Robyn, James, and Connor PG
May 11 Curiosity James P, and Robyn PG
May 11 Did You See A Bird? Elizabeth, Jono, Robyn and Tara PG
May 12 Danger Room vs Real Life James P and Kenta PG
May 12 The Request Connor, Robyn, and Scott PG
May 13 Knock Knock. Whose there? BANG! Warpath, Jinx, Kenta, Mike, and Deadpool PG-13
May 13 Moving Rooms Connor, Jono, Mikhail and Robyn PG
May 14 Differences in opinion Christopher, James P, and Jono PG
May 14 Tossing The Pig Skin Dunstin, James P, Jono, and Robin PG
May 14 Shooting Fish in a Barrel Corrin and Jono R (V)
May 15 Doorknobs! Mikhail and Deadpool PG-13
May 15 Pennyroyal Tea (note: contains religious discussion) Lucas and Mike PG
May 15 A Late Night Chloe, Connor, Hosea, and Robyn PG
May 15 Everything SLIDES Corrin and Misha PG
May 16 His slightly appalled common sense Connor, Jono, and Mike PG
May 16 Bananas, Blood and Mud Deadpool, Mikhail, and Zack PG
May 16 Getting Heads Together Jono, Mike, Rashmi and Connor G
May 16 Guitar Strings Hosea, Kenta, and Lucas PG
May 16 A Lot To Learn Chloe, Connor, Hosea and Robyn G
May 17 Who was that masked Mutant?! Connor, Jono, Mike, Misha, Rashmi, and Robyn R (V)
May 17 Lessons in Sulking Kael, Lucas, Theo, Rashmi, Mike, and Connor PG-13
May 17 Honorary mutant Magneto, and Misha PG
May 17 Persistence Theo and Rashmi PG
May 17 Too Many Puns, All of Them Bad Misha, Teddy and Travis PG
May 18 An attempt at engendering trust Connor, Misha, and Rashmi PG
May 18 The New Sgt. Bilko Mike and Theo PG
May 19 This Is A Stick Warpath, Mikhail, Robyn, and Deadpool PG
May 19 Debriefing Sundowner Keld and Corrin PG
May 19 Two Australians Walk into a Bar... Bruce & Hunter PG (L)
May 20 Statistics can be creepy Angelo and Misha PG
May 20 Spider Sculptures Connor and Robyn G
May 20 Sole Bearing Chloe and Theo PG
May 21 Nothing to fear but... Magneto and Theo PG
May 21 Gym Time Misha and Travis PG
May 22 Vultures... the lot of you Caleb, Felix, Jakob, and Sabina R
May 23 Mustard July, Domino, and Deadpool PG-13
May 23 Mutant Hunting -- Luck May Have It Corrin, Angelo, Misha, and Domino R (V)
May 24 Haunted Caleb, Jakob, Sabina, and Travis PG-13
May 25 The Wrath of Envy Eris, Lucas, Jennifer & Rashmi PG (LV)
May 25 A Deadly Game Bruce, Corrin, Danny & Jono PG (LV)
May 26 Rooftop Reflections Bruce, Jono & Magneto PG (L)
May 26 The Beast and the Tribesman Victor and Hosea PG-13 (V)
May 26 Sense and Sensibility Theo and Chezlie G
May 26 Self Defense Forge and Robyn PG
May 27 Horse or Dare? Jakob, Sabina & Teddy PG-13
May 27 Munchmunch Deadpool, Domino & Victor PG (L)
May 29 Murderous Tango Deadpool & Domino R (LV)
May 30 It's too early for this... Jakob, Caleb & Sabina PG-13
May 30 Threats & Promises Eris & July PG (L)
May 30 Jock Taunt Caleb, Jakob, Sabina, Teddy & Travis PG (L)
May 30 Suspicions Bruce & Caleb PG (L)
May 31 The Dispute Envy & July PG (LV)
May 31 The Return Charles, Connor, Robyn and Tara G
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