2011-06-29: Meeting The New Roomie


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Summary: As a new student from abroad Sage has come to Xavier School during the summer break. He's just arrived and is still unpacking when his roommate makes an appearance and they get to know each other a bit.

Date: June 29, 2011

Log Title: Meeting the New Roomie

Rating: PG

Sage and Tyler's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

After just getting to the school yesterday, Sage is still taking time to unpack. He doesn't have much stuff though as the two old, beat up suitcases are open on his bed. Most of his clothes, which seems to be several decades out of fashion, are sitting in his dresser and he's left with unpacking most of his personal products. Sage is currently barefoot wearing a pair of overalls with permanent dirt stains on them and a purple and white stripped shirt. Over all he doesn't seem like he has a lot of stuff.

Just outside of the room in the hall someone is loudly singing a HIM song badly. The voice grows closer until the door to Sage and Tyler's room pops open allowing a blonde haired teen dressed in baggy cargo pants, a dragon emblazoned t-shirt and a pair of barely tied sneakers to enter. "Oh!" Tyler pulls earbuds from his ears then thumbs off his iPod device. "Are you my new roomie? Well, obviously.." sighs at himself for the stupid question. "Tyler. Hayworth. Nice t'meet-cha!" Stuffs the iPod into a pants pocket before proffering his hand to the new kid.

Sage turns at Tyler enters the room, his dreads moving a bit from being startled. "Sorry, yes. I mean, 'Ello." Sage says in his English accent as he takes Tyler's hand. "I'm Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook the Fourth. It's a pleasure Tyler. I hope I'm not putting anything in the wrong spot."

Tyler cocks his head at the lengthy name and the accent. "Hey! Are you from England or near there? Your accent reminds me of one of my friends who goes here and she's from England. Don't mean to pick on that at all just I realized you might be and that's kinda cool." There's a big smile from this kid who goes to flop down on his bed pulling the iPod out of the pants pocket to toss carelessly onto a nearby pillow. "You've got the right of things. Pretty much everything on that side of the room is yours and this side is mine. Good thing it's set up like that or it could get crazy confusing if you ask me." Feet idle back and forth in a slight sway. "Did you just get in? Most of the students are doing the summer vacation away from the school thing so it's relatively quite round here."

Sage nods his head. "Yes, I'm from England. New to America as well, it's my first time here. I think I'll be able to get used to things easy enough here." He says not realizing how different things really are. "Well it's not that confusing. I shared a room with my two brothers and my cousin back home. It actually feels a bit lacking with only two people here. And yes I did just get in. Yesterday actually. I guess I'll be spending the summer here but my Mum and Dad said that they could do fine without me on the farm."

"Yeah, the culture shock might be a bit brutal," Tyler comments as he scoots back on his bed till his back meets the headboard allowing him to stretch out his legs. "Must be hard to come all the way over here and leave your family behind. If there's anything I can do to help out, make things a bit better, totally let me know. I'm a bit erm exuberant in a great many ways. If I'm a bit too much at times lemme know otherwise I think I could fill up the space a bit." Quirks a smile as he takes to wrapping his earbuds around his dormant iPod. "Your family own a farm? I think that'd be pretty cool. Is it just a family thing or do you guys make stuff to sell? Like foods and such."

"It is, I have a lot of family back home actually. And yes, we own a farm. Kinda. I mean there are are a lot of us that run the farm, I think around one hundred and fifty." Sage tries to explain as his eyes go to the ipod and he gives it a questioning look. "It's a family thing we made stuff and we would sell what we didn't use. Most of it is food. Right now I miss my pig the most." Sage admits as he sits down on the bed. "So…what is that?" He asks pointing to the iPod.

