2010-01-16: Meet Me At The Gershwin


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Summary: Rashmi, Mikhail and Robyn willingly walk into a trap to meet Lucas, Nathaniel shows up and all is bad.

Date: January 16, 2010

Log Title Meet Me At The Gershwin

Rating: R

NYC - Gershwin Theatre

Currently playing at the Gershiwn Theatre is the famous musical, Wicked. In the lobby t-shirts, posters, books, and other souvenirs of the play and Broadway can be found for sale. In the upstairs lobby the Gershwin hall of fame is displayed on the walls, listing famous actors and actress who have donated to the threatre. The list is large and spans across many years. Once inside the actual theatre there's not a bad seat in the house.

The theatre entrance is empty. Laying in the floor just inside the door are two giant, burgundy gloves. The lobby has been ransacked, and several burned bodies lay draped over the refreshment counters and on the floor. A few of the walls are scorched, and the scent of burnt flesh and hair fills the smokey air. Trash is strewn all over, as if the place cleared out in a hurry, and people just tossed their things as they fled. It's eerie, the only sound the crackling of a popcorn machine whose oil is overheating from being abandoned.

The trip from the Institute to the City, not precisely easy, by all accounts. Between the trip, Robyn's injury, and Mikhail's lack of working experience with civilization, that they made it to the Gershwin at all could be counted as a minor miracle. As she opens the door, the scent of scorched flesh and draperies assaults Rashmi's senses like a hammer, causing her face to turn a visible green. "Oh… my… god," she breathes, holding a hand over her nose and mouth to no real effect. "How…."

Robyn is dressed in his Green and White Alpha Squadron uniform, right arm in a sling and moving like someone who is probably too injured to go out fighting but he's here with Rashmi and Mikhail. He's behind the two of them as he's the one with mental powers. "Oh my god, what happened here, should we help them first?" He says not sure if the people are alive and the smell is just terrible to him. "Okay, and call me Psyche out here." He knows Mikhail is Instinct.

Mikhail is now only wearing black shorts, he finds movement much easier in these, when he enters the Theatre he staggers backwards as the scent of the scorched flesh hits his inhanced sences, "No heartbeats, can't help", the fact that the bodies are burnt scare him to the very centre of his being, he fights to remain calm, remembering he has to help Robyn and Rashmi.

The doors to the theatre itself are just ahead of them. From the other side, the sound of an arrogant, cocky laugh is heard. It's Lucas' laugh, and after it, there is a thud, which echoes through the giant, empty theatre.

Rashmi kneels down, picking up the gloves and hugging them to her chest. "Lucas… what are you *doing*…?" As the sound of the laugh rings out, her head snaps up, eyes widening. "He's in there… Robyn… Mikhail… are you *really* sure you want to go on…?"

"No." Robyn says following Rashmi. "But I'm going with you, I couldn't just leave you and…you do care about him so I'll help you." He's resigned to doing this. "Let's go in Rashmi, just, I'll hang back and see what I can do. Let's just hope these things have minds."

Mikhail nods, "Y…y…yea, Mikhail going too", hes visibly afraid but Robyn's presance is keeping him calm, and ready to fight.

The inside of the giant theatre looks similar to the lobby. There are at least two dozen burned bodies propped into the first few rows of seats, as if they were watching a show. A few small fires burn in the aisles, and pieces of the Wicked set lay scorched and smoldering. In the center of the stage is a four poster bed from the play. Sitting in the bed is Lucas. He is wearing only a pair of boxers and a tie, loosely tied around his neck. His skin is still normal colored, but glistens as it is now covered in fine scales. There are two horns atop his head, and his pupils are those of a cat. He turns, seeing the group enter, and he smiles. He pushes the smoking body of a naked woman out of the bed, and she drops to the floor with an echoing thud. There is also a burnt, naked man's body on the floor as well, probably the first thud they heard from the lobby. "Rash!" he says, with a smile, licking his lips in a clearly lustful manner, ending in a little flick of his tongue across his sharp fangs that is nothing short of sexual. "How ya'll doin'?" he asks, standing, leering at her.

