2010-02-03: Medbay Melodrama


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Summary: Some of the Paragons meet in Grand Central Station the medbay. Doc finds himself busy.

Date: February 03, 2010

Log Title Medbay Melodrama

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Seemingly unconscious, James has taken up residence in one of the far beds of the med bay. Appearance somewhat obscured by a blanket, what can be seen passes for a perfectly normal James—with the exception of some fresh pink lines dogging his muzzle and a rather reddish tint to his fur. A machine nearby quietly displays his readings; pulse and blood pressure—both of which may seem a little elevated. Quietly laying there, his ears occasionally twitch, homing in on odd sounds. The hyena might actually seem at peace for the first time ever. But even that only last a moment as a soft sigh escapes his lips before his eyes slowly open.

As James opens his eyes, Lucas is moving away from the bedside. Sitting on the small table beside James is a copy of Fran and Zooey by JD Salinger, the book Lucas just left there as he attempts to quietly slink away.

James calls out, "Hey roomie." What his appearance hides his voice displays. Gravelly, even for James on a bad day. It sounds raw, broken. He sits up a little, taking a moment to inhale deeply, "You didn't cut yourself again did you? I keep telling them…child safe scissors…but does anyone listen?" He coughs a little, smiling—the tone playful even in these circumstances. But the look he displays is nearly one of fondness.

Lucas turns around, "Oh… hey." He gives a little, soft upturn of the corners of his mouth. Lucas isn't really well liked, so it's nice to know his roommate isn't hating him too. He folds his arms over his chest, shrugging a little, "Sorry… Ah didn't mean to wake ya. Ah just figured ya'll might be bored." He nods at the table, "Ah brought you a book…"

James tilts his head and looks down at the tray, "Thanks…but hyenas can't read. We just like to eat the pretty pictures." The smile fades and he nods, "Thanks." This time, the humor is gone. He stretches under the blankets a little, followed by a slight rack of coughing, "So…you may get that room to yourself soon. I'm gonna get tossed out." He shrugs, "At least I'm pretty sure I will."

Lucas furrows his brow, and closes the distance, moving to the side of the bed. "Thrown out? Ah doubt that… Ah done killed another student, man. Ah can't believe they'd throw you out if'n Ah'm still here." He furrows his brow a little, "What happened?"

James nods sadly, "I heard…" He leaves it at that for a moment, "I’d…be a fool to tell you I know how you feel. But, I've been called worse." He looks at you intently, "Everyone says I'll be okay in time…but we both know better. Not after the things we were made to do." He closes his eyes for a moment and recounts, "Recently? Well…I stole a uniform, went to the zoo, and helped defeat the thing that started all this." He gets a rather devious look on his face, "He's going to be picking my teeth out of his flesh for weeks." He nods to the machine, "He got sent home, and I got poisoned. They think it’s a reaction to his blood or something."

Lucas nods, glancing around the room to make sure no one is listening, before looking back at James. "Ah've told everyone Ah don't remember what Ah did. It makes it easier for them to work it out in their head." He shrugs, "It doesn't really help me, though."

Rashmi has arrived.

Quietly laying there, James holds a conversation with Lucas, nodding gently, "I can’t think of anything that'll help. I don't want to sound pessimistic…but we both know to say anything else would be a lie." He tilts his head a little, "That's one of the reasons I went there last night."

Rashmi slips into the medbay, eyes moving left and right, the redhead evidently searching the rows of beds. Spotting Lucas and James, her face lights up in a bright smile, and she moves at a fast walk to join them. "Hey," she says quietly to the hyena, slipping an arm around Lucas' waist. "How're you doing?"

Lucas grins a little when Rashmi slips her arm around his thin waist, "Hey, Rash." He looks at James, "We was just figurin' out which of us could wallup Dallas the fastest." He smirks, "Ah'm clearly winnin'."

