2010-04-23: Meet The Newest Member Of School Security


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Summary: James reveals that he's now part of the security team, Robyn and Lucas have different views.

Date: April 26, 2010

Meet The Newest Member Of School Security

Rating: PG-12

Xavier Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

Lucas is sitting in the far corner, behind a small row of tall, full plants that mostly hides him. He's wearing a pair of sweat pants and a wife beater, his messy hair dangling around his face. He's next to one of the exhaust vents that lets fresh air into the greenhouse from outside, and he's about halfway through a cigarette.

After spending the last two hours in the art room, Robyn needed a place to just relax, a place to come and enjoy something akin to fresh air. Since the attic is in the same building as the classrooms, he's decided to come up to the hidden conservatory. He doesn't realize there's still green paint on his face as he thought he cleaned it all up. Robyn heads right towards one of the benches and lies down on it and that's how he ends up spotting smoking. "Hey Lucas." No comment on the cigarette at the moment.

It's starts as a loud *thump*thump*thump* sound and ends with a hyena bursting into the room from the stairwell, "Hiya!" Ta-da! Looking over at his two friends, James walks from the entrance, a shit-eating grin on his face. For the observant, the collar of his t-shirt has a small X-symbol. Probably a communicator he lifted from someone's uniform, "What's up?" He wrinkles his nose as he looks over at Lucas, "Roomie."

Lucas takes one last drag off the cigarette and quickly puts it out, tossing it out the window when Robyn speaks up. "Hey." Then there's James, and he looks over at him as well. He sighs, "Everyone hidin'? Ah ain't got enough for everyone."

Robyn sits back up, and swings so he's sitting a bit properly on the th bench. "Hey James, what's up with the communicator?" He asks recognizing it almost immediately since Jono almost always wears his nad it's become a familiar site on him. "Don't worry Lucas, I'm not looking to smoke, not my thing, and don't worry, I'm not gonna be the one to tell Rashmi what you're doing." He says with a smile and shake of his head.

James shakes his head, "None for me, thanks. Stuff sends my senses into conniptions." He sticks his tongue out for extra emphasis as he crosses his arms, "And I have enough addictions already. I don't need another." When Robyn speaks, the heyna 'ooooooohhhhsss?' "What communicator? Thiiiiis one?" It's said in that shit-eating way he has as he leans over to give Robyn a good view of it, "I'm on X-Force's security team." He screws up his face, "Well, more like Julians…but isn't it the same thing?" He stands straight once more.

Lucas looks over at Robyn, rolls his eyes, and just lights another cigarette, ignoring James, and looking out the window…

Robyn watches Lucas for a second, shrugs and looks at James. "No, the other communicator attached to your big ear." Robyn teases James with a smile. "Yes, that one. And you're part of the security team? That's pretty good James. So we're putting our lives and in your hands the next times things go to hell around here?" He says leaning back to stretch. "So glad it's the weekend.

James puts his hands behind his back and flops beck to the bench, settling on the floor. He directs his nose towards Robyn, "Why….thank you for taking an interest in my going-ons and well being. And how are you?" It's said overly kind, his teeth exposed the entire time in that 'I'm a funny guy' smile. At the question, he shrugs, "Yeah, they'll let anyone pick up a badge at the door, I guess. Tomorrow, I'm trying out for the X-Men. By next week, I'll be headmaster. After that, I'm gonna retire and draw my pension. Maybe retire to the Moon." A shrug before he pulls his knees to his chest, "So, wazz up with Grumpy?" He nods to Lucas.

Lucas shrugs, "Ah'm always grumpy," he grumbles, taking a drag off the smoke. "And congratulations on the XForce thing. Ah reckon you'll fit there fine." He sighs, looking back out the window. "Better you than me."

Robyn just shrugs to James. "Not a clue." Then Robyn answers the other question. "Me, I'm doing okay, just finished up something in the art room and waiting for the paint to dry. I'll have to show it to you later." Robyn actually just finished what he's been meaning to make for James. "And hey, if you're X-Men by next week, we'll throw you a party. Pizza, Chinese, Burgers, Cats, we'll treat you to a feast." Robyn jokes back. He just looks over at Lucas for a few seconds. "Yup, I have to agree with you there, you're always grumpy."

James wiggles his fingers, "Ohh…cats." A devilish grin forms but subsides with the response about Robyn's project, "Oh yeah? I'd like to." Pointed look at Lucas, "Okay…I'll bite. What's wrong? Or, more like, what did I do wrong this time? Wasn't about taking your pop tarts on the sneak again was it?"

Lucas looks back at James, "Nuthin'. Ah just ain't got the same aspirations as you." He shrugs, "So how come you two are hidin' up here?"

"Who said I'm hiding, I came up here to relax. If I want to hide, I tend to go out to the communication tower." Robyn says honestly, inside the school, there isn't a place to hide to him. "You actually risk taking Lucas's pop tarts James? I thought that was a crime only punishable by death."

Eyes still on Lucas James points to the corner of the room where one of the many security cameras are mounted, "Saw you, decided to come visit." Theres a shrugs, a sigh, and a look to Robyn as the hyena gives up on relating to his BFF for the moment, "Ehhh, mostly I just borrow then, squirt hot sauce inside with a syringe, and replace them later." He lays his head on his knees.

