2010-02-06: Meeting & Eating


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: February 6th 2010

Meeting & eating.

Rating: Log Rating. [ PG ]

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Explorers in strange and wonderous lands often set up camps from which to further explore the sights of the region. The same principle also apparantly applies when you're the new girl at a boarding school. For Chloe is perched on one of the stools, swinging her legs alarmingly fast and devouring an entire loaf of breads worth of sandwiches. Every now and again she pauses to doodle some notes onto what seems to be a map of the school.

Cloud wanders in on the hope of for once finding something halfway edible in the kitchen, hes dressed in pale blue jeans, red sneakers and a red baseball cap with his old high school logo on the front backwards on his head, it may be cold but hes behind on his laundry so hes shirtless, when he spots Chloe he grins, "Hey there".

Chloe waves, finishing off the rest of a sandwich so quickly that she might as well be swallowing it whole. "Hi. It was okay that I made myself a light snack, right? No-one said that I shouldn't and I was like mega hungry," she greets, the words flowing out with almost no gaps between them. "I'm Chloe and I'm the new girl. Or a new girl, perhaps there are more? Got here yesterday. Nice to meet yah."

Cloud laughs at the speed that Chloe eats, "Urrm yeah, you can make yourself some food", he walks over and holds out a hand, "Hey Chloe, I'm Cloud, nice to meet you", he smiles at you.

"Stop me if I start going too fast for you," Chloe asks, tentatively shaking the offered hand. "I'm still not quite in control of myself just yet and talking at a normal pace is… hard. Would it be rude to ask what you're in for?"

Cloud shakes his head, "Dont worry, i can keep up", he touches the closest electrical outlet and the lights flicker as he absorbs electricity, when he takes his hand away there is a crackle of electricity all over his body and his speech speeds up to match Chloe's, "What do you mean what am i in for?"

"Oh thank god someone who talks at a sensible speed!" Chloe yelps, bouncing excitedly as she lets herself operate at her natural speed. "I'd heard there would be at least one person who might understand me but two? I am /so/ happy you wouldn't belive."

Cloud grins at her excitment, "Cool, im glad your happy but bear with me, i dont do this alot, its a drain on my powers", when he says drain he means it, he hasn't quite got the hang of this aspect of his powers yet.

"And this kind of answers my question about what you're in for," Chloe points out, offering Cloud a sandwich from her quite excessive stack. "No-one as yet has freaked about me asking what kind of mutation they have. So I was assuming it was generally okay to ask.. That isn't wrong is it?"

Cloud shakes his head, "Theres nothing wrong with asking, but im not really a fan of my powers, but if ya wanna know, what i do is called Absorbtion and Replication of Matter/Energy, Im assuming that yours is superspeed?".

Chloe shrugs. "I guess? I move way too quickly to interact with most people and I think I might be a little tougher than I used to be, because I dropped my suitcase on my foot yesterday and it didn't even bruise. How come absorbing and replicating stuff lets you go faster? Are you pretending you're electricity or something?"

Cloud smiles at Chloe, "Spose you need to be a bit tougher is you're gonna be moving at superspeed", he shrugs at the question about how his power works, "Im not really sure how it works".

"I hope so," Chloe agrees. "I really don't like the idea of ploughing into a wall at almost two hundred miles an hour. Sounds like you have one of the more complicated and confusing 'gifts'. That is what we're supposed to call them right?"

Cloud nods, "Yeah it is complecated", he however wouldn't refur to it as a gift.

"But anyway what're the teachers like here? Is there anyone I should watch out for?" Chloe wonders, slowing her rate of conversation down to give Cloud a bit of a rest. Her stack of sandwiches however is still receiving the turbo snacking treatment. "Some of the teaching assistants seem nice enough. Jono I think his name was. Weird that we don't have to call them by surnames."

