2011-06-30: Meeting A Cat Girl


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Summary: Evelyn, Vance and Aiden randomly meet up in Battery Park.

Date: June 30, 2011

Log Title: Meeting A Cat Girl

Rating: PG

NYC - Battery Park

Located at the Southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park faces New York Harbor. There are various statues along the paved paths of Battery Park. During the day various vendors can be found peddling their wears to the tourists of New York City. At night the park is usually empty, looking across the Harbor to the Hudson River, a beautiful view of The Statue of Liberty can be scene.

It's a warm day in the city and with school out tourists are flocking to Battery Park to see the sites and the Statue of Liberty across the river. Aiden is out at the park today and is sitting in the grass. His wings are splayed out behind him as he's hunched over reading his book. One arm is currently in a cast from taking a fall the other night courtasy of Tabitha. He's dressed in a black kilt, black boots and a plain black sleeveless shirt.

Indeed with school out Evelyn has finally got the spare time to explore the city. Being a Xaviers student with a physical mutation she may well have had several lectures about carrying a holographic disguise, of course having feline tendencies mean those sort of meetings slip right out of her brain. So instead she's relying upon a rather more basic disguise in the form of neko mimi and a t-shirt with brightly coloured Japanese characters on it. Instead of her normal skimpy two piece outfit she's actually wearing a skirt on too, although it's still on the short side. "So this is battery park? I don't know why but I expected more duracell billboards.." she murmurs, attention caught between her camera and a tourist guide.

The weather is warm and sky is beautiful, Vance Astrovik is out jogging in dark blue knee-length shorts and a yellow shirt black baseball cap and sunglasses. He jokes along a path in Battery Park. With a headset on and music making his jog a bit more pleasant, the Avenger enjoys the day out as his last few days, he has either been reading files on Mindbender and Upgrade or doing outreach work in Mutant Town. And sometimes combining both as he did recently in a skirmish wit Tabitha.

With his gaze looking down at his book he only sees Evelyn's legs as she walks by, and her tail. Aiden stops for a bit, the tattoos that are visible go from blue to orange in rapid faction. "Lauren?" He whispers as he jumps up practically in Evelyn's face. "Laur…oh I'm sorry…I thought you were someone else." He says as the blue shows back in the tattoo like markings. "I know someone who has…uh..similar fashion tastes."

"Eak!" Evelyn yelps, managing in her surprise to swing her guide book forward at Aiden. "Oh! Ah… It's okay…" Tentatively she opens her eyes, wondering if she may have just hit a total stranger. "Was she your girlfriend or something? And it must be quite hard to spot her if she's into the whole anime catgirl look. It's becoming pretty popular these days! My friend got me hooked on it a few months back…"

Jogging along and humming to some exotic beats that are coming from his headset, Vance continues his run along the path closest to the Hudson River.

"Yes she was…is, is I mean." Aiden says. "I just haven't seen her in a long time. The tail threw me off." He says before raising a drawn on eyebrow at Evelyn. "Anime? I'm afraid I'm not sure what that is, or what this catgirl look you're talking about is. I mean, she had a tail..like..real tail." He says not caring since his blue feathery wings are out on display.

Evelyn sighs with relief as soon as she's sure she didnt' hit a complete stranger in the face. "Anime.. As in Japanese animation?" she ventures, tilting her head. "And the catgirl look is… erm… when you dress like you're a catgirl? Like so." At which point she lifts up one of the fake cat ears. "A real tail? Wow that's pretty out there. They have /everything/ over here don't they! I'm visiting for school while my mom is working at the consulate."

"I guess?" Aiden says. "All I know is that she is a mutant, like me so I saw the tail and thought you were her." He then shrugs his one good shoulder. "I didn't know people dressed like cat girls, not something I see that often. And I don't know what Japanese animation is. I don't watch tv or see movies or anything so anything like cartoons I don't watch."

Evelyn gasps, more shocked than when Aiden jumped out at her. "You don't? I mean… wow. That's just a little bit strange don't you think?" she asks, her accent slipping further from upper class English and slowly coming to match Aidens. "Japan makes the best cartoons. They're so strange you wouldn't believe. So if you don't watch tv or see movies what /do/ you do?"

"Not really. I haven't watched television since I was a kid and found I didn't miss it. There's other things besides TV." Aiden says. "I like to read, I work but right now with the broken arm I can't work at either of my jobs." He says with a frown. "Normally I work at a freakshow on Coney Island doing various stunts like sword swallowing, fire breathing and fire dancing. I also like to go to clubs and dance, just have a fun time. I'm not exactly an expert as to things to do in New York City unless you like the more goth type stuff."

Evelyn shrugs, her tail swishing ever so slightly. Or maybe that's the breeze? "I'm not much of a goth," she admits. "My musical tastes run more to electronica. Upbeat whenever possible. And I don't think my parents would let me go out clubbing just yet, besides I doubt anywhere would let me in. It's not like some of the places I've lived where you can get alcohol in your teens."

"Most of the clubs are eighteen plus, they charge a bit more if you're eighteen since they know you're not drinking." Aiden says before grinning. "A lot of goth music is electronic. Maybe not always so upbeat but a lot of what I listen too would be called EBM, Electronic Body Music or Futurepop and I listen to a bit of Industrial. The music has a great beat for my fire dancing act too."

