Megan "Pixie" Gwynn
Portrayed By Emma Watson
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 20, 1993
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Pixie
Place of Birth Abergylid, Wales
Current Location Westchester, NY (Xavier Institute)
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mrs Gwynn
Significant Other ???
Identity Public
Known Abilities Flight via rainbow butterfly wings, hallucinogenic pixie dust
First Appearance New X-Men Vol 2 #5
(November, 2004)

Voted Friendliest Student for the 2009-2010 school year.


I was born in a small mining town in Wales on September 20, 1993. It was just me and my mum for most of my life when I was growing up, my da having been killed in an accident in the mine when I was nine. It wasn't exactly an easy life, but Mum and I were happy. We had each other, after all, and that was more than some kids could say. I did alright in school, though I wasn't anything special. At least I passed all of my classes, anyway. Not like my friend Lilly. She's older than I am by a year, but we're in the same grade because she was held back. I'm glad, though, because we would of never become friends if she hadn't had to repeat second grade.

Life was peaceful up until I was fifteen. I was out riding my bike one afternoon, going home from Lilly's house after school, when this auto came out of nowhere and almost ran me down! It would have, too, if I hadn't suddenly sprouted these amazing rainbow colored butterfly wings and been able to fly out of the way. My bike still got clobbered, but I was safe.

I was also a mutant.

Things got a little harder for Mum and me after that. You see, I was able to make these wings appear, but I didn't know how to make them go away again. To top it off, my hair turned pink. It had always been sort of a strawberry blonde, but this was real pink! There wasn't any hiding after that. I'd always been scared of the mines ever since the collapse that killed my da and me being a mutant was just the excuse needed to get away from Abergylid. A couple of months after my near miss, Mum got a phone call from someone named McCoy inviting me to come to some special school in the States. A school for kids like me.

Mum and I talked it over for a couple of weeks and finally decided that it would be best for me to go to this Xavier Institute we were told about. Someplace that was safe for young mutants like me just learning how to deal with their powers. Mum didn't want me to just up and move to another country in the middle of the school year, though, so I stayed home, being home schooled by her when she wasn't working in the pub, until school ended for the holidays. Lilly didn't talk to me much anymore, not since I'd changed so obviously, but we'd still chat on the tele while she was on holidays with her grandmum in London. When August rolled around, Mum bought me a plane ticket with the money she'd saved from us not going away for holiday and I was off to New York and then on to Westchester.

I was pretty lonely when I first got to Xavier's, but I guess I was just friendly enough that people started coming around pretty quick. You see, Xavier's is a school for mutants, for kids just learning how to use their powers. That was where I first learned that I could create this pixie dust that made people see things that weren't really there. Kind of like an organic LSD or something, I suppose. Well, I was assigned to a team for training, the Paragons, and things went pretty well. I learned how to fly really well and how to throw my pixie dust at people to make them hallucinate. They make me wear a helmet while we're training and it squishes my hair really bad, but at least it keeps me safe if I crash into something. I've learned to trust in my teammates, to trust in myself, and to look out for those that can't defend themselves. I still mess up sometimes, but, hey! I'm still just a kid, myself.

Skills and Powers

Megan's mutation has given her a pair of fully functional, rainbow colored butterfly wings that give her the ability to fly with "great maneuverability". She is agile in the air, able to turn on a dime and slightly faster than that of a human sprint (roughly 35mph), though she can't keep up those speeds for longer than half an hour before needing to rest. Normal flight speed for her is approximately 15 mph. She is able to "hover" by flying in a space that's about a three foot cube, though she's never entirely still unless she lands, and can't lift more than 30 extra pounds into the air with her.
Hallucinogenic Pixie Dust
Megan naturally secretes an organic compound that dries on contact with the air. She can concentrate and, usually, focus her "pixie dust" on a single target to throw it at them. She has no control over what her victim sees or experiences while under the influence of her dust, though this may change in the future when she has more control. The effects can range from mildly distracting, to incapacitating depending on one's susceptibility to toxins. It must be either breathed, eaten, or somehow taken internally (including getting it in one's eyes) in order for it to take effect. Strong winds, rain, snow, and other incliment weather dampen the effects of her pixie dust by dispersing it or washing it out of the air. The effects last anywhere from five minutes (one round) to several hours, depending on the dose that one receives and their resistance to toxins. Those that are totally immune to organic toxins, like snake venom, are also immune to her dust.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Megan isn't a very skilled fighter, but she's willing.
  • Megan sleeps on her stomach.
  • Megan wears a bicycle helmet while training for safety purposes, though she doesn't like that it "squashes her hair".
  • Amazing thing!


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