"Lucas…" Rashmi's voice is a strangled whisper, as she does her level best to avoid looking at the naked corpses. "What… what have you *done…?*" The look she gives to Lucas, horrified, disappointed, and a terrible sadness shining in her eyes. Motioning for Mikhail and Robyn to stay back, she takes a few steps forward. "Please… just stop this….?"

Robyn looks around and feels like he's aobut to be sick. "Oh man.." He does stay back and actually tries to sneak through one the rows hopping to hide back there, if he does have to posses something. He hopes that Rashmi can talk some reason in her.

Mikhail is completly horrified, he's never seen anything like this, even on TV, he stands back as Rashmi instucts, but he does get into a devencive stance, preparing to fight if nessicery, forcing himself to ignore the sight and smell of the dead body.

Lucas grins, "Stop? Stop?" He chuckles, stepping to the edge of the stage, his hands aglow with the humming balls of undulating nuclear reactions. "Rash, Ah'm just gettin' started." He smiles, and holds out his fiery hand. "Come with me, Rash." His smiles widens a bit, "Ah'd rather be done snugglin' with strangers." He glances at Mikhail, "Oh…" His smile gets quite large, charismatic and charming with dimples, but someone, now, it's also ominous. "Mik! Thanks for comin', man! Ah wish Ah'd brought a cage…"

Rashmi clutches the gloves to her chest, taking a half-step back as Lucas holds out his hand. "Lucas…. You know this isn't right. You've… you've *killed* these people…. Why?" She looks down at the gloves, and back up, tears standing out in her eyes. "*Why* did you *do* this?!"

Robyn looks around, trying to see if anyone is alive. Since Rashmi and Mikhail have Lucas's attention he's trying to sneak down the asile towards the chared bodies, hoping that someone is at least alive. He just wants to run away right now he's so scared.

Mikhail cant help growling at the cage comment as more of the animal starts taking over, "Stop now", he sounds braver than he is, he notices Robyn sneaking around, so he starts trying to divert attention, he walks forwards a couple of steps, "You dont scare us".

Lucas furrows his brow a bit, "You're lying, Mik. It's okay. You SHOULD be afraid of me." He then sprays a little stream of fire from his mouth, and laughs. Looking at Rash, he offers, "Because it feels GOOD, Rash." He shakes his head a bit, "Because it's easy, and if THEY feel pain, Ah don't feel so much of it!" He points his arm towards the rows of the bodies, and a blazing stream of nuclear energy flies from his hand, striking the center of the group of dead audience members. It strikes the area, exploding, tossing bodies and chairs about ten feet into the air, toppling them down in a rain of sparks, flesh, wood and seat cushions. He didn't see Robyn, just firing that direction. He still doesn't see the other boy, as he looks back at Rashmi. "And Ah do it to save my maw. HELP me save my maw, Rash. PLEASE."

Rashmi shrinks away from the stream of fire, crying out in fear. "HOW DOES THIS FEEL GOOD?!" she cries over the noise of exploding theater furniture and patrons. "How does *this* save your mother, Lucas?! Does she get another day for every person you kill?? *How does this help?!*"

Sneaking towards the area of Lucas fires his blast, Robyn lets out a scream and jumps back, landing on his backside. The scream definately lets anyone know where he is. No on top of the broken bones, he is suffering a few burns now too. "Lucas! Stop this! Can't you see she cares about you, she wants /Lucas/ back, not this monster you've become!" If she can help Lucas, Robyn can hopefully help Jordan.

Mikhail jumps back from he direction of the blast in fear, he then hears the distress in Rashmi's voice and sees Robyn's been burned, something snaps, someting thats been building for the last twelve years, but he doesn't attack, "You maw must be proud, huh?", hes gonna get Lucas to attack him to give the others an escape route.