James coughs a little, and shoots Lucas a co-conspirator's look. He speaks, voice beyond gravelly, "Poisoned. " Somehow he manages to smile about that, "My throat is pretty raw. I'm fighting it, but it was a rough night." He gives Rashmi a kind look, "How are you holding up?" He shifts under the covers, arms hidden, "I didn't mean to spoil the moment last night, but…I wanted you to know it was over."

Rashmi raises an eyebrow as she leans against Lucas, glancing from the blond to James. "Uh-hhhuh," she says, in a clearly disbelieving tone. "James… You hardly ruined the moment at all. Honestly? I couldn't've been happier, thanks to you. If there was any better way to make it clear that it was all over… that was you." Eyes flick from one to the other, free hand coming up to toy with the carnation in her hair. "…So what were you *really* talking about?"

Lucas takes the Rashmi-requested up front road, and just says, "Ah don't wanna talk about it." It's not at all mean, it's friendly and respectful and honest. "How are ya?"

James shrugs and looks at the wall, "I'll tell her." He sets his jaw, sticking the lower one out a little, hands fidgeting under the blankets, "We were talking about why I did it. Risked my life." He shrugs, "I did it a little for me, a little for you." He sighs heavily, "Truth be known…I've been alone for 2 years. And no one deserves the loneliness I've experienced because of my mutant power. I see you both together, and I like seeing that." There a soft shrug, "Demons tried to take that away, and beyond anything else that made me more upset than I have ever been before in my life. You deserve better than what I get." He looks over at you both intently. Suddenly, without warning the heart monitor goes flat line. James' ears go back, eyes wide, "The hell?" He looks at you both, concerned, "Oh shit…"

Rashmi looks up at Lucas, and nods. Clearly, the redhead is perfectly willing to accept this answer without question, but James spoils the sentiment. "James," she says with an amused sigh, "you won't always be alone. I mean, have you *heard* about the dates Dr. McCoy would be seen going on? But… I do understand what you mean, and I think it's sweet—" which is about when the heart monitor sounds off, and her face pales, eyes widening. "James? James?!"

Lucas furrows his brow, "Easy…" He looks at each of the monitors, with some recognition on his face. He pulls the blanket off James a bit, and checks the monitor on the hyena's chest, and then his wrist and finally his finger. The blip begins again, "Ya'll just pulled loose," he says, and then he gently works his giant glove to press two buttons to reset the alarm on the monitor. "That oughta do…" He looks back at James. "Stop playin' with your wires," he says, smirking.

James' tongue hangs out of his mouth, "It's…okay. I'm ready…to…go…" He giggles as he gets outed and pulls his hands for under the blankets, heart monitor wires in one. "That..never gets old." Someone from the other side of the room yells, "Yeh…it does!" The hyena grins sheepishly at Rashmi and sits up straight. It was a good subject changer, and he never mentions a thing about what he was just saying unless pressed for details. "So…seriously. No one messes with the Paragons while I'm around. No one." He crosses his arms and nods deftly.

Rashmi glares down at James as the prank is revealed, winding up to take a swat at the hyena… But since he's already in a hospital bed, she lets her arm drop to her side. "Ve-e-ery funny, James," she grumbles, nose wrinkling.

Lucas gives Rash a gentle bump with his hip. "Leave him alone. Bein' in here sucks ass." He smirks at James. "So, for real, when do ya'll get outta here?"

Lucas then gets a weird look on his face, and goes silent.

James grins, "I kid." And then he goes through a quick coughing fit, "I deserved that. Karma." He shrugs, "As soon as one of the doctors sees me again. They wanted me to hold tight for the day to make sure since demons were involved." He goes quiet, a serious look on his face. "I need to ask a favor." But, he gets distracted by Lucas, "What's up?"

Rashmi snorts, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. At James' question, she tilts her head, nodding for him to continue, but is drawn up short by the look on the blond's face. "Lucas…?" Squeezing his waist briefly, she looks up, concerned. "You okay?"

Lucas slowly shakes his head, and then he scowls. "Ah hate fuckin' telepaths." He huffs. "Proffessor Addison is summoning me to the Danger Room." He shakes his head. "Ah gotta go." He seems annoyed. He gives Rash a quick kiss on the cheek. "Sorry." Then he turns, and heads for the door.

