2010-03-21: Medbay Dramas


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Summary: Things are still uneasy the morning after the attack at Xavier's.

Date: March 21, 2010

Medbay Dramas

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

The day after. It can't truly be any sooner then that, for all Jonothon would have wished for it. To many people needing desperate medical care, to much clean up, and far to many students requiring direction. The Brit hasn't slept, and it shows. He did clean up though, and is wearing his X-man costume. Not that this looks all that different than clothing, but hey! A slow circuit of beds has him checking on others. Even the headmaster is here. When he gets to those who are awake, there's a smile. Weary, but he can at least smile. That makes a world of difference. «No breakouts today, promise?» Joking mostly.

Rashmi, only just swimming back to consciousness, after the excitement of the evening before. Her wound, certainly not among the most troubling, but blood loss is no one's friend, and it *has* been her first honest brush with her own mortality. There's a sleepy smile on her face as she stirs, the first thing heard is Jono's mind-voice, telling a bad joke. "Jono…. hi…"

Hearing Rashmi's voice, Robyn slowly wakes up. He's been out since he's been brought down here. He's pale and been stabilized but with so many people needing medical attention, he hasn't been fully patched up yet. He doesn't look over at Jono or Rashmi but in a soft voice he does speak. "Hey." He's still kind of processing what happened last as the last thing he remembers it Skyler doing a wonderful impression of an exploding Jono.

«Hey, sunshine.» To Rashmi first, and then as Robyn wakes up, the Brit straightens and looks over. «You both look horrible.» While Jonothon knows it will never happen, he really wishes that the kids would listen and get to safety. Touching Rashmi's hand briefly, the man moves to Robyn. «Jordan is fine. Thought you should know. Addison will be looking in on him soon.» Fine being relative. «No one died, and we caught everyone.» Or so he believes anyway.

Rashmi edges herself up by her shoulders, drawing in a hiss as her wound predictably punishes her for the exertion… But this new position allows her to cast her gaze about the Medbay, frowning slightly. "Mmmn… where's Zack…?" She seems to gives this a moment's thought, shrugs her good shoulder, and settles back against the headboard. "Mmmn. Well… 'F he's not here, he will be soon. 'Ll be nice t'be right about something happy f'r change…" Yes, the redhead's still slightly out of it… possibly due to the blood loss and the painkillers. But, at least she's not coherent enough to work herself into a lather, yet.

Robyn nods and looks away, not trusting himself to look at anyone. Hearing the name 'Jordan' just triggers every negative thing that was said to him. "I…didn't see Zack last night. Just Jordan and Skyler." His voice is kind of flat sounding, not much emotion behind it. "Are you okay? Both of you?" He asks as the last time he saw Jono he was doing a spectacular impression of a statue.

Jonothon frowns at Rashmi's attempt to sit up, but doesn't say anything about that. «Zack is fine. He's up stairs. Wasn't involved.» At least not that the man knows about. Then to Robyn, «I'm fine. My pride lays in tatters, but that's a fairly normal feeling.» Resigned to that. He's been trounced near daily for three weeks now. «James and I were one of the few who were still conscious. Not even sure James was hurt. We got everyone we could inside.» And that's why the medical bay is packed!

Last night is nothing more than a blur right now. Despite that blur, other things are full in the nearly albino young-man's mind. See, the resident celestial entity didn't actually have to come in to fix Jordan's mind. Well, fix it as much as he fixed the others anyway. Incomplete for now, but enough for functionality. A foot shifts in his bed as he tries to hold back the cough, but it comes out anyway.

"Band'ges 'n icepack, that's what y'need," Rashmi says muzzily, knuckling the sleep from one eye. "Mmmn. 'M awake, so I guess that's good… means 'm prob'ly gonna be waking up lots more… least once a day, 'f I can help it… … …'N Mike 'n newgirl're okay… so… I think I'm'n'a think 'bout that…. don't really wanna think about me dying… 'specially since, y'know… didn't…" At the muffled cough, her head rises, that bleary smile touching her face. "Oh look… bein' awake's kind of catching 'round here."

"What happened to you Rashmi?" Robyn asks focusing on her right now instead of himself, it helps. He also knows what happened on their side of the school, and if he was conscious to have seen Scott stuck in a tree, well, he'd love to be telling that. "When did Zack get back? I haven't seen him." After all he is his roommate. "James…did he get Jade to safety?" At Jordan's cough though, he can't help but look over at that bed, but he doesn't say anything. What can he say?

