2011-3-14: Meeting The Morlocks

Players: Brain and Shifter

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Summary: Brain and Shifter bring some supplies to the Morlocks and a deal is struck

Date: March 14, 2011

Log Title: Meeting the Morlocks

Rating: PG

NYC - Docks

Off from the bustle and crowds of South Street Seaport, a small dock stretches over the east river, which was once convenient for fishes, now lays almost forgotten. The wood here isn't as polished as the rest of the docks as splinters can be seen here and there. At night there is an eerie shadow cast over the place from the tall ships docked several feet away.

It is a surprisingly warm day, spring is on its way and while not a college student, Jordan Mayfair thought he would take a break and used the day for two reasons. One do a good day. Go with Shifter to the docks and bring some supplies to the Morlocks. Two, and more importantly, see if there are any possible recruits that Jordan can use for future evil events. BWAHAHA!!!! Today he is dressed semi-casually in khakis and white button down shirt, but with a black blazer to cover against the Hudson River breeze. He is at the entrance of the dock, paying off one of his contacts who has delivered a truckload of good for the Morlocks. He looks about to see if Shifter is nearby before he telepathically congratulates the driver for successfully stealing these supplies from Bellevue Hospital.
Shifter is just about at the point where he's to be meeting Mayfair, he's a little aprehensive about what they're doing today as some members of the morelocks are known to be unpredictable, he's dressed in black sneakers, dark jeans and black and grey hoodie, turning a corner he thinks loudly to let Mayfair know he's coming.

Hearing Shifter’s thoughts, Mayfair sends the driver away and then stands and waits for Shifter, who when he arrives finds Jordan standing in a Vanna White like pose saying “TA-DA! Medical and food supplies that should last at least a month for the Morlocks!” He realizes he looks a bit stupid in that pose and then returns to normal, “Axel.” He smiles.

Shifter grins at Mayfair's momentary lapse in poise, 'Nice one, this should help alot', he moves his hair out of his eyes as he approaches, 'While we're down there i'm Shifter, the Morlocks don't use their origanal names'.

“Fair enough, Shifter. I guess you and they can call me, Brain.” Mayfair smirks as it has been sometime since he has gone by that name.” He walks towards the truck and opens the door, “Get in on the other side and we can drive it over to the entrance. It was smart to pick this entrance as it will be large enough to drive the whole truck down and they can meet us at the designate spot.”

Shifter nods, 'Cool, word of warning though, the Morlocks live underground for a reason, their mutations have effected the physically, me unshifted is nothing compaired to some', he starts to walk towards the van, 'But they're good people no matter how they look, but some are angry cos of it'.

“Well, I’ll be nice. Hopefully they don’t hate on good-looking people. I probably should have dressed poor.” Brain shrugs as he starts the truck and heads towards the entrance to the tunnel and then drives into the darkness of the tunnel. Using the beam lights from the truck they make it to the entrance. After driving a few minutes the tires on the truck seem to explode and pop causing the trck to swerve into the wall. Instinctively Jordan holds on his hand to protect Shifter. The truck rams into the wall of the tunnel an then complete darkness.

Shifter reacts automaticly when the truck swerves, jumping out of his seat and slaming all five limbs into different parts of the cabin in and attempt to protect the structure from collapsing.

Unfortunately Jordan is not so lucky as he goes flying through the windshield of the truck and lands with a thud on the ground of the tunnel. Standing directly above him are two robed men. There is a giant hole in the side of the truck and many Morlocks suddenly appear and begin to grab the supplies. Jordan lets out a moan and looks up at the two men. “Was that really necessary?” The two men reveal themselves as Masque and Healer. They look down at Jordan when Masque calls out to Shifter.

Shifter quickly follows Mayfair though the windshield, though he does make a much more dignefied landing, "Not cool", he pulls down his hood, 'Jordan are you ok?, he scans around at the other morlocks as he approaches the three men.

“I’ve been better.” Jordan responds telepathically before rising and being face to face with Masque and the healer. “This is how you treat someone who brings you supplies.” Masque looks him over, “You are scarred now surface-dweller. I was just helping you fit in.” With that the healer steps forward and touches Jordan healing any scars and bruises from earlier. Masque then looks towards Shifter, “So you live up there now? With him?” He asks as Jordan thanks the healer.
Reaching the other men Shifter nods, 'Can you tell him that i do, and he must've already been aware of the situation, so i don't see the point of the show', Shifter may be a Morlock, but he still isn't gonna take any crap.

“I’m the one you should be addressing, Masque.” Jordan offers before Masque turns to him. “And how do you know who I am?” Jordan laughs, “I know more than you can think.” Masque nods, “A telepath.” Jordan offers, “You may call me, Brain. I come offering gifts despite your rude introduction. I will allow you access to these and possibly more. As for Shifter, he resides with me currently.” The truck is all but empty now as a group of Morlocks have taken all the supplies. Masque then walks towards Shifter and looks him over, “Why? Why live with the likes of him?” He asks Shifter knowing he’ll not get a direct response.

Shifter smiles, 'He does know any question put to a mute, might aswell just be retorical right?', he fixes Masque with his own look, 'Carefull though Jordan, he can make living on the surface a lot harder with just a touch', still he may aswell answer the question, 'He [points at Mayfair] helps [points at the truck] us gestures around'.

