2011-09-13: Meet Captain Sarcasm


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Summary: Quenton meets his squad leader, Kenta. Kenta enjoys Nigel's sense of humour.

Date: September 13, 2011

Log Title: Meet Captain Sarcasm

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Some might argue that Kenta has one of the easiest classes to teach in the school, music. Unlike other teachers he doesn't have to spend most of the night grading papers which is why he sits on one of the couches with his acoustic guitar on his lap working on a new song. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a sleeveless black CBGB t-shirt, his legs curled up on the couch. Kenta hums as he plays a soft tune on his guitar, it's definitely a work in progress.

Nigel wanders into the living room with his laptop under his arm, looking around for a moment and noticing Kenta working he makes his way quietly to a chair and takes a seat, opening the computer and starting it up. As he waits for it to boot he perks an ear to what Kenta is doing curiously.

And still, some might argue that every teacher needs a student he doesn't like. And Fate, perhaps, decides to deal Kenta that hand. Quenton comes in from the lobby, hands in his pockets, right arm still a little stiffer than his left. Sunglasses covering his red eyes, even inside. He doesn't like to show off his eyes. At the sight of Kenta he hesitates. This means no television time. And despite him wanting to be a jerk and turn on the television anyway, he doesn't want to compete. Maybe this person has mutant music powers. So he just moves to a chair, slumping down. That just requires him to go limp, not push against the chair. No accidental smash.

Looking up with his solid black eyes at the two students, Kenta gives them a nod as he stops playing. "Hey there. I don't think we've met yet, I'm the music teacher and squad leader for the Paragons here, Kenta." He says offering a chilly hand to Nigel and then Quenton. "Sorry I haven't been around much this summer, I've been spending time with my son so I guess now with the new school year time to make my presence known again."

Nigel looks up as his desktop finally boots and gives a wave to Kenta "Ah hey there. Nigel Beck from Alpha Squad." He shakes the offered hand and pauses a moment at the cold but make no comment. "Never was much good at music myself, tried to learn guitar once, I think the instructor wanted to beat me with it after about ten minutes. I stick to Guitar Hero."

Quenton furrows his brow at Kenta's words. "Oh. You don't look like a teacher," he comments, shrugging his shoulders and lifting his hands from his jacket and putting them behind his head. "I'm Quenton. I'm on the Paragons." He glances towards Nigel once, then tips his chin. "Played Guitar Hero back when I could control my strength. Didn't like it as much as everyone else." He shifts on his chair slightly. He looks at the offered hand, staring at it a moment, before offering his hand as well. He doesn't grip Kenta's, but lets Kenta grip his if he wishes.

"Ah so you're Quenton, pleasure to meet you. I've been slow with getting a team meeting up and running but I will in the next week, promise." Kenta says grinning. "I think I'm going to like you already Quenton you keep flattering me like that and you'll be one of my favourites." He jokes with the student. "Music has pretty much been the main thing I've been good at but Guitar Hero." He makes a face at that. "I've always been horrible at it, unless I got to sing."

Nigel nods and looks back to his computer a moment "Well never said I was good at it, but better than I am with a real guitar." He taps a few keys "Sorry just trying to update somthing, not intending to be rude."

"It wasn't flattering," Quenton grumps. "It was me saying your pu- never mind." Insulting a teacher isn't a good career choice, especially after the trouble he got into on the eleventh. So he shuts up about that, just inclining his head. "You're welcome." Yeah, that works. His eyes stray towards Nigel and he shrugs.

"I'm what, not professional looking?" Kenta asks the grumpy Quenton. "Hey even if it wasn't meant that way anyone that says I don't look like a teacher is good in my book." He chuckles and puts his guitar down on the floor gently and leans back. "No problem Nigel, just because there is a teacher in the room doesn't require you to be social, do your thing."

Nigel nods and focuses on the computer a moment. "Aaaaaand uploading. Ok no problem, just gotta keep the webcomic up to date. Nearly have enough donations to upgrade the hardware on this oversized calculator." He looks to Kenta "So what are the paragons? I mean do the names have some kind of meaning or are they just to tell the squads apart?"

