2010-01-07: Meeting In A New Light


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Summary: Jeremy and Gabriel meet for the first time in Gabriel's not a cat form.

Date: January 7, 2010

Log Title Meeting In A New Light

Rating: PG

NYC - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is easily identified by the white Washington Square Arch. This park in Greenwich Village has a relaxing fountain in the middle, and benches all around for people to sit and people watch, read, or draw. It is common to find the occasional political protest in this park, as Greenwich Village is one of the more Liberal Area's of New York City.

It's middle of the afternoon, shortly after lunch, and Jeremy is by a mailbox. He slips something into his pocket and dumps something into the blue mailbox before walking off. He looks a lot cleanier than he did recently but still looks like he needs a good meal. He doesn't have his backpack with him like usual as he walks along. He runs a hand through his redish hair with a sigh as he spots a hotdog vendor and his stomach rumbles, so he makes his way in that direction.

With a whole heap of money to spend what does Gabriel spend it on, yes, a dirty water hotdog. The avian is currently awaiting his in the line of the hot dog cart. "Can eye have one weeth mustard and releesh." He says before giving a five spot to the cart guy. The accent and tone in the voice is definitely Gabriel's even when he was a cat. The Freedom Force member is wearing a thick trenchcoat, hiding his bound wings to his back, only showing off a little bit of a bump behind his back. His brown hair is long, and styled. The clothes he wears are nearly the only thing that suggest his socio-economic status.

Jeremy doesn't recognize Gabriel or the voice at first, he's just another guy in a trench coat, a trench coat which might make it easy to steal from him, but he just got someone's wallet not to long ago. Eventually though, things start to seem familar and he looks at Gabriel for a long time, trying to figure it out. He's not one hundred percent sure that Gabriel is that cat he knows, after all he only saw his real form in a flash of the past.

The cart attendant gives up the hot dog to Gabe, and the avian takes a bite from the pressed meat tube. He's smiling before he turns around and sees a young man who looks somewhat familiar. Gabe looks to him as well, though he'll avert his eyes the moment Jeremy looks his way. The avian is trying to remmeber, and is pretty sure, but the perspective is wrong, afterall, he saw Jeremy from a cat's eye view.

Jeremy sighs and figures that Gabriel is maybe just someone he passed on the street. "I'm going crazy or something." He mutters to himself and shakes his head before ordering his own hot dog and a can of soda. "I do wonder what happened to that cat." He mutters again once he has his food and takes a step away as he munches on the hot dog with mustard.

The mention of a cat has his attention again. "Ehscoose me, but deed jou say cat?" He asks, looking to Jeremy and taking a bit of hot dog. Gabriel is pretty sure he is talking to the right person. "Jour name eesn't Jeremy, ess it?" The avian doesn't look angry, and he isn't but now he is sure that this man is the young street rat who helped him out when he was a cat.

Jeremy looks at Gabriel for a bit and nods. "Yeah…you're Gabriel aren't you? You're the guy who helped me a while back." He says as he smiles a bit. "It's weird not having to look down at you." He finishes off his hot dog and looks happy to see him. "So you're no longer a cat?"

"Jes, I am Gabriel." The young man offers up. "I know. Eet was so different when eet happened." Gabe has to admit. "No, eye woke up one day and was regular again, eet was good not having to worry about having to run away from de animal services anymore." Not only for the having to explain how he can talk, but the neutering thing….yeah, would NOT be fun."

Jeremy offers his hand and smiles. "Well it's nice to offically meet you Gabriel. I really appricated you helping me when I needed it. I…uh…found a place to stay so I'm not sleeping on the streets anymore." Jeremy tells Gabriel since he thinks he'd might like to know. "and that's good about the animal services."

"Jes, well, I'm glad for jou, eet's too cold to sleep out on de streets. And I thank jou as well, for helping me weeth de…boots, and jou know, taking me home." He admits. The young avian says before taking another bite. He's kinda feeling awkward around Jeremy now, not really knowing what to say to the guy who helped him out in an awkward time.

"About that…" Jeremy begins as he looks down, not making eye contact with Gabriel. "When you let me stay at your place for a night..I kinda took something from you when I shouldn't have. I'm…sorry. You trusted me into your home and…" He does feel bad about it he just doesn't have the watch anymore.

"Oh, so that's where it went to. No worries, you needed eet more dan eye deed." Gabriel says before looking to Jeremy, smiling. "I'm not angry, you know how easy I can get a neew watch? Just as easy as walking down dere." He says, still smiling.

Jeremy nods and doesn't say what he's thinking, that it must be nice to have that much money. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have. I would give it back but I sold it to a pawn shop a while ago, I can let you know which one and maybe try to do somethign to help pay for what I stole?"

"Eet's alright, eye don't bear any ill will toward you." He offers to Jeremy. Gabriel finishes his hot dog before tossing the paper in the trash. "Eye forgeeve jou." He offers before almost going in for a hug, remembering that Jeremy's ability works with contact. So he offers just his smile for now.

Jeremy looks at Gabriel and feels he doesn't deserve his kindness. "Sir…I stole from you and you…thank you." He says not quite sure what to say but it somehow makes him feel even more guilty since he used it for drug money. "So..how's the superhero thing going?"

"Eet's going alright, though i need to meet up weeth da team soon, touch base and all that." Gabriel offers up. The former Xavier's student had been wanting to return to the Freedom FOrce area without fur, but being missing for weeks tends to build up stuff on your desk, and Gabriel had to catch up in a bad way.

Jeremy nods and runs a hand through his hair. "I should get going though, I have to get back to the halfway house. It's in Hells Kitchen and it's called Second Chance, it's…pretty good." He says as he finally opens the soda.

"Sure thing. Jou take care of yourself, hokay?" He asks, before smiling and walking off toward the village. He's gotta get back to his apartment, and possibly towards Freedom Foce headquarters. Gabriel is at least happy Jeremy is taking the steps to make his life better now.

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