«..Back?» Didn't see Zack. Just assumed that because the teen wasn't in the medbay that he was fine. No, to be honest Jonothon hasn't seen Zack. Didn't know he'd been captured. Frowing again, he moves back to Rashmi's bedside, and sinks into a chair there. Tired Jono. «Yes, Rashmi, waking up is a good thing.» A roll of eyes at her. The man pauses to then look to the cougher, but he replies to Robyn instead. «Yes. At least I assume her threatening to freeze me again meant she was alright.» You know, as they were in the bushes.

With all of the action last night, Jordan is amazingly parched. Fortunately, there is water nearby. He's uninjured… well. His only real injuries came from Sinister's work on his body. He didn't get cut, damaged, or anything else last night. Scott's blast wasn't that hard. He sits upright to get the water. As of yet, he's not speaking. Instead, he's focussing on working his memories as he pours the water for himself. Much like another in the room… What can he say?

"What happened…?" The redhead's brow furrows again, as though piecing together the string of events. "…Oh. Right. Um. That was when Dais'ke threw all those air spike… things. Tried t'stop'm. Couldn't get'm all though. … …..*Really* hope Chloe got'r hand put back on right… don't think I ever ever *ever* wanna see someth'n like that 'gain…"

Robyn's eyes focus on Jordan, but he doesn't say anything to him, instead, he just watches him while talking to the others. He's not sure how to manage right now. "Chloe's hand?" He says as that doesn't sound good, actually he's happy that it's only the dowel rods now. "What time is it?" He says really not sure on how long he was out, also that there are no windows down here in the medbay.

Jonothon again remains silent about a couple of topics. He really hopes that Rashmi doesn't have to see such things again too, but if she wants to be a super hero… «It was bad all around. How about we leave it there for now?» Since people need to rest more than agonize over others. Not that he expects Robyn to follow that advice. «It's mid morning. Not sure beyond that. Haven't seen a clock in a while.» Hasn't cared. And like Robyn, the Brit is watching Jordon. Wary and careful, just in case.

Taking his drink, Jordan looks around the room. And a dark gleam comes over his eyes before he freezes on Robyn. He starts to say something with a sneer before his hand reaches up to cover his mouth. Obviously, there's something wrong there. He turns away, so he's not looking at anyone and begins to move… VERY quickly… to get out of the room. He's mumbling something under his hand. Anyone close might be able to hear it.

Rashmi tracks Jordan's flight across the room, something like concern swimming in the depths of her eyes. There's a small sigh, and she sinks back down to rest her head on the pillow. "Jono… Wh'n he's all better…. tell'm wanna talk t'him? Mmm… When w'both are… Right now, think I'm'n'a go t'sleep again…. I *like* waking up."

Seeing Jordan just take off out of the room quickly, anger just fires up in Robyn and he can't help it as he gets out of his own bed as well. He fights the pain as he hurries after him, he's too angry to care and he needs answers. He's not fast but he's trying. "Sorry." He mutters to Jono and Rashmi, but he needs an answer or else it'll just eat at him.

Ignoring Rashmi for the moment, Jonothon is rising to his feet as Jordon beelines for the door. «Jordon…» There's a bit of warning tone there, and the Brit soon follows. «I can't let you leave here alone, mate.» Apologetic, but that doesn't slow him as he follows after. Understanding very well how that mess in one's head feels, he knows why Jordon wants to run, but this is a poor time for it. «..Want me to take you somewhere else?» See, don't have to stay here. Just can't go out by yourself. And yes, he will escort Jordon to the holding cells if that's alright. «Robyn.. Stop.» A dark look back. «Or I'll tie you to that bloody bed.»

After he just gets out of the door to the room, he's fine. In all honesty, it's just being surrounded by all the weak and injured in there. He breathes deeply outside. "I'm fine, Jono. I just can't… I can't be around them. I really need to be alone. That's all. He did something to me. And I need to be alone." It's the closest Jordan has come to sounding like himself in weeks. When Robyn comes around, he looks away again. "Robyn… please… not right now." If he can't see it, maybe it's not real. Maybe he won't notice.

At being told by Jono to stay back then told by Jordan 'not right now', Robyn just glares at the both of them. He doesn't say anything no matter how many hurtful things he wants to spit at the two of them at that moment. "Fine." Is all he manages to spit out bitterly as he turns around and goes to walk back in the medbay, going to his bed.