James watches Lucas leave, "Ouch…good luck. We'll rearrange the room when I get out. Assuming I'm still around to help. And thanks for the book." He sniffs a little as if chasing a scent.

Rashmi frowns, standing on her tiptoes to return the kiss. "Okay… Tell him hi for me, please?" As Lucas leaves the medbay, she turns back, sighing as she drops into a chair. "*That* probably won't end well…"

James clicks his tongue and shoots you a look, "Between you and me, keep an eye on him. He needs more than he's asking for." He sighs, "But…who can blame him."

"I'm *trying,*" Rashmi says wryly. "It's not easy, though… I'd practically have to stitch myself to his back to be able to keep him out of trouble properly… But he does better with a little space, you know?"

James nods and leans back in the bed, "I know how that goes. If it's any consolation, I'll keep an eye on him and let you know what I see." He nods to the door, "He's sure everyone hates him. I… well, seeing as he and I were both knocked down a peg, we have something in common now. He might tell me more."

Rashmi nods quietly. "Probably… I've been *trying* to prove that he isn't. Robyn, thank God, was sweet enough to say different, too. I just… I think he really did like Dallas, you know? As much as he loved getting under the skin, there… I think it *really* hurts him, that Dallas has been just *waiting* for him to hurt someone else…"

James coughs a little, "He's a lot nicer than he's given credit for." He nods to a book on the table, "He tried to sneak out after leaving that. Before now, we've practically ignored each other. I’ll make sure he knows he's not alone. We all walked away from this with scars."

Rashmi closes her eyes, letting out a long, slow sigh. "We have… Do *me* a favor, James…? Help me keep an eye on Nathaniel, too. He… Leo's left."

James gives you a surprised look, "Left? Where'd he go? This isn't part of that who de-powered hamma-ba-jobbie thing is it? And what's Nath' doing now?" A little pain crosses his face, "I don't know if I can help. You can't tell me they're not thinking about kicking me out for last night's stunt." He counts down a rather long laundry list of things he did, including, "Stole one of Dr. McCoy's uniforms…”

Rashmi's eyebrow rises as the list is ticked off, further and further, until finally she settles for a long, low whistle. "…No, but you'll probably be in detention until you turn gray…" With a low chuckle, she pats James' hand. "Nathaniel and Leo were together, James… If Leo's leaving, it's Nathaniel who's gotten the worst of it. But, um… What was it you wanted to ask, by the way? The favor?"

"Make sure I don't get booted," he says, "I know I don't have to ask, but I am. I don't want to go back home." He looks over at the door and back at you, serious, "I don't know how I'm going to do it…but I gotta find a way to make up all of this. The last 2 weeks, last night. Everything. I just don't know how yet."

Rashmi smiles gently. "I really don't think you will," she says, "but I'll talk to anyone I can get ahold of. The Headmaster, if I have to." Her voice is solemn, sincere. "I don't want you to leave, either. If only because you've *just* started making friends, and that's a terrible thing for anyone to lose."

James goes quiet, "I…got fooled into things because I thought I was joining a team of people who would accept me for what I am. They were going to be like a family to me." His crossed arms tighten a little, along with his jaw, "If…it wasn't completely uncharacteristic for me to say so…" he says through his teeth, "I'd almost say that I had that here along." He hmphs, "And if I hear anyone repeating that, you'll find live mice in your bed."

"Everyone's allowed to make mistakes," Rashmi says softly. "Besides… Remember what Dr. McCoy said? You're not the first person at the school to have to deal with… something like this. And you probably won't be the last, right? So, it's okay. We're still here for you, and that won't change until *you* decide you want it to."

James grunts, "Yeahhhhhh….but I still get to tease Zack, okay?" He smiles again at that thought. He stretches his arms out a little, claws pointed out straight in front of him. He leans back in the bed and says it one last time, "Just so you know, I really will be there for any of you."