Foooood. Daren wanders in through the doorway to the kitchen. He's only been here a couple days now, but his comfort level is quickly rising, and he seems to be perfectly at home. Having seen how most of the other students act and the freedom they seem to enjoy, it's only natural that he should have the same kind of attitude. "Hey," he says in a friendly tone as he enters, giving a short wave, even though he doesn't recognize anyone here, before heading to the fridge to see what's in there that he could stuff into his face.

July smiles, "We got more of a family feeling here, than an institute, here." the rubber girl says as she steps into the kitchen. "Hi, Cloud, Chloe." she waves to the two, but then notices Daren and smiles to him, "Hey. I don't think we got introduced yet. I'm July." she says, nodding gently.

Chloe spins in her seat to wave at July and Daren. "There isn't much bread left I'm afraid," she warns. "I made a couple of sandwiches and well… Anyway how's things with everyone? I've been off exploring and so far nothing seems too suspicious, which is good."

Daren emerges from the fridge after a moment, following a loud 'crunch' as he bites into the apple he has retrieved. With his mouth still full, because manners aren't exactly higher on his priority list than food, he manages to reply in a mostly understandable manner, "Hi, I'm Dawwen." Mostly, that is. He swallows the mouthful, and with a smooth hop, is up on the countertop, his feet dangling freely as he makes himself comfortable. "How's it going?"

July smiles to Chloe, "That's okay. I'll feast on some cookies I left in the fridge." she says, giggling softly, before looking at Daren while she heads to the fridge, "Y'know, you shouldn't sit on the counter, Daren." the girl says, smiling softly as she retrieves a small plastic wrapping full of cookies. "People shouldn't sit on the counter. Unless you're, like, two feet tall or something." she shrugs.

Zack bobs his head in, sliding into the kitchen with his heavy coat on, though he kicked most of the snow off of his boots. Big teen having his headphones on as he was aimining to have a sandwhich…hungry again. He hmmms and sees the collection of folks, "yo…" he greets

Chloe waves, finishing off another sandwich in the time it's taken everyone to finish with the greetings. "You're pretty brave leaving cookies in a shared fridge. I wouldn't even dare try that at home, my sister would have eaten the whole packet faster than I can say Antidisestablishmentarianism. And I can say that pretty quick." Her foot as once again begun tapping against her stool, keeping a slow and steady beat.

Cloud waves at the new guys, "Hey, I'm Cloud, Nice to see you again July", he then uses his superspeed to run and hide behind her.

And with the scolding, Daren slips back down onto his feet. "Sorry," he says, somewhat sheepishly. Another bite of the apple, that same loud crunch. He's not exactly a quiet eater, but who can really eat an apple quietly? Unable to sit comfortably, Daren leans against the counter, one hand sitting atop it restlessly, while the other holds the apple. When Zack comes in, his free hand lifts from the countertop to give another quick wave.

Zack hmms and he nods his head again, lifting his hand he will remove the headphones and just leave them around his neck as he opens the fridge, "Scuse me…" he says as he finds bread, lettuce, tomato..cheese, butter, and of course, pork, oh yes, a good pork sandwhich. Pickles, onions, what else does he want on there? Not taking too long in the fridge thinkin about it, just pulling stff out and setting it on the counter.

July smiles to Daren, "Thanks." she nods to him, "Well, gotta go back. I'm researching universities to go to." she says, smiling, "I'll talk to you guys later, ok?"

Chloe waves again. "You must be the luckiest sandwich maker alive," she informs Zack cheerfully. "I thought I'd found all the bread for my little snack. But I guess they must keep it in a few places to stop anyone overdoing it!"

Zack huhs a moment and he turns to look at Chloe, "Carbing up?" he asks as he slathers mayo on it, pork, cheese, ya, that's how you do it. He's building a sandwhich which might be considered extreme for someone not of his size, but he appears to keep stacking as he finally places a pickle atop it, and he grins, "Perfecto…" he licks his lips and makes sure to put all of his stuff away before he steps bak fromo the counter and lifts his sandwhich for one big bite. Nom nom nom.