Jonothon nods understanding to Jordon. «I know, and you don't have to.» Be around them. «Alone is perfectly fine, but I can't let you out on your own until after Addison sees you.» Apologetic, again, for that. With Robyn gone, and to be honest he doesn't look bothered by that glare, the Brit motions down the hall. «Come on. Sorry, but lock up is the place for now.» Doesn't make promises about it feeling better after Addison works his magic, for that'd be a lie. The memories of what was done will still be there.

"He saw me last night. While you were all asleep." Jordan says with a sulk. "I'm fine. I just can't be around them right now. They're all hurt. And… no." He shakes his head. "He put everything back in order. But he said he couldn't fix it all right now." He states, upset and annoyed at the whole situation. "He didn't want to sleep without getting everyone safe." He says.

A sulk is met with a frown, and the man is quiet a moment as his thoughts seek out another. There's a very brief contact that makes the frown fade. As dark eyes shift back to Jordon, Jonothon nods. «Alright. Sorry about that.» Not that Jono's slept either. «Go on then. Be careful.» Having confirmed with Addison, the Brit isn't about to keep Jordon locked up. A nice perk of telepaths, there's little wait. «I'm going to go back and deal with Robyn.» No, he doesn't sound pleased, but he turns and goes back into the medical bay. «What the hell was that?» Asked of Robyn as he reaches the teen's bedside.

Robyn doesn't even bother looking at Jono as he approaches his bed side and he's sulking. Just like a child. "Leave me alone." He says to Jono as he doesn't really want to talk to him. It's just the things that Jordan said to him last night, still weigh on him, hard. He knows Jordan was under Sinister's control but those words have to come from somewhere, right. "I just want to know if he meant it last night, but you won't let me know and he won't even look at me."

«No, not right now.» Leaving Robyn alone. «You're being a complete, selfish arse right now, and I'm bloody well telling you that.» Jonothon points this out bluntly. «You KNOW what Sinister did to me in way of Jon. You've seen it. Jordon got the same workup. Right now looking at you sets off all kinds of triggers that tell him to kill you. But since Jordon loves you, and he doesn't want you dead, he's getting alone time. You MUST give him some time, Robyn. Stop thinking in your pants and pull your head out of your arse. Of course Jordon didn't mean anything he said last night! That wasn't Jordon.»

Robyn still doesn't look at Jonothon but the words to hit him, and start to sink in. "I…" He doesn't know right now, he just doesn't. "Sorry." He mutters and he does mean it but Robyn's just lying there in pain and is emotionally confused at the moment. "I just don't know Jono, I really don't."

«Start thinking, Robyn. You've got a brain in there. Jordon was reprogrammed. Anything that was said under that influence isn't Jordon. It isn't, and will never be, the bloke you love. This isn't about you. It shouldn't be about your hurt. This should be about Jordon. You know what it's like to be assaulted and violated. That's what Jordon is dealing with right now. On top of the fact that he likely remembers every damn thing said and done to you during all this bollocks. Just give him time. Give him the space he needs.» Jonothon keeps some of the hurtful things unsaid. Robyn's had enough.

Robyn just lies there, knowing that Jono is right. Just sometimes teenagers don't always think clearly. He's about to say something when a sort of annoying tone goes off on his cellphone and he reaches over to the table and picks it up. Reading the text, Robyn sighs. It's a good sigh. "I'm sorry Jono, I just…I'm not good with these kind of things." He says as he does feel bad for what he did now. He looks at the door and stares for a bit.

As the phone is reached for, Jonothon tries to touch Robyn's hand. Just a brief attempt to reassure. «It's okay. All you needed was the proverbial smack upside the head. I know it's hard. Nothing about this is easy. Just let Jordan have his way for the next few days. When he's ready he'll see you.» For all Jono knows Jordan already has contacted Robyn via that text. He didn't try to read it. «Now, you rest. Can't fix things if you don't heal first.»

Yes it was Jordan in that text, giving him that little bit that he needed to hear. "I think I'm going to try to go to sleep again." Robyn says trying to get comfortable. "I'm sorry Jono, if you see Jordan…be there for him like you were before. Please." He says as he goes to close his eyes and hopefully pass out for another few hours. His body needs the sleep so it can heal.

«Sleep.» Jonothon agrees, patting Robyn's knee as he moves away. All the kids need rest. Then again, so does a certain British mutant. Scratching at his hair, he eyes the room one last time, and then takes his own leave. Going to crawl into bed and sleep the rest of the day away. Or so he hopes.

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