Tyler's eyes go comically wide at the mention of how many people run the farm. "Whoa, that's a lot of people. I guess a small group of people really couldn't tend a huge place. I don't know much about farming as I'm a city dude and have been since I was born. Only thing I know is where to pick up hot dogs. Pretty cool that you get to make something and sell it though. I sometimes do that with my paintings but that's totally different from your sitch." At the mention of the iPod he lifts it up with a curious expression. This thing? "It's an iPod. You store music, and videos on it. Here, check it out." Slips off his bed to walk over and hand Sage the device.

"Well, we were just all born and raised there. My parents were born on the farm, my grandparents were it was my great-grandparents and their friends that started it in the fourties." Sage says brightly as he's proud of that fact. "What's a Hot Dog? I don't think I've ever heard of that breed before. And I've been to the city a few times. We used to go to pick up suppiles and things we couldn't grow on the farm, like sugar and flour and other things." He takes the device from Tyler and looks at it strangely, flipping it over in his hands. "Where do you put the records or vhs tapes? It seems to small for them."

Laughter burbles out of the teen, "Not a breed of dog, Sage. It's a food. American's eat a lot of terrible food and they can be pretty bad but oh so yummy. Easy enough to get so try it out some time." The device in question is powered off at the moment as Sage puzzles it out. Giggling softly, "Doesn't need those things. It's all digital. Here let me show you." Unwraps the earbuds while Sage holds onto the device then tells him to put the bits in his ears. Depressing the power Sage will see an apple pop up on a small screen then a list. "So, let's say you want to listen to erm…" scrolls down a bit to find a Black Sabbath song. "Ahh, this. So you press the button and voila! Black Sabbath."

"I've never heard of that kind of food." Sage says. "What do you mean by it's easy enough to get? How do you make it?" He's never really bought prepared food to eat. Then as Tyler giggles he gets a bit of a confused look on his face. He follows the instructions and slowly, with a bit of caution, puts the earbuds in. As soon as Black Sabbath starts playing, Sage jumps and tears the things out of his ears. "What is that? It's bloody horrible!"

Tyler scratches the top of his head for a moment then lets his hand fall back down to his side. "Erm you put a hotdog on a plate then pop that baby into the microwave for a minute or so then stick it in a bun or you go to a store that puts it all together for you. Never been to a fast food place huh?"
Black Sabbath is terrible? This has Tyler peering down at his iPod in confusion. "You don't like Sabbath? How can you not like Sabbath? They're a British band of whoa-my-gawd amazing." Pauses the song then glances up at Sage. "I've got Muse on here, the Cure, lots of new stuff and some old. Couple of Hendrix songs. I'm into rock and metal, sorry. You can put whatever you want on these things though."

"I don't know what fast food or a microwave are." Sage admits. "Wow..America really is different." He says starting to feel a bit uncertain about a few things. "It's loud and noisey and doesn't sound like music. If you want a brilliant British band listen to The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. That is good music." He says nothing thinking anything like what he just herd is good. "I've heard of Jimi Hendrix but that is about it. I like rock as well but that..that isn't rock music." He looks at the iPod, almost looking at it like it's going to attack. "I still don't understand how you put a record into it."

Tyler pokes his tongue out in distaste at the mention of Led Zeppelin. "The Beatles I'll give you but the other? Eugh, no thanks. To each his own though." Turns the iPod off as neither will be listening to it anytime soon. The food situation though has him explaining about take out, carry out, fast food. Then he gets into the prepackaged stuff and how American's are always so busy that they just zip in and out grabbing whatever food and keep going for the most part. "I'm kinda glad for things like that becasue my parents are terrible at cooking and it's easy to toss in a plate of pizza rolls when they burnt the dinner." Smiles at Sage then shakes his head, "Man, I've got to work on your musical taste. Eesh. Records are like old school man. Check this out." Tyler heads over to his laptop and connects the iPod to the cable connected to the lappy. Shows his roomie how to bring up music on his computer then transfer it over to the iPod. "So, here's the song." Playing a Beatles song on the laptop for you to listen to then pauses it and points to the iPod. "And it's now on there as well."