For the moment, Daren doesn't say or do much of anything, besides continue to crunch on his apple. He's paying attention to the others here, and doesn't shy away from eye-contact. He smirks at Zack's sandwich a bit. It is, after all, looking quite big, and Daren is at least a little bit jealous. He would have made one, but he doesn't feel like he should have to work so hard for a snack. Maybe if there were already sandwiches made, or someone offered to make him one, but for the most part he's pretty content with the apple.

"Nope? I just need a lot more food than a normal person," Chloe explains with a shrug, seemingly keeping time with the tapping of her foot as she talks. "I guess I don't need to ask what you do, right?" She asks, grinning at Zack. "Daren on the other hand… I don't think I can guess in your case. Would you be offended if I ask?"

Zack has a bit of mayo in the corner of his chin, he shakes his head and let's his hair fall down his back, the long curled locks giving a shimmer, "Huh? What I do? Well I'm big…" he says with a nod and licks the mayo from the corner of his lip, "I think I can understand that I eat a lot more then most people too…" another bite, NOM NOM!

"Nah, it's cool," Daren says. Another quick bite of the apple is chewed and swallowed before he continues, trying to find a way in that short few seconds to raise the 'coolness factor' of his ability, lame though it might be. "I make things into magnets," he says. Coolness? Failure. "You?"

Chloe vanishes another one of her sandwiches at a rate which would make chewing quite impossible. "I move quite quickly. So if I stop making sense it's because I'm talking too fast for you to make out the sounds."

Zack nods, "Oh you move fast? guess that's different, me I'm rather slow, but I'm pretty strong ya…" he looks over at Daren, "Dude, you'd be havoc in a computer room that's for sure…like how strong a magnet?"

"I dunno, pretty strong, I guess. Depends on the size of what I'm touching, I think." Which is not entirely true, but Daren figures it must be. One of those things he hasn't really had a chance to experiment a lot with. "I've wiped a few computers in my day, I guess." And cellphones, laptops.. never destroys anything cheap, though.

"And good riddance to them," Chloe declares, toasting with a glass of milk. "The world could do with a few less computers."

Zack takes another bite of his sandwhich with a large chomp, "I dunno I like em, they're kinda cool, just don't mess with my Ipod, I got it just the way I like it now ya know." he says, "So I'm Zack…sup" he offers a big hand.

"I've got nothing against them, just think they should be a little more.. you know. Protected. And cheaper to replace." Daren smirks. When Zack mentions the iPod, another smirk, and when he introduces himself, Daren reaches out to shake his hand. It's only a brief shake, though, because Zack's hand would make Daren's seem like a little girl's, and a guy's gotta have some sense of masculinity to keep for his own ego, right? "Daren," he says in response. "And yeah.. probably a good idea not to let me borrow it. They gave me this cellphone, and I'm pretty sure they'll be regretting that by the end of the week. Not like I can damage it just by touching it.. plastic casing, and whatnot, but with my luck I'll grab a railing or something, and it'll wipe the damn thing."

"I can't remember if I introduced myself or not," Chloe ponders, drumming her fingers against the counter. "But if I havent' I'm Chloe, nice to meet you both and all that. Got here yesterday and already have exceeded the last decades weird quota. Possibly even the awkward quota too." She frowns at Daren. "Why not wear some gloves?"

Zack nods his head and he licks his lips, "huh…ya I get that, I hit my weird-shit-o-metere quota when I had lunch with a dude made of water, I kinda got smacked around and now I think I pretty much accept anything…" he says, "oh gloves? Does that make your power not work?"

"Because.." Daren starts, but furrows his brow. "That would make too much sense?" Why didn't he think of that before? Furthermore, why didn't ANYONE ELSE think of that before? He'll have to get himself a pair of gloves. Puts it on his 'to do' list. "Yeah, it won't work unless I'm touching something magnetic. Now I feel like a complete asshat.. should call up my dad and.. no, that won't make him feel any better about his computer." Daren looks reasonably embarassed for not having come up with that solution already. Gloves. Heh.

