2010-01-30: Medbay Reunion


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Summary: Jordan and Robyn are reunited.

Date: January 30, 2010

Log Title Medbay Reunion

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

He really hasn't gotten much sleep all night. Jordan's lying in the medbed, on his side. After all, he can't really lay on his back. He's just waiting. Letting time pass and letting everything go on around him. He has too much in his mind to let it all out, or to even just talk much about it right now.

Robyn didn't leave the med bay but unlike Jordan, he did get some sleep. He wasn't going to leave his side unless forced to by Dr. McCoy or Dr. Reyes. He turns and opens his eyes, walking up, and smiles at Jordan. "How you doing?" He asks as there's a weight that feels like has been lifted now that Jordan's back.

"I'm alive. And human." That's about all Jordan can really say about it right now. "Couldn't really sleep. Knowing what's still going on out there." He says witha nod. After all, he was a part of it. Not that he tells much about it.

Robyn gets out of bed and goes to sit down next to Jordan and nods. "I know, I'm sorry I didn't go after you Jordan, I wanted to so badly but, I knew I couldn't do anything. I'm sorry for leaving you there with them." He does feel bad about that, as if maybe he did try he could have succeeded but the chance of failure was too great.

"It's best that you didn't. I couldn't always stop the demon in me from doing things." Jordan says with a bit of a nod. "So, it's better off thatI was left alone until that woman with a sword hit me. I've… heard that a few others are back." He admits.

Robyn sighs at that one and nods. "Yeah, Lucas and Nathaniel." He doesn't say anymore on it though, he still doens't think it's fair that they came back first when they were two of the worst in his eyes. "Leo went kinda nuts after he found out and he no longer has powers from snapping Nathaniel out of it. Lucas…it was bad Jordan." He doesn't even know how to really say it. "A, student was killed before he was back to normal. A lot has happened in the past two weeks." For Robyn, for Jordan, for most people.

There's a shiver from Jordan, and a steely cold sets in his eyes. "Have they said anything? Either one?" He asks, gently. He's not going to expose Robyn to his angry side. He doesn't deserve that. But those two… yes. They deserve his ire and rage. And they will get it.

"Lucas claims he doesn't remember anything." Robyn isn't so sure he believes that especially since Jordan remembers everything. "Nathaniel, he's kind of a wreck and he apologized, I can't forgive him yet but I can't be mad at him." Just like he can't be mad at Jordan for the arm, but then Robyn is too nice for his own good. "I honestly didn't think you were coming back Jordan, I'm sorry." He almost feels guilty for feeling that way.

"Bullshit." Jordan spits out before shaking his head. "He remembers. They made sure we'd remember… so we'd know what we're capable of. He's just trying to get sympathy." He says, growling before he stops himself and forces himself to calm. 'Big game. Big game.' he mutters, since it's one of the few things that could make him focus before. "I didn't think I would either."

Robyn reaches out and takes Jordan's hand with one hand and runs a hand lightly through his hair with another. "I don't know what he's trying to get but he…" Robyn just shakes his head, him and Lucas are an odd story. "You know I don't blame you, for breaking my arm or kissing him, I don't care. About any of that. I have what's important right now, and I almost wasn't here to see it."

"The kiss was a moment of weakness. The demonic urges… certain ones were more… apparent. And I had to convince him." Jordan sighs, not looking at Robyn for that. After all, that was, to him, one of his worst moments. Yeah, broken bones… those will heal. Other things? Maybe not.

Robyn stands up and leans over Jordan to kiss him again. "That must have tasted awful for you." He says smiling lightly, making a bit of a joke in regards to kissing Lucas. "I'll admit, it' crushed me when I saw that cause…of everything, but now, it doesn't bother me. You did something in there Jordan, you rescused five of us. Me, Dallas, Mikhail, Rashmi and that girl. If you didn't do that Jordan…just believe me when I say that meant a lot. Not just to me but to everyone. Especially since that girl has the ability to turn those turned back."