Rashmi chuckles. "I never doubted it for a second," she says, reassurance clear in her voice. "And okay, but give him a hand too, huh? I think he's as scared of how big he is, as Lucas or anyone else is of their powers, you know?"

James sighs and nods, "I know, trust me, I know." He runs a finger claw over the space between his eyes and changes the subject, "So…you want to leave before this gets awkward?" He grins, "Not saying you have to…"

Rashmi grins, shaking her head and rising from her chair. "All right… See if the Doc can get you into the Magic Fixit Machine, all right?" Now *there's* a new term for the finest in Shi'ar medical technology… "No sense suffering more than you have to, you know?"

James nods, "Fair enough. But you know…after all this I'm finding I'm healing surprisingly fast on my own. Like…a lot." He glances around, "Not that I'm going to go test it out or anything…" He'll be back in here within a week.

Rashmi arches an eyebrow. "Mmm-hmm," is all she says to that, her tone speaking volumes about how much she believes *that* particular nonsense. "So, um, before I go… What book was it Lucas gave you?"

"Fran and Zooey" the hyena responds, "JD Salinger…Lucas has bunches of his things." He looks around, "He didn't buy it that I'm illiterate…so I'll have to read t to humor him…or maybe wiki it." The deviant's smile returns.

Rashmi chuckles, shaking her head. "No… I think you'll want to read it, James. It's like… well, it's sort of like me giving the Narnia books I've had since I was a kid, to Robyn for a birthday present. Salinger… that's Lucas' favorite writer ever, you know? And he'd *just* died last week… I think it was kind of a big deal for him, sneaking it to you."

Owen has arrived.
Topher has arrived.

James blinks a couple of times, "Oh…ohh…." He nods, "Okay. I understand." He looks al little uncomfortable for a moment then grins, "Everyone's jus' openin’ up all over. Not sure if I'm going to be able to handle this."

Rashmi returns the grin, shaking her head. "Bah, you're a big strong boy, I'm sure you'll be able to manage, right?"

With a sudden cloud of DarkForce, a new pair enters the room. Owen, fuzzy and in just a pair of jeans, has arrised with Topher. "Hey? Docter aroun' here?" he calls, not seeing Rashmi or James yet.

James, that rather large hyena guy who is currently taking up a bed in the far corner, calls out, "No…!" He looks over at his teammate, Rashmi, who is near by.

Rashmi blinks, whipping around as Owen and Topher teleport in. "Owen? Wh—" Halting her question before it can begin, she shakes her head. "…Nevermind. Get him to a bed, I'll find the Doctor, okay?" With that, she hurries further into the medical bay. "Doctor Williams? Doctor Williams, are you there?"

Of course Doc is there! Except when he's not there, then he's clearly not! All kidding aside, Doc is indeed there, and it seems that he's been a bit absorbed in catching up on student files that he hadn't heard any racket. It's not until someone calls for him that he looks up. Sounded like Rashmi. He sets the file he was currently looking over aside, stepping out more where he can see her - and she can see him. "Rashmi? What's wrong? Someone hurt?" Seems they're going to have to catch him up, but his steps do become a bit more urgent.

Owen jumps at the sound of a familiar voice. "Rashmi?" he shakes off the surprise. He's holding Topher up and the psion seems to be bleeding from the ears. Also seems to have passed out from the trip through the DarkForce. "Yeah. Mah roommate's a bit hurt," the shirtless and fuzzy teen calls as he sets Topher onto a bed.

James turns off the machine he 'borrowed' and was never supposed to have been connected to in the first place and edges out of be…no he doesn't. "Frek!" He reaches over to the table, grabs so pants, and does the pants-application-under-the-covers thing again. "Twice in one week. What are the odds?" The 7' beast hops up and out of the bed, still looking a little worse for wear. He hurries over, "What's going…whoh." He tries to help guide Owen to a bed to drop Topher off.

"I really don't know," Rashmi says as she hurries back to Topher's bed. "Owen just popped inliterallywith hi… *What* in god's Name are you doing *out of bed,* James?!"