"Sure, professional looking," Quenton allows. At Nigel's words, the dark haired boy lifts his eyes back to the ceiling. "Yeah, I do webcomics on my calculator all the time," he mutters. He then shrugs his shoulders. "Admittedly, I've not met one of my team mates. The mutants I have met all have weird powers, though."

"I know some have meanings but I didn't choose the name Paragons so I'm not exactly sure. Like I know Hellions was an old team of Emma's and Corsairs has something to do with Scott." Kenta says pushing some of his hair back. "That's cool Nigel, what's the name of your webcomic? I used to read a few way back in the day but I don't have much time for the internet anymore." He looks over at Quenton and raises an eyebrow. "Well your teammates are Sophie, Kieran, Chloe and Mason. As for weird powers, what's your definition of weird?"

Nigel glances over at Quenton but doesn't comment, though he smiles at the weird powers part. "Oh you havn't seen anything yet…" He looks back to Kenta "My comic is called "The Looking Glass is Cracked". It's been a bit of an outlet ever since my powers started to manifest and things in my life got… strange. I base most of the the issues off stuff that's happened to me since it all started."

"Evelyn: She can turn into a cat. That's the most useful power in the world," Quenton mutters. "And then there's Sage. He can move things with his head. And I don't mean telekinesis, either. I mean his hair literally wraps around crap and picks it up."
"Looking Glass is Cracked, is that kind of a spin on Lewis Carroll?" Kenta asks as he always enjoys talking to the creative students. "Oh so a shifter and someone with prehensile hair. Well what's your power Quenton if you think there's are so strange and useless?" He asks raising an eyebrow with a grin. "After all not everyone gets to be superman."

Nigel nods "Yeah the whole Alice in wonderland bit, seemed appropriot given some of the truly strange things that happened while my abilities were developing." He sighs a moment at the superman comment. "I'll just be happy if I get enough control to become one of those D-list heros, rather than a chaotic force of Pop-Culture gone mad."

"I thought you'd know my powers," Quenton comments back to Kenta. "In fact, it sounds like you do. I can fly. I'm tough. I can punch hard." He's silent a moment. "I don't have super senses, though, and I'm not as strong as Superman. Though, I guess Superman isn't real, so…" He trails off. "I'm not as fast, either. Doesn't matter. My powers only have one use, one I don't like, so I'm not it's biggest fan."

"Actually I don't read student files." Kenta admits. "A piece of paper pretty much tells you shit. I was which students were on my squad and that's about it so really, it's just a coincidence I said superman." He says with grin before looking at Nigel. "Pop-Culture gone mad? How so?"

Nigel looks to Kenta "When my powers are active I basically turn into a living Cartoon.. indestructable, capable of turning the laws of physics on their head. I'm not even actually sure of what all I can do yet. Problem is when I change control goes out the window.. a lifetime of being a geek comes pouring out with no self-control. Sort of a Jekyll and Hyde thing. My Alter-ego is named Wildcard for a good reason."

"Yeah. Lack of control seems to be the main reason most students are here." Quenton shrugs his shoulders. "Which makes sense, I guess," he admits. "But when your power is you randomly turn into an insentient animal…" He shudders. Then frowns. "Then again, I guess that's kind of like my other power. The one you guys don't need to know about."

Kenta can't help but chuckle at Quenton. "Alright there Mr. Mysterious." He's more amused by his antics than anything. "Ah okay Nigel, that definitely doesn't seem like anything easy to manage." He doesn't even know how he'd teach someone the basics of control with that power. "Well most kids who come here are just discovering that they're a mutant, some only have their powers for days before coming here. I myself, I can control dark force. Thus the eyes and all the dark markings over my arms and stuff. It's all dark force."

Nigel nods "Yeah it's been an adjustment.. my powers fully manifested at my high school prom, after which I went Carey on the place and blew up the Gym." He pauses a moment "Dark Force? Not familiar with that, guess it's somthing we're going to learn about eventually."

"Dark force. What's the difference between dark force and regular force?" asks Quenton to Kenta, pressing his lips together as he regards the teacher. He still opts to be Mister Mysterious. If that's how he's going to be viewed, better than the real thing. "Is it something to do with shadows and stuff?" he asks, while he leans back in the chair, enough to tip it back.

