2010-04-20: Medbay Visit


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Summary: Misha comes to visit Jeremy in the medbay, some things said go over Jeremy's head.

Date: April 20, 2010

Log Title Medbay Visit

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Medical Center

The name medical 'office' rather undersells what his, in essence, a state of the art, high-tech and extremely well stocked medical bay and treatment center. There are always orderies and nurses in attendance to handle minor injuries and a doctor is always on call for more serious problems. In addition to a locked medicine storage facility, there are modules for isolating patients, a (hopefully never used) cryogenic storage and stasis module for preserving life (or bodies) when the local team can't stabilize a patient and a pair of ten bed infirmary modules attached to the main area. Each bed and exam table is equipped with the latest Stark-tech diagnostics gear.

Jeremy has been in here since last night, they just wanted to make sure all was okay before letting Jeremy go. He's stitched up from where the bullet grazed and he's lucky that it wasn't worse as it didn't hit bone or anything. At the moment, he's lying in a bed in the medical clothes they gave him and it's been a less then comfortable last few hours for Jeremy as he's had to make skin contact with too many things in the room. Now he's just trying to relax a bit, a pair of latex gloves on since the leather ones got some of his blood on them and need cleaning. He's got a magazine in his hands, some boring National Geographic that was lying there, but at least it's something to do.

Misha meanders in, waving to one of the nurses as he makes his way over. A familiar one in here, as he had a hip injury when he arrived, and still requires some tending for it. If only to ensure that his now very active life isn't making things worse. "Hello." Said as he approaches Jeremy's bed. A plastic bag is offered, shaken a little. "Clothing from your room. Wore gloves. Hope that helps." It's a pair of sweats and a tshirt. but they are at least Jeremy's. Another bag is produced, and that one has treats. "Icecream?"

Jeremy shakes his head. "Thanks, but it won't help. I'll still see you touching them but it's better than what they have me in now." He says with a smile as he takes the clothes and starts to put them on. It's a weird process as Jeremy doest take off his gloves first and touches them, letting everything fliter through his head rapidly, it's like he zones out for a bit. Once done he takes a deep breath and slides on the pants under the hospital gown before taking it off and putting on the shirt. "Thanks again and sorry for last night Mikhail." He says with a smile and not at the ice cream. Hey, who doesn't like ice cream?

"Sorry." Honest apology for he really did try not to make it worse. He just hopes that Jeremy doesn't get flashes of his past through such small contact, for he has no idea if it works that way. Doesn't ask either. Just puts the bags down and pulls over a chair. "Why are you being sorry? Except for shooting, I was having fun." Jeremy's shooting he means and there's a motion to the wounded leg. "Is nice to get real world experience." Acts like his shooting of Rob was nothing more than more training. Then again he purposely wasn't trying to kill anyone.

"Fun?" Jeremy asks as his idea of fun isn't combat or fighting or getting shot at. He doesn't see any of Misha's past as it doesn't work like that, Jeremy's power is just that one object, or person, he touches. "I just did't think I'd ever run into him again but I know dealers sometimes hate losing a customer." It means less money for them. "I've had enough to real world experience." He thinks at least with feeling like he's been running for his life the past two years.

Misha can only shrug for that. "Was being fun for me until you got shot." Sorry, but it was. "Was mistake you think not see him again though. Must always expect such bad things to reappear." No smile for that, and he has sympathy in droves for the other. "I may have to be making visit to that man to ensure he is giving you no further trouble. Otherwise you will be having to avoid places you like." Very serious that. What he did has consequences, and they will have to be dealt with. "For that I am sorry."

Jeremy sits on the edge of the bed and just looks down at his lap. "No, you get away from the bad stuff in your life so it doesn't slap you in the face later. I quit for a reason and I don't want to get back into that again. It…it was an escape." Jeremy says as he's good at running away. He wasn't always that way it's just dealing with his powers and living on the streets taught him to look for escapes. "Mikhail, you don't have to do that. He's…" He's what? Not that bad of a guy, well Jeremy can't finish that sentance as he knows it's not true. "I'm clean Mikhail. That's what matters to me. It's been two months."

Not looking convinced, the teen opts not to argue the point. Misha will still spend some time watching Rob to see if a message needs to be made clear. He just won't tell Jeremy about it. "You must be careful in Mutant Town, Jeremy." Something he believes is already clear, yet he states it just the same. "How long are you must be staying…" Siiigh. He looks disgruntled at himself. "How long do you have to stay here?" There, better. "The wound did not seem serious when I was seeing it."

"Not to long." Jeremy says not really meeting Mikhail's face with his own. It's obviously he's ashamed about something. "I should be able to get out in an hour or so, the nurse just wanted to come back before I left." He hasn't tried walking yet but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. "Just, I can't do any running still the stitches are gone. And no, it's not to bad."

