2009-04-28: Medbay Boredom


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Summary: Robyn goes down to the Medbay to give Owen his homework.

Date: April 28, 2009

Log Title Medbay Boredom

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

It's after lunch in the Xavier mansion and despite the heat, it's nice and cool down in the med bay. Owen Folger was brought back to the mansion last night after being out on a little rampage. Due to injuries suffered, he's been confined to the med bay for two days though. In nothing but a pair of baggy shorts, the teen's sitting atop the covers of his bed right now. With his torso mostly wrapped in bandages and a few on his arms and legs, he seems bored. Just staring up at the ceiling, the mutant's got a frown on his face.

Dressed in a pair of black, knee length shorts and a black t-shirt sporting Ziggy Stardust, Robyn walks in carring a folder with some paperwork and a few text books. "Hey Owen." Robyn says giving him a small smile. "Ms Dane asked me to drop these off for you. It's the homework and class work you missed. Sorry to hear about you being banged up and everything." He says.

Owen jumps, forcing a smile quickly and looking around. When he spots Robyn, it takes the Dark Force user a moment to remember the name that matches the face. "Howdy, Robyn," he greets. "They're givin' me homework while Ah'm hurt, aw man…" he says in a joking tone. "Yeah…so…" he seems to be searching for a way to get Robyn to stick around. Lonely down in the med bay! "How ya been?"

Robyn shrugs and slides his hands in his back pocket. "I guess they've been going good." He says with a smile that shows that things might be a little better than good. "I guess, they just told me to bring them down here. I don't think they want you getting to far behind but I would complain too."

Owen arches an eyebrow slowly. "Jus' good?" he asks with a little smile of the non-forced variety. "So ya know if Julian, July, and Laura got back tah the mansion okay the other day?" he asks as it occurs to him.

"I saw July yesterday." Robyn offers. "I'm not sure who Laura or Julian are." He's gotten to know a few people but he's not exactly Mr. Social. "Yeah, I've been good. Still getting used to things here." He says as he's not going to say he's excellent or anything. "So how are you feeling?"

Owen nods, making a mental note to ask about the others later. "Good tah hear you're not all…fish outta water," he says. When asked how he's feeling, Owen sighs a bit. "Well, Ah'm still sore all over and these bandages itch about as much as a case of poison oak an' Ah wouldn' mind gettin' outta this room but Ah guess Ah'll be fine in a day or two accordin' tah the docs."

Robyn lets out a chuckle at the fish out of water comment and makes a face to say 'I'm not so sure about that'. He certainly feels like a fish out of water. "Poison Oak? I never got that. Living in the city there isn't a large quantiy of that stuff. Well that's good that you'll be okay. I'm sure you'll be teleporting out of here as soon as you can?" He did hear the rumour though that Owen went into Bat form again and there's still a part of him that really wants to see Owen like that.

Owen just smiles at the face and shakes his head. "Careful. On the way tah the park Ah saw a shop sellin' it and tryin' tah pass it off as a fancy weed," he cautions. He then lets out a chuckle. "Right. Even if Ah lose mah pants on the way."

"I'm not really in the department of buying fancy weeds. Because you know, I just can't help but having a nice vase of fancy weeds in my room at all times." But there is kind of light in Robyn's eyes that's like an idea! switch going off. He shakes his head and mumbles something. "Gotta finish the skull first." He looks up at Owen and blushes. "yeah, I'd think I'd be beyond embarassed if I left my pants behind.'

Owen seems confused for a moment. "If ya'll want one Ah can show ya the show sometime…" he trails off. "Skull?" that catches the DarkForce user's attention. A smile then forms on the sometimes fuzzy teen's face. "Why's that? Ya look good tah me. Doun' think ya'll got anythin' embarassin' hidden under there," he says, gesturing at Robyn's clothes idly.

Robyn shakes his head. "No, no poison oak for me. And I don't have anything to hide and I'm fine, I don't need to be showing off what's under my clothes." Robyn says almost too quickly and a bit embarassed. He's just very shy when it comes to things in the relationship department. "Skull. It's an art project I'm working on."