"I know. Amanda Sefton. I was flogged for three days, non-stop, after than. And that's when they put the obedience collar on me." Jordan says with a nod. "The one to force me to do what they say. I figured a way to block some of it, but not for a few days." He keeps looking at the wall. He's being a little distant, but with everything he's been through, who can blame him? "They got another one with a weapon last night, too."

Robyn winces as Jordan says that and takes a deep breath. "I'm so sorry Jordan, I'm sorry I couldn't do anything help you. I wish I could have so you didn't have to go through that, I should have tried, I should have done something." He did try, the first time, going with Rashmi after Lucas. It was more a selffish hope that he could find Jordan by going. "Jordan…I'm sorry, really I am."

"No, you shouldn't. Staying right here was the best thing for you to do." Jordan obviously doesn't know about the runaway incident yet. "You don't have abilities that would have helped you too much, were I to lose control. And if you were lost, I probably would have given in. As it stands, I had the strength to not do what it wanted."

Robyn doesn't say it but he does think that he doesn't have abilities that would have helped him much with anything. "You're the only reason I got out their a live and Addison was the one who had to protect my mind." He doesn't really go into detail about that, it's kind of weird to think about being made to enjoy it. "Staying here, this school has been so crazy that once it's over…" He doesn't know how to tell Jordan that he's thinking about going home.

"I don't know if I have a place here anymore." Jordan finishes. He's feeling similarly. But, he has to go to school. He doesn't have much of a choice. He can control his height… for the most part… now. Though it still occasionally flares up. But where would he go?Back to Florida? He doesn't know.

"I…I tried to run away." Robyn says as Jordan says that and looks away. "I…it's hard to be here. I know it sounds stuipid but losing you just made it harder. I could have dealt with this so much better if I had you around. I know it sounds stupid but with all the fighting and the tension and just everything. The thought that I'd never be with you again, I..didn't want to be here anymore. Jono, he..brought me back. Things are so much easier when I have you around Jordan."

"If you leave, I'll end up leaving. It's bad enough that I want to break Nathaniel and beat Lucas." Jordan admits. "But having to see them on a daily basis, know what they did, and not be able to sneak off somewhere with you, well…" He shrugs slightly. "I'd just be better off mastering myself at home."

"I..haven't decided if I'm leaving or not. I need to be here for my powers but, with you back, I might be able to get through it. Deal with things." Robyn says nodding quietly in regards to Nathaniel or Lucas. For once, Robyn isn't really protesting it. "It's hard seeing Nathaniel but…he was the demon. And what says we can't sneak off somewhere? Why not? I still want to be with you Jordan. Don't you get how much you mean to me?"

"He was the demonisn't an excuse. So was I." Jordan says, rather callously. "And yet -I- got you all out of there. -I- didn't join any fights until they FORCED me. -I- didn't kill anyone or hurt anyone if I could avoid it." He says, still angry about that. "I know. But I just don't know right now what's right and what's not. I'm barely even feeling quite… real right now. Well, other than the pain."

Robyn just watches Jordan with a slightly saddened expression on his face, reaching out to brush Jordan's hair lightly. "Jordan…" He doesn't know what to do, he wants Jordan to tell /him/ everything's going to be okay but right now Jordan's in just as much of a messed up state. "I don't know if everything is going to be fine or not, I don't, but just, you know I'm here for you. Always. I really do think I've fallen in love with you Jordan." He's a teen so at that age sometimes it's hard to tell what love really is.

"I know. You told me last night." Jordan attempts his normal arrogant smile, but fails slightly. "I'm sorry, just… give me a few days to get myself back in order, if I can." He says, giving a soft nod. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere."

Robyn smiles faintly at Jordan and playfully punches his shoulder. "God, you're like Han Solo or something." He nods sits back down. "Unless you don't want me to, I'm gonna be down here with you as much as possible. And I am going to worry about you, I worry about people I care about." He says with a shrug.