Chloe tilts her head. "You mean you didn't… If it only works when you touch metal that's got to be electricity based. I think my sister did a science fair project on electric motors and she's only twelve." She grins and shrugs. "If it makes you feel any better I had like six times as long to consider the problem compared with what a normal person would have had. So it wasn't instant or anything. Have you both been here long?"

Zack ohs, "So you think superfast too, guess that's handy for stuff, I've been here a month, it's a nice place, I like it." he says as he finishes his sandwhich and takes a napkin to whipe his face off and to clean up his plate, "Who didy ou all get assigned to room with?"

"Yeah, it's not.. I don't know what it is. I guess if you want to be technical, anything magnetic is electromagnetic, so.. yeah." Let's not try to have Daren explain science. Math he can do, but physics and chemistry, not so much. "Just never thought about it, I guess. More time trying not to touch metal around computers, less time considering my own sense of fashion." He grins, and bites the apple again. "This is day two now. My roommate's a kid named Kael.. haven't really seen much of him yet."

"I don't think I've been assigned one yet?" Chloe answers, doodling on her map of the school. "Looks like we both got here on the same day. Weird huh? I think Kael might be in my squad, but I left the piece of paper telling me which one it was upstairs in my room. So I can't really say for sure."

Zack nods his head a bit, "ya so did I, just means you train together and what not, it's kinda cool, expect the last couple weeks have been demons, and that kinda sucked…" he says as he finds a chair to sit down upon. It groans a little with his weight and he looks "So where you from, I'm from the City"

"Yeah, you'd think we'd have run into each other before now," Daren says with a bit of a laugh. "I'm from Wisconsin.. little no-name town where everyone knows each other. Kinda nice to see some new people." Especially new people who aren't all 'Ew, mutant' when he walks by. Not that Daren's got anything obvious about him, but word gets out in a place like that, and people aren't so forgiving.

"Chicago," Chloe offers between sips of milk. "So does anyone know what the deal was with the demon thing? It was kinda depressing finding out that one of the first people I'd met here's roomie had died because of it."

Zack nods, "Well that was one of the things ya know, I guess…" he says, "Ya dude you'll be fine here, no weirdness here that isn't normal" he says with a strait face, "But ya, the demons, really messed a lotta people up"

"But I mean /why/ demons? Surely someone has had some idea what on earth caused the problem?" Chloe persists, bouncing in her seat. "And why come to a school…? Wait you guys didn't actually get sent out to fight them did you?"

Zack shakes his head, "Nah, some students went out to try to rescue some others, but that was it, and I dnno, relaly I don't know anything about them"

Chloe lets out a long sigh. At least by her standards. "Oh well. I guess they wouldn't tell us even if they knew, right? So back to the question of teachers to watch out for. Which everyone managed to sidestep earlier. Any real hardasses?"

"Yeah, I don't really know anything about it, besides the rumors going around here. Doesn't seem any stranger than any of the other stories, I've heard though. Seems like people just kinda accept these things as the norm. Can't quite get my head around that, but I guess I'll come around to it, too." Daren finally takes the last bite of his apple, leaving a very thin core. He starts to look around for a garbage can, eventually finding one, into which he drops his leftovers. "Anyway.. it's been nice to meet you guys. I've got an appointment I've gotta get to.. one of the instructors wanted to talk to me. So I'll see you guys around," he says, offering another wave as he starts toward the door.

Zack hmms, "I don't think so, no one really bad, just dont piss off Professer Summers or else it'll be bad, he's the head honcho…" he says as he looks over at Magnet Lad and waves "Good, see ya!"

Chloe waves farewell to Daren. "I think he might be my squad leader…" she notes with a gulp. "Awh that's just my luck. I'll probably blurt out something which offends him without even realising it."

Zack thinks about it again, "Hey don't worry, not like this is a normal school think most people understand each other, this is a pretty chill place, everyone is different ya know"

"I can't help but worry sometimes. There are all these pauses in between words and I can't help but play 'guess what comes next' in my head," Chloe says, scowling. "No doubt I'll figure out something better to do instead, like work on a novel or something. What's the gym like? Pretty amazing I'd imagine, right?"