Doc moves over with Rashmi towards Topher's bed. Since the guy's bleeding out of his ears, it's probably a good idea to stop that. "Rashmi, do me a favor and grab me something to clean up the blood." He brings his gaze back over to James. "Lay back down, James, please. If you want you can keep the pants on." He rests a hand on either side of Topher's head, and seems to concentrate for a few moments. A gentle green glow flows from his fingers and into Topher's skull, healing the ear issue, at least.

"I think he's got something else wrong with him," Doc begins. "But I don't think I'm going to be able to fix that." Still, while he waits for Rashmi to bring him something to clean the blood with, he glances back to James. "Do you have anything that needs looking at?"

Owen looks over at James and arches an eyebrow at the pants shimmy. Shrugging it off he steps back as the Docter rushes in. "Ah…should get goin'…gotta clean up some broken glass…"

James recoils as his teammate yells, nearly jumping back. He steps out of the way, "I'm helping!" *COUGH!!* "I'm taking up a bed that someone else can use. I'll be fine!" He looks over at Doc. "No, I'm fine," he lies, "Just waiting to get discharged so I can free up some space. Feeling great. Just coughing, a little, still. Healing factor a go…so I should be too! And you have bigger things to worry about than me."

Rashmi hurries off at the Doctor's orders, returning with a small surgical sponge in one hand, a piece of clean rag in the other. "Here, Doctor… James? Bed. Heal," she says, neither face not voice brooking argument.

"We have plenty of beds. You're not leaving here until I at least get a look at you, so lay back down," Doc orders James with a sterner voice than he's demonstrated yet. With that done, he smiles at Rashmi, taking the sponge and rag. He works a pair of gloves out of his pocket - seems he comes prepared - and he works them on, before beginning to gently clean the blood off of Topher's ears and neck. He's quick, but at least he's thorough. Once both sides have been cleaned, he tosses them into the waste disposal.

"That is, for the moment, all I can do for Topher," Doc offers. "I'll have to wait for him to wake up to see what I can do further for him." Then.. he turns his sights on James. "Now.. tell me what happened," he smiles, seeming a bit more pleasant now, at least. "Do you feel any pain or discomfort? Anything you want me to look at?"
Owen chuckles a little at the interaction between Rashmi and James. "Really know how tah keep 'em in line, eh Rash?" he teases a bit. "Right. Thanks, Doc. Ah'll get outta the way. An' James," he grins. "Ya want a quick evac, gimme a call when they're not lookin' an' Ah'll come sprin' ya!" he jokes before vanishing in a cloud of DarkForce.

James gives his teammate a familiar look. It's that belligerent hyena 'game face' that he uses so often, the one with his chin stuck out, eyes gazing over his muzzle and down at someone. He even crosses his arms. It would be predictable to hear him disagree, but tonight, for some reason he doesn't. Instead he 'hmphs' and heads back over to the bed, taking a seat 'on' it, legs touching the floor. He looks at Doc, "I'm fine," he says in a very gravely voice, "Just in the way. Be better when I'm not." At Owen's offer, he smiles. You know he'll be taking that one up!

Rashmi snorts, countering the 'game face' with her Look of Infinite Patience. "You don't sound a bit like it, James," she says. "Besides… you *must* have been hurt if there was a heart monitor by your bed, right?" Her lips split into a wide grin and she winks at James, purposefully leaving any qualifying information out of her question.

Doc glances over at Rashmi, before focusing at James. "You're not in the way, now quit. And, if you're here, there's a chance that you're not actually fine. Now, tell me in detail what happened to you, and what you want me to take care of for you. I understand that you don't want to go through it, but as they say in New York, ''dem's da breaks'. So, you'll be out the door much quicker if you cooperate."

James hmmmmmmmsss bass-fully. "Only borrowed it." You know he's displeased when he goes into that clipped speech thing, "Had you though." He shoots his friend a kind, understanding look. He sighs, relaxes and submits to the pokes and pros and tries to look like he's not going to go for anyone's hand "I was at the zoo last night and fought N'astirh, some demon guy. It's why the weather is back to normal, and all." He uncrosses his arms, "I bit him pretty good and I got sick from it." He shrugs again, "I healed up pretty good…." So says the student with fresh pink scars dotting his muzzle. When he opens his mouth for an exam, his throat looks like he gargled acid.

