2009-04-10: Meeting In The Garden


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Summary: Cole and Danny meet for the first time and find they have a bit in common.

Date: April 10, 2009

Log Title Meeting in the Garden

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Botanical Gardens

Covering many acres, the Botanical Gardens have something for almost every season. The large Victorian conservatory features the latest flowers that are on display at the moment. There is an area for children to play and learn about botany. Bird shows, food tasting, and Garden Demonstrations are all offered here.

He hasn't been by here in a long time, not since he was back in highschool, but some sense of nostalgia has drawn Cole Aron to the potanical gardens. Dressed casually and with his hair finally obeying the comb, Cole's currently standing on a bridge over a small stream. The mutant appears lost in thought as he stares down at the aquatic flowers on display.

Actually having the day off, Danny has decided that it's a nice enough day to come down to Botanical Gardens and explore. He's never been here and he's also dreading the train ride he has to take later tonight to go see his folks. His hands are shoved into the pockets of his jeans as he walks along and makes his way to the bridge. He stops not to far from Cole and leans against the railing of the bridge and lets out a frustrated sigh.

Startled out of his thoughts by the arrival of Danny, Cole glances over. Looking the man over, the shield-maker decides he could use someone to talk to and distract him from some rather stupid thoughts coming into his head. "Not the flowers you were looking for?" he asks Danny, teasing just a little bit.

Looking over, the Asian looks confused at first. "Pardon? Flowers? Sorry Ah wasn't really payin' attention to the flowers." He says with a friendly smile. "Sorry mah mind was else where, didn' mean t' interupt you." He then stops and his grin widens as he points a finger at Cole and shakes his head. "Ah almost missed your Star Wars reference there, Ah can't believe Ah almost did." Danny has that hidden geeky side.

Cole chuckles and grins. "Glad someone got it," he says. "Usually people don't realize when I make little references like that until its too late," he goes on. "And you didn't interrupt much. Just me staring off into space and probably eventually falling into the stream down there," he laughs again. "I'm Cole," he offers his hand.

Danny takes the hand and offers a friendly smile. "Ah'm Danny. Pleasure t' meet ya. And yeah. Ah'm a bit of a Star Wars fan mahself, we got the orginal, or Ah got the orginal posters up in mah Apartment." He's still getting used to the fact that he's living on his own and his roomates moved out. "Ah under stand the starin' int' spaec bit, Ah was kinda off in mah own world as well."

Cole nods, still smiling. "I just have the DVDs an a suit of Storm Trooper gear," he remarks. "Gotta be careful about that, we do. Never know what might show up. Gotta be on guard."

"Ah know all about that, believe me, Ah really do." Danny says with a smile before looking at Cole with, is it a bit of awe? "Really, ya got a suit of Storm Tropper gear? Ah'd love to see you..it sometime. See it sometime." He says as he's really thinking 'I'd love to see you in it'.

Cole quirks an eyebrow. "Ya do? Get caught in that invasion nonsense did ya?" he wonders. "Yep. Earned it after passing Storm Trooper Boot Camp down at a con in Tampa," he remarks. "Really now?" he asks, grinning just a bit wider as he takes a guess at that slip.

"So your parta the five-oh-fisrt?" Yes Danny knows what the five oh first is. "Yeah, ah got caught up in it. Ah ev..well Ah did but everythin' worked out okay. Had a good fight outside th' bar Ah work in. Some crazy verison of Hawkeye came 'round the area and was causin' mayhem." He doesn't mention that he got involved in it.

Cole grins, giving a quick Storm Trooper salute. "Yep. Couldn't pass up the chance for that," he declares. "Hawkeye…Hawkeye…the guy in the skirt with the bow and arrow or the archer girl who looks like she forgot half her shirt?" he asks, not entirely sure. Outside Daredevil, Spider-Man, Captain Britain (thanks to an obsessed roommate) and a few others, Cole doesn't know much about many heroes. "You got into a fight with him, eh? More then meets the eye in more ways than one?"

"If Ah had the change Ah wouldn't either, something about a man in uniform." Danny teases, but did he say too much? "Did Ah say Ah go into the fight and well, isn't there always more than meets the eye? How many Asian's ya know have a Virginnyah accent?" He says with a chuckle. "And the guy Hawkeye, purple, with a bow, firein' arrows that exploded and with gases and all this crazy stuff. Lucky there were people there to stop him."

Cole smirks. "Got that right. Man in uniform's what got me to the convention. Too bad it didn't work out…" he sighs, shaking his head. That was a nice fling. "Counting you…two," he says. "There was a guy on Comedy Central last night after Colbert," he remarks simply. "Ah, skirty. Anything interesting happen during the fight? Flashy moments? Costume malfunctions?" he smirks a bit more as he says this.

"Ah've never been to a convention but Ah'll admit, Ah played Dungeons and Dragons in high school. Ah'm a closet nerd tryin' t' be the cool kid as a bar tender now." Danny says laughing. "And wow, there's two of us in this world and after Colbert, Ah love that show. And no, no costume malfunctions. Just over stretched a perfectly good shirt."

Cole chuckles. "DnD was never my thing. I could never make a character I didn't feel like scrapping the moment I finished the sheet," he admits. "Seem cool enough to me," he admits. "Oh? So you're a size-shifter?"

