Mazie Angela Woodsley
Portrayed By Lina Leandersson
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 31st
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Dreamwalker
Place of Birth Astoria, OR
Current Location Xavier's Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mother, Father, Sister (Sadie)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Telepathic Dream Control
First Appearance ???

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Astoria was the first city founded on the west coast, resting just inside the entry way of the Columbia River. Like many of the cities in the area, Astoria has not only a plethora of vibrant green fauna, but the relentless rainfall that causes it. It wouldn't be wrong to call the town sleepy; it's earlier importance at the mouth of the fabled northwest passage having been long ago forgotten. It is in this sleepy little town where James and Angela Woodsley found their roots, carving out a simple existence as a river pilot and elementary school teacher. Pay wasn't the greatest, but then again the cost of living wasn't high either. They would have two children, Sadie and Mazie, barely a year apart.
For the most part, life was typical for the Woodsley family. They may not have had all the newest gadgets available, but at least they had the surrounding environment as a perfect escape. Many of their weekends would be devoted to long hikes and camping trips, both activities that Mazie loved. Life wasn't just hiking and camping; the Woodsley family could hunker down in the rainy season and burn through television series and movies like it was going out of style. If anything, living a good balance of both the natural and material worlds is what James and Angela preached to their daughters.
Mazie, being the oldest, always tried to look after Sadie. There was one problem with this sisterly strategy; Mazie was far more the adventurous of the two. Living in the town where the movie The Goonies took place, she felt it was their birthright to put together a similar pack of kids and explore the surrounding area. Tons of imagination was needed as various buried treasure, lost campsites and old fort stories were made up to help spark every adventure. Her instinct to protect was always well intentioned, but was never failed to be usurped by her drive for adventure.
School for the most part was an afterthought for Mazie. Her parents always lamented this fact, but secretly admired her openness about it. She wanted to live a life of adventure, and felt that college would ultimately tie her down to an office job. So she never cared to put any effort into her studies and her grades more than showed for it. Her poor performance was also the cornerstone to all parental arguments. It didn't help that Sadie did much better.
It would be around Mazie's fourteenth birthday that things started to get a little strange and surreal. Her dreams would begin to take on a vividness she could never recall before. There wasn't just a blunt realness to them, but at times it was almost as if she could manipulate them too. Symbols would come and go, events unfolding only to reveal what seemed like near predictions of soon to happen events. Plus there was always drowsiness. When allowed, Mazie would practically sleep all day.
Shortly after these vivid dreams began, Mazie would have one that involved her sister Sadie. Brushing it off as just a dream, she wouldn't give it a second thought until Sadie started telling her about a dream she had, and Mazie realized what she remembered was matching exactly with what her sister was saying. As odd as it seemed, Mazie starting thinking something out of the norm was up. It wouldn't be until several days later she would dream of an event in school that would come true involving her sister, her friends, and herself. This solidified the fact that there was something odd and special to her.
A couple months later, a representative of the Xavier Institute would arrive at her parents doorstep, proclaiming themselves a representative of a very prestigious boarding school. Mazie's parents knew that their daughter wasn't the best student, and felt this could be a great opportunity for her and agreed it would be a perfect place for Mazie to receive her education. It didn't take long for her to realize exactly why the person from this 'boarding school' showed up, and her only regret before attending was that her sister wouldn't be there as well.


Dream Control Mazie has the capability of controlling not only her own dreams, but those of others too. When sleeping, she can hop in and out of the dream of anyone else in the world who is sleeping. Though she doesn't realize this, her abilities happen through a telepathic link to those deep in sleep. At this point, her powers reach a range of approximately 100 yards, or the equivalent of a football field and with further training, this limit could expand greatly. She can also bring at the most three others into someone else's dream, but is left waking up with the feeling she didn't get any actual sleep. This feeling lessens as the amount of people she brings with does. At this point she cannot combine or splice dreams together, making it so she can only enter one dream at a time.

To Mazie, it seems like she's existing in some sort of strange dimension when she's 'awake' in her dreams. In this state, she can control near everything around her except for those who are also asleep. This can range from changing the dreams setting, to the atmosphere, and even bring in other people, real or created into the dream. She can even change her own appearance, taking on disguises or altering how she looks to those dreams she's intruded into.

Dream Prescience Mazie has started to notice that some of the things she dreams about have started to come true. Not everything, but occasionally it'll happen. She has no control over whether or not her dream will reveal to her a future event, but she's beginning to pick up on the subtleties of when this could happen. The dream will be much more difficult for her to control, appearing to her as more scripted and less random.

Telepathic Resistance Due to her power being of a telepathic nature, Mazie does have some mental resistance to other telepaths. It is stronger while she is sleeping, being able to deflect someone of equal standing with more training. While being awake is a whole other story as she can defend herself against very little.

Weaknesses The biggest down side to Mazie's mutation is the fact that she has to be asleep in order to utilize her powers. This puts her in a very vulnerable state to any physical attacks to her body. It also has brought about a perpetual sleepiness, causing the poor teen to constantly have a cup of coffee or an energy drink nearby to help her get through most of her days. She also has been known to both talk and move around in her sleep, mimicking what is actually happening in her dream state. Luckily, it is a rare happening. Those with strong mental capabilities can easily block Mazie 

Mazie can use her power with only minor effects of exhaustion at a maximum of 30 minutes. At this point, she wakes up feeling as if she had a rough night sleeping. At 15 minutes, she feels completely rested and fine. With added effort, she can prolong the duration, but with the negative effects getting worse and worse. If she remains in someone's dream for an hour, she wakes feeling like she hasn't slept in over a day. Anything longer becomes exponentially worse.


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