Rashmi smiles gently. "I just like to know my friends are *actually* going to be okay… And if I ever meet one that'll be *honest* about it instead of needing to 'man up,' then I won't have to worry, will I?" Flashing James a brilliant grin, she moves to a nearby bed, to sit and wait for the doctor's verdict.

Not much Doc can do for the scar tissue, so he just nods a bit. Noting the scars does indeed prompt him to inspect James' mouth, and he seems a bit shocked to see that. Like gargling acid? Good lord. "Well, it seems that your regenerative abilities are patching everything up, and it's just scar tissue in there, for the most part.." He motions for James to shut his big mouth. In so many words. Or, in Doc's case, just a gesture. "I'm not sure if your regeneration fixes scar tissue, so I guess we'll have to hope it does," he smiles.

"Anyway.." Doc steps aside to pluck up a clipboard and start jotting down notes. "Thank you for your help, Rashmi. I think I ought to make you my nurse," he teases her playfully, before focusing back on James. "If you're one hundred percent sure that you're fine, though.. you're welcome to go. I know you don't like it in here, but if something comes up - you start feeling worse throat pain, or if you have trouble swallowing - come down here, all right?"

James shoots a rather devious, triumphant look at Rashmi, "I'll be fine." The look speaks volumes. He'd trade the scars any day for what he got from his little trip out. "I'll be in the moment that I don't think that I'm not healing right." English slip up…or double speak…one never knows with James. He looks back at the doctor, "Thank you. I don't think I got a chance to say that the last time I was in here."

Rashmi chuckles, flushing at Doc's teasing. "That's okay, thanks… I don't know if I could stand to be a proper nurse, you know…?" Shaking her head, she moves over to pat James' shoulder. "Besides. It's hard enough babysitting these stubborn… stubborn… *boys.*"

Doc shakes his head slowly. "No need to thank me. I'm here to make sure you kids are happy and healthy," he smiles at James, before looking to Rashmi. "I'm sure you would make a great nurse, but I'm not going to put you on the spot. I meant to say that you've been a huge help this past week," he smiles. "Thanks again." At the mention of babysitting.. he laughs a bit at that. "Wish I could help you there, but I'm afraid I'm not a very good babysitter." He teases playfully.

Turning his teeth towards his shoulder, James makes a playful jaw snap at Rashmi's hand *Clack!* He reaches up and rests a hand…paw…thing on his teammates and nods, "I think you're doing just great down here. Especially when you discharge me. That's my favorite part." He smiles toothfully, trying to look harmless. But…with the work-over his gums got from the poison blood, he probably just looks mangy. He reaches up to check for his goggles and nods, "I promise not to make a habit out of these visits."

Rashmi smirks, tapping at James' nose as he goes in for the snap. "I'm always happy to help, Doctor. Let me know if you don't have enough hands, again?"

Doc nods at her. "I'll be sure to give you a call. Now, I don't want to keep you here, unless you want to stay here," he smiles. "Besides, I've got to wait for Topher to wake up, and I have to read the rest of the student health files. Gonna take me a while still.." He muses, more to himself than to them.

James is almost out of the bed before the Doc can finish, "Oh I couldn't stand to be in the way while you're still getting settled. Especially since I'm in the free and clear." His voice says quite the opposite. He gathers his belongings…a shirt with Cyrillic text on it, a book, his usual shirt, and a rather ratty looking jacket that may, at one time have been a someone's…uniform? "Whoh…that was in one piece earlier." The arm suddenly drops off of it. He says nothing as he gathers up the pieces and heads for the door.

Rashmi bobs her head, smiling at the distracted medic. "Well, we'll get out of yo—" She can only stare as the jacket is brought out, the sleeve *falling off.* "…We need a sewing kit. Thanks again, Doctor, goodbye!" Shooing James towards the door, she follows out quickly.

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