"You don't have to work on anything with me mate. I'm quite happy with the way I am." Sage says with a single nod and a big grin on his face. "And my musical taste is fine. Fleetwood Mac is a brilliant band, as is Led Zeppelin. And as for food, I prefer to cook. My family and I used to cook dinner every Sunday together. The worst part about cooking though is having to kill the animals for dinner." He then looks at that laptop. "What is that? It's like the black box they gave me." He then looks at the laptop and nods. "Oh I think I understand, the record is in there. But some how the record in there also plays on there? And how come there is a telly on the record player?"

Tyler shudders, "Umm, I'll continue to live in the world where I don't know personally what I ate. I like my disassociation. Though the mention of animals reminded me that you mentioned your piggy. Little piggy or edible piggy? I've got an annoying cat for a pet." He says the last bit with affection in his tone. The laptop is far harder to explain than how processed food and frozen meals are made. "Uhh," completely stumped for a moment on how to explain the computer. "Ok, first there's no record and no tv. A computer is a bunch of circuits, and wiring, and stuff like that put inside a box that has a screen and it's all powered up and runs a program that let's you type documents, send messages to people, look at pictures and shows and such. It's this digitial thing I mentioned. The songs are digital and transfer through that wire thingy to the iPod which is kinda like a tiny computer in ways. I am so not the best person to explain this sorta stuff."

"Cinnamon, she's my pet back home. My sister Violet is taking care of her while I'm gone. Cinnamon isn't one of the pigs for eating." Sage says. "I never like having to kill them but it's a part of life. We had a bunch of cats around most of them were barn cats. Good for making sure the mice didn't get too much into the food." Sage explains before Tyler explains the laptop. "I'm sorry mate but I don't think I understand a word you said there. I think I'm just going to call it a magic box."

"Aww, Cinnamon. A potbelly pig? What color is she?" Tyler asks about the piggy while setting up things with the laptop to explain to Sage. When his explanation seems not to work at all he laughs shaking his head at himself. "I tried. Magic box is fairly accurate all things considered. Maybe the school has a class you could take to learn all about computer usage. I'm not sure but I bet they do. I'm hoping to take the cooking class."

"Miniature potbelly pig. She's pink with a spots of black on her snout, ears and back. My granddad got her for me for my eight birthday after he saw how much I liked seeing the piglets after one of the sows gave birth." Sage says as he finishes pulling everything out of one of his suitcases and pushes it under the bed. "I got one of those magic boxes over there. I wasn't sure what it was for. I figured maybe it was something for detecting Ferannies."

Tyler grins, "She sounds adorable. My cat is a tubby thing that acts like Queen of the world all of the time. Demands pets, takes over your spot on the couch, pushes at you to move." Turning off his laptop and iPod again Tyler retreats back to his bed to lay on his side watching Sage continue his unpacking. "What in the world is a Ferannie? An ugly handbag?"

"You don't know what the Ferannies are?" Sage says sounding a bit surprised. "They small creatures that cause you to have bad dreams. They sneak in the middle of the night and cause nightmares." He says sounding dead serious. "Well I'm getting a bit hungry so I am going to see what I can cook in the kitchen. You want to come with me?"

Tyler shakes his head from side to side slowly so that his hair flips back and forth in front of his eyes. "Nope. Sounded like some designer handbag to me or like some old ladies Ferrari. They're what?!?! God, I hope they're not a real thing. Kinda like I hope those things in the Hellboy movie aren't real either. Little blue things about yay big with …never mind." It didn't matter what the creepy little movie things look like because it's just a movie so they can't really exist. Just like Critters aren't real though they scared him to death when he was little. Still won't let his feet dangle off the foot of the bed while asleep because he's certain they'll get his feet. "Food? Sure. I can show you where the kitchen is if you haven't had the tour of the place yet."

Sage nods to Tyler. "They are real. How else do you think bad dreams occur?" He asks not bothering to ask what Hellboy is since he figures he'll just get more confused. "Sure, I'll follow you to the kitchen. We can see what there is down there that I can cook."

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