Misha rises to his feet as he's not looked at. "What is wrong?" Asked as he steps close and leans in somewhat to try and catch Jeremy's eye. "The not running?" Yeah, it was fun until Jeremy got shot. Then the teen felt guilty. The whole situation really was his fault, not Jeremy's. "I'm sorry, Jeremy."

Jeremy shakes his head. "No, it's just. I hate that about me, that I needed heroin to feel better. It was a stupid escape and seeing him last night…and him wanting me to buy more, I want that to just be over. I just couldn't deal with it Mikhail. I had to do something about this, the visions and it just helped. I don't like that part of me, I really don't. I did a lot of stuff I'm not proud of Mikhail."

"Jeremy.." Kind of at a loss, the teen rests a hand on Jeremy's knee. "Stop beating self up over this." Misha shakes his head. "You stopped. You are here now. I am not ashamed in knowing you one bit. You should not be ashamed of you either. You are great person, and will continue to be. That there was trouble before? That is not mattering. It is over now, yes?" There's a smile, and he's really hoping he can help.

Jeremy looks up at Misha and doesn't say anything for a bit. "Yeah, I know I have to keep moving forward, I just hate that, I just want to bury those two years on the street and just forget about them." Though the drug addiction gives some insite into why Jeremy is just so skinny. "And thanks, for trying to make me feel better but I'm nowhere near a great person."

That has Misha smiling. "I'm not either, Jeremy." A great person, and he doesn't at all seem to mind that. "Past does not bury well. You should be knowing that by now." Like his own, which has a bad habit of rearing up and biting. Straightening, he leans that hand against the bed, close, but no longer touching. "I refuse to be hating you as you insist. You are going to have to deal." A shrug and there's still that smile. Neener.

Jeremy finally smiles at Misha and shakes his head. "No, I'm not insiting you hate me. Really, I'm not." He's just down on himself is all as he does think you can bury the past, he buried it with his family. "As long as you bring me ice cream everytime I end up in here, which hopefully won't be often at all, I think I can deal."

There's the smile he wanted! "Then stop if you are not." A grin this time and he pokes the good leg's knee. "We can be playing video games and eating much ice cream while you get better, yes?" Misha makes it sound so very easy. Then again he's decided not to be down on himself for his past. Came to realize that he made the best decisions he could have, and nothing can change what occurred. Beating himself up won't help. "Want to go? We could see movie, or something." Staying here sucks after all.

Jeremy pushes himself off the bed, landing on his good leg, as he looks around. "Well it doesn't seem like the nurse is gonna be back anyt…." And of course as he says that the nurse walks in. "Mr. Inada, what are you doing out of bed?" She asks in a firm tone as she rushes over. "Sorry." He mutters as she checks everything out and pronouces him good to leave. With a smile he looks at Misha. "Okay, let's just go do something, anything sounds good right now."

Beaming at the nurse to the point he might be thought a bit of a jerk about it, Misha soon has his attention back on Jeremy. Did get out of the nurse's way though. "What you want? Got video games and moves in dorm, or we could be going out. Maybe proper meal and movie? Am loving movie theatres here. They are most fun." The teen is finding he enjoys American culture. Wasn't sure that he would. With the nurse gone, Misha does try to grip Jeremy's hand. Perhaps over bold, but the other is wearing a glove.

Jeremy's hand is easily taken and Jeremy doesn't think anything of it at first. "Let's save going out for later, I think I'd rather stay in right now." Misha might have fun with runing into trouble, Jeremy, does not. And if Misha is asking him out on a date he doesn't realize it. "But I mean a movie might be fun, I don't know the last time I went to a theatre."

As the point is missed, Misha lets the hand go. Doesn't show his disappointment and instead puts on his smile. There's nothing there to say it might be fake. "Then room it is." Gathers up the bags, so that the nurses and orderlies don't have to deal with them, giving Jeremy a moment to get ready. Going to let Jeremy set the pace, even though it's his suite he's aiming for. There are so many game systems there, between Misha and Danny, that there are weeks of entertainment to be had. "Want me to be getting something from the cafeteria? I could cook too."

Unfortunately for Misha, Jeremy's never been in a relationship combined with the fact that he spent two years on the streets with limited contact with people he'd call something a close as aquantance, flirting goes right over his head. "Tomorrow after classes we can go out though, I just don't know, like I said, I'm good at running." He just wants to be safe. "Sure, food sounds good, and I need a smoke too."

"Pancakes? Would that be okay?" Cooking is something he's done for years. Especially since his aunt couldn't be trusted with it. She'd often hurt herself, or the house. Misha learned, even as he learned to care for her other needs. "You go get smoke and meet me at my suite?" Well, not his personal one, but Jeremy understands, right? "I get meal started." A smile, bags passed to the other, and then the teen heads off to do what he said he would.

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