Finally reaching the area near where Aiden and Evelyn are talking to each other. A cat and a bird in conversation. Heh. Vance wonders for a moment if these are people in costumes, but when he gets within earshot of the two and recognizing Aiden from the skirmish with Tabitha. Vance takes a moment to remove his sunglasses and then jogs towards them waving at Aiden.

Having only seen Vance once, and that one time he was in uniform, the winged mutant has no clue who is waving at him. Aiden looks at Evelyn out of confusion. "Is he waving to you…or to me. Cause if it's to me I have no clue who he is."

Nodding his head to Aiden and to Evelyn, Vance bows his head. "I saw you guys while jogging and had to say the outfits are pretty cool." Vance smiles as he looks between Evelyn in her anime catgirl outfit and Aiden in his winged goth outfit. "Sorry, I've lived here most of my life and still surprised when I see people dressed this way. Nice kilt."

"Who?" Evelyn whispers, glancing around. "The guy wearing shades? Never met him in my life! Unless it's one of my teachers from school in which case I better prepare myself for total humiliation at having forgotten who he is." When it turns out it's just an older guy complimenting her on her outfit she beams. "Thanks! I had all the parts specially shipped in. They're all hand made and everything."

Aiden nods to Vance as he comes over. "Thanks. It's not a real kilt or anything, more a fashion one. I like it though and it's really comfortable in this hot weather." Keeps his nether region cooler than if he was wearing pants. He looks to Evelyn. "All hand made, do you ever make any of it yourself?"

Nodding his head as he examines their outfits closer Vance speaks, "Wow. I don't really know enough about anime to know which character you are supposed to be. I've only caught Death Note and some other random anime on Adult Swim, which I've heard some don't consider true anime." Eyeing the kilt, "Well, I'm not brave enough to pull it off, though I would think it would make things more comfortable in this weather. I'd be afraid a strong wind would come around." Eyeing the cast, "You ok?"

Evelyn laughs. "Oh /god no/. I'm a megaclutz," she assures. "The last time I tried stitching anything I had to cut my hand loose half way in. I much prefer to pay talented people to make things by hand on my behalf and thanks to the internet it's all just a few clicks away." She waves her hand. "I'm not any specific character. I just like dressing up 'coz it's fun. Actually wearing specific outfits is a bit too planned out for my liking, although I would love to photograph people who do that sort of thing."

"Yeah I'm fine. Just broke my arm the other day is all." Aiden says. "The doctors had a diffcult time setting it with my hollow bones and all." He says acting like it's no big deal but the entire time his tattoos have been blue. "Oh you do photography? That's pretty cool. What kind?"

Just wanting to make sure that Aiden was ok from Tabitha's rampage and a broken arm is not too bad considering the rat-girl's powers. Looking over to the cat-girl, "Yeah photography is a great talent. Most people compliment the picture itself, but it is the eye of the photographer who notes light and composition and other factors to take a great picture." Vance looks about, "Nice tattoos. Goodness, I think I would faint at getting one."

"I like all kinds of photography," Evelyn says with a shrug, peering shamelessly at Aidens tattoos now they've been brought up by the mysterious stranger. "Mostly candid pictures of people. And I agree totally about it being the eye of the photographer which is most important, second only to luck or as my dad calls it patience."

"Thanks but this wasn't done with a needle. Or anything like that." Aiden says. "Obviously I'm a mutant." He says ruffling his wings as he grins. "And these are all part of the package. Pretty much have 'em everywhere but the face. Besides being able to fly I'm an empaty and somehow these are all connected to my empathy. Any, photography." He says turning to Evelyn. "You should really check out the freakshow sometime, you can get some pretty cool shots there I would gather."

"Ah ok, well I didn't want to presume. Your wings and tattoos are a cool mutation and empathy helps with reading people you encounter." Vance relates and looks to Evelyn, "Maybe you should take pictures of him." He smiles and continues, "Oh, I'm Vance by the way. And I gotta ask, what is the freakshow?"

Evelyn snaps her fingers. "A show with freaks I'd bet," she teases before slipping back to her usual accent to add. "I'm Evelyn, a pleasure. I would, but it seems inappropriate to just take pictures of strangers."

"I'm Aiden but I actually gotta run. I've gotta head to Coney Island, just because I'm not preforming doesn't mean I still don't have to show up for work." Aiden says as there is always other jobs to do. "Nice meeting you both and Evelyn..the tail is nice." He says still thinking it's fake before he takes to the skies to head towards Coney Island.

Waving to Aiden as he flies off, "Wow." He turns to Evelyn, "It was nice meeting you as well. But I should head out as well." Vance bows to Evelyn, "Gotta long run back to work." He puts the sunglasses and headset on and continues his jog waving to Evelyn as he heads off.

Evelyn glances from side to side now that she's alone and with a grin takes a picture of the quickly disappearing form of Aiden. "Wow that is /so/ cool," she declares to herself. "And who'd have thought this lame disguise would work. I am totally the smartest person /evah/!" And with that she turns back to her vital business of sight seeing.

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