Lucas snarls, "Down, boy!" He fires a blast of energy towards Mikhail, but then jerks his head in the direction of Robyn's scream. He was surprised by the other boy being there. Immediately, he begins running across the stage, using both hands to fire a volley of blasts of nuclear fusion towards Robyn. He's not taking a lot of time to aim, just firing at the kid as he runs to get some cover behind a broken piece of stage scenery from Wicked. He shouts at Rashmi, "Come with me, Rash, and Ah won't hurt Robyn and the Cowardly Lion!" He laughs, the Oz reference not lost on him, even in this mindset.

"You're so LOUD," comes a sudden new voice, a new figure wandering into the theater, his wings stretching and flexing as if the muscles were sore. He's also scratching his head, possibly having been napping somewhere else in the theater. He flicks his tail behind him in a smooth circular motion, but grins rather ferally at the sight of Rashmi, a familiar face, "Oh, right. Don't set them all on fire! I want one!" He runs forward, taking off on the way, and lands on the wall above the stage's curtain, hooking his feet on the edge of the overhang and peering down at everyone curiously, "Scary." Heh.

"I *can't,* Lucas!!" Striding forward with determination in her eyes, Rashmi clambers up on the stage. "You *know* me better than that! This is *wrong,* Lucas, you *know* it is, and what would your mother *say* if you bought her life like this?!" She's about to say more, but Nathaniel's entrance puts a screeching halt on her tirade. Whirling, she backs to one side, shimmering orbs fading into being around her.

Robyn tries to dodge some of the volley of radiation attacks from Lucas, but having a few cracked ribs makes him slower than normal and he gets hit, falling back with more burns. "Lucas! Wake up!" He yells and oddly enough Robyn does feel bad and does want Lucas to get better, if anything, for Rashmi. The Nathaniel walks in and even though he's in a world of hurt at the moment he uses his powers to attempt to slip into Nathaniel's mind and posses him. If he has decent mental protection, Robyn will most likely be rebuffed.

Mikhail snarls, "NO!" as Robyn gets hit, he bares his fangs and positions his hands into a claw-like position, almost all his humanity is gone now and hes giving himself in completly into the animal, "I WILL END YOU!", he runs and jumps at Lucas, aiming for his throat.

As Mikhail slams into Lucas, Lucas barely seems to react, the scales across his skin acting as some kind of unholy armor that Mikhail's teeth and claws just scrape across with no effect. Lucas scowls, and responds by attempting to breathe a stream of fire from his mouth like a dragon onto Mikhail's back as he shakes him off. He widens his stance, and shouts at Rashmi, "Ah'm sorry, Rash." And then he unleashes a barrage of fusion energy from his hands like a particle accelerator, spraying the superheated nuclear energy at the glowing orbs around his girl.

Nathaniel isn't a hundred percent perfect on psychic shielding, but he has some serious experience with it. When Robyn attacks his mind, it just draws his attention, startling him for a few minutes and causing him to lose his grip. He flies, twisting in the air to land on the stage, eyes fixating on Robyn angrily, "You fucking bitch." His own powers reach out again, but rather than the hammer that Rashmi enjoyed the other day, this time it's more like a sword, stabbing at Robyn. He funnels mindless rage and pure, solid hatred into Robyn unless the other boy can find a way to protect himself in time - and not hatred of him, either. Hatred of Mikhail.

Rashmi shrieks as Lucas launches his assault on her, falling back as the orbs spin madly around her, attempting to bat the fusion bolts aside. It only works to a point, however, and the agonized scream as one of the spheres burst can be heard clearly over the din of battle in the theater hall. Then another glows sickly, cracks, and shatters… and the redhead slumps to the ground unconscious, a thin trickle of blood leaking from her nose.

Robyn can't quite get into Nathaniel's mind but seeing Mikhail tackle Lucas and Lucas aiming a blast at Rashmi, he pushes himself forward, the pain becoming almost unbearable as he rushes forward, a purple psy-blade, about six inches long. He rushes forward with intent to stab Lucas, but the emotional fury hits and he turns his attention on Mikhail and tries to stab him. And if it hits, it'll act as psychic attack, by passing body armor since it's all mental. "I hope this hurts Mikhail, I really hope it does cause you've been nothing but an obnoxious brat to me." He says because he's under the influence of Nathaniel, none of it is true though.