"don't forget about your other friends." Jordan says firmly as he looks up. Han Solo? He doesn't get how he's like that, but eh. "Make sure you spend SOME time with them. After all, there will be moments when the doctors want me alone.

"They all have their own problems and issues, but I know. I probably will." Spend time with his friends that is, though Robyn doesn't really think any of them really need him. He gets really quiet and doesn't say much. He's happy Jordan's back but at the same time he's worried and not sure what's going to happen between them.

Who knows what's going to happen to anyone. That's the biggest thing on Jordan's mind right now. He doesn't know how to feel properly yet. The haze of demon-taint is gone, so he can see clearly… but what is clearly? "Cheer up. It's not the end of the world anymore. And from how it sounded, now that she has the Illyaka chick or whatever her name is, our side is even stronger. Stronger than theirs. Just one more to get."

Robyn smiles faintly and nods. "I know, it's just hard. I haven't had a ton to be really happy about lately." He says wishing he could do so much more than can. "I know it sounds silly but the only thing I want to do right now is curl up in bed next to you, but you're injured." And distant. "But you know, you're going to have to make up for missing my birthday." He says obviously joking, a bad attempt to lighten the mood a bit.

Jordan scrunches his eyebrows. "What more do you want? I'm here." He says. "There's your birthday gift." He sticks out his tongue, having a little of his old humor back, but not much. "I just don't know what I'm going to do yet. And I still have to live with all I did." He explains.

Mikhail pages, "You all out of emo mode then?, give Jordan my love" to you.

"Yeah, but it's not like I can cuddle with you or anything, what good is you as a birthday present if I can do anything with you." Again there's that smile from Robyn to let Jordan know he's joking. "I don't know either Jordan but you don't have to deal with any of this alone, I'll always be here for you, no matter what."

"Oh, I can do plenty, just not a few things. I have my restrictions. And one of them is that I'm stuck on campus right now. nothing we can do without being caught breaking rules we're not supposed to break." Jordan teases back. He shrugs a little. "I know."

"It all depends on where we go and it's still warm outside. Not many people seem to venture all the way out to the Communications Tower, we can spend some time together there when you're allowed out of here." Robyn says as stands up again and hugs Jordan the best he can, careful not to aggrivate his injuries. He buries his face in the nook between Jordan's neck and sholder and just stays like that for a bit.

Jordan's probably still a little warmer than normal. "Yeah, but I feel creeped out by that psychic guy. He KNOWS things." He says, shivering and shaking his head lightly. "I just can't trust him."

Robyn still stays the way he was, not moving for now, unless Jordan pushes him away. "It it wasn't for Addison…he protected me when Nathaniel was…" How does he put it. "Controlling my emotions. He may know things but he's a good guy. He helped me when I kinda went into a break down from exhaustion too."

"Still. I don't like anybody that can get in your head and make you do things. After living like that for several weeks." Jordan says, shaking his head. "I just can't deal with it well."

"Yeah but that's kind of what I can do, get into peoples heads and do things." It's Robyn's power, possession, but then, he always feels weird doing it. "I understand though. Once everything is over, maybe we can leave here for a week, find if there is somewhere we can stay."

"Maybe go see my family down in Florida…" Jordan offers, making an attempt at something. It's not that he doesn't want Robyn anymore, he's just hurting and dealing in his own way.

Robyn nods. "I'd like that, I've never been to Flordia." Robyn's hurting in his own way as well but not as much. His self confidence has been torn apart and he's trying to build it up a bit. He finally pulls away and brushes Jordan's cheek, he kind of needs the closeness right now. "Do you want me to try to leave you and get some sleep, or do you want me to stay?"

"It's up to you. I might be able to sleep a little now. Though… I think I'd fall asleep better if you stayed." The whole someone to trust thing. Jordan's really got those issues now, moreso than ever.

Robyn smiles and nods. "Of course I'll stay with you." He says grabing tightly onto Jordan's hand. He bends down and kisses him again. He's gonna try to watch out for Jordan the best he can. "I'll always be here for you, but you know that."

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