Zack nods, "Oh ya, I don't evne break equipment!" he says with a smile as if that's a HUGE thiing for him, "I even can lift my max, no problem"

"Which is?" Chloe wonders. "I've never managed to hit my top sprint speed. But that's mostly because I've been hidden away indoors since my power kicked in."

Zack nods, "Oh, well uh…I kinda got upwards of uh…well" he seems embaressed suddenly.

Zack says, "kinda like, ya know, 14…uh…thousand…""

Chloe chokes on her milk. "Tons?" she splutters. "That's obscene."

Zack ohs, "Well no, no, 14 thousand pounds, that's like…7 tons…" he says to himself as he fidgets with his fingers

Chloe whistles. "Wow. That's pretty damn amazing, you could throw a car or something. Maybe even two. Remind me never ever ever to get into a fist fight with you. Unless I've got a small army on my side to make things fair."

Zack gives a little b lush again, "Well it's kinda weird, I gotta be careful about b reaking stuff ya know it's pretty easy to break stuff when you're that strong." the large teen does seem rather shy about it, "And I am kinda learning"

Chloe nods. "I sort of understand. Not about the breaking things bit, but the being careful side. Not that long ago I couldn't talk at all and everything I heard was like a drawn out buzzing sound."

Zack nods his head, "So you were speaking ultra fast too? So you're just speedy all around hh? And your body can take it? That's good, things like that tned to tear people apart"

"I think I'm tough enough to handle it," Chloe says, holding her hands up and staring at them. "I hope anyway.. I know my heart can at least take going much faster and my respitory rate is pretty impressive. Haven't got around to testing my bone strength yet."

Zack nods, "Well I wouldnat want to do that I figured out I could heal pretty good, but that was only after I got my bicep burned off, that wasn't fun"

Chloe winces. "That sounds extremely unpleasant. It wasn't through training was it? This whole squad combat stuff sounds a little sketchy to me."

Zack shakes his head, "nah that was with some demon possessed boyfriend" he huffs, "Really was a pain in the ass, I dunno…" he shakes his head, "Dealing with that, Rashmi really wanted to bring him back though"

"Because of the person who was possessed right? Not whatever it was that was possessing him?" Chloe asks cautiously. "Because one is romantic and the other is so /very/ messed up."

Zack huhs a small bit, "Totally, hey, how did you know?" he asked with a tilt of hish ead, didn't remember tellin you anything about that, or that you've been here that long.

Chloe blinks. "Know what?"

Zack nods, "Well that Rashimi was the romantic ya…or…did I mess that up? Um, anyway the guy was possessed ya,"

"Well.. If they would risk getting hurt for someone who has a demon inside that's pretty romantic," Chloe explains, shrugging. "Like a fairytale sort of thing. But if they're in love with the demon it's less so."

Zack nods his head, "Well that's Rashmi and Lucas that's for sure" he sighs and leans back, "Frankly seems like high school here, and I mean that in like a…a normal way, ever thought this place would be normal, but it feels like that, everyone here"

Chloe hmmms. "So there is all the usual gossip and bickering, only not as much mutant hate?"

Zack nods, "Totally, and sighing, and talking, and gossip and…I mean hell it really is kinda normal, cept everyone is not…"

"I think that idea might be the hardest part to accept," Chloe decides. "That everything will be the same. Only everyone I'll meet will have some weird power. Plus I'll have to get used to a different cities junk food. I'd just about learned all the best places to grab stuff to eat back home and now I have to start from scratch."

Zack nods, "Oh don't worry, in chester they got enough stuff, even though it is the burbs, tell you what, you wan some good eats we can go to the barrio later, harlem's got the best food imaginable" he grins

"That sounds like a cool idea," Chloe agrees. "Learn some of the local snacking spots. See the sights and potentially find some places to freerun on my weekends. Providing we're allowed off the school grounds by ourselves?"