Lucas rolls his eyes, "Leave my Pop Tarts alone, jackass." He takes a puff from the cigarette. "Ah don't know how comfy Ah am with you watchin' me on the cameras all the time Jimmy." He looks at Robyn, "Ah used to go to the communication tower, but Ah got busted. Turns out my hands interfere with the signals."

"Big brother is always watching us here. Hell, they probably have the whole fight between Jordan and Theo on camera." Robyn says with a shrug as he puts out a hand to rest on James's head for a second. "Hot sauce, that just sounds nasty. Strawberry frosted pop tarts with a slight, burning, flavour." He says with a smile. "Wow, they can't even power proof the communications tower here?"

James shrugs, head still on his knees, "Well…I warned him. You heard me. So, if he finds a Habanero-flavored breakfast treat later, it's no longer my fault." James logic at it's finest. "Phhhhttt…," James respond about the cameras, "You ain't got nothing worth watching, Lucas." It's a friendly poke, but one never knows as the hyena's a hard read. He nods up to Robyn, "Yeah, well…it can only improve the taste of those things, really. Yuck."

Lucas finishes the smoke, and tosses the butt out the vent. "They ain't that bad." He looks at Robyn, "Jordan and Theo went at it, huh? Nice. Theo get his ass whupped?" He smirks at that idea. Then he looks over at James, "Whatever." He gets up out of the corner, walking over towards the other two, and leans against a support pillar. "So why'd you join XForce?"

"Yeah..I guess. I just heard a little about it from Skyler and Connor." Robyn says quietly to Lucas but doesn't really say much more, it's a topic that kind of bugs him. "Yeah, does that mean that this place is kind of growing on you James?" He knows not to long ago James and him were talking about how they'd love to leave.

"The little troll deserved it," James says of Theo, "I'll look for the recording. See if I can find a projector…a nice large wall. Charge $5 for admission—rake in a fortune." To Lucas's question he responds, "Well, they're a Fuzzy short with the Bat gone, and X-Force has always had a mascot. But, more importantly, I felt it was just time to stop fucking around and do something useful. Past few months have kinda been a dark time for me. So, why not start now?" Head still on his knees, Robyn gets a look, "Not at all. But, I can't leave this place. Not like you guys can. So…I'm sorta stuck after graduation. And Julian's cool. Didn't even blink when I asked."

Lucas furrows his brow at James' answer. He doesn't respond, folding his arms over his chest and just looking down, knowing how James feels.

"Sorry James but I don't think of you as a mascot." Robyn says with a smile as shakes his head. "I dunno, I really dislike Theo but if I didn't open my mouth, Theo wouldn't have hurt me, then Jordan wouldn't have gotten pissed off and gone all Marauder on him. Apparently Jordan was ready to kill Theo." Robyn says shaking his head to change the subject in his mind. "Well, if it's something you want to do James, I'm glad that you're moving forward."

James shrugs about it being something he wants. What he really wants is what all teens want: TV, Mall, and an unlimited amount of cash that is earned from doing nothing at all. Seeing as how that's impossible and the well-published fact that hyena's make poor farmers, the creature is willing to give it a try. "Well…it's something?" That last part is said though the teeth at the tip of his muzzle. And ear twitch, an eye shift, and Lucas gains his roommate's attention, but James' says nothing, his jaw tightening.

Lucas sighs, and he looks at Robyn. "Ah reckon, mascot or not, he'll do great." He looks back at James. "Seriously, Ah reckon it's better'n bein' a teacher an' shit, right?" He shrugs, "An' this way you get to hang with your bro Jono."

Robyn closes his eyes and lets out a tiny sigh at Lucas's words and keeps his mouth shut tight for the moment. He's not saying anything about what he's thinking just a little annoyed. "I guess something is better than nothing. So what does this guard duty stuff entail? Are you going to start having to go to squad practice and X-Force practice too?"

The creature's eyes narrow at Lucas, "Well, I wasn't aware of winter weather blowing through today. Maybe Storm's up to something because it just got a whole lot colder in here." The creature stands, "Smells like bad weather, either way." Robyn gets a pat on his shoulder, "Pity…stuff should show up on the radar a little better than it goes given how well it's worked in the past. Guess I'll have to find out why the weather man sucks at his job—later." James sighs and pads towards the door, "Don't blow the room up, guys. I'll have to give you both detention." He's joking, of course. But, it's probably overcast by a shadow of the near future.

Lucas furrows his brow, and heads for the door as well. "Stay, James. Ah was done here anyways."

Robyn smiles at James. "Well I'll see you later, meet me in the art room later. And I can't blow the room up, at least not with my powers, it's impossible." He says watching James go before looking at Lucas and shaking his head. He doesn't say anything but a part of Robyn just wants to walk over and smack Lucas, right upside his blond head.

James doesn't stop, just shoves his hands in his pants pockets and hits each stair step, one by one, making a rather dull thud until all that's left is silence and the lack of Hyena.

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