2011-01-03: Meeting Giea


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Summary: Giea runs into a couple of strapping young lads on her walk.

Date: January 1, 2011

Log Title: Meeting Giea

Rating: PG

NYC - Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.

I don't have the first part of this log, if anyone does adding it would be appreciated

Cloud nods (again just out of habit), "Well what do you want to do for a living when you're done with collage?", a lot of jobs don't really need vision for, plus they made that one lady a bionic eye with a camera in it, hmmm does that make her a cyborg?

"I don't know, I guess. Right now I'm doing religious studies, and I'm really interested. Maybe I'll just go to grad school, become a professor or something? I'm not sure what else the degree can do," says Giea, smiling now, "But that would be really neat, to tell students all about my research and read more about it!"

Jeremy isn't sure what brought him out tonight, but he's been doing a lot of thinking. Debating is more accurate actually. His classes kind of went by and he doesn't really remember them as his mind has been on other things. The things he saw last night and what happened. Wearing a jacket over a hoodie with the hood pulled up and his gloved hands shoved into his pockets he walks down the street, not watching where he's going. Which might be why he's making a beeline for Cloud and Giea as he doesn't notice them in his walking path.

Cloud is talking to Giea with his back facing where Jeremy's coming from so he doesn't notice him either, "So you wanna be a professor of religon?, cool so you wanna teach people about it?"

Nodding enthusiastically, Giea is about to open her mouth to say something, but then her second collision of the day occurs. She stumbles backwards and pushes her hand out towards Jeremy to attempt to get him away from her, trying to use her cane to regain balance (not that it's particularly good for that sort of thing). "Cloud? Why did you do that?" she demands.

Jeremy almost runs into Giea's hand but stops short, like an inch short, and kind of stares at it for a second before taking a step back. Then he realizes that she's blind…and he almost walked into a blind girl. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I…I should have been watching where I was going."

Cloud reaches out to grab Giea's hand to help her balance, "It wasn't me, it was this guy", he turns to Jeremy, "I nearly bumped into her aswell earlier", "I hope you don't think people are out to get you Giea".

After regaining her composure a bit, Giea just places the end of her cane against the ground and leans on it a little. "Well, I think if people were out to get me, they'd be lots more efficient than just bumping into me." She smiles after that, "So I must have just been standing in the way again. I never know where to stand!"

Jeremy shakes his head. "Nono..you weren't in the way I was just..my head..clouds." He says nervously as he doesn't think it was her fault and he's almost afraid of what might have happened if he did bump into her. "I'm not out to get anyone, I promise."

From down the street, Theo can be seen returning. At least by those who can see. His car took a minute to park, but he found a spot. His hands are shoved in his coat pockets for warmth, and he calls out to Cloud. "Man, people in this city don't know how to drive, I swear." He sees that there's another person who has joined the crowd, and gives him a once over. "Hey," he greets generically.

"Hey, i guess we should both keep an eye out for other people", Cloud turns to look as Theo calls out, "Hey again Theo, if you think driver's here are bad you should see Boson".

"Well, I hit people all the time with my cane. Not hard, I don't swing it like I'm a crazy person, but I smack people in the ankles sometimes. Lots of people have their heads in the clouds and bump me, that's fine, no harm done," says Giea, smiling in Jeremy's general direction. She grins, adding, "Besides, it's a great way to meet with people. I'm Giea Parkin. This is Cloud and the new arrival is Theo, right?"

Jeremy stops and looks at Cloud for a bit. "You look…familiar. Like I know you from somewhere." He seems almost a bit confused as he says it, trying to sort out his thoughts. "You thought you were dead." He says as he's getting Hosea's past confused. "Cloud…yes…you have the sister, Star. You couldn't find a Rosen grave." He says not sure why he knows this. He doesn't give his name though in return, not yet.

Theo, not knowing all the history of what happened in Tegu Haaz, has no idea what Jeremy is talking about. "Yeah, Theo," he says, regarding Jeremy carefully. "Um, Cloud's not dead," he says. "This a friend of yours, Cloud?" he asks, his face slightly incredulous.

"What…, what are you talking about?, how do you know about my sister?, who the hell are you?", Cloud is pretty freaked, he's had telepaths in his head before but this is different, he knows stuff he wasn't thinking about, "No Theo, he's not".

"Huh, that's pretty spooky," says Giea, listening to the reactions from the other two. It's so hard to pinpoint directions with the aid, though, so she doesn't really properly face whoever she's talking to. To Jeremy, she asks, "Are you a psychic or something?"

Jeremy puts both of his gloved hands to the side of his head and shakes his head. "No not psychic…oh god..Hosea." He says as it dawns on him that he doesn't know Cloud but Hosea does. "It's cause you know Hosea and were stuck in that place with him." He says taking a deep breath and exhaling. "You guys…you three go to school together." Sometimes it's hard living with memories from other sources in your noggin. "I'm sorry miss…I not psychic, but the opposite. I don't see the future, I see the past."

"Hosea?" Theo echoes. "That giant dude at school that smiles all the time? You know him? He's too friendly. I don't think he's ever hurt a mosquito." Theo doesn't really know Hosea, never seen him in the Danger Room, and clearly doesn't know anything about his past.

"You see the past?" repeats Giea, her eyebrows raising slightly. "Are you a mutant or something, or just spiritually attuned with things like psychometry?" She pauses for a moment, realizing that might be an offensive question to ask, "You don't have to answer. I'm not a mutant, but I don't mind if you are. Mutants have souls like anyone."

Jeremy shakes his heat at Theo. "No…well maybe not now but he wasn't always like that." It's more that it's just coming out then he's thinking about it. He's trying to work the filing system in his brain to file Hosea's memories under 'not his'. "Yes, I'm a mutant." He quietly admits as he takes a few steps back to lean on the nearest building or car, which ever is closer. "It's so weird, I know that you and Hosea live a few rooms down from each other." He says to Theo.

Theo arches his brow. "If you say so, he sure does smile a lot. I don't know him really, though." He seems to be a little suspicious of Jeremy with the revelation of too much information. "I think I'd rather you keep what you have found out about me to yourself," he instructs. It's almost considered polite, but there is a definite gravity behind his tone.

"Well, since I know nothing but your first names and the kind of distorted sounds of your voices, your secrets are all safe with me," says Giea, nodding once at that and smiling. "I really need to be getting home. I can't have my parents worrying about me. They can be so protective sometimes. It was nice meeting you all." She offers a wave before heading back down the sidewalk, stopping at every walkway to check if its hers, like she was doing when she was first bumped.

Jeremy shakes his head at Theo. "It's only if I touch you..which..I don't have any plans to do." He says before nodding to Giea. "Get home safe." He says before looking back at Cloud and then Theo. "I'm…I'm really sorry." He says before he takes off without another word. He really has to lean how to deal better with his powers, especially after seeing what he did the other night.

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