Masque shakes his head, “So you think we cannot manage down here by ourselves.” He turns to Jordan, “You look down on us. You smug surface-dweller! We do not need your help.” Jordan looks as the supplies are all but gone, “Your subjects seem to think differently. And sorry, I choose not live underground away from the world and just watching it go by. Physical mutations or not, we are all mutants. I would hope that Shifter learns not to hide. Yes, he must be vigilant, but he must not be afraid. I will not allow that.” He then moves in closer and in a lower tone, “I know you have traipsed about on the surface as well, Masque. I’ve been to the Arena. Though I must say, I enjoyed your female look better.” Masque hisses at Jordan as more Morlocks come forward, particularly, Beautiful Dreamer, a woman obscured by her colorful cigarette smoke, and Erg, a male electrical mutant with a mohawk and 80s motif. Erg smiles at Shifter, “Sup. Good to see ya.”
Shifter grins and gives Erg a nod, as much as he likes living with Mayfair, he misses living with a group, still Masque needs to be told, "Yes we do", the Morlocks need help from the surface if they'll ever be able to live above ground, cos sewer living not as much fun as it sounds.

“I wonder Masque. How would life be different down here, were someone else in charge?” Jordan asks sarcastically which infuriates Masque. “Other have tried. Storm neglected us. Mikhail teleported us to a hellish dimension. When outsiders help, we die. So I lead. And I DO NOT NEED YOR HELP, pretty one.” Masque moves closer, almost face to face with Jordan, “I should literally wipe away your grin.” Jordan smiles and remains where he is, “You are welcome to try.” Masque does not take the bait, “I hope you run this better than your Arena. Oh that’s right. You don’t run it anymore, do you?” Erg goes to shake Shifter’s hand, “So this guy treats you well, I take it?” Beautiful Dreamer simply puffs away on her cigarette letting the smoke fill the area.

Shifter shakes the other morlock's hand and nods, he still keeps an eye on Masque, he get on quite well with most of the other morlocks, but of the few times he met Masque he's never liked the man, at least if Masque makes a move Shifter is very skilled in underground combat, he trusts the others enough that he's not really seeing a fight coming.

“Ok, well enough of the pissing contest, Masque. So, I say we get rid of any personal feelings and make this a purely business venture. Look at this from a possibly financial point of view.” Masque smiles a bit and takes a step back from Brain. “How can this lead to money?” The other Morlocks look slightly annoyed, but intrigued as well. Jordan responds, “Well money is not a problem, but I was thinking of regular shipments of supplies for the Morlocks in return for some services.” Masques strokes his chin, showing interest.

That catches Shifter's attention, Mayfair never mentioned any form of recrutment when he asked about coming down here, hmmm is it gonna be like whatever he hired Zoya for, he tenses up not sure how the others will take the offer.

“So much for surface sweetness and sympathy, huh, Brain.” Masque cackles, “But continue, please.” Jordan shrugs, “You would never accept a gift without suspicion, Masque, and so. I am force to come up with some sort of negotiation to help you and your people.” He looks over at Shifter and offers a smile, “I think we can come to some sort of arrangement. Any time, I need your or any other willing Morlock’s service I will simply ask, no matter the task. In exchange for monthly, nay, weekly shipment of supplies. How does that sound?” Masque takes a moment to think and look over the other Morlocks for reactions.

Shifter is completely unsure of what to make of this situation, and unsure if this is about to turn ugly or not, 'Carefull Jordan, that offer is playing with fire', he looks round at the other morlocks judging their reactions, he may need to grab Jordan and run.

<I wouldn’t worry about this. Unfortunately it is the only way Masque will agree to shipments. Trust me I won’t use them for anything.> Jordan telepathically sends to Shifter, though he is lying. Masque looks at the others and they all seem to either show disinterest or some actually look like they may like this arrangement. Masque had only wanted to see their reactions, though he cares little for his people. “Very well.” Masque smiles and extends his hand, “Shake on it.” Jordan peers down at the hand and then sticks his out to shake. Nothing is changed. A Morlock child looking a little skeleton walks behind Shifter and offers him some expired candy she found in the sewer.

Shifter nods at Mayfair and as proof of the trust he has in the man shows no suspision he's lying, when the child approaches him he crouches down and smiles and takes the piece offered, "Thanks", it's morlocks like her that makes it so much more important that things improve down here, holding a hand up he shifts it into a kind of kitty hand puppet shape.

The little Morlock girl smiles and giggles, “Make him dance and meow.” She says to Shifter concerning the kitty puppet. Mayfair smiles to Masque, “Ok then new supplies will come next week. Perhaps you should make a list of specific supplies. Get the list to Shifter and we or some of my associates will bring them to you here through the tunnel at the docks.” Jordan catches Shifter entertaining the little girl with his puppet hand and smiles before looking back at Masque, “But no more exploding tires or things like that. I am sure you would not like upset a business partner.” Masque nods, “But of course.”

Shifter does as he's told and starts making the kitty dance, it takes him a bit before he can manage to meow, speaking is hard enough for him to do, animal sounds are actually harder, but he does his best to amuse the child.

Now that the deal has been set Jordan walks towards Shifter, “Ok time to go. It’s about to get dark and we have to head out of this tunnel. Say goodbye to everyone.” Jordan then sends Masque a telepathic message and the Morlock leader nods. With goodbyes said, Jordan makes his way through the tunnel and back to the surface.

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