Zack nods his head, "Well so far ya, I think we arae, but I don't think you better like, run really fast outside of school, cause I don't think we're really supposed to…ya know…it's a secret, this place'

"Providing no-one catches me or traces me back to the school I'm sure it'll be fine," Chloe assures with a smile. "Besides I don't tend to move as quickly when my footing isn't secure. So free running is a fairly safe hobby for me to pursue."

Zack nods, "I guess, the suburbs here in chester are as white as the driven snow, so they're like…super normal, they don't tolerate weird stuff that much"

Chloe grins impishly. "They'll never catch me to complain and even if they do I can always pull the ultimate trick. Look cute, cry and pretend I'm innocent."

Zack uhhhs, "all right chica, if you think you got the brass to do it, more power to you" he lifts his first up, offering it for a bump

Chloe bumps her fist against Zacks. Pausing ever so slightly to let her brain get around the difference in sizes. "I don't think my brain could handle being like this without an excess of confidence. Otherwise I'd faint at the thought of hitting a wall and turning into a pizza."

Zack winces, "Ya I mean, I saw those movies in drivers ed…you said like 6 times. how fast is that really?"

"Roughly?" Chloe frowns. "I think I could exceed one hundred and fifty miles an hour? Maybe call it one eighty if conditions are good. That's at a full on sprint though."

Zack ughs a little bit, "ya talk about a splatter death, be like if they stuck a rocket to your back and lit the fuse"

"I hate to imagine how things will end up," Chloe notes with a sigh. "We're both fairly newly mutated right? So I remember reading that powers can expand as people get older. You could end up lifting a house and I might be able to outrun bullets, while requiring a ton of food for every meal."

Zack nods his head, "Ya, since last year, I thik I'm still growing, even month:" he sighs, "Keep gettin bigger"!

"You must have a custom size bed then," Chloe decides, adding a few more notes to her map. Which is now more scribbled comments than map. "Or very cold toes."

Zack nods, "Well ya it is a big bed I suppose, I share a room with Robyn, he's a nice guy ya know…very artistic

Chloe shrugs. "Don't recognise the name. But then I haven't really met very many people yet," she admits. "I think over half the people whose names I know I met just now."

Zack nods his head, "Well you'll get to know a lot of people I bet, theres tons of mutants here, well, naturally"

"What's the boy girl balance like?" Chloe wonders. "More of one than the other?"

Zack huhs, "Huge ammount of guys, you're like, the 4th or so girl here…." he nods his head, "Totally more guys"
Chloe can't help but giggle. "Wow that must be really awkward whenever a school dance comes up."

Zack huhs a moment, "Well be honest I think a lot of guys here are gay, I mean, lotsa boyfriends around here, froom what I've seen, that and almost everyone here is friendly like that…" he thinks some, "So not as akward as you'd think"

Chloe tilts her head, then shrugs. "So long as everyones happy," she decides. "Hopefully people tend to be as okay about that as they are the mutant thing? Only it'd seem weird if everyone is all powers yay equal rights no."

Zack nods his head, "Ya I guess that's the issue now isn't it, seems like peole would hate us more for being mutants so we gotta deal wit htaht first" he laughs

Chloe smiles. "I'm honestly amazed that anyone thinks about romance at all. Given how much other stuff we have to deal with."

Zack blinks, "It's highschool chica, fact is we got our powers cause we hit the hormones, so now we're super powered and horny, now THAT is a combo…" he points a finger and goes to find some chips to snack on

Chloe laughs. "Speak for yourself. Anyway I think I better get back to exploring now, I've been sitting still for /way/ too long and I can practically feel my muscles twitching."

Zack huhs, "What you mean you…oh, uh…" he just sorta blushes and finds somthing to drink, "Well uh have a good run then"

Chloe practically springs from her stool, scooping up various things she needs to clean up and putting them in the appropriate places. Now that she's not actually speaking nothing appears to be holding her back from her breakneck pace. "It was really nice meeting you Zack. Hopefully we'll run into each other again sometime. Cya laters."

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