Owen jumps a little, surprised by the reaction. "Relax a bit there, Robyn. Jus' jokin' aroun' with ya'll. If ya don' wanna show off, Ah'll fill the quota," he jokes a bit more. "Oh…art project. Paintin' it? Or drawnin'?"

Robyn sighs and mutters "Sorry it's just Vlad, he makes me uncomfortable so when people make comments like that I just get uncomfortable. I'm not…I'm shy about things." Robyn admits for the first time to someone. "No, it's not a painting or drawing, it's a scuplture. I like scuplting."

Owen blinks. "Vlad…ya'll mean that Hellions guy complainin' that he has tah wear actual color?" he asks. "Guy annoys me. Ruined some perfect time scopin' out Julian…" he trails off, slightly sad smile on his face. "Don' worry about it," he says. "Sculptin'? Like with clay and stuff? That sounds cool."

"I'm on Alpha Squadron, I have the green and white uniform. I prefer black too but I'll wear it." Robyn says he's just not so thrilled about the tight. He'll figure out a way to modify it though. "Yeah, I like doing that kind of thing. It's a lot of fun and I have a bunch of neat little figures in my room that I've done. I just hope I haven't scared Antonio."

Owen smiles. "Green's better than the bright yellow Ah gotta wear," he counters. "Ah like how tight it is on mah chest though," he says. "Mind if Ah take a look at some of your work sometime?" he asks. "If ya'll ever need a model, Ah'll be happy tah pose," he offers with a little smile. "Scare Antonio?"

"Yeah, I'll agree with that one." Robyn says with a chuckle. "Well I don't usually scuplt people. I kind of do things out of my mind and they're sometimes weird. Jordan called me morbid last night." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I just like scuplting macabre stuff, that's why I'm worried about scaring Antonio."

Owen nods. "Well, if ya'll ever wanna sculpt people," he shrugs. "Macabre, eh? Sounds interestin'…" he trails off, stretching a bit. "Ah don' think you'll scare him. Don' seem the easily scared type tah me.

"I'll think about it but I doubt it. Most my scuptures are this big to this big." Robyn says moving his hands to show about 3 inches to 8 inches. "But if you want to check them out, I wouldn't mind. Actually, about modeling, I know it's impossible but it's your bad form I'd love to see and look into scuplting. Who knows July and Eddie gave me a weird look yesterday."

Owen nods slowly, leaning back. "…if ya wanna see mah Bat form…maybe someone got a picture while Ah…while it was out," he says. "Why'd they give ya a weird look and who's Eddie?"

"He's a kid who goes to school here." And that's about all the information that Robyn knows on the guy. "Maybe. I just think it'd be neat to scuplt is all. And I'm in the middle of scuplting a skull right now, the mice are the hard part. I'm using mice to sit on top as hair and two out of the eye sockets. This weird sort of living dead yet alive effect I guess?"

Owen blinks a few times. "Well…that explains why they gave ya the look," he points out. "People tend tah be adverse tah mice that aren't cartoons or electric an' from Japan," he points out.

"Mice aren't that bad. I'd have had a pet mouse if we were allowed pets in our apartment." Robyn says and he knows his parents would have let him have a pet if not for the same reason. "I like mice. I like most animals, even the one that most people don't like."

Owen chuckles. "Ah like 'em too. Grew up around all sorts a critters. Took care of the animals back home too. Somethin' Ah kinda miss…headin' out tah hang with the animals for awhile in the mornin'. Runnin' alongside the horses till they got tired of me and left me the dust," he laughs.

"I haven't been around horses much. But I always wanted small pets. Like mice, or a snake or even a cat." Robyn says as he's always thought animals were neat. "I should visit the stables here. And I really am too much of a city boy at times." He says with a smile. "Why don't you hang out in the stables for a bit in the morning?"

Owen blinks a few times. "There are stables here?" he asks. "Ya mean the school's had horses this whole time and nobody told me? Man…Ah was missin' ridin'. Might jus' alter the path of mah mornin' jogs now," he says.

Robyn chuckles. "Yeah, they told me about them, I haven't been out there yet." Robyn says with a smile and at that moment his cell phone rings. "Oh shoot, sorry Owen, I gotta take this it's my Dad. We're getting together for dinner tonight." Robyn smiles and gives a wave to Owen as he rushes out the door.

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