"I want to crack a 'they're all gonna laugh at you' joke but I think that would be distasteful, and saying that was completely distasteful." Kenta says sighing at himself. "Sorry. Well I hope everyone at your high school was okay. Anyway Dark Force is a black shadow like energy from another dimension. So my powers are connected to another dimension, creatively called the Dark Force Dimension. And with Dark Force it's a complete absence of light and enjoys feeding off of people's life force."

Nigel blinks "So basically your powers turn you into a dark Soul-sucking beast.. so you're a Lawyer?" One bad joke deserves another after all.

Quenton turns his eyes towards Nigel, a moment, just staring at him before his hands lift and he claps a sarcastic little golfclap. "I know who I'm voting for class clown," he comments flatly. "Congratulations." Jeez, Quenton's a jerk.

Kenta laughs at Nigel's comment, finding it quite funny. "Oh wow, I should change my codename from DarkStar to DarkLawyer." He jokes. "Any way I don't do much soul sucking unless I'm using one aspect of my abilities." He then looks at Quenton with his golf clap and shakes his head. "Wow I know who I'm going to vote for for class Warm and Fuzzy Friendly Guy." Lucky for Kenta it's impossible to see him roll his eyes since they're solid black.

Just realizing the man has solid black eyes, Quenton suddenly feels guilty for hiding his. But he doesn't have to let them know that, so he instead puts on the mean face. "DarkStar? Why Dark Star? Do you have pretty star powers, too?" he wonders to the man.

Nigel chuckles and closes the laptop once everything is finished running. He let's Quenton's comment slide off, he's used to it. "DarkStar, cool name." He looks to Quenton "And I'm guessing you're Captain Sarcasm right?"

"Nope!" Kenta says. "Actually it's because my powers are black, thus the dark, and cause I wanted to be a rock star when I was a kid, thus Dark. Star. Though apparently there was another Darkstar before me with similar powers. Just remember I'm not the Russian chick." He shrugs. "It was a childhood dream that never came to be. Instead of a Rock Star I'm a music teacher but I can't complain much. I have my son and I am still doing what I love for a living." He looks at Nigel and snaps his fingers into a pointing gun at him. "Ooo I like that, Captain Sarcasm. I don't think I've heard anyone use that name. It's origanal."

"At least you're honest," Quenton comments to the man, while he shrugs his shoulders. He rubs his right shoulder a moment, wincing, but his hand drifts away, glancing towards Nigel. "Captain Sarcasm," he echoes. "Yeah, Darkstar here is right. That's original." He leans against the arm of his chair now, while a hand goes up to rub at the bridge of his nose.

Nigel nods "Well at any rate I'm looking forward to trying to get a better grip on things. Professor Xorn thinks he can help me reign in Wildcard a bit, but also admits that when transformed I'm apparently rather hard to get a mental hold on. Hopefully the danger room can help me find out exactly what my limits are. I mean Wildcard's gotta have a weakness to somthing."

Kenta stands up and nods at the two teen boys. "Xorn is really dedicated to the kids from what I understand, he's good with that stuff. Well I gotta head upstairs to my room. My son's sleeping up there and I don't want to leave him for too long. Nice meeting you Nigel and you too Captain Sarcasm, I'll see you in practice." He picks up his guitar and heads out of the room with a wave.

Quenton works his tongue into his cheek, watching Nigel. Wildcard sounded alot like Rage. Probably more comedic, but just as dangerous. The most serious boy in the school could probably relate to the most wacky. But Quenton's not here to make friends. So he just stares at the other boy awkwardly from behind his sunglasses.

Nigel shuts down the laptop and closes it. "Well guess it's time to hit the sack, classes tomorrow after all. Seeya around mabye, would be interesting to run a danger room session together." He stands a stretchs a moment before picking up the laptop and tucking it under his arm.

Quenton releases a breath, before nodding to the other boy. "Yeah, sure," he murmurs, scratching behind his ear. "Sure." And he's quiet again, lifting his legs and crossing them at the ankles. He drops them limply onto the coffee table. Limply. No force in it.

Nigel turns and heads out towards the dorms, leaving the other student to his thoughts.

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