Mikhail yelps in pain as he falls to the floor and his back begins to burn, as he jumps away from the fire his back slowly starts to heal but the pain will continue, he goes to try and attack again but is distracted by the sight of Rashmi falling to the ground, thats when Robyn's psy-blade hits him bringing him to his knees screaming in pain, but the thing that hurts most is the words coming out of Robyn's mouth.

Lucas glances at the others, who are now occupied by Nathaniel, and he runs to Rashmi. He picks one of his gloves up from her hand, and slips it over his hand, covering up one of the nuclear reactions. He leans down, gently kissing her once on the mouth, and then picks her up with his safe hand. He slings her over his shoulder, turns and fires two energy blasts wildly in the direction of Mikhail and Robyn, and then runs offstage, disappearing backstage.

Mikhail pages, "Mik's gonna have some serious trust issues, but he will forgive him, he probably wont depend on him as much though, for a while at least" to you.

A mocking thrill of mirth is added to the anger and hatred that Nathaniel is giddily funneling directly over Robyn's real emotions, the demonic teen giggling as he sits on the edge of the stage, legs folded and wings flapping lightly. He glances aside when Rashmi ends up on the ground, saying, lightly, "Lucas, you broke your girlfriend." That just makes him laugh harder, that urge to laugh reverbrating through his lock on Robyn. Robyn's about to go all kinds of psycho looking. Bwahaha. The other demon runs off, but Nate doesn't pay that much mind, busy watching his own stage show.

Rashmi, unconscious, is carried backstage by Lu'kys.

Robyn is fully under Nathaniel's emotional influence and smiles as Mikhail screams. "You can't protect any of us Mikhail." He says as if he's blaming Mik for his injuries when he really knows it isn't his fault at all. Just as he's getting ready for another attack, Lucas fires his blast and it sends him flying back, his back hitting one of the chairs. He just stares forward for a second before he slumps over, unconscious. The pain and all his injuries just overwhelming him.

Mikhail falls forwards onto his hands and knees with tears streaming down his face, "I…i..i'm sorry", he fully believes that Robyn's being serious and that it is his fault, he lets out another scream of pain as Lucas' blast hits him sending him rolling across the floor, he laying on his back still conscious but in unbareable pain, stareing up at Nathaniel.

There's a growl from Nathaniel as Lucas knocks Robyn unconscious, throwing his hands up in frustrated annoyance only to shift to his feet and walk towards Mikhail instead. He smiles down at him sympathetically, his brows lifted while he crouches, "I'm sorry he said those things to you. It's difficult when your friends turn against you, isn't it? Come with me. I'll take you somewhere it'll never happen again." He offers his hand to Mikhail, thrusting trust into his mind like a subtle snake, slinking amongst his natural emotions, melding to them, making it seem like the trust is his own. Nathan wants to be his friend. Nathan is going to help him. Nathan understands.

Robyn just lays their unconscious and quiet injured, his cracked ribs worse and the burns seem to be all over.

As the trust melts into Mikhail's mind he tries to reach out to take Nathaniel's hand but hasn't got enough energy to move his arms, he is broken, both physicly and emotionaly.

Nathaniel seems satisfied that he has finished with these two, smiling at Mikhail, "Don't worry. Just go to sleep." Tiredness will descend on Mikhail like a thick, heavy blanket, tempting him down into the darkness. In the meantime, the young man sends out his siren call further, sending out the urge to come to him. A few random people off the street walk into the theater like stiff zombies, not really realizing why they're there. He uses the two strongest to lift Mikhail while he hops off the stage to fetch Robyn, hefting the youth over his shoulder, ignorant of his inner injures and not overly concerned. Once they're both packed up, he'll walk off with his small contingent to head towards the castle.

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