"Ah'm really bad 'bout shuttin' up 'bout it to strangers, ain't I." Danny says with a chuckle. "Ah can turn t' rock. Kinda like The Thing but not as bulky. Mah mass slightly increases. Man Ah just met ya and Ah'm already tell ya all my secrets."

Cole laughs, reaching over to pat Danny's shoulder a few times. "Don't worry about it. It's not like I'm secretly the Hobgoblin or anything," he laughs. "Ooh, I do like a man that can be rock hard," he teases a bit more.

Danny gives Cole a suspicous look. "Or are you?" He says laughing and then gives Cole a mischevious grin. "Well believe me when Ah say Ah can get quite rock rock hard." He winks at Cole as he looks him up and down quickly. "What about you, any secrets besides bein' a good lookin' man in uniform?"

Cole gasps at the suspicious look. "Oh no, you've discovered my terrible secret," he jokes. There's a faint blush at Danny's reply but Cole still grins. "Oh…one or two," he says, surrounded by a blue glow for a few secconds.

"Ah so Ah see. Ah'm hard as a rock and your of the glowin' sort." Danny says as he flirts a bit. "So what is it exactly that brings a good lookin' guy like yerself out here, by your lonesome, today?"

Cole smirks. "So all it takes to get you all hard is a glow and a smile? Good to know…" he trails off, looking Danny over a few times. "Well, I just came out here to think. This bridge was actually the first place a lot of things happened for me…"

Danny nods and grins. "Well it'll take more than that but Ah doubt it'd be hard for a guy like you." He says before his face grows more serious. "Ah okay, it's mah first time out here in general. Everythin's all right Cole?"

Cole shrugs. "Things are good. Just a lot of changes in my life recently and I fugured I'd come out here to the place that started me on this path…" he trails off. "Meeting a sexy guy like you out here's better than staring into space."

"Yeah, Ah can identify with the changes. Mah roomates of several years, best friends since birth, moved out and now Ah'm on my own. And then t'night, Ah'm supposed t' go down t' Jersey t' meet with the parents, Ah'm not lookin' forward to that." Then what Cole says registers with Danny and he grins with a blush. "Ya haven't even seen any of mah moves yet and your callin' me sexy, well Ah do agree meetin' a sexy guy here's betterin' thinkin' 'bout goin' home."

Cole offers a sympathetic look. "It may not be the same but I just lost my college roommate too…he went off to be a big time FBI agent and I shipped out back to here…" he gestures around. "That an offer to show me your moves?"

"Well since we've both seemed t' have lost our roomates recently, if ya ever need some company and wanna hang out, Ah'll give ya mah number." Danny says as he steps in closer to Cole and unbuttons the first button on his shirt, if only it was warmer out. He leans in a bit in and smiles. "Well if ya want t' see them, just let me know. Ah've learned a few tricks." He's a bartender at a rock and roll bar in the EAst Village, he's learned how to dance and look sexy.

Cole grins. "Sure. I'll give you mine as well," he offers, hand slipping into his pocket for some paper. "I'd be happy to see what you've got. And show off what I can do."

Danny pulls out his wallet and finds a buisness card with the bar he works at. "Let's see, do Ah have a pen.." He says to himself as he feels his pockets and lucky he does. He writes his name: Danny Oda and phone number and hands it to Cole. "That's for you beautiful, and Ah think showin' off some movies might be fun." He says as he wraps his hand around Cole's waist and pulls himself in teasingly.

Cole accepts the card, slipping it into his pocket and pulling out a scrap of paper. Finding a pencil stub, he scripples down 'Cole Aron' and a phone number. Just as he's holding it out to hand over, Cole's pulled in. He smirks but doesn't protest. "Definitely fun."

Danny smiles at Cole. "Ah like fun. Ah just wish Ah wasn't leavin' t'night other wise Ah'd ask if ya wanted to go out t'night." Danny is definately attracted to Cole but he's feeling like they could be more than just a one night stand, maybe even friends afterwards, as Cole has that slightly geeky strek too and just seems like a nice guy.

Cole leans just slightly, teasing only a little. "We'll meet up again," he concludes simply. "On thing I learned in this city is that as big as it is…it's a lot smaller than we think."

Danny brushes a finger through a small strand of Cole's hair. "Also if you ever head int' Otto's Shrunken Head just look for 'The Cowboy' that's me." He says as that's just a nickname they've given him and a kind of gimic. "Ah've learned it's not as big as one thinks."

Cole grins, his hair feeling freshly washed. Apparently he showered before coming out. "Cowboy? I like the sound of that…so many ideas in my head," he muses. Before he can say much more, Cole's pager goes off. The young man sighs and glances down. "Sad to say but I gotta run…"

Danny smiles at Cole and nods. "Ah got to also, but it was nice meetin' ya and Ah'm glad Ah ran into ya. Ah'll definately be callin'." He says with a smile as he chances a quick kiss on Cole's cheek before walking off himself. He might have to deal with his parents this weekend but he'll have something plesant to think about.

Cole gives Danny a playful little pat on the backside before turning and running down the path. With a wide grin, the mutant shakes his head. Reaching up, he grabs his shirt and pulls it open to reveal a blue D over gray background. Time for some Defense out where somwehere!

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